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Bad Ass Mother Runner

    RG - I do judge instructors who don't participate, but ONLY when they don't look fit - but you look the part, so no judgement here. I hope R has a good nap today!

    Zorbs - sounds like B is making progress by being willing to sit on the potty. The curry is super yummy!

    bermy - congrats again on the 5k, you did great! And are a superstar for doing the LR with the stroller the day after! My AF was crazy all over the place when it first returned after M.

    eh - your day sounds like a mirror of mine. I hate when my post gets deleted, I almost always type in notepad now and copy it in.

    ernie - you sound like a crazy partier from your weekend Smile LOL on the gassy baby from cilli - probably wasn't as funny in the middle of the night!

    k I hear O... I'll try to come back, but it'll be late I think.

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      RR2: back from 16m with stroller. went great. The 4 outs and backs worked like a treat and gave me confidence. DS was a gem as there were billions of dogs on the trail. He would have wanted to stay out another 10m for sure. The fellas in the car garage near my house think I am a fruitcake I am sure. They were staring at me as I swung by the 4th time - not cute staring but like "wtf is she doing?' staring. I was temped to give the middle finger but I was so calm after 15m that the world was at peace. Took pace super easy - like above 10min/miles and legs still felt strong at end. Even made some phone calls. Texted DH. Sad but true. Because this country has sold out of gels I had to eat half a banana ever 4 miles which worked fine. DS had his ipad mini and talked to siri in between dog spotting. He can't talk so she said a lot of "Sorry I do not understand babababababababa. Would you like me to search the internet for that?". Plus we did some leaf identification hunting with the trees on the trail. all in all a bloomin success and i enjoyed it 6million times more than my 5k race yesterday. Going out now to absolutely run the legs off him for being so great to his running mama.

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        Quick post...have a BAD day today.


        RR:  Great LR yesterday - 16 miles with 8 mi at MP.  Took the dog and she did awesome.  But we ran out of water...oops.


        BR:  Was a total cutie this weekend.  Learned to say uh-oh and it's his new favorite word.


        NRR:  Discovered last night that I had a simulation Friday that I completely forgot about.  They are required and the program is very serious about them.  I had to return to school when H was 10 days old just to go to one.  I had it in my planner and just totally forgot about it.  I have been having lots of memory issues lately.  I am anxiously awaiting a reply email from my teacher...this could be really bad.  I am a nervous wreck right now.  I have been trying to stay on their good side this time around but this was a big misstep.

        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


          Good morning everyoneSmile


          RR:  Cross training today;  not sure what I feel like doing...pilates class or elliptical?   WWYD?


          QOTD:  Do any of you have your kids sleep in the same bed?  A has a queen (she is 4) and I am seriously considering putting her and D in the same bed.  We want to move them into the same room anyway so that DH can have his office back, and there isn't room for 2 beds.  Am I crazy?


          Be back in a sec for personals.

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            Runnergirl:  You definitely look like you are in great shape, so I would never judge.  The woman who teaches pilates at my work gym has a very flabby tummy, and I am always wondering, "does she really know what she's doing?"


            Shelby:  Good luck!  What do you have to do in a simulation?


            Bermy:  Nice job on the long run with the stroller!!!   Don't your arms get sore, or do you swing one arm and push with the other?

            5K:  25:52; 10K: 57:53; HM:  2:01.10


            Honorary Old

              RR: SRD. Did 3.5 miles with RP, dog, and stroller yesterday. Chiro/ART/Graston appt this evening.


              BR: Had a blast at the dance party on Saturday. R was the best behaved kid there besides a 2 mo old infant. The other kids were absolutely wild and the parents made no effort to keep them under control- lots of screaming and R got tackled once. R is cutting his canines and is a bit grumpy. He never ceases to amaze with how much he already knows. Tried to teach him to say "penis" in the bathtub yesterday since that's what he was most concerned about washing- so far we've got "beenie." This morning I heard him exclaiming loudly from the sofa where I had left him watching Sesame Street while I got ready for work- he was excited because there was a chicken puppet on the screen and he was yelling his word for chicken- "Cocka!!!"


              FR: Last night was bratwurst, twice baked potatoes, and peas, tonight will be teriyaki chicken, stirfried veg and brown rice to atone for last night.


              NRR: I'm super tired- fell asleep at like 8 pm last night. DH is on nights this week so I think I'm going to try to catch up on sleep since no one will be around to judge me for falling asleep so early. I might take a cutback week with my running too- feeling really tired and burnt out like I was a few months ago.

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                Erin:  Basically they use robot patients to simulate some type of clinical scenario.  You work in teams, which means all my classmates already went.  Of course I don't really know any of them, so no one called me to remind me when I wasn't there...

                5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                Honorary Old

                  RG- Man, that's a lot of poop. R pooped himself awake at 5:30 this morning, ugh.  As I'm packing stuff in boxes I'm seeing how dusty my house is, and its embarrassing. I need to deep clean and paint.. at least the painting is someone else's problem now!


                  zorbs- R has been pooping his diaper and then telling me "potty", ugh.. that's not how this thing works, kid! Sorry about the messed up nail polish brush, that would annoy me too.


                  Bermy- I had a bad AF last week, I had the worst backache!  Holy stroller run, woman! You are an animal!


                  Eh!- Have a good dr appt!


                  Ernie- Yay for walking! Go baby Seville! R chickened out and wouldn't walk after he fell hard the first time. He went at least a week-10 days before he would try again.


                  Jen- DH is on nights rotation so he won't see much of R for the  next 2 weeks. That sucks that your DH has to travel so much, my dad traveled 2-3 weeks a month for work when I was a kid and it was hard. My parents divorced partly because of it.


                  cx2- sorry your sister was so sick on her wedding day Sad


                  mer- I love guac!  Did you knit the blanket or did you just buy the fabric and fringe the edge? I can't tell from the photo. Very cute.


                  mzm- I can't get R to sit still for anything other than his favorite movie (Alpha and Omega).


                  armama- I'm sure the deer was fine. Where I live we have little islands in the middle of  the lakes and they have deer on them but they aren't large enough to support deer living there constantly, so they swim back and forth across the rivers/lakes. I once saw a moose swim across Lake Lenore, we don't have moose/elk/bears that live here regularly but sometimes they wander down from the north.


                  CA- that seems really early for teeth, but I'm going based on R who was behind on everything. He didn't start sitting, STTN occasionally, or getting teeth until 8 mos.

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                  Honorary Old

                    Bermy- I like to do smaller loops for long runs too. I use my house as a home base to grab a snack or a potty break. DS is so good to you! R starts to get whiny after 4 miles now that he doesn't have a binky to plug his face. R loves yelling at dogs when we are out running too. LMAO at the siri thing!


                    Shelbyjo- Good luck! I hope you can get your instructor to let you do the simulation!


                    Erinleigh- My little siblings used to share a bed for a while, or they would climb in bed with eachother in the middle of the night. I don't know why they like it though, kids are so floppy and restless at night! I had R in my bed for a while last night and I definitely did not get rested.

                    2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                      Mrszm – Did you get DD2 registered for 4K at the time you wanted?  Good to know the blueberry is good…I’ll have to get my Amazon order in…you may see some Kcups in the basketJ  Are you going to Wisconsin Dells?


                      Arm – Great job on the 13…I forgot…are you training for something?  I hope the PT session goes well.  Too cute about L making the baby belly laugh.


                      Ernie – Nope…no travel breaks for DH…he will just be back to his every other week schedule instead of 3 straight weeks.


                      CA – So sorry that M was cranky at bedtime and O was unhappy all day.  That make is tough for momma.  Enjoy your leftovers and time at the gym.


                      Bermy – Wow…you are about the only person I know who can do that much multitasking on a run…LOL to DS talking to siri… I gave J siri this weekend and she did the same thing…too funny.  Great job on the getting the run in with the stroller…that is truly impressive.  And screw the dudes that were staring at you.  They were probably thinking “wow…I could never run that far!”


                      Shelby – Great job on your 16 yesterday!  So sorry you missed the simulation on Friday…that stinks.  I hope everything works out.  Cute about DS…J loves to say uh oh too!


                      Erin – I would do elliptical because I am not a pilates fan but pilates would probably be better.  No advice on the sleeping arrangement…that’s tough but they used to share beds in the old days so I am sure it can be done.


                      Spike – Glad DS had fun…your FB pictures of him dancing were adorable!  LOL to beenie…too cute.  I hope you can catch up on your sleep this week!  Um...not sure I like that your parents divorced because of the traveling...do you mind if I ask what issues they had with that?


                      Honorary Old

                        Jen- My mom was a SAHM and my dad traveled a lot. Communication broke down, and they started cheating on eachother- dad having flings on business trips and mom with a guy friend of hers (my mom confirmed this, but dad never has owned up to that). Dad was really demanding about the house being spotless when he was home since mom wasn't working, and being home with 2 kids (homeschooled) was too much. They were never all that well suited for eachother anyways, I'm honestly suprised they made it to 14 years of marriage.

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                          Spike - Thanks for sharing.  I can definitely see how that can happen.  When DH had are all out battle/talk a lot of it came down to lack of communication and how we needed to work even HARDER at it since we weren't together as often as most married couples.  You can relate though since you are usually without your DH while he works nights!


                          Honorary Old

                            Jen- I think it really comes down to the couple. My mom and dad, I think, were doomed from the start. He was the first guy she brought home that got my grandparents approval so that's a big reason why she agreed to marry him- their personalities are so different. As for DH and I, we have a lot of core values in common and I think that really helps, but we are very independent people so the time apart isn't as hard on our marriage as it is for some. The thing I think it is hardest on is R and DH's relationship, because they will spend lots of time together in spurts- so R gets used to having daddy around, and then he's gone again, and comes back when he's finally gotten used to daddy being gone. I'm sure you can sympathize with how hard that is.  Even though you guys don't spend a lot of time together, its so important that you have time to do stuff for yourself too. I had to give DH a kick in the pants yesterday to go to the gym- he feels guilty like he needs to spend his time off with us, and I told him we were tired about hearing him whine about his weight gain and he needs to go work out LOL.

                            2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                              RR: Probably a rest day. Trail running makes me really sore. I'm trying to move on from my DNF on the 50k but I can't help but feel disappointed in myself. Hopefully it will help to start training for Boston.


                              TR&BR: Slept in till 7!!!


                              NRR: Birthday was great even if the Niners didn't win. Scored the winning touchdown in our flag football game Smile

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                              beskirted & manicured

                                nail polish update: I got an exchange, no questions asked. Smile


                                bermy - I eat pretzels or candy and only gels during races, but perhaps that would offend your clean eating sensibilities.  You could make your own gels with honey though.


                                rg - oooh if anyone had the nerve to call me out for not doing the workout, I'd want to a) make them do 50 pushups as punishment b) say something like, "I already did my workout, your workout is like my warmup." - there actually was an instructor at my old gym who did/said both things and she was super popular, it's about being a bitch with sass.


                                eh - what time do you start work? Thursdays I can tell you that 5 miles of hills are on the schedule and we start at 5:45 because Sam has to be home by 7.  We'll probably do the same as last week, which is meet in the FreshCo parking lot and do repeats of the double bitch on Kerns.


                                ernie - I was going to say they are not that destructive during the early stages of walking, because walking is the main event.  It's when they discover that they can trash the house while walking that all hell breaks loose.


                                jen - boo to DH being away.  i'd cook things that DH doesn't eat when he is away.


                                cx2 - I have probably 300 bottles? I have tossed ones that are so dry that they're sand..I don't HAVE to though, I could resurrect them with thinner, but sometimes I just don't care.  I got food poisoning my wedding night followed by a migraine, we were supposed to have a 3 day mini vacation but ended up going home early.


                                mer - I hope you get some running in this week.


                                arm - I paint my nails 3x a week.


                                mrszm - we have Great Wolf Lodge nearby and DH and I thought it looked like fun if it weren't for the 5 million screaming kids running around.


                                CA - I wish we could send B to my mom's..but the way their condo is laid out, the only place he could sleep is on a couch in the living room and then he'd have free access to the kitchen, which would mean either a) danger or b) no sleep.  MIL hasn't ever offered to have him over at her house.

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