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running eh

    bermy - I really have no idea what I am doing at the gym, but I figure something is better than nothing.  I do biceps, triceps, some sort of row thingy, lunges, squats and calf raises.  If I have time I add in pushups and pull ups, but no time today - I had to be home for DH.  We don't have apple products at home, but the babysitter does, and the kids talk about Siri - they think she is so funny.


    shelby - hope everything turns out okay!!  10 days old - that is ridiculous.


    erin - I'd go with pilates, what did you pick?  My nieces share a bed and have done so since they were quite young.  It works well for them - they are in a double.


    spike - DH has a meeting tonight, and if I can get everything organized, I hope to be in bed at 830!  Your FRs always sounds so delish.


    jm - enjoy your rest day!  So glad your bithday party was wonderful.  great sleeping in!!


    zorbs - I am actually working until 6am on Thursday and Friday - so it probably won't work out to meet this time.