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    Am I the only one here?!


      Morning all!  Just about to head out for a 6k walk/ jog and thought I should check our forum.. no one's here!! I guess everyone's sleeping in for the holiday!


      Plans today include lwalk/run, lunch with some of the hubby's friends, steak for dinner, and hopefully a walk after for Christmas eve. I saved one gift for tomorrow luckily or it wouldn't feel much like Christmas , especially with no snow!


      PR: will be 36 w tomorrow. Having trouble bending over to tie my shoes etc, had to get DH to put on my strappy ones yesterday. LO is moving like a mad man... I think he's trying to escape but he has to wait atleast 3 days till I'm back home. I just checked the temp there.. yeah.. -31. Not excited about that. But it will be nice to be back and setting up the nursery now that I have more stuff!


        Morning Canada! Mm, I want steak now.


        I'm here, I don't know if anyone will post tomorrow.


        Worked out on Saturday but had to take a rest day yesterday since my thighs were sooore. They still kind of are, but I won't make it to the gym today sadly. DH has an appt this morning and they're only open til 12. So I figure Jillian today and then my parents have a stationary bike I'll use tomorrow, then back to the gym Wednesday before we leave on Thursday!


        Hope everyone has a great Christmas Eve and Day!




          CJazz - only 3 days til you are back? Wow, that seemed to go quickly! yay for 36 weeks, I am finding LO is squirming a bunch too; it'll be nice for you to get back and set up everything you've bought for LO (and the cold is the perfect excuse to stay indoors and do it). Enjoy your evening with friends, I concur with Schmett, steak sounds good Smile


          Schmett - Enjoy getting in those workouts, have a wonderful Christmas with your family, and safe travels!




          PGR - 35w, a midwife appt today...LO seems to have changed his/her movement hours a bit; very busy in the AM, quiet in the afternoon, then busy again after 7pm...after my brisk one hour walk on Friday was hobbling for the next 24hrs due to SPD...so...any notion of snowshoeing is OUT. Boo.


          ER - Swam 2.5km on Sat with a 30min water jog, hate to say it but the water jog, though boring, was so much easier than the swimming! Yesterday an hour on the stairclimber and elliptical. Hoping to get in a swim before work today as the pool will be closed tomorrow.


          NPGR - DH and I are both working through Christmas; we don't mind as we don't have family here to celebrate with anyway, plus it's a few extra $$ in the account. The mountains look so beautiful at the moment (when the clouds occasionally clear) with their record amounts of snow, I find myself planning a ski day or two in March/April when my MIL is visiting....


          Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!   Smile

          MA runner girl

            Merry Chirstmas Eve!!!


            RR: 6 miles yesterday! It was a fabulous run, I felt great! Only had to stop for one walk break due to RLP at about mile 3. Haven't run that much of a run in months! Rest day today.


            PGR: 27w1d! Hellooo third tri! It started off with a bang and some nice insomnia last night. I was very restless, not sure if it was from the run, my legs could not relax at all. So I got up and watched some TV, as "they" recommend you don't lay there for too long thinking about how you aren't sleeping. Well I woke up at about 2:30am passed out on the couch LOL Anyways, I feel fine otherwise, just can't beleive my due date is 3 months from today... We have so so much to do!!


            NPGR: Having a great holiday weekend. DH's family SPOILED Colton last night, so funny the kid isn't due for 3 months and he's already got a full wardrobe through 6 months! We have nowhere to put any of it yet so it's just kinda all over the place. Also got some maternity shirts, so that's awesome! Tonight we are headed to my parents house for Christmas Eve festivities. Before that I need to wrap the rest of DH's gifts and my family's gifts, and then make a lasagna for tomorrow. So I better get to work!


            I hope you are all enjoying the holiday!

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


              MA - wow, great work on your run! I don't think I'd realised your LO's name was to be Colton...I like it! Have you started taking a Calcium/Magnesium supplement at all in the evenings? The magnesium in particular is meant to be good for restless legs, i've been taking it religiously since around 25w and it either works or is a great placebo Smile  Enjoy your Christmas Eve with your family.


                Ozzy: I'd never heard to take magnesium, I wonder if it helps with itchy legs I get when  I am trying to sleep now.. (weird.. i know)


                MA: That's awesome! I don't have as much clothes as I thought I would get, but will see, they grow so fast I might not need as many! I'm scared to buy nb clothes as we are both pretty tall and skinny so I'm thinking LO might be long.. Ok off to the grocery store ( why do they leave it till today? I ask the same thing.. )

                MA runner girl

                  Ozzy - Thanks for the recommendation! I will look into that... I think that's probably the first time I said Colton on here... I did mention it on FB but way back when we first found out he was a boy Smile


                  Canada - Yikes, grocery store on xmas eve!! I made sure to get everything on Saturday! Though I do need to go get DH a card... hoping its not too bad at CVS...

                  PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                    The store was empty~ I forced them to go early before everyone in Texas is out shopping apparently.. haha!

                    We're off to a steakhouse for lunch and steak for dinner... although I'm eating my red lobster leftovers tonight instead. They had a new thing on the menu - tilapia and veggies in parchment with white wine sauce, artichoke and tomatos.. it was AMAZING.. but texas sized so I have enough for dinner tonight too! score.


                    MIL wants to take some maternity pics so I am making the hubby do his hair - she wanted one of her and granny's hand on my  tummy.. I said no - I am SO not touchy feely.. and I hate cheesy photos. Kinda feel bad.

                    Laura G in Idaho

                      Good morning!  No, you're not the only one here, Canada!  I was looking for everyone on Saturday, but had to wait until today to post.


                      RR:  Saturday I ran 3.5 miles.  This morning I ran 4 miles!  Both runs felt awesome, except I forgot my maternity support belt both times (how could I do that?).  After I got going, it wasn't too bad, but when just starting out, I could feel the lack of support.  I have a 5k race on Saturday.  TheHotChocolateRun.net  I'm looking forward to being out there running pregnant and wonder if anyone will say anything to me about it.


                      PGR:  22w3d  Listened to baby's heartbeat with the fetoscope on Saturday.  It was very, very quiet, and took some time to find, but my husband and I both got to listen to it.  That's the first time I've heard baby's heartbeat.


                      Merry Christmas to everyone!  Thanks for welcoming me so warmly into the group!


                        back from the midwife appt - it appears LO HAS been on a growth spurt - my fundal height has zoomed to 34.5cm (was 31cm 2 weeks ago) and Mama is officially up 20lbs - no wonder my workouts have me feeling sluggish, ha! DH has come to my last few appts, he quite enjoys them because he gets so many questions answered by the midwives; I'm impressed he borrowed their "Birth Partners and Doulas" book from their borrowing library, my DH rocks. Next m/w appt is next week at home...hard to believe in just over a month (hopefully, I'm all for a good, well-baked baby, but let's not make Mama a grumpy whale) I will have a baby in my arms!


                        Laura - a Hot Chocolate run??? that sounds like my kind of race (as does "Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream run" - just sayin'); I hate forgetting my support belt even on an elliptical run so can imagine it would be even rougher in the real outdoors...awesome you and DH got to hear the baby hb for the first time Smile


                        CJazz - itchy legs huh? Hmmm. not sure if Mag will help there but that could be worth mentioning to your doc; I know the skin can dry out and things in pg but never hurts to check it's not a liver-related issue (only because I had a friend who was pg and had itchy skin, turned out to be a liver issue even though she was super healthy, a runner and all, it turned into a big pg issue)...


                          CJ: Have a safe flight home! My LO is moving around like crazy too. Must be running out of space!


                          Schmetterling: Have a great Christmas too! Take care of those thighs!


                          Ozzy: I too am working over xmas and don't mind. Smile


                          MA: Yay for all of the pressies for the LO! I've been finding it hard to sleep this trimester, so catch up whenever you can..


                          LauraG: Fantastic job on the run! The Hot Chocolate run sounds right up my alley - cold weather running and chocolate. Yum.




                          PGR: 36w1d. Lots of movement and hunger is BACK. Stomach is itchy so I must be getting a little bigger


                          ER: Have done the DVD 3 days in a row. Month 9 of this workout is hard but feels really great.


                          NPGR: Ventured to the grocery store for last minute food shopping and it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated! PGR-kinda-related: We got our crib and changing table. Now we just need to put it together.


                            Youjust:  I love that we're at the same time in preg.. itchy tummy and tons of movement is normal I guess!? He's figured out where my right rib is and only seems to stick his foot over there, must be how he's angled. Yesterday I think he managed to poke some nerve that shoots down my leg, ever had that?! He does it from time to time now.. yowzers.

                            Laura G in Idaho

                              Check out these race notes:


                              Hot chocolate will be served after the race in custom mugs you get to keep along with various homemade cookies. You will be able to flavor your hot chocolate with Reese's peanut butter, white chocolate, peppermint chocolate, dark chocolate raspberry, and top it with marshmallows and whipped cream.All participants will get a Hot Chocolate Run shirt.


                              With temptation such as that, how could I resist?!  This organization has a program where you can volunteer at a race and get free entry at another one of their races.  Pretty awesome!


                              ER:  "Last minute" shopping today involved about 4 hours of walking.  It was slow walking, yes, only 2 mph or so, but I guess a person as enormous as me can burn quite a few calories in that time.  I plugged it into my calorie tracker and I burned about 490 calories, just shopping!  So, I counted it on my training log.  Everything counts, right?  Smile


                              It's so exciting to read accounts of all the mamas who are further along, with itchy bellies and lots of movement.  Even though I've had so many babies (this is #11), I still get itchy belly, every time!  But thankfully, no new stretch marks.  My old ones seem to darken as I near term and then turn back to silver afterwards.


                              MA - I get restless leg syndrome in the evenings when I'm pregnant, too.  I have read that magnesium supplementation can help to calm them, but how much to use, I don't know.  It is also helpful not to sit or lay down to relax until you are ready to go to bed.  Bummer, because we get tired and wouldn't mind getting off our feet for a while!


                              Canada - Is it your sciatic nerve in back?  Start around your sacral-iliac joint and shoots down your leg?  Baby's positioning can cause sciatic nerve issues.  If you can get a massage, then I recommend that highly!  If you have a chiropractor, sometimes they can do a few adjustments and fix you right up, too.  Also, check with your doc or midwife about baby's position.  One of mine was breech and caused a great deal of sciatic nerve problems (by the way, I gave birth to that baby, in the frank breech position, with no drugs, and no intervention... it can be done!).  I've never had a posterior baby, but some moms report that if the baby is occiput posterior, it can cause some sciatic nerve stuff.


                                Thanks for the info ! I'll ask the chiro, last time my OB checked LO was in the right position, but I guess that could have changed ! It's shooting down my groin / inner leg.. I'll do some web mding tonight on the nerve!