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    Running later than normal today....


    RR:  5 after work today.  It is supposed to be "nice" out so I am looking forward to it.  If I can get out of work at a decent time, maybe I will do 6 just for fun!


    TR:  Had a great time at his class last night!  There were two other kids there (both girls).  He is such an observer!  They played with a sticky colored mess substance, fingerpainted, and had some markers to play with.  J wanted to play with the toys more than anything!  He is feeling better!  Fussed for the first time at 5 and I smiled knowing my little boy was back!  He was up at 6:15 for the day and a ball of fire.  Super cute when he gives kisses as he sticks out his bottom lip instead of puckering.  DH and J are headed to the library for Storytime today!


    NRR:  Over-slept today.  I turned my alarm off after hearing J fuss and not wanting to wake him from that noise.  I did pretty well, until 6:01 when I woke up and realized how late I was!  Other than that, feel like we are just moving along.  Nothing huge going on right now.  Work is still busy with the end of the semester, all new classes in a couple weeks, plus all the tech sutff going on.  Its fun though.


    FR:  Subway for dinner last night.  Other half of the sub for lunch today...would be good, but left my lunch in the fridge.  Not sure about tonight.  I forget what is on our list for the week.

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      Carly - I'll be thinking of you today!  Good luck!


      runnergirl - I hope your day goes quickly.  Ah, resolutioners!  Gotta love em.


      zorbs - Too cute about the convo.  Smile  For some reason I can picture the scenario you played out with you and your friend!


      eh! - Great run this am.


      ernie - That is fun when they are starting to stand and figur things out.  Have fun at the library and lunch.


      jen - Glad you got the date night figured out!  Sending you a big hug.


      mrszm - Glad you had a good run this morning.  Weather is supposed to be nice for running this week...until Sunday.


      shelby - Glad DS had a good day at daycare.  As everyone said yesterday, it gets easier.  Like many, I cried the first time I dropped J off and called DH and questioned if we were doing the right thing.  He will be good...and so will you!


      cx2 - Can you try to put her down a little earlier so the naps don't go too late?  I remember DH used to put J down at 3:30 which got to be late and we bumped it to 2:30 which worked much better.

      Upcoming Races: 

      Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



        RR: 12 miles today


        WR:  Worked until 9 last night and DH was there until 11.  I'm taking the morning off to get the long run in I didn't do on Sunday.


        BR: Pulling up to stand which is so exciting.  He's babbling a lot more.


        TR: Slept in till 6!! I can't believe I'm celebrating that. LOL


        NRR:  I found a sitter for the kids but she can't start full time until March so its going to be interesting trying to get my work done the next few months.


        CMG:  Good luck today! Can't wait to hear the good news!!

        Runnergirl:  I hope your day doesn't draaag.  Too cute about DS.  I'm so impressed you have nursed this long! That is dedication.

        Zorbs:  Your DS is a funny kid.  Everytime you type chicken pie I want it.  Smile  I like the new screen name.

        Eh:  Great job on the TM run!  Your FR sounds yummy.  I really need to get to the store! 
        Ernie:  Your FR sounds amazing too! I must be hungry.  Babytime at the library sounds fun! Do they read books to the kids?  Have a great lunch with your mom!

        Jen: Yay for a date with DH!!  Sounds like you have long history with that friend.  My thoughts on friends even with a history like that is if they bring more negativity to your life then you have to let the friendship go.  LIfe is too short.  As for meeting new friends, its so hard when you are so busy.  What about a running club or going to a yoga or pilates class once a week?  Remind me where you live?

        Be back for more.

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          Bermy:  Yay for your coach being back! I was just thinking the same thing about my DS with his pulling up.  I don't think I will be showering much for awhile Smile

          Mrs.Zach:  I hate trying on jeans!!  Once I find a pair I like I need to realize I should buy more than one pair so I don't have to go through the torture of trying them on for a while.  Sorry your little one is sick Sad

          Shelby:  Great job on your run! So speedy!!  Sounds like your year will be tough but it will pay off.  I always tell myself when things get tough that sometimes the things that are the most challenging are the most rewarding.  So great that DS did well on his first day.  Will he be in daycare full time?

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            Zorbs – That’s awesome that you and your friend have reconnected…it gives me hope. Apparently I am not ready to let this friendship die.


            Eh! – Glad you got a lot of necessities at Costco!  Sounds like it was worth it in the long run.  DH and I just going to go to dinner and either a movie, a hockey game, or the casino…depends on how we feel that day.


            Mrszm – Sorry DD1 is still sick.  Poor M that she doesn’t get to stay home today.  I think you and DH should definitely make a date night.  Go to a sports bar and watch the game after you have a nice dinner out togetherJ  I think I am sad about my friend because I don’t think she was ever genuinely happy for me.  I am happy for her…I just wish she would talk to me.


            Shelby – Sorry you missed H so much yesterday.  Daycare is hard in the beginning but gets easier especially when you know he loves it.  J LOVES daycare.  I told him today to hurry and get his coat on so he could go to “school!”  He runs to his coat and then I said we are going to see Ms. Rose (the daycare lady he LOVES!) and he smiled from ear to ear…so cute.  Sorry this is going to be a tough year family wise but in long run it will be positive for your family.  Good luck with school!!  You are a motivated single momma!!  I am a not so motivated single mom…lol.  I just looked today at joining a running group but the meet on Tuesday nights and I can’t do that since DH is gone.  They also meet Saturday morning, which I could do and still might but I hate to pay the large fee for only ½ the training.  DH does not run or even workout…it frustrates me.  At least he is pretty supportive of me running.  Thanks for the friend advice I didn’t even think of the whole kid competitiveness and I could totally see that happening with her.


            CTimes – We went through and still do sometimes the same thing with J and his naps.  It is frustrating.  His afternoon naps were always sporadic and he would wake up super cranky and just cry for an hour+  It was super annoying.  We were happy when he dropped to one nap…he was much happier as were we.  Sorry about your friend…I guess we have to accept that they will all change and some will be lost.  I guess I have always had the same core group of friends, since I grew up and went to college in small town.  So it is hard when they end.  I also don’t make friends too easily…I don’t know why…I am a nice personJ


            Mer – I forgot my lunch today too.  I have no idea what I will eat…never been to the cafeteria and have no idea how to or where to go and get lunch.  Yep…I am a loser.  Glad J had fun at this class.  Have a great run today.  Weather is supposed to be good here too.


            Jm – Good luck with the 12 miles today!  Glad DD slept in and DS is starting to stand…that’s awesome!!  Glad you found a sitter but that stinks she can’t start for a few months.  Thanks for the friend thoughts…you are right…negativity is not good or worth it in the long run.  I am in West Michigan and could join a running club but with DH traveling and not having a regular sitter is hard to get away.


              Jen - when I look back, my friendships have centered around my stage in life. When I chose to be sober, I lost nearly all of my friends as they were bar flies like I was and I knew I had to make a break. That was really tough and I was very lonely for a long time. Also, making friends is difficult as an adult, especially a sober adult. Making friends as a mom has been difficult too but going to playgroups and kid things has really helped. On the weekends I don't see my mom friends as I am at home with my family. It can feel lonely. That's where I think our group of supermoms really help! Oh and the therapy of long distance running and hard training.


              zorbs - I had razor blades, nail clippers, contact solution, manicure tools, you name it, if it was illegally baby friendly, it was on the sink. I literally did a full wet dive out of the shower. Need to come up with a non-climbing plan.


              shelby - I want a pic of you in your white coat with your name on it. I bet you look like the hottest chick in the medical profession. Oh and you run, and you're a mom and smart and funny. I have so much admiration for anyone who goes back to school. Super great job. And fab job on that pace, I think hhhmmm, I wanna run like Shelby. Maybe I can run 8.12s like Shelby. You are deadly for my ambition.


              back for more personals in a bit after DS goes for his nap.

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                Good morningSmile


                RR:  Yoga today at lunch

                NRR:  The easy, nothing to do, work hours are coming to an end this afternoon sadly.  Our year end close begins and then it will be crazy for at least the next two weeks.


                Bermy:  that recipe sounds delicious!!  I am so impressed with you girls who meal plan.  I plan for a meal or two a week, but most nights it ends up being whatever I can throw together while the girls race around the house.  DH hasn't been getting home until 7:30 lately, so it is hard to get stuff done.


                Zorbs:  I would take any form of nap that I could get.  LOL


                I agree with everyone on the friends issue.  Sometimes, I get sad when I think of the good friends I've had in the past that I don't see anymore.  I haven't had a falling out with any of them, we have just grown apart.  Mostly, because I live in NJ now and they live in PA and Atlanta.   I am also not good at talking on the phone anymore b/c I feel like I am always distracted and can't focus on a call.   I tend to communicate better via FB or email which isn't as personal though.

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                  Rg – totally cute on the cereal box. And wow on running and spinning class. You must be incredibly fit. I have a few friends in the same AF boat. They want to ttc but are still bfing and don’t have AF. I good friend of mine read somewhere that women who get their AF back later are more fertile. I am going to try the crayons – thanks for posting about that. We did some at playgroup on fri and he coloured a little bird. More on the table than the bird, but still. We will try at home.


                  Eh – what are your training goals? Book was Clean Eating Cookbook 3. And inspired by Spike I am starting in the meatless section and working my way through the recipes.


                  Ernie – dinner sounds yummy again. Yeah for standing independently!


                  Jen – yeah for date night on sat!


                  Erin leigh – I just make the next recipe in the cookbook and don’t stress over planning. I just need to write down the ingredients I don’t have after a quick stock take. I generally cook in DSs nap and then re-heat unless it has to be fresh. Or yesterday, I put DS in his high chair, and he watched me cook like a little cooking show. It was very cute and I tossed him a ton of food along the way which he nibbled at as I was jabbering away with him.


                  Mrszm – sucky on jeans. What body shape do you have? Have you found a pair in the past that you liked? Yes, I will leave my friends. We are already all sad about it, but we know that’s how it goes. I am still waiting for a phone call from the consulate to book my medical and our final interview for greencard. So, no idea.


                  Cx2 – I wake DS up at 4 or 3.30 no matte when he went to sleep. Yesterday he only slept for an hour so by 7.30 he was busted and fast asleep.


                  Mer – moving along is a good feeling. Your life sounds nice and peaceful.


                  Jm – enjoy your belated lr. Good luck juggling motherhood and work. Look after yourself mom.

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                  Honorary Old

                    RR: Today I have 4 miles on tap. DH is working so it will be a stroller/dog run. The plan is to bring R home and feed him dinner straight away, then load up and go.


                    BR: I think he's having night terrors, I put a post up on FB about it. He's totally fine this morning though. I'm wondering if it could have something to do with the 10-15 minutes of TV I let him watch before bed. We read books and play and stuff, but I'm a sucker to let him watch a few minutes of Sesame Street when he hands me the remote and gestures at the TV. I know that most medical sources say not to allow TV before age 2. I dropped him off at daycare- babysitter's grandson was already up and waiting for R to arrive and had the choochoo trains out and ready to play. It was really cute. Once I got his coat off, Kaeton took R by the hand and led him off to play. I blew R a kiss bye and Kaeton blew one to me too LOL.


                    FR: Last night was tofu stirfried noodles and baked vegetable egg rolls (didn't turn out very good- not the correct kind of crispiness and parts still tasted doughy). Breakfast was blueberry cottage cheese and yogurt pancakes.


                    FR2- after a week of vegetarian/smaller portions my post-holiday bloat is almost gone and my muffin top is diminishing, here's hoping its even less noticeable by Saturday!


                    NRR: DH and I stayed up late gossiping last night LOL, we were just going to bed around 10:30 when R started screaming and we didn't get to sleep until well after 11. Poor DH was roused at 2 am for a medical call and never got to go back to bed before he had to go to work. Looked at some ideas on Etsy, pinterest, blogs etc and I think Bermy has gotten me inspired to do some sewing for R.


                    Runnergirl- Hope you have a busy day! The day always goes faster when there's a lot to do.


                    zorbs- I laughed so hard reading the Nap Window on Honest Toddler yesterday "these people brought you into the world, and all they can think of is the next time you will be unconscious" LMAO.  Weird that the gym didn't get busy until 9! SAHM's and old people?


                    Eh!- the smallest amount of money I have ever spent at costco was $40, and I bought a single item. Its hard to get out of there without spending a fortune since everything is at least $10. What was your best purchase? I know lots of people like to buy wine there, but I love to buy the cheese Smile


                    Ernie- I made gnocchi for DH and he didn't like it. I leave that one to the italian restaurant LOL


                    Jen- Yay for date night!  Breaking up with a friend is hard, I would have been hurt by that too. I wish I had more energy to nurture my friendships, but as it is the people I hang out with most are my RP (who is 47) and R's godmother (54). Most of my friends are either busy with their own kids, or the kidless ones just don't understand. My BFF and I have drifted apart over the years- she worked a demanding swing shift job and our schedules were too opposite to do anything so we never talked, I had to hear through the grapevine that she was pregnant. I ended up writing her an email that  I was hurt that we didn't spend time together anymore but I was happy that she was having a baby. Our relationship hasn't really grown back, but we are still friends. Now she's moving closer to her job (or so I hear) so I probably won't see her at all, since what little time we did spend together was with the Fire Dept.


                    Bermy- have fun at the arboretum! Yikes about DS on the toilet! R has put a toy car in the bowl while I was in the shower. His room is right next door to the bathroom so I try to get him set up with an activity in there and then shower super fast.


                    mzm- I think there is a website (www.zafu.com ?) that if you put in your measurements and some other info, they will recommend brands of jeans that will fit your body type the best. I hate jeans shopping too. I have some pelvic tilt that gives me weird crotch wrinkles in my pants that I call "Happy crotch" because it looks like a smiley.


                    shelbyjo- good luck in school. I had a hard time with dropping R at daycare at first (8 weeks old) but over time I came to realize he has tons of fun there playing with the other kids, so as long as he's happy to be dropped off but also happy to get picked up, I feel no guilt.  Dh and I started dating when we were 16, and I've been bossing him around ever since Wink jk. I have to say I wasn't very excited when Mike first joined the fire department- I imagined the worst- but it literally has been one of the best things in our lives.


                    cx2- sorry about the continuing nap issues.

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                    Honorary Old

                      Mer- its supposed to be "nice" here too. Its the first day with temps above freezing in over a week.  Hopefully the wind doesn't come up. The craft event sounds like it was a success!


                      Jmmiller- good luck with your long run. Oof about no babysitter until March. I don't get a dang thing done with R at home.


                      Erin- I'm going to start getting busy in the next couple weeks when everyone and their mother starts calling me to get their 1099 because they want to get their tax return...

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                        spike - sorry to hear about the nightwaking - sounds really scary. And your poor DH for getting no sleep too - but yey for you guys talking til late. would love to hear your ideas for crafts as you gather them.

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                          Spike - I think Bermy has been an inspiration to many of us with the crafting!  I started crocheting a blanket for J this past summr and it got put away.  I am done with the crocheting part (thanks to 10 days off of work) and now need to do the second part which is weaving in the blanket.  I need the yarn needle and can't find it (I've looked at two Wal-Marts).  I will work on it after J goes to bed and during naps on the weekend.  I really want to finish and give it to him so he can begin his attachment! Smile

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                            RG - wow, i didn't realize you were still nursing.  that's awesome.  hope the weaning goes well for you.


                            Zorbs - LOL about your conversation with B.  Can I get in on that too?


                            Ernie - I made some pasta meat sauce and meatballs, sort of a lot of it.  So we had spaghetti two nights ago, meatball subs last night and I still have some meat sauce left!  Although I did defrost some shredded chicken, so I should probably make something with that.  But I totally hear ya on the back-to-back carb meals, we try not to do that either, but then there's the whole leftover situation.


                            Jen - I've lost friends over TTC and kids too.  They want to go do midnight laser tag in the dead of winter in the middle of the week and I just can't with a kid and work, but they have part time jobs and apartments and I have a FT job, a family, and a house.  I'm sure they'll "catch-up" and then they'll understand but it's hard.  Your friend sounds really immature for not being able to be happy for you especially after you both had TTC struggles.  Sounds like she wasn't ready to be 2nd place in the TTC race - not that you made it a race, but some woman percieve it as such like "i have to get pregnant before so-n-so."  It's super destructive and sad, but you can't let it bring you down.  (easier said than done).


                            bermy - had to lol about your shower and your DS being on the top of the toilet.  I know exactly what you're talking about!


                            mrszm - so cute about "off"  em is obsessed with bu-bye.  And waves bye to everyone all the time - using it in the right context.  She also uses it if she is leaving the room.  cracks me up.  sorry your dd is still sick :-(


                            shelby - so cute about the daycare hugs!  way to go on the tm run as well!


                            cx2 - it's hard to know what to do with a baby.  Em is only now old enough to get a book and look through it on her own, or seek out a toy she wants without needed me to initiate all play and amusement.


                              mer - aren't baby kisses the best?  For some reason em comes at me with an open mouth and now that she has teeth it's a little scary!  She loves cheek to cheek time though and i'll sit on the floor and she'll stand and hug my neck and smoosh her cheek against mine for minutes on end...and then is off running!


                              jm - yay for pulling to standing and yay for the sitter!  March will be here so soon, you'll figure it out!


                              erin - i'm in the middle of close right now, yep, craziness!  have fun at yoga!


                              jen - i forgot my lunch too. :-(


                              spike - sorry about the night terrors.  love your description of R lately.  We have the TV on in the evenings and when football is on Em does "touchdown arms" LOL.  But only when football is on.


                              ER - honestly can't remember?  I think I went for a walk last night but I seriously can't remember.  How sad is that?  something tonight since it's supposed to be nice here through Friday and then old man winter is showing up Friday night.


                              TR - loves to stand cheek to cheek with me and hug my neck.  Is loving daycare too.  Is talking to me in the car and gesturing.  Really trying to communicate and it's adorable.  Is an ornery girl when she gets tired though. :-(


                              FR - something with shredded chicken.  should start googling recipes.


                              beskirted & manicured

                                mrszm - what is causing you to reject all the jeans?  For me, it's usually finding a rise high enough to cover the muffin top but sexy.


                                shelby - what do you do again?


                                mer - I like to think I am a little bit more chill, although sometimes I still feel like throwing bottles at DH..at least I don't act on it.


                                jmm - I should make actual chicken pie again sometime.


                                erinL - B lets me nap every day, it's just that yesterday was the first time we both agreed that we should do it.


                                spike - I'd never have the patience to make egg rolls, I'd just buy frozen ones and bake those.  As I said to RG, the gym was SAHMs and some 30something ish guys too.


                                rocky - 2 carby meals back to back don't sit well with me either.

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