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    Hey, remember me? Lol!


    RG – I hope open house is busy so your day goes fast!


    Zorbs – saw your marathon plan you posted, looks good to me!


    Eh – I always have that problem when I go to Target, I only intend on getting one or 2 things and end up with way more.


    Ernie – yay for walking, such a fun age!


    Jen – hugs! One of the reasons I joined this group is because I didn’t have much in common with my “friends” anymore. None of them have kids and we just aren’t into the same things anymore. Having DH gone all the time would get pretty lonely, I am thinking of you!


    Bermy – DS is a climber as well, mostly just chairs so far. is there any way you could block off the toilet or put something on it so  you can still shower without worrying about him climbing.


    Mrszm – sorry for the jean failure and the sick kid!


    Shelby – I can never get the car seats tight enough either, one of ours is a britax and it is definitely the easiest to install.


    Cx2 – sorry C was such a crab, I hate when that happens!


    Mer – art class sounds fun! I have been trying to find something for A to do, looking into gymnastics/dance classes in the area. I started crocheting a baby blanket when I was preggo with DD and it still isn’t done, oops!


    Jm – good luck with the 12! Yay for sleeping until 6, I get excited when my kids make it to 7, it rarely happens.


    Erin – enjoy yoga!


    Spike – sorry for the night terrors! DS did some crazy night screaming right around a year and I thought it was teething. Did he calm down when you picked him up, from what I read about it, for night terrors they can’t be comforted and you make it worse to pick them up?


    Rocky – so cool that E is starting to communicate more, DS is at that stage too and I love it!


    RR – 6 this AM on the TM and watching the bachelor, the time went really fast actually


    NRR - busy time at school, wrapping up the semester next week.


    TR - growing up so fast, it is crazy how old she is getting (she's 3) the other day she asked me when she started school and said "you and dad can stay home when I go, I will be ok" I am happy she is ok with that but sad at the same time that she doesnt need us as much


    BR - such a boy, loves playing ball with DH, can even hit the ball off the tee




      Moxie!  Great to "see" you.  I have to agree about both the craziness that the end of the semester brings as well as how fast they grow up.  J does things now that just amaze me.  He has such a personality and it is amazing to see traits of my own and DH come out of him.  (Some good, some that make me say, "uh-oh").  I am super excited for you and your races coming up!

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        Rocky- R likes tv but I try to use it sparingly. He is very much like me and gets engrossed when the TV is on. I had a friend (who has 4 kids) invite me to go drive 2.5 hours to do "zombie hunting" paintball and then go to a theme park in the middle of the night. I passed.


        Moxie- Hi! Kids grow up way too fast!


        zorbs- really? eggrolls are pretty easy. I think chopping vegetables for a stir fry is more time consuming. I have a really good recipe that calls for shrimp and pork and you can do the filling prep in the food processor. The hardest part is the frying. I have a programmable deep fryer from my fat days. I never fry anything anymore though.

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          Thanks ladies for all the thoughts on friendships changing and dissolving.  I think what hurts the most is I thought we were ok and being civil and now she acts like I am just an acquaintance with such big news.  We shared so many of our TTC struggles together that I was hoping she would want to share that news with me. BTW - she responded to my email saying--"Jen, thank so much for the congrats!  I can't believe it has been so long since we talked...."  She went on to tell me about her due date, etc.  Do I even bother to respond.  Why now am I ok to actually talk to?  I would love to tell her how hurt I am but I believe that is not productive and feel like it just won't help.  Time to cut ties maybe.

          Rocky - You make a really good point...I think she will learn what life is like with a LO and how important supportive friends are during that time.  Too cute about your hugs from Em!!  J is definitely a bear when he gets tired too.  He is now in a whiney phase...the ehh..ehh..ehh...wants to be picked up ALL THE TIME type.  It drives me nuts sometimes.  But then I look at his cute phase and I just want to pick him up, squeeze him and hold him in my arms forever...lol


          Erin - Boo on the next two weeks being so busy.  I hope it goes quickly and smoothly.  Enjoy yoga.


          Spike - Oh no...so sorry to hear about R's night terrors.  Glad to hear you and DH were able to gossip last night...sounds fun.  But I feel bad for him that he barely got any sleep.  Hopefully the night terrors are short lived for R and you all get some needed sleep.  You make me feel much better about my friend dilema...sounds like you definitely went through something similar.  Sometimes I feel like I must be a horrible person that this stuff happens but then you all make me realize it happens to everyone...so thank you!


            moxie - sounds like you are raising a very confident young girl!  way to go!  it imagine it is bittersweet when they know they can do it without you.  then we're "just" the chef & chauffeur, ha!


            zorbs - yeah, i generally don't do carby meals in general so two back to back seems like a lot.  Hard to believe the typical american family eats like that on a consistent basis, like 4-5 days a week!


              Moxie - We've missed you!!  When are we going to get to run together again.  Nice job on getting on the TM this am.  I would love to have a TM and watch the bachelor and get my run in before work.  Good luck with finishing up the semester...that is such a busy time.  I have PT conferences in 2 weeks because we are on trimester...ick.


                Jen - I wouldn't say anything about being hurt. Based on what you've said she'll probably perceive it as you wanted to hurt her back now that she's finally pregnant.  I would just give some generic responses.  Could be that she just couldn't handle friendships + the whole personal struggle of TTC, everyone reacts differently to that.  Plus being pregnant and having a kid is very much a coming of age transformation for most women.  I would probably just figure it's all water under the bridge and move on.  Although I wouldn't confide in her or anything, just don't burn the bridge, ya never know.  But that's my opinion.  Do what you feel is appropriate.  Also, she may have felt left behind or like she couldn't move on with her friends while she was stuck in TTC limbo.


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                  Jen- +1 to Rocky. Basically some of my really good friends from a former life are more acquaintances. We catch up a couple times a year and that's about it. I do more stuff with my couple friends than I do with individual girlfriends. Find the friendship that you get the most satisfaction from and nurture that one, don't worry about how things used to be or how things could have been. I had a friend that we were instant BFFs for a while until I realized I was just the flavor of the week. Over the years I noticed that for a month or three she will hang out a ton with one particular person then move on to the next. We're still friends but we don't hang out all the time like we used to before I had Reid. I always had to go to her house to hang out because she had 2 kids +2 stepkids on the weekend and it was hard for her to go out, and I understand that more with Reid. She is really wonderful though and will let me drop Reid off to play with her kids when I need to.   Anyways, sometimes it sucks being an adult with kids because you really have to pick and choose how to spend your time.

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                    Ugh, just  lost my post.  Quick post for me, then personals I hope after I shower.


                    RR - planned on 4 today but it was so nice out I decided to do 6. Probably should have stuck to the 4, I was tired toward the end!


                    BR - I was cutting up a jalapeno pepper and dropped a piece on the floor but didn't notice it and he picked it up and put it in his mouth.  Holy crying fit!  He is finally sleeping now, poor guy.


                    FR - chili in crock pot, or it will be soon.  I'm browning the meat and vegetables now.


                    NRR - book club tonight, but didn't read the book.  My friend said it was really good though so I should probably try to read it!  It's hard finding time to read lately though.


                      Rocky and Spike - I definitely agree with your advice.  Thank you.  It seems to me from her message that she is really reaching out to want to talk since she is pg...but I am not ready to cater to her again.  I will stick with the pleasantries but not going to make myself vulnerable again to a possible friendship.  I definitely need to nurture the good relationships in my life and not let them get to that negative stage that this one has gotten to.  I am sad we can't share the positive things but Rocky you are right time to move forward and not confide and invest too much as I will just get upset again.


                      Arm - Oh no about L and the pepper.  Guess he might not stick everything in his mouth again.  At least it wasn't something poisonous   I hope he naps well.  Great job on the 6 miles and enjoy Book Club.


                        I'm so late getting back here, hopefully people are still around to read!


                        Jen - You've got tons of good advice already about the friend situation, so I'll just add that I also had a major falling out with a friend I had known since kindergarten. The falling out happened in university, so was not the same circumstances as yours, but we did end up reconnecting a few years ago. We are definitely not close like we used to be, but I also feel like it would be possible to become closer again with a bit of effort. So, I say respond to her email with pleasantries and see what happens. Maybe you'll become closer again and be able to discuss how she hurt you or maybe you'll feel you really have grown apart and don't care to become close again. Oh, and, I think you should definitely take the occasional weekend road trip to visit old friends even if DH would rather have to at home. It's important not to feel like you're stuck at home all the time!


                        Bermy - Can't wait to hear about your coaching session! Yikes on climbing DS. Can you put him in a playpen while you shower or can he escape that, too?


                        Running eh - Thanks for the intro! DD, 10 months, is my first. We live about an hour north of Toronto.


                        Mrszm - Ugh, what a horrible experience jeans shopping! I think I would have gotten fed up, bought just anything, and then later wondered what I was thinking buying such an ugly pair of jeans.


                        Shelby - Glad DS had a good day at daycare, even though it was understandably hard for you. Are you going to be in medical school? You will be one busy momma, but it will make this year go by at bit faster. For babytime at the library, they play with a bunch of toys and then have some songs, dances and read a story. DD is 10 months old.


                        Cx2 - Yeah, I think the walker thing that they sit/walk in is fun for them but doesn't necessarily teach them how to walk. S just pulled herself up on her play table one day and then started cruising around the furniture. I think you said before that your DD likes to stand, so she'll probably be off and walking soon enough.


                        Mer - Ugh, the panicked wake up and rush after you slept in is the worst. Hence the forgotten lunch, I'm sure. Hope you found something decent to eat!


                        Jmmiller - Ha, funny how a 6 am sleep in becomes something to celebrate!


                        ErinL - Hope your yoga was fun. Lunchtime yoga always made me way too sleepy.


                        Spike - Mmm, your breakfast sounds good. Fun that you stayed up late gossiping with DH even though it led to lack of sleep.


                        Rocky - Yeah, carby meals are yummy but too many make me feel sluggish.


                        Moxie - Aw, DD sounds too cute.


                        Arm - Poor baby with the jalapeño! It will be interesting to see if it keeps him from picking things up and putting them in his mouth for awhile. Every time I chop jalapeños, I end up rubbing my face before I wash my hands and feel like my face is on fire. Every single time. You think I'd learn.

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                          DH gives Emily spicy or weird stuff all the time (then wonders why she doesn't let him feed her).  Anyway, the other day she was throwing a fit while I was making dinner for the onion slices - so I gave her one - and she was eating it!  Raw onion?!  Then DH gave her some pepperoncini (sp) because she was pointing and signing for it.  She mostly just spit it out and studied it but she could taste the spice.  I guess he's desensitized her because she didn't cry or anything.


                          Although when he got kisses from her shortly after he was all, "Onion-baby kisses" haha.


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                            Rocky- R has been begging me for stuff constantly when I cook. I gave him a bean sprout and a raw mushroom slice last night and he wasn't too impressed. Mostly he gets jealous if anyone has a dipping sauce and he doesn't- when we went to lunch with my friend last weekend, R was getting cranky because Erin had a little dish of salad dressing, so she was nice enough to give him a dollop to dip stuff in. R loves vinegary/pickled stuff.

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                              Spike - Dh and i just give her whatever we are cooking with or whatever she points to.  so far we've been suprised.  Last night Em was equally unimpressed with the raw spinach I gave her.  She handed it back to me, very politely.  LOL.  Hey - when are you all coming out to Denver next you think?  I'm dying to meet you and Reid!


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                                Rocky- April/May/June as our schedules/finances allow. We want to get one more trip in before R turns 2 while he's still free Smile  DH is meeting up with some of his internet EDC friends in Vegas next week, so he shouldn't give me crap if I want to meet mine. It was MIL who flaked out on our plans last time.  Oh BTW, Mike gave Reid his flashlight to play with the other day and the kid went BANANAS. Like wouldn't-give-it-back-to-daddy crazy over it. It starts early....

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