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Mighty Mouse

    Post. We are here to listen. Smile



    Mighty Mouse

      Tuesday I decided to go to the track. My nano was low on battery so I was not sure it would hold up for a whole run. However, it was a trooper and held fast the whole time. Coach joined me after my intervals and we had a good run.

      Today will be a track run.


      Happy runs, All!  :::hugs:::



        Morning Ladies!


        No run for me yesterday.  Will get out today after work.  First day back was not too bad......and yes EMR hell was waiting for me....


        LCruns - I hear ya on the price of Bayshore...between the price of race and lodging in TC on Memorial Day week-end just didn't feel it was worth it.  I would love to drop 10 #'s (I have been saying that for quite awhile LOL)  and Karen is a big inspiration...Maybe we need a 10 # challenge or

        something Wink


        Karen - Hope your cold gets better quickly....you have been pushing yourself pretty hard.  You have gotten soooo fast - congratulations!


        Marjorie - Woohoo on you being the moderator....we will try to keep our explatives (?sp) under control......


        LisaMMR - Great plans on the race for Karnel...


        Judy - Don't you hate when you get out for a run and realize you nano is low on battery.....then it is always a challenge to see how long it will last!


        I'm having a hard time keeping up with personals......will take a few days to get back in the swing of things - so Hi to all!!



          Judy-today, I was low on batteries.  slept in. hoping to make it through the day.


          Carol-I had a friend text me on Bayshore... hadn't even looked at the price.  I'll pass there are so many other races I want to do with easier / cheaper logistics.


          GBird-did you say "trail half marathon".. where and what kind of trail.  LOVE trails here!!


          Jules-no advice on the Garmin. sorry.  I use mapmyrun, a 305 and will use a new $20 Ironman watch.  I'm not a data geek but I sound like one.


          LisaM-good job on the run with no walk.  I've gone back and forth on walk breaks ... I seem to run about the same pace or slightly faster with them but it is satisfying to not take them.


          Julie- we may be doing a NYE 5k also.  It's on Belle Isle... those who have run Detroit marathon can imagine how toasty warm Belle Isle must be on NYE.


          Karen-"I've read 1-2 seconds per mile per pound of weight loss, and that's been true for me, so yeah, 10 pounds would probably get you to that 1:45."  If ten pounds off got me to 1:45 woohoo!! However, 10 pounds off translating to 20 seconds off of time per mile??? Pass the cookies and mashed potatoes.  Clearly I am not a competitor. LOL Back of pack I will stay... please save me goodies at end of NJ Marathon.  You know I'll want them.  Smile 



          Tessa-"nice workout" would be inaccurate words... "tough workout" seems more fitting.  Did you see the "wine o'clock" socks on Proud Runner.com?




          Caroly-I'm afraid to see what I might have written on a calendar. 


          Marjorie-the yasso's didn't kill me.. must mean that 6.0 was too slow for them.  they were tough but I probably could have done another. didn't want to but could have.


          On the flu hype out there... we were conjecturing that pershaps he pharma companies have left over stock of vaccines that they are pushing this so that people go out and still get them?  I can attest to the influence that some media companies have from their various parent companies (network tv especially).  I hear about it often when interviewing reporters or content producers from some companies how I'd be surprised to learn what other companies the parent firm also owns. Getting tougher to find unbiased journalism out there.  Viva the free press!

          <stepping off of journalistic soap box>



          I'll give the person I emailed about virtual race thing a week or so to respond.  Then I'll contact Bill or the sister we have contact information for on a routing number or something.


          Design type person.... can someone work on a logo or design type of thingie.  I was thinking something that we could us on page and could be downloaded/printed out. Participant could hold it up in a picture or resize it and attach to shirt/hat, whatever. No idea on what to have for this.  Maybe a big heart with a bunch of smiley faces... just thinking of Karnel's posts.  I totally defer on this one.


          Do not want to seem bossy or taking over. Please feel free to make suggestions.  Karen-Are you okay with dropping the shirt idea for virtual run? My thought was just that we don't need any more shirts and I'd rather have money go to family than a shirt. plus eliminates someone haveing to order/send them out. It's a good build out idea and maybe it could be an additional thing if someone wanted to donate extra??


          Yikes! Late.. must get ready for work!





            Good Morning Ladies,


                 I TRIED to do a 6 mile progressive tempo on the TM this morning, but only into mile 3, I started sweating profusely, got really sick to my stomach and had to run to the bathroom. I HATE not finishing my workouts, but I KNOW when I am getting sick, and my last two runs before today, my HR was unusually high despite my easy effort.

             My youngest son came home early from school yesterday sick, and now I'm afraid he has given this bug to me.

             We live with my 80 year old mother, so I really HOPE not to get HER sick.  Going back to bed after I am done posting.


                    AGuest: Michael and I are back in PA, and he really loves it here. Smile He is an awesome man, and my best friend in the world! Hope we can maybe run into you sometime soon. It would be wonderful to play catch up.


                Take care everyone and Happy Running!!



            LC Runs

              6.1 chilly miles, big change from yesterday but it was a good 'wake up' run!


              Judy - nice track runs for you!


              Carol - I agree, I think Bayshore has gotten ridiculously expensive.  I actually didn't pay that much attention to the price until I got the email receipt.  I'[m pretty sure the first year I did it, it was $55 and you got a goodie bag.  They don't even do that anymore.  I still love the race, but not the headache.  I wouldn't go at all if my Mom didn't live there and I had to pay for lodging.  I'm up for a 10# challenge.


              Karen - thanks for the info, I have been using calorie counter.com and it has me at about 1900 cal/day.  I think my issue is my wine habit Blush, empty calories for sure.  I hardly eat junk food but  I  have to watch portion size.  Ugh, the joys of middle age lol


              Hi Lisa - I think all your ideas on the virtual Karnel race are great.  I appreciate you taking this on!


              Tracey - so sorry you are sick, the stomach bug is the worst.  I occasionally get dizzy on the TM, not sure if it's a balance issue.  Good job on the 3!


              Favorite Sister of All!

                Good morning!


                Just a quick post today!  Trying to catch up!



                Judy--ouch on the thumb.  Enjoy the track!


                Carol--have a great run today as I am sure you will need it after EMR hell!


                MMR--Thanks for all you are doing to organize the virtual race.  I think it's a terrific idea and I like your plans!


                Karen--Nice RR!  Big congrats on an amazing PR!  Feel better!  Work is wearing me out most definitely.  We are now officially short one person so I have worked 8 in a row with 1 off then back to 7 in a row--sigh!!!  I am running, but it is soooo slow these days--I am just tired and stiff!


                Julie--I had a Garmin 405CX which was the older version of the 410--I really liked it and just wore it out--After multiple software updates it finally wouldn't hold a charge.  Have the 610 now and love it.  That's a great price for the 410--I use the HRM sporadically but like having it when I want to do intervals. 


                Lisa-Marie--WTG on the running!  Have fun at packet pick-up!--See how you feel after the 5K--if you feel strong, then go for the 10K!!


                Tessa--nice workout!


                Marjorie--Neat that you could run in shorts in Dec! 


                Camille--Nice that you can run while getting your oil changed. I used to drop my car off to be detailed then run--kinda sucked getting into my clean car all sweaty even with a towel!!!


                Tracey--ugh on the stomach bug. Get some rest and hope you feel better soon.


                LCRuns--Nice job on the 6+ miles--nothing like cooler weather to wake a runner up!!


                Ran 6.2 with my running buddies today--I was tired and slow--so what else is new LOL.  Off to work, now day 1 of 7.  At least it's a shorter day for me!  Will check back later


                Happy runningCool


                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Keep Running! Cross the finish line! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


                  Good morning! Our great weather is over.  It's raining hard here, but is supposed to be better later. 


                  Lisa, I think we all really appreciate your organization of the run.  I'm no help on design. If no one else can do it, I might be able to get my DD to help over xmas.  She did a neat one for our family team shirts.  i agree to no shirts and like the sign idea.


                  Carol, I love the idea of a challenge. While my running would prob benefit from losing 10, I'll be happy with 5.  More importantly, I don't want to gain the extra couple few I seem to put on in winter/GA and lose in summer.


                  Jules, after I got the blessing from Laura and Karen : ), I opened and set up my 410 yesterday.  People seem to love it or hate it and I was worried i'd made an impulsive mistake when it was Deal of Day. It seems pretty cool, though it'll take me while to adjust to the bezel.   For a detailed review, go to dcrainmaker's site.   Just google garmin reviews and it'll come up.  He didn't include price in equation, but that was important to me.  BTW, a foot pod for inside use is an option. I also bought an extended warranty due to a few complaints about early battery death. 


                  Edit to add  Thanks, Julia for your feedback on 410!


                  Laura, your pics  don't look like you need to drop 10 lbs. They're always great!  I understand though.


                  Carolyn, congrats on being able to run again!  Be careful.


                  Hi to everyone else!  I have to go to my mom's, a cardiology appt and then run. Have a great day!

                    Good Morning!  Power Hour class this morning.  Instructor kept telling us how BAD she felt, she was getting sick, can't miss her work quota.....UGH!  IF YOU ARE SICK STAY HOME!!!  I tried to stay away from her.  I did get a flu shot in October--hope I am protected.  If I get sick I will let the healthplex mgmt know. 


                    Yesterday did the pilates-yoga class.  Decorated the tree when I got home and made another batch of chex mix and sewed.  I was beat!  Just can't fit it all into my day! 


                    Camille--you can run even if you still need painkillers?  I think I would wait another week. 


                    I need to start calorie counting too....up two pounds and clothes are already tight.  Three parties this week will be a challenge.


                    Amy--How is the leg this morning?  Did the swelling go down?


                    Have a great day!

                    Anonymous Guest

                      Julie, link for you: 410 review . I think that's a really good deal for the Garmin. I think that's the one camille just got?


                      Gatsbybird, you are running GO! St. Louis????? I'm running the half!! I grew up in Quincy, IL (about 90 miles north of St. Louis) and my parents still live there as do my sister and her family. My brother and his wife and kid live in Springfield, IL. The entire family is going to go to Disney in 2014 and my sister and sister-in-law and I are all going to run the half together there (I"ll probably do the Goofy), so we decided to get a "practice" one in first. I'm flying in to St. Louis on that Friday, driving up to Springfield, running the half there on Saturday (trying to break 1:40), then we're all going to St. Louis and the three of us will run the GO! half on Sunday (probably 2 and a half hours or so for that one, I will stick with them).


                      Morning Judy!


                      Carol, good luck getting back into the routine after what looked like an awesome vacation. Also, you may be my favorite forumite right now with this comment "and Karen is a big inspiration....". Thanks. 


                      Lisa, I think it's fantastic what you're doing for Karnel's run. Think dropping the shirt is good - I was just trying to figure a way to tie pictures together, and we can do that with the graphic. I can try to mess around a little with that. I have all the software at work and I can use most of it, my creativity is pretty hit or miss though. Note to creative people: please feel free to try as well! I can't guarantee I'll come up with anything usable!


                      Also, yes, you are faster than a 5 hour marathoner. And I saw for NJ that the last corral is 4:30+, which is probably why your coworker said 4:30, so if you just line up near the back of that corral, you'll be fine.


                      Carolyn and Lisa, funny comment from friend that originally commented on my 1:45 mystery time with "half marathon time". Her response was that sadly the only random notes she could find said things like "bagels" or "naps", which weren't going to help her race times much.


                      Tracey, take care of yourself. Smart to cut the run off early if you felt sick. You've got plenty of time. Feel better!


                      Laura, yeah my calories are pretty low - I'm pretty short and small boned. The 1200 is what myfitnesspal gave me for 1/2 pound per week weight loss, but I think the 1200 minimum recommended overrode their calculation. I did end up losing about 1/2 pound a week though. Sounds like Bayshore has figured out they are in high demand, and have decided to charge more because of it! I've always heard such good things about it.


                      Julia, of course you're tired and slow right now! Fantastic job getting out there anyway.


                      camille, I missed your post when I started typing. Great minds think alike (dcrainmaker), eh? I looked a little bit this morning at his review of the 410, I think it sounds pretty darn good.


                      So it was so nice here I went running after work and ended up running 7 miles. My cold is still in the early stages so it didn't bother me at all during the run. And I went to the chiropractor for the first time ever on Monday. He did four minor adjustments, and I swear, I felt a difference when I ran last night. I hadn't realized that my right hip and therefore pretty much my entire lower right side were tight and in slight pain when I ran before, until I ran last night and it felt sooo good and loose and relaxed. I've always been leery of chiropractors, and now that I've been I can see how a bad one could really screw you up, but this guy was great. The guy that fitted me for my tri bike (and noticed I was "crooked") recommended him. It was funny, as he kept telling me how great I was to work with, because I wasn't in serious pain (so we didn't have to fix a bunch of stuff before we could even get to the root of the problem), and because I was an athlete and in such great shape. Realized I still don't think of myself as an athlete, but I guess I am one. 


                      I signed up last night for a 50K in Arizona in February. For those not on facebook, I have a meeting on February 11 in Scottsdale. I mentioned to my boss that I'd probably just fly in Sunday and out Tuesday, and he said he wanted me to go to the meetings on Friday as well. So I'm flying out Thursday and back Tuesday, with a weekend in Arizona and no responsibility. My old job would have had me working the registration desk all weekend out there, so that is one advantage to taking this job last year, I guess. Anyway, once I found out I'd be there over the weekend, I went looking for races and found the Pemberton Trail 50k, about 1/2 hour from our hotel, that Saturday. Plus I think DH is going to take some vacation and come out with me. We're staying at the Phoenician (and our discounted rate is $275/night), so yes, I will stay there through the weekend if you want me to, boss!


                      Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                      Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston



                        Quick post! Short day today since I have a meeting in Orange County. Trying to get everything done.


                        5.4 this morning, since I had to drive in and won't get a lunch workout I decided I could do a bit more this morning, and in the rush to get out I forgot my cereal on the kitchen counter. Out of cereal here at work. A trail mix bar and two chocolates from the department box is a healthy breakfast, right? Cool


                        Run to live; live to run

                          Did 10.5 this am.  Still pretty warm.  Tomorrow we will be a bit cooler but then it goes back up to the 70's.  


                          Judy glad the nano held out.


                          Carol no worries on the personals.  We don't mind if you don't get to all of us.


                          Lisa having you organize the stuff for Karnel is much appreciated!


                          Tracey sorry you are getting sick!


                          Laura so the cooldness is back huh?


                          Julia nice run!


                          Camille I hope we get some of that rain.  We are very very dry at the moment


                          Karen wow you have a ton of races coming up!


                          Tessa nice run!


                          Lisa Marie nice run with no walk breaks!


                          Gatysby I always get my flu shot and I haven't had flu in so many years I can't remember the last time I had it.  I'm thankful for that!





                            And this is why I try to stay away from school meetings. 


                            I know you're all chuckling and so am I... how did this happen that I am organizing this? LOL


                            Roll eyes


                            I just must be ONE of Karnel's Amazing People... Clown (that's just creepy)




                              Okay, I was just standing at the sink last night, minding my own business when my back just went into a spasm!  I wasn't doing a darn thing and all I had done all day was work, which involves sitting at a desk answering questions.  What the heck?  Did it all night long off and on.  Pretty much just feels a little sore today.  so, what was that?  Anyway, I didn't run this morning in fear of it acting up again, so hopefully tomorrow.  Sheesh!!!!


                              I shouldn't say this, but I have never gotten a flu shot and have never gotten the flu!  I know I just jinxed myself!


                              Lisa...I don't mind at all that you are organizing the virtual run for Karnel...you must just be a natural born organizer!  Fine with me.


                              Tracey...yuck on being sick...hope you are better quickly and than your mom does not get  whatever "it" is.


                              Karen...glad you were pleased with the chiropractor.  I haven't been in a while, but I always felt good afterwards, I should start going again.


                              Did everyone read about Amy on facebook?  She woke up in the morning and her one leg was swollen.  She has it immobilized and is off it for 3-5 days.  She went to the ER and they really don't know what the deal is.  I didn't read yesterday's later posts so she may have posted, so sorry if this is a repeat.





                              6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15



                                Amy THM or AmyDel? (NC Amy is no use since they both are in NC.) Ginny, hope your back feels better. Lisa, you know what they say about if you need something done, ask a busy person... trying to get DS out for a short run before the day is over.