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    Morning Supermamas~


    RR: recovery run of 5+ miles today. hill repeats went well yesterday, in spite of the roads being a little slick from snow. there's no shortage of hills where i live, and it's actually hard to plan a route that doesn't include some hills. anyways, did 4 repeats of a double hill (gradual longer climb at the bottom, very short flat section, then a steep uphill climb/sprint to the top) and 6.5 miles total. felt good.


    TR: played outside in the snow for about half an hour yesterday, and loved every minute. i pulled him around on his sled and he clapped and laughed.


    NRR: had a nice time out with my mom yesterday, didn't buy anything but window shopped for birthday ideas so that was fun! she's heading back home today, i will miss her!



    Becky- thank you so much for sharing your weightloss story!!! What an amazing journey. You are such a strong woman, and I'm so proud of all you have done! Keep up the great work mama

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      ER - ST at the gym.


      TR - DH was told by the dentist (who is a former PT client of mine) that he needs to start checkups soon.  Considering we have to pin him down and put him in a headlock every night to brush his teeth, I can't see checkups going well.


      FR - sweet & sour chicken; brown rice.


      NRR - this is possibly the cutest thing ever.



      rg - your hill sounds just like the double bitch! the bottom part is just part of a long gradual uphill, and then maybe 50 m flat, and then about 150 m VERY steep to the top.


      becky - ditto on what rg said!

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        zorbs- ha, i actually thought of you and the double b!tch hill yesterday as i was running my repeats. we have a pediatric dentist office here which i plan on taking R to when he's a bit older. we brush his teeth before nap and bedtime- no toothpaste yet, but a dental hygenist friend of mine said that even just a wet toothbrush works at this point. i saw that cute video this morning, too. how's things with DH? you alluded to it yesterday...hope you guys are ok.

         5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



          RR - 9k with RP and the stroller this evening + core workout.


          BR - Baseball may be in her future! She kept reaching out for a balled up pair of baby socks yesterday and then would throw them across the room. I'm amazed at how good her throwing arm is! She was using her left arm so I wonder if that suggests she's going to be a lefty? How early can you tell?


          FR - Sesame beef, rice and baby bok choi.


          NRR - It was a rare night of STTN for S, but silly me was up late reading the third Hunger Games book so I did not get to take full advantage.




          rg - It's very hilly where I live, too. Definitely good for training, but sometimes I curse it during stroller runs. Glad you had a good visit with your Mom!


          Zorbs - At first I thought you were saying DH was told he had to start going to the dentist, so the image of you having to put him in a headlock to get him to brush his teeth was quite hilarious. Then I realized it was TR.


          Becky - I'm so glad I checked back to yesterday's thread and read your story - totally amazing! Thank you for sharing.

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            Becky: We love you too Becky! What a wonderful story. Ahh, I love it. Simply lovely. You did all that, you made those positive changes, you chose to be the woman you are. Incredible journey. And you proved everyone wrong. You fought against lifestyle and culture and chose health and well being as top! You are inspirational my lady!

            5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


              rg - Glad the hill repeats went well.  Boo to your mom having to leave today.  I am glad you had fun with her and R had fun sledding yesterday. Enjoy your run today.


              zorbs - How old is B?  I just asked my dentist on Monday when we need to bring J in and she said at 2 years old...ugh...I guess we better be more consistent with his brushing.  He usually just sucks on the toothbrushSad  I saw that pic on FB...too cute.


              RR - Did 5 on the TM at a few seconds faster than 1/2 marathon pace.  Hoping for 5 outside today.


              TR - Was actually pretty good for me last night.  A few minor crying fits but for the most part he was happy and content...this morning too.  He ate his breakfast and we read a few books and he was giggling.  Nice for a change.


              NRR - Not feeling the best...I think Spike and Mer gave me their intestinal illness through the computer!  I am at work though and will make it through the day!  I have a terrible headache though and my coffee is making me nauseous.


              FR - Bleck...


                RR: 8m with stroller. I have a coaching session then a core class and then will make up the miles. All with DS of course. It is going to be a fab day full of exercise. These are my favourite days.


                NRR: zoo this morning. was going to meet up with a friend but her baby is cranky and she texted me in the night having a stress. No worries, we will lemur spot in the mean time.


                BR: has got taller. Everyone commented at playgroup yesterday. He also got pushed over at playgroup yesterday and hit his head quite hard on the tile floor. The pusher kid is pretty unhappy and aggressive. Do we just keep going to it or do I go to other things where he is not going to get pushed over and smack his head on tile? Like learn to play in the rough junge or just play in the nice jungle?


                FR:leftover chlii. DS must have eaten 1 cup of chili and brown rice. I could not believe it. It was more food than I have ever seen him eat. Of course he then had really loud funny chili farts and DH and I were killing ourselves laughing at our tooting pooping boy.

                5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                  ernie - You probably do have a lefty.  We notice J would use both hands at first and then slowly started to favor his right...now he does everything with his right hand.  Have a great run.  Glad S STTN...I hope you still got adequate sleep.


                  Bermy - Was my child at your playgroup yesterday?  LOL...I am so sorry DS got pushed over by another kid.  Unfortunately, I think if you go to another playgroup something like that may still happen.  I watch J interact with other kids at daycare and many of them are pretty agressive.  A little girl slapped him 2 days ago and then he has gotten bit 6 times by 3 different kids.  Now he may have asked for some of it but some of it his teachers said he did nothing to instigate it.  Have a great day working out...sounds like a lot.  I hope the zoo is fun and your friend can make it.


                  Becky - Thank you for sharing your wonderful story!!  That is truly amazing and you are an inspiration to many of us!!


                    Hi ladies, just a quick post...


                    RR - undecided... 4 on the TM, or 4 outside.. it's really cold and I'm not sure how C would like being in the stroller.. plus she hates mittens so her hands would freeze..


                    BR - IL's were over last night... they're the nicest ppl yet every time they see C, she's cranky or anti social or cries around them.  They don't take it personally but it'd be nice if C didn't seem so unhappy when they're around.


                    NRR - talked to my sister, turns out she has strep throat.... ugh..  hope no one caught it at the wedding...



                    zorbs - from yesterday.. i don't have anything against daycare, but DH and I would prefer C to have more one on one attention at this age.. we plan on putting her into a local french daycare at 18 months...


                    bermy - sorry to hear DS got pushed over... the one time I took C to a drop in center, she got pushed over too!


                    ernie - it took me awhile to start taking advantage of sleep when C began STTN..


                    Everyone else, have a great day!!


                      rr: 4 on the tm yesterday and actually kind of speedy. srd. hoping to get out with rp the next 2 mornings.


                      rr/qotd: do any of you practice chi running? chiro suggested i try it so i attempted it yesterday on the tm and felt really good and surprisingly my calves didn't hurt like they usually do when i run on the tm.


                      nrr: my dad's birthday today so we are meeting my parents and my sister and bil for supper out tonight. the kids made him cards last night. so cute.


                      tr: the girls have been waking up earlier than they need to be before dh is even up for work. not sure what is up with that.


                      br: took c and dd2 to the dr yesterday for coughs. c has the start of an ear infection and possible sinus infection. for dd2 we have to wait a week to see if cough improves. Ugh.


                      fr: out tonight probably for chinese? lasagna last night.


                        RR:  Hoping for 5 after work, but not sure if it will happen.


                        TR:  Was up from 1-2.  Annoying.  However, when I got him up this morning, his pants were SOAKED and his sheets were wet.  No wonder he was up for the day at 6!  I did kind of enjoy having him around this morning though.  DH wasn't thrilled though.


                        NRR:  Crazy weird dreams again last night some were reflective of things going on in my life with a crazy twist.  Dream also included DH who didn't love me anymore because I am always so busy.  Sad


                        NRR#2:  Heading an hour north to visit a school that is 1:1 Chromebooks.  Should be an interesting visit.


                        FR:  Culvers for lunch before a school visit!



                        rg - Do you put anything on R's face when you go outside?  A coworker of mine said that her son got frost bit from being out for a very short time.


                        zorbs - Mmm....do you make your own sweet and sour chicken?!  That is a fave of mine!


                        ernie - Those books are SO hard to put down.  J eats with his left hand.  I am convinced he will be a lefty too!


                        jen - I am feeling better today and made it through my run yesterday.  I hope you can get through your day okay.  Eating, as much as I didn't want to, made me feel better.


                        bermy - Wow!  Enjoy your "full day of exercise"!  Have fun at the super unsafe zoo! Smile


                        cx2 - I hope you get your run in!  Stay warm!  J gets like that around my parents because he doesn't see them much.


                        mrszm - Mmm...chinese.  Makes me think of the buffet that you and I used to go to frequently!  Have a good night out.  Hope the kids start to feel better soon.

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                          rr: bummer on your mom leaving already! Great job on the hill repeats. You couldn't pay me enough to do that. I hate hills.


                          zorbs: we take the girls to a pediatric dentist and it s great! I think they said at 2.5 to come in for the first time but they didn't even polish dd2's teeth; just checked them out. That big is so damn cute!


                          ernie: how are you liking the third book? I am one of those that hated it; dh loved it though.


                          jen: boo to feeling sick! My gut is not happy this morning either and i din't even have my coffee yet! How did j do at daycare yesterday?


                          bermy: what did the pusher's parent do? If they did nothing i would consider not going back; if they try to fix his behavior i would give it another shot. At the dr yesterday and c was sporting just a diaper he looked so tall! Dr is in love with his cuteness Wink


                          cz2: does c see your in laws a lot? Boo to strep throat! Did they go on a honeymoon?


                            Morning ladies!


                            RR:  Got up this morning even though DH came clomping in around midnight.  So tired but glad I got out there!  Not quite 5 done.


                            TR:  So cute.  Wanted to hug me goodbye even though I was in the shower.  He was telling me to dry off and give him a squeeze Smile


                            NRR:  Bossman will be here ALL day, those days drive me crazy.  I'm used to him being in court all the time.


                            FR:  Forgot to thaw out stuff for the crockpot this morning.  Will have to improvise Smile


                            BBL - first client of the day just walked in


                              CTimes – Sorry that C is always cranky for your ILs.  I hope your sister got some meds and is finally feeling better.


                              Mrszm – What is Chi running?  Great job on the speedy TM run.  Have fun at supper with your family and Happy Bday to your dad.  I didn’t get a bad report from daycare yesterday so that is good.  His teacher said that she was filling out his ability profile (they do it once a month) and she said he has developed so much in 1 month she was shocked.  She also said his verbal skills are way ahead of most of the other kids.


                              Mer – Have fun at your school visit.  Sorry about the crazy dreams…wonder what is causing them?  Boo to J being up from1-2.  I hope you can fit your run in.  Are you feeling better today?


                              Becky - Great job on getting up and running this am!  Too cute about C wanting to give you a squeeze.  I hope your day goes quickly and bossman isn't too much of a pain.


                              Bad Ass Mother Runner



                                RR - 5k on the TM tonight w/ RP.  8+ k yesterday went really well with the stroller.  I had some tempo-ish speed km's in there.  Makes a big difference to just be pushing O and not M.


                                TR - didn't come home from gmas till 7 last night, so it was just snack and bedtime.  At lunch yesterday she told gma that she was sad cause she missed mommy, but when gma offered to come home early she didn't want to... at least she missed me a little Smile


                                BR - has been waking up for the day before 6am... I'm not a fan!  I know lots of you have early wakers, I'm good at 7 but before that, zzz.  I need to start going to bed earlier.


                                FR - Jessica's Asian short ribs.


                                NRR - meeting RP this am I think... not sure where.  Maybe an indoor play place, maybe the zoo - it's warm for winter but still cold especially for the babies.

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