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Weary Wednesday Supermoms (Read 28 times)


    RR - hoping for 8 today.  Or at least 6.  I feel like skipping it but it's supposed to rain tomorrow so I know I should get it in today.


    BR - was playing hide and seek with the girls last night and it was freaking adorable.  The look he'd get on his face when they found him was priceless, then he'd run away squealing.


    KR - I get so mad at them every night because their room is always a disaster.  I wish I could just let it go.


    FR - rotisserie chicken probably


    NRR - DH thinks he's getting a sinus infection.  He got one at this exact same time last year and then I got it and was sick for the same race we're running in 2.5 weeks.  I'm staying away from him for a few days.


    NRR2 - went and looked at a house we were looking at before Christmas since they lowered the price.  Love love love the big family room area and the children's area upstairs but otherwise the bedrooms are all smaller, which is OK, but the closets are dark little holes which I don't like.  The bedrooms and closets in our house now are pretty open and bright and I think I would really miss that.  I feel like we need to just build a house someday to get our perfect house.


    becky - what an amazing story!!  Very inspiring!


    rg - we have some smaller rolling hills throughout my neighborhood and one bigger one I make sure I run on when I'm trying to run hills.  Great job on your run yesterday!


    zorbs - haha I thought you were saying you had to get DH in a headlock.  Our tooth fairy leaves notes saying she only likes clean sparkly teeth so make sure to brush well.  not sure it helps though.  What about one of those vibrating toothbrushes?  My girls love those.


    ernie - I don't know when you can start to tell right/left.  L switches off sometimes but usually throws with his right hand.


    jen - uh oh I hope you aren't getting sick too!  Nothing worse than being sick and having to take care of a baby/toddler.


    bermy - you have a very active day!!  I'd have a hard time going to that playgroup if I knew L was just going to get pushed around.


    cx2 - one of my girls used to always cry around MIL.  I felt so bad, but now she loves her so who knows what it was.


    mrszm - is chi running where you run on your toes?  One of my friend's husbands does it.  When I run up steep hills I run on my toes and it feels really good for that short bit of time.  Enjoy the birthday dinner out!


    mer - sorry you're having those crazy dreams.  Sometimes I will dream that I am mad at DH and then I wake up mad at him.  Yum Culvers!


    CA - your running is awesome especially considering you just had a baby not long ago!  Do you have a single jogging stroller or a double?


    Bad Ass Mother Runner

      RG - Lots of hills here too! I wimped out and paused my garmin to push the stroller up one yesterday, it's huge and steep though, in my best shape I couldn't run with a stroller up it.


      zorbs - My Dr said age 3 for the dentist. But mostly to get them used to the idea and process.


      ernie - wow, nice arm! M doesn't have a good arm, she throws like a girl. M switched back and forth with her hands until recently when she's gone to mostly right handed.


      Jen - booo on the intestinal virus Sad


      bermy - If your ds has fun at the playgroup, I'd probably keep going. I think all playgroups are going to have those rambunctious kids in them.


      cx2 - bummer on your sisters strep, are they away on a honeymoon?


      mzm - I try to run as chi as possible, and think it made me a lot faster before I was pg w/ O.


      mer - I often have crazy dreams like that! I've never had Culvers, but have heard of it.


      becky - awesome weight loss story! You had me tearing up last night. Good work getting the run in early.

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      Bad Ass Mother Runner

        arm - I have a single and a double, but the baby attachment is in the double so that's what I was running with yesterday.  We are going to start looking at houses in a  year, I'm very excited to move 'up'...

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        Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


          Becky- I just read your weight loss story. Wow, you are amazing!!

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            RR: 6 miles I didn't do yesterday (too sore)


            NRR: my SIL is coming to visit next weekend. She wants to jam pack Mammoth, Disneyland and coming up to SB in one week. She has a 2 1/2 year old and is pregnant.  Not sure how all that will happen.


            FR: Got a spaghetti squash in our box so I will try to make something with that.


            NRR: my friend who is a teacher in the Bronx is starting a running club for 5th graders. They will train rot run a 5k. We are going to sponsor one of the kids.  I love the idea of starting kids early. If anyone else wants to sponsor a kid let me know!

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              anyone else post on their phone? The autocorrect is hilarious. Sorry for the typos!

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                Zorbs: I pictured your DH in a headlock too. Smile When DD is uncooperative I usually just give her the toothbrush and she will try on her own. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

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                  Ok, I have my 24 oz water bottle and I will finish two of the today!


                  Rg:  Nice on the hill work!  No shortage of hills here either.


                  Zorbs:  Here, our dentist eases them into cleanings.  He goes along with us and the dentist has him sit in the chair and shows him the tools, has C show him is teeth but then asks if he can look.  C let him look but didn't let him clean this time.  Hopefully next time he will.


                  Ernie:  Good question, I have no idea on the right handed thing.  I don't think I've even looked to see which side C prefers.


                  Ok, now bosslady is coming in....


                    RG: sleding sounds so fun! I really want to take the kids to the snow. Sounds like had a great visit with your mom. How often do you get to see her!


                    Ernie: too cute about throwing. Our OT said handedness is decided around 2 but I swear it was before that for DD. yay for STTN! Your FR sounds delicious!!


                    Bermy:  you have a great day planned!! Wish I could join you.


                    Jen: I hope you feel better and don't get a full blown illness!

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                      I am feeling so disconnected from the supermoms with these busy days.  Will try to get in as many personals as I can today...


                      RR:  4.25 mi on the TM this morning.  Yesterday I did 4 on my ankle was bugging me a little.  Felt mostly better today.  This week is a cutback week, thank goodness.  Unfortunately I am so busy, I am cutting the miles even more thna I was supposed to.  I couldn't bring mysekf to wake up earlier than 5 today.  Only have run 8.25 out of the 13 I was supposed to..oh well, better than nothing!


                      BR:  Swear he wakes up cuter every day.  He is also doing better and better at daycare.  He hardly cries now.


                      NRR:  Still no word about the simulation.  Guess it wasn't as big of a deal as I thought.  It's just like me to overreact and freak out.  In other news, I have an appt to get my mirena out tomorrow.  I was hoping to wait until DH comes next week but I just can't.


                      becky:  Thanks for sharing your story yesterday!

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                        RG - Sounds like an awesome workout.


                        zorbs -I am wierd and love getting my teeth cleaned.


                        ernie - I think they say you can't really tell before age 4, but I think you can tell sooner for sure.  Lefty is what you wanna be if you are a baseball player!


                        jen - Oh no, not another sick supermom.  Hopefully it's just a short thing.


                        bermy - Enjoy the zoo!  I was hoping to take DS this weekend but it might be too cold.


                        cx2 - H hates mittens too but I found if I tuck them into his coat he can't get them off.


                        mrszm - What is chi running?


                        CA - I like mornings but not waking up before 6.  And I prefer not tun run before 8....

                        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                          arm - The perfect house is hard to find after you have figured out what you love and don't love.


                          becky - I hate drinking water.  I am so bad about it.


                          jmiller - Wow, that would be a lot to fit in but sounds like fun.  Are you feeling less sore yet?


                          ok gotta start paying attention in class....

                          5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                          Honorary Old

                            RR: Didn't run yesterday, thought it would be good to give my stomach another day off. I'm one of those people who are either totally type A about training, or completely off the wagon and lacksadaisical, so of course I feel totally guilty for not working out since I've been consistenly running 5 days a week for the last 3 weeks in a row.


                            BR: Took him to get his haircut (only the third time in his life), the last two times he didn't mind it, but he sure didn't like it this time. He looks so cute. DH is having a sweatshirt screen printed for him with the Fire Department's logo on the front and "ROOKIE" in block letters on the back- DH is so sweet Smile  Reid is starting to refer to himself in the first person- I hungry, I down, Me Now. Daycare lady says she's been working on that with the younger kids because a couple of the three year olds say things like "Caeden go Potty" "Sophie hungry" when stating their needs.


                            FR: Leftover tacos. Not sure about tonight. I have some halibut thawing that i will cook up while DH is on nights since he's not a fish eater.


                            NRR: Caved into peer pressure and started watching Downton Abbey last night.

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                            Honorary Old

                              RR2- I forgot to say that my workout tonight will probably be a stroller tempo run. 4-5 miles in total, going to shoot for 2.5-3 at tempo pace.


                              Becky- awesome weight loss story!  Everyone told me that I wouldn't keep the weight off- April is my 6 year anniversary of joining Weight Watchers and deciding to change my life. Even if you didn't keep every pound off, you still look great and you are doing your family a big favor by living a healthy lifestyle.  I need to start running in the mornings again.


                              Runnergirl- I like the sound of your hill- RP and I have been doing hills again, I missed them- they are probably my favorite workout.


                              zorbs- Ugh, I feel you on the tooth brushing. R does that horrible ultrasonic high pitched toddler screetch if I come at him with a tooth brush. I manage to brush one or two sections every day, so his whole mouth gets brushed about twice a week in total when you add them up. I have 2 brushes for him and let him hold one then intermittently grab his head to get some real brushing done. He had a dental checkup at his 18 mo appt and the dentist told me to have me and DH sit knee to knee and have one pin him down and one brush- umm yeah, that's not happening with DH on shift work, I guess my kid's teeth will just have to rot out.


                              Ernie- I loved the hunger games books. R uses both of his hands a lot, I have no idea what his dominant hand will be.


                              Jen- oh no! Mine only lasted a day, so hopefully yours will pass quickly too! Feel better, glad J was nicer to you while you weren't feeling good.


                              Bermy- Where is that kid's mom? If he's bullying  your kid, there needs to be intervention. R is kinda scrappy at daycare, but unless someone is getting hurt, daycare lady just lets the kids work it out on her own. She said R and her grandson had a "Mexican standoff" over a toy yesterday but they both ended up walking away without it coming to blows. DS needs to know that he doesn't have to put up with being picked on. Daycare lady teaches the kids to share but at the same time she lets them know that if someone tries to take their toy from them, they are well within their rights to tell them to wait their turn. R gets most of his timeouts for trying to snatch toys then resorting to hitting or screetching if he doesn't get his way.


                              cx2- Glad you have nice ILs- I do too and it makes life much nicer. My MIL can be bossy though, that's her main flaw, but its not an issue since she lives in Colorado.


                              mzm- I don't chi run, but I have become more of a mid/forefoot striker since I started running with the stroller and have less issues with my knees/foot pain. R has been waking up around 5 too, blerg.


                              Mer- did you guys decide on chromebooks vs ipads yet?  Sorry about the bad dreams, I hate it when that happens. Do you use overnight diapers?


                              CA- R is getting so heavy in the stroller, I don't know how Alissa pushes a triple!

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                              Honorary Old

                                armama- we are building because we couldn't find any houses that suited our needs/wants. Maybe we are weird, but we don't like giant bedrooms- that is one of the reasons we didn't purchase a house that we looked at and really liked. You could have done gymnastics in the Master bedroom and we just thought it was a waste, we would way rather have the square footage in the main living area. DH and I don't hang out in our room. Hope your DH feels better soon, I get 1-2 sinus infections a year- chronic sinusitis.


                                jmmiller- Have a good visit with your SIL. Maybe she's one of those perky pregnant people?


                                shelbyjo- I balanced school, work, pregnancy then a baby for 18 mos- running was the thing that had to give- only ran 5-15 mpw during that time. Its only a short time, its not a failure to adjust your expectations.



                                Gotta run my car over to the auto shop, its being starting kinda rough and I'm going to get it checked out an maybe a tune up.

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