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    CA – I hope you have fun with RP today and that you have a nice run tonight.  Glad M sort of missed you while she was with Grandma.  I am sure you enjoyed some time with just 1 baby.


    Arm – Hope you get your run in today.  I am with you on the messy room.  The one thing that makes me so angry with J is when he deliberately throws all his food all over and than smears it into things (clothes, rug, floor, high chair, etc).  I am with you on the house.  We looked at so many and finally just had to settle but I think we would have to build to get our dream home.


    Jm – Have a great 6 miler today.  OMG your SIL is mighty ambitious.  She might have a change of plans when she actually gets going.  What a cool idea your friend has with the running club.  When I taught 5th grade some of us organized a workout fit club for the girls…they loved it and were proud of their accomplishments.


    Shelby – Don’t be so hard on yourself with the running…you have a lot on your plate and running will always be there for you.  I think you are doing amazing right now but you would hate to burn out.


    Spike – My biggest worry right now is to run or not.  Even though I was just in the bathroom feeling the urge to be sick…I fought it off and am still at work.  Ugh.  So cute about the sweatshirt DH is getting R!  I need to get J’s haircut again…it grows so fast.


      Good Morning!


      ER: I had to post today because I actually did something!  Swam last night.  A short, pathetic swim of less than 1000 yards but hey, it was more than I've done in weeks so I will take it!  Baby steps.  Hoping to do a walk at lunch today if my stomach is settled.


      TR: WHY is he suddenly waking up early again?  We were getting 6:30-7:30 consistently every morning for weeks.  Now all of a sudden it is 6am on the dot.  The time change is going to be brutal.


      NRR: DS's b-day is next week. I declared a month ago there was no way I was throwing a party.  Well dh made me feel all guilty so now at the last minute I am throwing a very small, very half-assed party this weekend.  I didnt want to have it at my house so it is at the beach.  Now the weather needs to hold or I will be screwed.  Right now the forecast is for high 50's and sunny.  Cross your fingers for no rain!!!


      bb for personals.


        chiming in on the dentist - our dentist likes for them to come in within 6 months of getting their first tooth.  Em has her first "play" appointment end of Feb.  Like others have mentioned, it's just to get them used to the chair, tools, etc. and start the routine with both parent and child of coming in every 6 months for check-ups.  Our dentist did say no toothpaste needed until they can spit productively.  LOL.  Some kids can do it around 3-4, others is closer to 5.  Em LOVES chewing on her tooth brush and brushes every morning and every night.  (Mostly because she can open the drawer and reach the tooth brush).  She lets us do it for about 10 brushes and then she takes over.  She does a pretty good job, ya know for being 16 months old.  She brushes back and forth and imitates us when we all brush together and do a little dance in the bathroom.  And if you prompt her to "brush" she shakes the toothbrush around in her mouth.  haha.  I'm sure most dentists that take children patients have seen it all, so no need to worry.  If he freaks out, so be it.  I'm sure they've seen worse.  <-- or just tell yourself that.


        I'm with shelby - i love getting my teeth cleaned.


        Honorary Old

          RunningUphill- I kinda want to do a tri, but I swear I would need to do swimming lessons again before I could train for one. Good job on your swim.


          Jen- I never actually threw up or got the runs, I sure felt like I was going to though! Plus a headache and felt ice cold.

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            runnergirl: Sorry your mom has to go : (


            Zorbs: I keep putting off the dentist.  Our ped told us to go at 2 but my dentist actually said we could wait until 3.  Now he'll be 3 in a week and we still havent gone!


            Ernie: Nice about the throwing arm : )  Good to know she wont throw like a girl.


            Jen: So sorry about the intestinal bug!!  I have something similar but I am assuming it is just pg related.  Hopefully it goes away quickly!


            ctimes2: I always was so embarassed when ds clearly didnt like someone that he should like.


            Bermy: I agree that if the parent seemed aware of the behavior and is attempting to fix it, keep going. Or just go and keep your sweet ds away from the bully.  It is probably ideal to learn to survive in the rough jungle, but it is hard to knowingly put our kids in those situations.  We want to shield and protect them from all things bad, forever!


            Zack: My ds is waking up early too.  It's like they know the time change is coming and want to make sure it is EXTRA miserable.


            Mer: Sorry about the sad dreams : (  I hate stuff like that.  I leaves me feeling icky all day.


            CA: Are you and RP both on mat leave for a year?  So fun to have a good friend to hang out with!


            On to page 2. . .


              Arm: Can you make a plan like 20 minutes every night before dinner is designated "clean up their rooms" time?  That is kind of what I am hoping to do when ds is a little older.  I remember when we were kids, we had to clean our room saturday mornings before we could do anything with our friends. If we were sleeping over somewhere friday night, we had to do it friday.


              Jmmiller: Wow that would be a busy week for SIL!  I LOVE the idea of the running club in the bronx. I actually have been really wanted to be a coach here for younger girls but havent been able to find a program to be a part of, and am too busy right now to start one.  I am pretty sure there is no GOTR chapter anywhere nearby.  If you ever hear of one, let me know!  The school my dad was principal at for awhile had a program for 5th graders and I ran with them as a kid.  It was so great!


              Shelby: Who watches your ds when you are in school?  I am constantly amazed at how much you accomplish in a day.  And as essentially a single mom.  You are amazing.  I hope you are giving yourself lots of credit!


              I feel like I need to make a blanket apology for my lack of punctuation in my posts. . .All of my other programs do it for me so now I am too lazy to do it myself!


                Spike: Do you have a masters club around you?  My coach is awesome and will totally give technique tips and critique if you ask for it.


                  spike - i went on youtube for some freestyle swimming tutorials and drills when I was tri training, well, years ago now before getting pregnant with Em.  It was really helpful!  I was swimming freestyle within 3x in the pool, albeit slowly due to swimming fitness and pacing.  I even watched videos on those cool flip turns at the end of the lane and started being able to do those too within about a month (mostly from working up the nerve to try it!).


                  Er - walk with Em and dogs.


                  FR - DH suggested going out last night and I happily obliged.  We went to a burger place that just opened called crave.  OMG.  I had the BBQ pulled pork sandwich with FRIED pickles and onion strings.  I was in heaven.  Seriously.  I'm sure I was a total pregnant cliche, but I don't care.  The guy at the table next to us got the burger that had glazed donuts as the bun so I didn't feel so bad about my choice.  haha.  Em was great at the restaurant even though we were there past her bedtime.


                  TR - <TMI alert> had a really hard poop this morning that made her cry, there was a little bit of blood too, I assume from the straining, hardness.  (Wasn't throughout the stool so I'm not worried about a larger digestive issue).  Poor girl.  We are going back to the veggies & fruits at home.  I was lazy on sunday/Monday and let her eat mostly carbs with the superbowl and feeling tired and stuff.  Lesson learned.

                  PGR - belly is growing, people are making comments.  the usual.  appetite is all over the place.  one day i can't eat enough, next day I don't eat half of the food I bring to work.  shrug.  it is what it is.  MIL is starting to send spring/summer clothes for Emily and baby boy.  I'm just trying to stay on top of it and getting it washed/put away as it comes in.  I appreciate the generosity, but man is that woman a shop-a-holic!  Seriously.  Right now Em has about 10-11 outfits and it fits in her dresser perfectly when it's all washed.  I just don't think kids need more than that. Oh well, if it makes MIL happy, then who am I to judge.


                  NRR - DH chiro appointment went well.  Xrays show that he doesn't have any developing vertebrae issues, just the usual gaps/compressions of a mid-aged man.  He is going back on Friday.  I'm so happy he's taking the initiative with his health and wellness.  He's been great about the dentist, following up on his cancer stuff, and now with the chiro I think he'll find a lot of relief from regular care there too.  I will probably go after this kid is born as my back felt sort of "off" after having Emily.


                    Becky: I just read your weight-loss/escape of illness story.  So amazing.  You are such an inspiration.  Keep up the good work!!  It is easy to forget that we didn't all grow up with healthy roll models and healthy living hasn't always been a part of everyones lives.  Having to learn that lesson on your own later in life and defy the diagnosis of the doctor takes SO much strength and willpower.  You are amazing.  Your son is so lucky to have to you.


                      Shelby: Your training is amazing! Definitely don't beat yourself up about it.  You have a lot going on and still seem to get good quality runs in.  Its four days out from the race and I'm still sore.  Only trail running does this to me.  I think its the downhills bc walking down stairs is pretty painful.  I really want to get onto training for Boston so this soreness needs to go AWAY!


                      Uphill:  Great work on getting out for a swim!!  Are your arms sore this morning?  I really need to get back into it.


                      QOTD:  A guy friend of mine asked me to go on a trail run on Saturday.  He's married with a new baby.  Is it weird if I go?  If it was a group I wouldn't even ask but it would be just the two of us.  I guess I will just talk to DH about it.

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                        jmmiller: My initial reaction was- of course it's not weird!  You should definitely go if you want to!  But my more honest reaction is- well, it sort of depends.  I feel like I would feel fine about it if it were a few guys (although dh might still not like it) but I might feel a little weird if it is one-on-one.  UNLESS it is someone you have known forever, have a long established relationship with, etc.  Actually, now that I think of it, I did run one-on-one with a guy once but he was a good friend of dh's so I think dh felt ok about it.  I would have run with him more but he was way too fast for me.  I dont know.  I am curious what everyone else will say.  I think it's fine as long as it doesnt make dh too uncomfortable.  We are allowed to have male friends, right?  Then again, I would not love it if dh went surfing alone with a girl.  Sorry, I'm rambling.  I dont know the answer!


                          mrsz/ ca - no thankfully they didn't schedule a honeymoon... they're going to go away later.. so far, no signs of strep from DH, C or myself...


                          rocky - fried pickles seem to be common around here, and nearly everyone I know loves them, except me!  I don't like pickles in general, maybe that's why..


                            uphill - Great job on the swim!!  I can't swim when not pg I don't know how you do it pg.  LOL.  I hope DS's birthday turs out fine...I am sure the weather will hold out for you.  Sorry he is waking up early.  I hate those phases.  J is pretty inconsistent in his wake-ups these days.


                            Rocky - Glad you had a good dinner out last night. Sorry about E being a bit constipated.  I am sure she will be fine with a slight change in her diet.  Her little body probably wasn't used to all the carbs.  J usually only eats carbs so he is used to itSad


                            jm - I would go on the run if you and DH are both ok with it.  I ran with my neighbor (a guy) for a while and it was fine.  There was no romance...just running and someone to run with.


                            Spike - Yep...those are EXACTLY  my symptoms.  Ugh.


                              Finally heard back.  Of course they couldn't just tell me and now I have to have a meeting next THURSDAY ugh.  She mentioned a makeup assignment so hopefully it isn't too much work.


                              uphill - H goes to daycare but we try to pick him up by 3, so if I am in class my parents get him and watch him until I get home.

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                                ernie - every night I *could* go to bed early, I stay up and chat on MSN. Sad.


                                jen - hope you feel better soon.


                                bermy - B is the aggressive one and he pushed some smaller kids at playgroup (the couple times we actually went) who cried..honestly I thought the other kids were wimps.


                                cx2 - B has been in daycare since he was 4 weeks old, so I guess I am used to that.


                                mrszm - I haven't read the chi running book, but I did read the article in the most recent RW and know the basic premise from a running seminar I took a few years ago.  The guy doing the seminar didn't call it chi running but named all the same points about the 180 cadence etc.  I do think the 180 steps per minute makes a big difference and it is ingrained to me now.


                                mer - yes I do make my own. here is the recipe. http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/sweet_and_sour_chicken/  I don't do that pseudo breading thing, I just stir fry the chicken.


                                becky - the annoying boss lady at one of my piano jobs is now thankfully absent most of the year and definitely during work hours.  When she does show up, it is super annoying.


                                CA - lately I've been going to be around 1 am..and I get up at 4:30.

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