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MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: Bailed on my run yesterday. Hoping for 3 tonight.


      PGR: 24w4d. SO. TIRED. I read in my baby book that week 25 baby is growing a lot, so maybe that's why I'm so tired? Plus my belly is still burning all the time so I think that's taking it's toll too. Sigh. I could really use a vacation, just to sleep!


      NPGR: I got home from work yesterday at 4:15, instead of going to the gym, and went straight to bed. I slept until 5:30 and then was generally useless the rest of the night until bedtime. Thankfully DH was sweet and took care of me Smile

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        MA: yeah, the tiredness is hit and miss with me, guess it depends on when the baby is growing! Get out there and run for me today ! tear. 


        ER; went on my spin bike for 20 mins.. and some LIGHT weights . Can't wait for 3 weeks to be OVER so I can run, although it will be freezing here then.. 


        PR: still pooing/stomach aching a lot, might try giving up lactose again, it worked a bit last time so will do that in texas wehre I'm sure lactose free milk is not 6 dollars like it is here.. 


        GOING TO TEXAS TOMORROW! have a b day party / tobogganing tonight and then off at 5 am tomorrow! gotta pack. I cant' WAIT to go grocery shopping in the USA.. seriously , it's my fav. love the crazy cheap food! 


          36 weeks and 6 days!


          PGR: Busy night at work=intermittent contractions that excited meSmile 


          RR: Going for a run when I wake up.


          NPGR: Sleepy, off to bed soon.


          MArunner: I bet the baby is growing a bunch, that is when I get more tired.  I hope you are able to get well rested. 


          Jazz: Hope your belly starts feeling better, have fun at your party.


            Morning all.


            RR - Hoping for a walk, maybe a run before class.


            PGR - Yep, officially demoted to 11 weeks (now 11w2d). Ah well, at least I know it's official and in 2 weeks I'm on to the 2nd tri. Took awhile to find the heartbeat since the baby was tucked low in my pubic bone. It's probably hiding from DS who clambers all over me on a daily basis. I went to a new building the hospital completed the same time as their hospital reno so it's beautiful and most importantly has a digital scale that is accurate! So appointments there for me from here on out! Smile


            NPGR - Last full class of the semester, next week is finals. Thankfully I'm auditing this class for fun, but I have mixed feelings about ending it. Part of me is looking forward to having the time back at home though I'm sure Grandma enjoyed watching DS.


            MA - Lots of stuff going on in the 2nd tri, makes sense you're tired. Glad you had a restful nap and DH was checking up on you.


            Canada - Have fun in TX. If you think dairy is really bothering you, you might want to cut back on cheese and ice cream. If it is a true dairy allergy it's not lactose that's giving you the issue, it's casein. Hope you start feeling better!


            Teri - You're almost to term! Congrats!


              Good morning!


              RR: Got 4 in this morning and it was pretty good, though I suppose its just becoming a normal part of my workout to stop in the middle for a bathroom break.


              PGR: 27w6d. I'll see how today goes if I need to call the doctor or go in about possible UTI. I'm having a lot of BH's but trying to drink a ton of water. I haven't been ever been good about getting enough (how much is considered enough? I don't even know!), so hoping that will make me feel a bit more normal. Bathroom stuff seemed fine soon after I posted about it yesterday. In other news I'm having more noticeable trouble bending to put on my socks and shoes. Weighed myself this morning and if I don't retain too much water in my birthday weekend eating, hopefully the scale will be favorable at my appointment Tuesday!


              NRR: Today is my Friday! I'm so excited for date day with DH tomorrow. We're going to a super early movie (so it'll only be $5!), then lunch at my favorite Italian restaurant and then some Christmas shopping for A. Yesterday it was officially decided that DH's last day of work will be Dec. 14. He's officially laid off on the 31st, but there's no reason for him to work to the end of the month. He'll get paid normally for the last two weeks of the month and then get his severance in January (wish we got that severance in December though so all the tax they take could be part of our tax refund!). I think he's excited but a little sad. His one coworker who's staying on there is a good friend and I hope they can stay in touch because he doesn't have many friends here. I'm trying to contain my nerves since he has no real leads on a new job yet. We're going to be fine, but I can't help but think of my own experience with unemployment... I was unemployed a year and had trouble getting my unemployment benefits... but DH gets way more severance than I did and he's got much more marketable skills than me, so hopefully the severance will last long enough and he'll get a job before it runs out.


                Morning all! Finally made it in today. Where has my week gone?


                RR: Ran 3 miles last night after work. I was debating whether or not to since running after 5 tends to mess up my sleep. I ended up deciding to b/c I could not stand the thought of doing a video. I also wanted to take advantage of the last warm day for a while. My run was mostly in the dark but it was great! I remembered immediately why I love working out after 5 best. My body likes it best then! I wore my belt and was pretty comfortable the whole time. Though my hips were crazy sore when I got home. I did some yoga to help stretch out and hopefully relax, but unfortunately my sleep was not as good. Oh well. The good run was worth it. Today I'm planning on Perfect Pregnancy Workout since I have a ton of housework to do before going to work.


                PGR: 26 weeks! Wow, time flies. I had a midwife appointment on Tuesday which went well. I am up a total of 14 lbs, which I was ok with. As long as I take it easy on the eating I should be able to stay close to my goal weight between now and term. The midwife was actually able to feel the baby's head. Right now LO is head down, but this early on that isn't much to get excited about. It will probably turn a lot before it finally settles in at the end.


                NPGR: Working 1:30 to 12:30 AM today. Not looking forward to those crazy hours. But thankfully I am off tomorrow, so I can sleep in when I get home. DH is a wreck to live with right now. End of term paper season is always rough for both of us. He kind of turns into a mess for a couple of weeks, which is hard. I do my best to keep him fed and give him massages at night to ease the stress. Only one week left though, and then he will be a completely sane person again. He is incredibly appreciative, which makes him easy to care for.


                MA: I remember that about where you are DH was commenting on how much bigger I was getting. You are probably right. The baby is probably growing a lot. It's so great that DH is so good about taking care of you! It's awesome to get a little pampered. I hope your burning belly subsides soon.


                Canada: So I went back and read all the posts from the last two days last night since I've been missing posting. Wow! For sure take it easy for the next three weeks. I'm so glad you get to go on vacation during that time b/c I think that vacation encourages all sorts of relaxation. I hope that you get some time to at least walk outside, b/c the weather in Texas is great! Eat extra pie and eggnog for me. I can practically look at it and gain weight!


                Terri: Congrats on being so close to term! Mild contractions are exciting. Do you work overnight? What a crazy work schedule!


                Schemett: Sorry about being demoted in weeks. Ugh! But yay for a scale that is correct! I would die if every time I went in for my appointment it said I was 8 lbs heavier than I expected! And the new facility sounds so nice. I remember it taking the midwives a while to find the baby's heartbeat even around week 20. I think that this was the first time when they didn't have to chase it around to get an accurate rate!


                Monk: I posted on facebook, but totally get the antibiotics. It is SO worth it. Don't wait til Tuesday or you may regret it. Aside from the great discomfort it can be dangerous when you're pregnant. Great job on the 4 miles! Proud that you are still running so far! I'll definitely be thinking of you and DH's job search. It is a hard time to get work. DH will have to get something temporary when we get back from Christmas vacation since I won't be working after the baby, and he doesn't start his PhD until August. Got to have some income between now and then.


                  Morning all!


                  MA: I remember feeling really tired around the 25 week mark too. Probably another growth spurt draining all your energy.


                  CJ: I'm happy your doctor said you could at least do this light exercise, though I would keep an eye on the toilet issues... from my prenatal classes, that symptom could be a sign of early labour. If cutting out dairy doesn't help, try even lighter exercise (gentle yoga) and see if that helps. I think a big plate of Texas fajitas should also help Smile


                  Teri: Exciting! Have a great run today.


                  Schmetterling: Ah, digital scales! My doc has the old fashioned kind and I swear it puts me about 5 pounds heavier than any other scale out there. 


                  Monk: I have now reached the stage where DH needs to tie my shoes. He thinks it's adorable. I feel like I'm 4. He's using it as practice for the LO.  He sings a little song as he ties the shoes.  I'm sure the DH unemployment will be fine. Things always have a way of working their way out.




                  PGR: 34w4d. Nothing much to report. I had three days where I couldn't eat enough, but this morning I didn't wake up ravenous. I guess she just went through a growth spurt. We have our second prenatal class of the week tonight, but I'm most excited about trying out this grilled cheese restaurant just beforehand. You know, priorities....


                  ER: Will do the TA DVD today! 


                  NPGR: Well, it is kinda PGR related. I need to go to the government office today to apply for employment benefits in person. I spoke with a rep on the phone yesterday because I did work the minimum number of hours to qualify, but I voluntarily left my job earlier this year to go freelance. The big issue is that I work 3 hours a week as an instructor at a local college, and the government will want to use that pay rate to determine how much I should get in benefits rather than from my full time job earlier this year. That would be, oh, about $20 a week as opposed to about $400. The rep on the phone had some great ideas on what I can do to make sure they consider the higher rate, so I need to go to the Service Canada office today, look extra pregnant Wink and see what can happen.  Guess I should waddle in with a big tent dress on, carrying a donut and asking to sit down whenever I can. Ha.


                    MA - Does sound like a baby growth spurt - sounds like you needed the rest!


                    Canada - Have fun in Texas! Enjoy the balmy weather!


                    teri - You're getting so close!


                    Schmett- sorry about the weeks demotion, but at least it's definite now? Haha to baby hiding from your DS.


                    monk - Enjoy your date day tomorrow- sounds like a fun day! So sorry to hear about DH's layoff - that unemployment stuff is no fun, and I'm sure that it's really disheartening when you've been through it and now he will go through it as well.


                    sasha - welcome back Wink  That is a crazy-long day - I don't think I could work that many hours in one day right now! I'm glad you get to sleep in tomorrow!


                    PGR: 16w2d. OB appt tomorrow with the new doctor. Planning to beg for an u/s if he doesn't offer - I really need to get some reassurance that all is going well with both little squirts, and I don't think I can wait another 4ish weeks until the anatomy scan. I think I can find two heartbeats with the doppler, but I'm not sure.


                    RR: Got some walking in at the mall last night, not sure on today yet - possibly a walk after work - it was drizzly this morning.


                    NPGR: Took DSD shopping for DH's Christmas gift from her - she wanted to get him an engraved pen, so she picked out a nice pen and pencil set, and we had it engraved. I let her pick what would go on each, and wasn't really paying attention to the engraving costs - well, those ended up being more than the pen/pencil! Yikes. So, DH is getting a really generous gift Smile


                      Youjust: that is SO ADORABLE about your hubby singing and tying your shoes! oh my word! Is it mat leave you are applying for?  I really have no idea what I'm doing with paperwork etc, I'll get to it in Jan I guess! 


                      I'll try cutting out lactose and seeing if it helps again, only lasted 2 days last time but I think I felt a bit better.. 


                      Monk: I hear you! I'll be jobless in Jan, and as the bread winner it totally stresses me out, that and the fact that I CAN'T look for jobs since i'll have a baby that month, haha!  My hubby's phd pays a bit, and the government mat leave pays a bit so we'll survive for atleast 8 months. I still think he should work and do a phd but apparently that usually takes 8 years to finish a  degree then.. 


                      K made it to work in -30 windchill , seriously tomorrow can't come fast enough! 


                        Shortly heading off to go make some gluten/dairy/egg free pancakes with a couple of girls I haven't seen in a whie, they want to Oooh and Ahhh over my belly (and pass on some goods to me! bassinet etc) so will come back later for personals...




                        PGR: 32w4d  Feeling good...just as a note to those starting to feel tired, when i saw my NP last time at 26w she suggested i get an iron (ferritin) test. mine had been really quite high at the start of my pg so i was amazed to find at wek 26 my iron was LOW!! Which may have been contributing to my tiredness also. i DO eat a lot of meat but realised i hadn't been having much red meat. Anyway, just this week i started taking iron supps as the NP said it might be worth it in gearing up for the birth. 


                        RR: Hoping to get to the gym at lunch-time-ish. elliptical and weights (or dare I put my legs through a stepper workout again?)


                        NRR1: The real estate agent appraised our house at roughly what we were hoping...but we will try and make timings work so we sell in the Spring when things look better.


                        NRR2:  Breakfast time!!!  MMmmm, so rarely have pancakes....back later....


                          YJPM: OOOOOH! A grilled cheese restaurant sounds fabulous! DH's favorite is grilled cheese, so he would go nuts for that! Hope you get your higher level of pay. The difference between $20 and $400 is ridiculous! And I have to agree, DH singing while he ties your shoes is the best ever! Precious!


                          TN: Hope the new OB is great! Maybe they can at least find both heartbeats and differentiate for you so that you feel better. Try not to stress too much. It's hard I know. Every day where I feel like the baby is moving less I tell DH I am worried and then later there is lots of movement and he is always like, "I keep telling you everything is fine. You need to relax." It is super hard though since you can't see anything (or even feel anything in your case).


                          Ozzy: Yay for pancakes! I love banana pancakes and blueberry ones as well! Maybe I will have to make some on friday morning since DH and I will be off together. Now you've got me super excited! Thanks for posting about the iron issue. I haven't had fatigue problems yet, but I will certainly keep that in mind and try to at least remember my prenatal vitamins more often. I am SO bad at taking them!


                            Hi everyone- Sorry - have been super busy and no time to post. Have been reading a bit, so have tried to follow along with what is going on with everyone.


                            MA- I have been feeling more tired this past week, too (coming up on 24 wks on Sat.). Nothing like first tri, but also a bit sleepy. Glad your DH took care of you...

                            Canada- sorry about the no running, but hopefully you can enjoy some nice warm walks in TX.

                            Tiny - so close, so exciting! Hope you had a good sleep!

                            Schmett - nice on the digital scale and heartbeat. What is the class you are auditing?

                            Monk - the job stuff sounds stressful. Hope you can enjoy "your" Friday and get your mind off it. ANd hope it's not a UTI.

                            Sasha- Cool that midwife was able to feel the baby's head! NIce job on the run.

                            YJPM - good luck with the EI benefits stuff! Funny about the shoe tying...I'm not there yet but I am starting to see how it can happen!

                            TN- hope you get your U/S...it helps to get some reassurance!


                            PGR - 23wks5days. Have a midwife appt this afternoon, which of course includes the dreaded weigh in. All my other appointments have been in the AM, so kind of worried that this will mess up my weight. Stupid, i know. Have been struggling with feeling so bloated (or something) after I eat, which doesn't go away for hours and hours. My belly gets all hard and I just feel like I am going to explode. Ugh. Otherwise, feel good most of the time. Definitely growing...


                            RR - ran 4.5 this AM and it was pretty good. I passed this guy who was decked out in fancy gear and it kind of made me happy. Haha...here I am waddling by him with my belly, "see ya later!" I'm terrible. I tried to run after work at the gym last night and it was a total disaster. Had to abort after a mile...hadn't really recovered from lunch time belly troubles. Was running about 2 min/mile slower than my usual and it still felt hard. ANyway, this AM was back to normal, so was relieved. Was worried I was going to have to call it quits on running!


                            NPGR - busy with my mom visiting over the weekend and then a work trip to NYC on MOnday/Tuesday. All good. Looking forward to our first weekend without any visitors in almost a month! Two weekends like that and then we are off to CA for the holidays. Time flies.




                              I don't think I have a UTI now. Thanks for the input ladies. I've drank almost 50 oz of water since I got done working out and I don't have any of the ailments/discomforts I described yesterday. I think especially now that I've realized I'm having BHs I just really need to pound the water. I think I may have also been a bit more dehydrated yesterday because I had coffee, which I don't have much anymore. How much water do you ladies try to consume in a day?


                                CJ: I'm applying for both maternity and parental benefits - though if I get the higher earnings, I likely will only get the benefits until May, which is fine. At least it's something! I went to the Service Canada office today and I was a "complicated" case but the women who work there told me they're usually quite understanding when it comes to maternity leave benefits. Here's hoping!


                                Ozzy: Can't believe your iron is low! Hope those supplements make all the difference for you


                                Sasha: Did your doctor show you how to tell where your baby is positioned? I'm gonna ask that during my next appointment. I'm so curious


                                Liz: lol on passing Mr. Running Store. That's awesome. Poor guy. ha.


                                Monk: I have about 80 oz a day of water? Total guess. But I've always been crazy for water. I loves it!