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    That was a fast weekend...


    RR: Recovery run of 5-6 easy miles today. Long run of 14 yesterday went well, though the first 5 miles were really windy, and it was snowing furiously. I was glad I'd decided to wear my sunglasses! Teaching circuit today too, but I'll be that lazy instructor and set up stations. I'll join them for some foam rolling at the end of class.


    TR: Happy little man yesterday. Spent lots of time racing cars around the house with him, he has a few of the ones you pull back then go on their own. He didnt' have much of an appetite yesterday, and was kinda picky about what he ate. Hope he's not getting sick.


    NRR: last week of covering full-time at work! then i'll be just per diem again, and basically set my own hours, which is training clients in the early mornings. More time at home with R and I'll actually get to see DH for more than 20 minutes a day, too! I worked Saturday, then we ran to Target for diapers and a few other things. Yesterday, just cleaning and hanging out around the house after my run. It was a nice day.


    Congrats to our racers this weekend, great job ladies!

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      rg - I agree on the fast weekend.  Oh I hope R is back to normal today and not getting sick.  I think toddlers just go through periods of picky eating for no reason.  Have a great recovery run.  Glad your 14 went well.  Glad you had a great weekend.


      RR - SRD.  Got some good miles in over the weekend and my legs are feeling it.


      TR - Is home with grandma today since daycare is closed for Professional Development.  I hope he is good for her as she is with him from 6:30-4:30 and he is a tiring child.  Was a little pistol all weekend and doing all the things we tell him not too.  We had fun sledding yesterday.


      NRR - DH is gone until Wednesday night so its just J and I.  I might take him to dinner tonight for some fun...if grandma doesn't take him out.  I like him to get our in the fresh air at least once/day.


      beskirted & manicured

        RR - 7 miles of hills with Sam.  Not the double bitch, a new to me hill.


        TR - has this annoying habit of calling us by our first names.  I hate it, reminds me of Bart Simpson calling Homer by his first name.  He was pretty freaked out (in a bad way) of the potty pee, hopefully he'll do it again, since I did make good on my candy promise.


        FR - dry fried beef noodle.

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          RR - not sure, but I'm running something OUTSIDE since DH has the day off...


          RR2 - the half I wanted to run in April got cancelled.   So I may end up running a super hilly 10 mile race instead.  I've run it in the past and it's as tough as a flat half... the course ate me alive the last time I ran it...


          BR - was on a bit of a nap and eating strike yesterday.  But I think the lack of napping was b/c she was hungry from not eating.  And she's super clingy and kind of unhappy lately... it's like she can't figure out what she wants to do... stand and walk along the furniture?  be held?  sit and play?  none of the above?


          NRR - finally saw Skyfall.... good movie..



          zorbs - B calling you by your first names reminds me of the Friends episode where Ross tries to impress Rachel and calls his parents Jack and Judy, and Monica says, call them mom and dad, you loser... ha...


          rg - yea, i agree, the weekend flew by..


          jen - hope J has a good time with grandma! 




            RR:  SRD after my usual weekend mileage.  Which, after reading everyone's posts about their LR's on Saturday makes it pretty insignificant, but, I am not training for a full either! Smile


            TR:  Had a horrible tantrum last night.  Started with a crayon being chucked at my head because I turned off the music on the iPad because he wouldn't stop touching it.  Resulted in 3 time outs within half an hour and ended with 15 minutes of snuggling with mom and his blanket on the chair.  Art class tonight, its our last one.


            NRR:  I know I have said this before, and I hate wishing time away, but its only Monday and I want to fastforward time!  Lots going on this week.  Getting my hair done after work today and my brows waxed.  I will look normal again!


            FR:  BBQ Chicken Pizza for dinner last  night and lunch for today.  YUM.  Headed to our favorite pasta place after Art class.  This will be the last of eating out on Mondays.

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              RR - just finished 4 miles with DH.  Felt hard but he likes to run faster than I normally would.


              RR2 - DH and I are running the Disney Princess half together Sunday.  Men have to start in Corral C (or beyond) and I'm in A.  At first DH said he didn't expect me to come back with him but then yesterday seemed like he wanted me to.  So now I need to figure out if I want to try to run a fast race by myself, or if I want to run with DH.  I'd like to run with him but I'm afraid that means weaving around a bunch of slow people for the first half of the race, which can get annoying.  I probably should just run to have fun though and not care about my time so much...


              BR - ran to my dad with open arms yesterday when my parents got here, it was so cute!


              KR - they would normally have today off school but it's a makeup day from Hurricane Isaac


              FR - DH is making beef brisket tonight since he has the day off work.  Never made it before so it should be interesting!


              NRR - Going out to breakfast with DH and my parents and L in a bit!  Going to Corner Bakery and I always get the chilled swiss oatmeal, yum!


              personals at naptime today, I hope.


              beskirted & manicured

                rg - there was that really sticky snow at the end of my long run on Saturday..sometimes I think about getting the clear lensed sunglasses, but those are just so dorky..


                jen - I feel like B is better if he gets to let loose outside once a day.


                cx2 - isn't the London half in april at least sort of close to you?


                mer - lol B will just crank the volume back up when we turn it down.

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                  rr: srd. got in 5 miles yesterday to start the week off.


                  br: bought him some new socks over the weekend that fit great. they are low cut so they don't get so tight over his ankles. he thinks they are funny.


                  tr: took the girls shopping yesterday afternoon and let them skip nap; they thought that was the best thing ever. dd1 needed to get a birthday present for a party on saturday and this was our only chance to go. went shopping where we used to live and left having spent some $300. ugh.


                  nrr: went shopping all day saturday with my mom and sister and had so much fun and wait for it...i actually bought myself stuff instead of just the kids. no jeans, but like 7 or 8 tops. woot!


                  nrr2: we were supposed to have "cousin cards" yesterday, but one family had a daughter puking all weekend, and we decided that we just couldn't handle being there without them there so we voted to reschedule. i had found a card game that we used to play when we were kids and was excited to play it. oh well. but now i have to mail out the stuff for my cousin that i was going to take there and as i'm typing this realized it is presidents' day, so there's no usps. ugh.


                  fr: just made the dressing for a ramen noodle salad for tonight to go with hamburgers. yum!


                  rg: i agree, the weekend went way too fast!! yup, i feel wimpy posting my mileage compared to all the lrs everyone else posts. yay for last week of full time. dh commented that we have a whole bag of little toys (strawberry shortcake, animals, cars, etc) and c dumped the whole bag of 20+ things out and grabbed the 3 cars and started playing with them. strange.


                  jen: hope your week goes fast! i wish we lived close because i totally could have taken james for the day!! the boys could have tired each other out playing with each other! way to get some good mileage in over the weekend. when dh travels in summer (if he does) do you ever go with him to pass the time? every time dh says he has to travel (which is never really, but it's brought up occassionally) i tell him we are going with. he had the chance to go to dubai at his old job and he turned it down. i SO wanted to go!


                  zorbs: good luck on the hill! weird about b calling you by your first names. i taught in three different high schools and in one of them they called me "becky" so it was weird to transition since i was at that school in the middle of the day. sometimes dd1 will say it if we are around a bunch of moms and "mom" isn't working.


                  cx2: i hate hills, so i would never sign up for a run that i knew was a killer hill race. i'm a baby when it comes to hills, probably because their aren't any hills by us so i never get the practice. yay for running outside!!


                  mer: yikes to the tantrum. hopefully he won't remember that throwing said tantrum led to snuggling with mom. have fun at art class and out to eat! yup, i feel like my long run of 5 miles isn't even worth mentioning. but i'm working on speed as opposed to distance right now. bbq pizza is on our menu this week too!!


                    RR - 24k long run once DH wakes up. It's a holiday here and he was at a bachelor party last night, so I suspect he'll be sleeping in pretty late.


                    BR - Seems a lot better today, other than her nose running like a faucet. Last night she was super clingy and in newborn mode...waking up every hour and only wanted to sleep in my arms.


                    FR - Chicken cacciatore


                    NRR - Other than my long run, I think it will be a chill day. I think I've only left the house twice since Thursday. I should probably start preparing for S's first birthday party next weekend!




                    rg - I hope R is not getting sick and was just not very hungry yesterday! It was viciously windy here yesterday, too. I was glad to be able to put my long run off until today. I hope your last week of FT work goes by fast!


                    Jen - I hope J is good for you while DH is away and doesn't tire Grandma out too much! Glad you were able to get some good mileage in this weekend..enjoy your rest day today.


                    Zorbs - Yay for the potty pee! Hopefully the excitement about getting candy overpowers any freaked out feelings. How was the new hill?


                    cx2 - Yay for running outside! How's the weather there? It is bright and sunny here but still -19C so I'm hoping it warms up before I go for my run. That sucks that your planned half got cancelled. Were you already registered?


                    Mer - Sorry about the tantrum fest last night. At least it ended with snuggling? Wow, you have a jam packed Monday night planned - hope it's a good night!

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                      zorbs - yes, London is only about a 2 hour drive but it may not be possible for me to do that race for various reasons... I ran the full in 2008 and the best part was the cool wind breaker jacket I got as part of my swag..


                      ernie - no i wasn't registered yet, so at least I didn't lose any money... it's pretty cold here, about 21F, but with the wind it's colder... bummer...


                      mrsz - i live in the flattest area known to mankind so I rarely train hills....  glad you got shopping done!  i"m the same way now.. when i go shopping i look for stuff for C, but not for me..


                      arm - that's cute about your dad.... C is still only iffy w/ the grandparents but she didn't cry right away when my dad held her last night..


                      mer - ugh sorry about the time outs and crayons... C dropped her sippy cup on my head today while I was stooped under her chair picking up crumbs...


                      Bad Ass Mother Runner

                        Morning! DH is up with M and O is still sleeping so I'm pretending to sleep in the quiet of our room Smile


                        RR - probably a rest day. I didn't run yesterday and don't usually on Mondays. I think my tight calf and glute would enjoy two days off. I'll do some st'ing at ihome but can't go to the gym bc the daycare is closed.


                        TR - one of the yoga studios has a play school for toddlers at the same time as their morning class. I am going to check into it, it mil will watch the baby it could be good for her and a chance for me to take a yoga class.


                        BR - I gave her a bit of milk from a bottle yesterday that had been in the fridge for a few days and needed to be used or dumped. She seemed to take it ok. It is a different bottle than we've tried before. I'm going to try it a few more times in the evenings when a top up might make her sleep more.


                        FR - dh made a shrimp and broccoli stir fry last night. It was very tasty. i need to come up with a plan for the week.

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                          arm - Tough call on the race corral. Are you hoping for a PR? Running with DH would be more fun and if he's faster, you might end up with a good time despite the slow start. Hope the brisket turns out well!


                          mrszm - Yay for shopping for yourself! Bummer on your card game getting cancelled. Your dinner tonight sounds yummy!


                          CA - I like your move of pretending to sleep so you get to enjoy the quiet! Was yesterday the first time O took a bottle or were you just not sure she'd take a different bottle? My niece was a bottle rejecter until she was about 9 months old and it was hard on my sister because she couldn't leave her with anyone for more than a couple hours.

                          5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                            rg -  Enjoy your recovery run.  After running in the wind and snow I always feel really bad ass.  Yay for the last week of your crazy hours and more time at home with your boys!


                            jen - I hope your Monday goes fast and you and J have a fun date tonight!


                            zorbs - I don't think I would like it if J called me by my first name either.  We very rarely call each other by our first names at home now that I think of it.  Sometimes J says "mom" and I correct him with mama! J found the volume button, but he is not allowed to play with the iPad right now because it is technically not mine, it is the property of the school district.  I just don't want him breaking something.  He has an odd way of doing things on it that I didn't know was possible!


                            cx2 - Enjoy your run outside today!  I have heard nothing but good things about Skyfall.  My FIL bought it over the weekend so I am hoping we can borrow it!


                            armmama - Enjoy your breakfast out, sounds delcious!


                            mrszm - Glad you had some good shopping this weekend for yourself.  I think the tantrum had lasted so long that J knew he was ready to calm down and that was his way of doing it.  For me it is finding the balance between being firm and following through with things, and letting him know that I will always love him even when he is naughty.


                            ernie - Enjoy your LR and your chill day.  I was wondering about the holiday with CX2's DH being off today as well!


                            CAR - Funny about you pretending to sleep.  Smile  Enjoy your RD.  Sounds like an awesome yoga opportunity!

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                            Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                            Bad Ass Mother Runner

                              RG - YIkes on the snowy run! It was like that last weekend when I was LR'ing and I was wishing for my sunglasses or a cap. I hope he's not getting sick also, I also think toddlers just go through stages on eating everything and nothing.

                              Jen - Hope J has fun w/ gma! Dinner out sounds fun. I agree, some time outside for them seems to make a big difference in their mood/sleep.

                              Zorbs - every once in a while when DH and I talk to each other w/ our first names, M will say them and laugh, but she always goes back to mommy and daddy.

                              cx2 - bummer on the half getting cancelled! I ran a super hilly 10 mile when I was 4 mos pp from M and almost died Smile

                              mer - no big mileage here either! Even being home I go back and forth wishing the week away. I'm jealous of the brow wax... mine are a mess! Need to find time for that before we go on vacation.

                              arm - tough call, could you go back and start in his corral? I'd probably want to just run on my own if that was the case, or tell DH to run fast and catch up Wink

                              mzm - I'm excited to go to FL because I'm going to shop!! I haven't had new non pgr clothes since before I was pregnant, it's time!

                              ernie - have a great LR! If that was my dh, I'd be starting around noon. Neigther of my girls have been big on the bottle. M flat out refused, O has been better but doesn't love it, so I'm trying a different bottle, she's an easier going baby in general so I have hope.

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                              Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


                                Zorbs – Sorry about B calling you by your first name.  My high school principal’s daughter called him by his first name until she was like 4.  Bob was easier to say than dad.  LOL.  I hope your hill run went well.


                                CTimes – Have a great outside run.  Boo to the ½ getting cancelled.  I hope you can tackle the tough 10 miler.  Sorry C is being difficult…teeth?  Sick?  J usually gets like that when he doesn’t feel good.


                                Mer – Yum…I should make that pizza again.  It’s so good.  Sorry about the tantrum but glad he went to bed fine in the end.  Enjoy the haircut.


                                Arm – Have fun at the Disney ½ this weekend.  Do you go down and stay nearby?  Too cute about L running to grandpa.  So sweet.  Hope you had a great breakfast.


                                Mrszm – Glad you had fun with your mom and sister and got some new stuff!!  Boo to cousins cards getting cancelled.  But I guess its better than everyone getting sick.  Yum…on your salad…I printed a recipe for a ramen noodle salad a few weeks ago…wonder if it’s the same?  Is it easy?  I did go to California with DH before J was born.  Last summer nothing really worked out well for us.  This  summer J and I are going to my parents (flying first class with DH’s miles!) while he gone somewhere.


                                Ernie – I hope you get a great long run in soon and DH is functional after the bach party last night.  Glad S is feeling better today.


                                CA – Toddler yoga play sounds fun for M.  I hope you can make it work.  Take it easy on your body since you are a bit sore.  Dh’s stirfry sounds great.