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WEEKEND FUN, DIVAS! (Read 18 times)


    Hoe you all have a great weekend Smile


      RR: Saturday is rest day  and always family day. Sunday is going to be 6 to 8. Depends on how I feel.


      NRR: We got snow. Its pretty here. It makes me homesick. Not for my parents, but for New England. We are on the hunt for a new frig and stove. M loved the snow so she definitely belongs in this family!


      Have a great one!

      MA runner girl



        RR: 3 miles yesterday. Windchill of 14 degrees meant it was warm enough for me outside, heat wave! Woo! lol Rest day today, 6 miles tomorrow hopefully.


        NRR: DH was sweet last night and made dinner AND cleaned up. We had brinner: homemade waffles and breakfast sausage. Mmm so good. Today I am planning on getting stuff done around the house. It's a disaster zone. I just don't have the energy during the week!


        GSD - Have a good family day. I like that. As much as I sometimes complain about the snow and cold, I know that I would miss NE if I left too. I do like having 4 distinct seasons, gives you time to miss the other seasons Smile


        Have a great day ladies!

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          Morning ladies!

          EE: 9 miles today, this afternoon during the nap, and they might be split between the TM and outside, depending on the trails and if they are icy.  I hate delaying my LR til the afternoon nap, because I just sit around in yoga pants with dirty hair until I can go and I hate it. Hate it! I am the type of person who showers and gets dressed first thing in the morning, and I miss when G used to take a morning nap long enough for me to run. Oh well, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things!


          NRR: G's been sick off and on lately, so normally we'd do some family excursion (errands, kids museum, etc) but we'll stay at home today. We got a call from day care yesterday afternoon that he was being very fussy and wouldn't take a bottle or let the teacher put him down, so Big D picked him up early. Turns out he had a pretty high fever. It went down after ibuprofen, and appears to be down today. This is the fourth fever he's had since the first of the year! Anyway, it's cold and windy here, but we don't have many plans today. I do have to run to BabyGAP for socks and some long sleeve Ts.




          GSD - enjoy family day


          MA - I LOVE BRINNER. We've got a disaster house situation as well, and the cleaners come Monday! So, I've been doing little tasks all morning as G goes through the house to try and get ahead of it.


          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!





            GSD-Good luck finding new appliances!


            MA-That brinner sounds amazing! I love waffles.


            Sassy-Hope G feels 100% soon.


            RR-ST late last night, so slept in today. 3 miles on tap today. It's warm and drizzling, so I might run outside.


            NRR-Busy day today: farmer's market shopping, laundry, work and studying for midterms.


            Have a fabulous one, ladies!


              RR: Had to do LR on the TM. Ran the 0.25 miles to my trail and it was covered in ice,so ran home and did 8.5 on the TM. Watched shows with closed captioning for 6 miles and listened to music for 2.5. Not bad.


              NRR: G is not feeling better Sad. He doesn't seem to be happy, has a temp of 103.8 and only wants to snuggle and sleep. We gave him Tylenol and a bath and will check his temp again in a bit. I hope it goes down, otherwise we are calling the doctor.


              Blu - sounds like a lovely Saturday! Enjoy


              I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                Hey girls


                RR: Uhh, yeah. What was a sore throat and sinus headache yesterday is trying its hardest to turn into a sinus infection today, so I guess it doesn't matter what condition the roads are in. I could go for a run because it's above the neck but I also want to nip this in the bud. I did do my burpees, though.


                NRR: DBF is gone to Nevada until Wednesday night, so I get to do whatever I want!! And of course I'm sick! Boo.  Fay has school and after that, I'm coming back and doing more "lay on the couch and watch movies." I think I'll watch Dr. Zhivago - I LOVE it, but DBF can't stand it.


                Sassy - Good call about the ice.


                MA - Brinner sounds awesome! I ate a bunch of popcorn last night for dinner.


                Blu - How are you already having midterms? It's just the end of January.


                  Happy weekend divas!


                  ER: Umm, its not looking good for today or tomorrow so only twice this week, though I think I can count all the work I've been doing in the house lately too.


                  NER: My new stove is here!!! I was a little disappointed at first because with the new stove put in, I discovered that the counter on one side is lower than the other... but with all the stuff put back on the counter I can't tell, which would probably be why I didn't notice this at all in the last six years! And also I think the old stove was leveled to the higher counter, I should have asked the guy to do that again but I didn't think about it. But I'm over that. DH and I examined it and we are so excited for the simple perks... a digital clock/timer (our old one was pretty old... had the old buzzer-type timer and no clock), four burners that actually work (only two worked on the old one) and heat up almost immediately! Haven't used it yet, we're brainstorming what to make for dinner tonight and also what to bake this weekend. I think it will be a birthday cake for DH.


                  A "started" soccer this morning. I'm not sure what changed in her mind, but even though she's been looking forward to it for weeks, about an hour before she decided she didn't want to do it. I finally convinced her to go by letting her wear a dress, lol. She went and liked watching the kids playing in the class before hers. At the beginning of her class they gave everyone a ball and DH and I kicked it around with her and she seemed to like it. But right before the class actually started she decided she didn't want to. So we sat on the sidelines and watched. Maybe its too soon... but we paid for it, so we're still going to go each week and hopefully she'll warm up a bit more to it. She seems to have some separation anxiety or something that we've never noticed before so DH and I are all worried now about how to fix it.


                  Anyway, she's actually napping, which is only the second nap this week. I'm going to start laundry for P today and when A wakes up I will finally get her dresser finished. I'm starting to feel like I'm getting enough done, so thats a nice relief. Have a good weekend divas!


                    Hi girls! Happy Sunday!


                    RR- I'm going out for my 12 mile LR in a bit.


                    NRR- so I think I decided on a car! Subaru Impreza. I love the standard AWD, it's a good size for me AND DBF can fit in itcomfortably. It's just distributed differently then my corolla, where his legs were right up against the steering wheel. We even tried Camry at Toyota but still too cramped for him. I'm going email the sales guy at the dealership and find out what he recommends I do about the current lease since he'd mentioned I could end it early with their help.  It's only 2 months early, haha. DBF liked the Legacy so maybe well be looking at that too next time we head back.


                    I'm heading to PA in the morning until Wednesday evening, so today also has laundry and packing on tap. Have a great Sunday ladies!


                      OWR- so sorry you are sick and no one to take care of you! I love Dr. Zhivago too!!


                      MOnk - hmm, sorry about A and soccer. Does A know any of the kids on her team? Maybe she just needs a friend. Do you think you could plan a play date with one of the other girls on the team so that she has a connection with one of them?


                      Jewel - I love the Impreza, a friend got one and it's such a nice car. We have to worry about Big D fitting in cars as well (although he's only 6'4" and I get the impression your DBF is taller!).  Good luck on the LR!


                      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                        Sassy - I fell asleep half-way through the first side of the DVD. Guess I will just have to watch it again today!

                        MA runner girl

                          Just ran 6 miles at 32 weeks! Yaaay!


                          Sassy - How is G today? Poor little guy Sad


                          Monk - Bummer about the soccer, but hopefully she just needs to warm up to it.


                          Outwest - So sorry that you are sick. Feel better!


                          Jewel - My dad has an impreza, he really likes it! It's a good, reliable car, esp for the amount that he drives (to and from NYC once a week, plus from LI to Queens during the week). Though I know you don't drive that much.


                          Blu - Ahh midterms, don't miss those days! Good luck.

                          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                            Trying to post daily in order to stay accountable.


                            RR-Yesterday's 3 miles run/walk (0.5 mile run, 1 min walk for 2 miles and then run last mile). It was a wise chose b/c my PF hasn't been bothering me.  Rest or ST tonight depending on DH's schedule.



                            Outwest-I love, love Dr. Zhivago! Enjoy. I haven't seen the "updated" version with Keira Knightly yet, but it's in my Netflix Queue. It's supposed to be closer to the book than the original movie.


                            MA-Great job on the run!


                            Jewel-I love the look of the imprenza and I loved our Subaru Forester when we had a car.


                            Gotta jet...studying and work awaits.