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    Ah-ha east coasters, this west-coast insomniac is up at 3am just so i can lead off for a change!! Post 'em!


      From Yesterday -


      Schmett - Hopefully the congestion is just a "passing phase" - as is the ankle swelling so early. Wonder if swimming would help? (ha, my solution to everything, sorry Smile  Wink Thanks for the nice comments on the FB pic. With luck you managed to get in a workout for some sanity yesterday?


      Monk - Body flow sounds kinda nice for a workout! Relaxing but satisfying? Not really the right season for having a preggo belly "draft zone" I guess...I hope you got those tank orders in - enjoy celebrating your DHs birthday with him today!


      TN - Yeah, I found those sleeping positions didn't help my back pain either - just hip comfort. Occasionally I would get up at night and try to stretch but the sleep would eventually come when I was in a half lay-back but still on my side position...and I'd cross my fingers some movemnt the next day would see better sleep the next night! I hope you can find a solution - perhaps time to train DH on a little "fall to sleep" massage??? Big grin  Very frustrating on the clothes return; perhaps you should include a pic of the clothes next to a tape measure showing the sizing discrepancy???


      t-rozy - YAAAAY! Congratulations, so glad to see you here!!! Fingers crossed for a very reassuring appt today; i remember being quite anxious before my 12 week one and was so very relieved and excited to see a real live-looking baby kicking around in my uterus...how did your job interview go? Hopefully you nab it, when do you find out? I can't believe I am so close to the end of this long-awaited pregnancy either, I've really tried to enjoy the whole journey if only out of sheer gratitude for finally getting the opportunity to have a baby!


      Mann - nice work on finding some cute prints for the nursery, I hope you enjoyed your Bodypump class, i used to love the muscle burn after those!


      Sasha - That's cool that your DH joins you for the video workouts, good idea on the alternating with walk days. Hopefully those relaxation exercises helped with some sleep last night? I find they can help me get to sleep...but in the middle of the night I just feel too "lazy"? or am happy (yet at the same time frustrated if that makes sense) to just wallow in my thoughts? Stay warm!


      LauraG - had to laugh at the "I've done blood draws on cattle" comment!! It must be so nice to have the experience 10 pregnancies has brought you in knowing your own body, I think it's great. Though still frustrating to know you need that possible backup I guess, like you say though, her chances of actually arriving in time to be of assistance sound unlikely...how close is the hospital anyway, almost sounds easier to just trust your plan and if needs be call in the EMG?  Smart idea on telling people the baby is expected later than he/she really is, I'll try that next time around!! Wink




      PGR - 39w3d.  Feel a bit better now I have polished off some rice crackers; i was unable to eat much after my Indian excess at lunch yesterday and then woke at 1am hungry and with some lovely contractions (at which point i did bother to try some of the relaxation breathing which helped!). Seem to have subsided for now anyway (a little).  My m/w appt went well, baby is down and locked at a guesstimated +3? I'm passing on the VEs so that's all the info i really will get. After 4.5 months I reached that awesome week of - "no new weight gain"...yippee! And that despite all I have indulged in this week, aaaahhh. (note to all ladies - live it up gastronomically after week 38).


      ER - elliptical and stepper 50mins yesterday then 30mins of weights. Was planning on a swim today but am feeling like...maybe it won't happen? We'll see how the morning pans out.


      NPGR - Have been avoiding making appts this week "just in case" then saw too much of my mop-head in the gym mirror yesterday and realised if i don't get a haircut today i might get mistaken for a neanderthal in a few weeks time after being locked down a bit with LO...hoping I haven't left it too late, oh well!


      NPGR2 - DH and I spent some time trying to plan our next few years with work, baby, travel, the possibility of another child etc etc last night, it was kinda nice just to brainstorm through concerns (financial and jobs, priorities etc)...


      Okay, perhaps I should roll back into bed and try to sleep again....oh yeah, thanks all for the nice comments on FB, even about the crochet bunny - very uniquely homemade!! ha.

      MA runner girl

        Ozzy - YIKES, sorry you couldn't sleep! I hope you got back to sleep, that is so early! Hey I was right! Glad you reached the week of no gain Smile Sounds like things are going well, hope they move along for you soon! Hang in there.


        RR: Hoping to fit in 3 miles after work, unfortunately I think I will have to head to the gym. I've been avoiding the gym except for swimming because January is always busy, but it's just too cold! And my treadmill is folded up in the baby's room with lots of stuff around it and dust in the air. Hopefully I'll get a treadmill right away!


        PGR: 31w5d. My due date is 2 months from today! CRAZY. I think that was the fastest 7 months of my life. Midwife appt tonight, I'm hoping for just a 2 pound gain since my last appt 2 weeks ago, but with my body, who the heck knows. I haven't been indulging as much so we'll see.


        NRR: Tonight  I'm making stuffed portabella mushrooms... mmm can't wait to try this recipe! I'll post it tomorrow if it turns out good. Other than that, just work. Looking forward to the weekend.

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Ozzy - I'm glad you and DH were able to discuss future planning and get on the same page - DH and I were originally planning to be done once we found out we were having twins, but with no boy parts showing up on the h/s, I think DH might want to give it one last hurrah and try for a boy...we'll see.  I can't imagine daycare costs for three, though...


          MA - The mushrooms sound great - please do share the recipe if they taste as good!


          PGR: 23w2d. My belly burning went away - maybe just a growth spurt or babies moving up in their living space? I think A has finally extracted herself from the very bottom of my pelvis, based on movements I've felt lately.  One of the babes was giving some hard kicks or punches during a conference call this morning - funny.


          ER: yoga last night was heavenly - not really "exercise" per se, but the instructor has been teaching for 11 years and spent some time talking about learning to focus on your breathing and self now can help with labor, plus we did a ton of stretching the lower back. - It was nice to take an hour to focus just on me, since I have a tendency to dwell on things and get all worked up. AND pretty much NO back pain sleeping last night - I slept awesome! Not sure about today yet - maybe a video at home after work?


          NPGR: bball practice tonight, DH has a work event Saturday night and bball tournament on Sunday.  After my relaxing yoga session decided not to have my team do the end of season state tournament this year - a lot of the parents don't seem very interested, and if they aren't fully invested, it doesn't make sense for me to bust my butt - I think it's a great experience for the girls, but if the parents don't think it's that important, I'm not going to force it and get all stressed out about getting the registration and required paperwork in - plus it frees up a weekend for me - woohoo!


            Ozzy - love the "live it up gastronomically" advice!

            MA - Good luck with MW appointment today. Mushrooms sound good!


            I think I sprained my ankle yesterday Sad When I turned it on the run home from bootcamp, it hurt, but not too bad, so I just stopped for a second and then kept running. Then it was a bit achy but mostly fine all day. My dad came in for the night and we went out to dinner. On the way to dinner, it was hurting more and then kept getting more painful. When I got up from the table, I suddenly was in excruciating pain and couldn't put any weight on it! DH had to go home to get the car even though we were two blocks away. What a disaster. It swelled up, too. Over night I was crawling to the bathroom! When I got up this AM it was better, but still pretty achy. I can put a bit of weight on it. Anyway, I don't have a primary care doc right now, but I do have a podiatrist that I saw for my orthotics a while ago, so I am going to see him at 10:30. I'm hoping that since it is better today it will continue to improve, but just want to check.


            This AM I ordered a new bathing suit overnight from Old Navy! My regular one totally does not fit now, and with this injury I had a vision of being sedentary for the next 9 weeks! So hope to swim by Saturday.

            Feeling pretty bummed and helpless right now! I guess this is one of the reasons why running at 7+ months pregnant can be a bit hazardous. I think the combo of relaxin and my extra heft made this happen. I usually bounce back quickly when I roll an ankle. WIsh me luck with the podiatrist.


              Ozzy: Nice work on using the breathing techniques! I'm hopeful that they will make labor much more bearable. Hahaha! So nice not to gain any weight and enjoy yourself! I remember Jules saying something along those lines as well. I'm hoping for that myself. I'm still so impressed with your continuing workouts. You do so much! I need to be more motivated.


              MA: I feel you on the 2 months thing. I was there just 10 days ago. It felt so weird! I agree, the time has flown. I am dreading that the next two months will be the slowest of my life because I will be growing so much... We'll see. Hope your weight gain is where you want it. Do remember that sometimes a lot of what you gain towards the end is water weight and comes off in the first day.


              TN: I'm so glad you enjoyed the yoga! I have a video that I love and do it on days when I feel really blah from work, or just too tired to do anything else. It is so relaxing! Yay for no back pain! Maybe you have the yoga to thank for that!


              ER: DH and I are planning a 30 minute video session this morning. He can't commit more time since he is playing frisbee tonight and doesn't want to wear himself out.


              PGR: 33w. Wow, another week down! Can't believe it! Like MA I continue to wonder where the past 7 months have gone! I did sleep better last night, but it was probably b/c I feel asleep accidentally. DH was reading and I was cuddling on his shoulder (planning on reading too) and next thing I knew I was out. I slept well pretty much until around 8 and only had to get up to pee once. Nice.


              NPGR: Busy week at work coming up. But I'm thankful for that. We've had too many slow weeks since Christmas. This week I won't have to worry about my hours. In other news, it snowed last night and actually stuck. Looks beautiful out!


                Liz; So sorry about the ankle. Hopefully the podiatrist can help you out. Good thought on the swimsuit! I would do the swimming if there were a gym that had one, but none of them other than the university gym have a pool. And the university gym is way too expensive without having a spouse as a student. Hope you bounce back quickly. Take it easy on that foot.


                  Yikes, I feel so overwhelmed this morning. Will do my best to keep up.

                  Wanted to say congrats and welcome to T-rozy!


                  Ozzy - I also enjoyed the living it up gastronomically comment. Hope you get that haircut in. I think someone could have a bang up business coming in to hospitals and doing portable salon care to new moms who didn't make it to their hair appts bc their baby came before they could get in and they want to look good for the post-baby photos. Wink


                  MA - Hope your workout goes well tonight as well as that recipe. Sounds intriguing, do post it.


                  TN - So glad yoga gave you some relaxation and back pain relief.


                  Liz - So sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope your podiatrist can give you some answers, and they're of the "just rest and you'll be good as new" variety.


                  ER - Did lower body machines and a 20 min bike ride on the stationary bike yesterday. Didn't feel up to running yesterday. I want to get some kind of workout in, just have no idea what. 

                  PGR - If this is pregnancy rhinitis I'm so over it. I'm really hoping once temps warm back up to the 30s I'll feel normal again. I'm getting better by degrees, though I'm still having to keep on moisturizing and drinking a ton of water. The good news was last night I propped up my feet some (I was terrible at this last pregnancy) and no swelling last night before bed. Woo!


                  NPGR - I have to jot down DS's latest accomplishments. He got into a clementine by himself yesterday, bit into the rind, and figured out how to peel it and get a segment or two in his mouth. He's also referenced his stuffed owl toy "ah-oo", so that's a new word, and ever since I showed him where we keep the extra toilet paper in the bathroom he's been pulling rolls off the spindle and carrying them around the house. Oh the things I'll be able to tell him when he's 18.


                    Just wanted to pop back in and share this relatively quick and easy recipe that DH came up with last night - not superbly healthy, but delicious!


                    2/3 lb italian sausage (i'm sure you could use more or less for your preference- this is what we had)

                    1/2 large onion

                    3 cloves garlic

                    2-3 T. chopped fresh basil

                    sun dried tomatoes/sun dried tomato spread(couple heaping tablespoons?)

                    cream - 1 cup?

                    parmesean cheese - handful?

                    1 pkg bertoli tortelloni (the smaller package - with like 2.5 servings?)


                    Sorry, DH's measurements aren't always exact, and we were chatting as he was cooking, so I wasn't paying too much attention. Anyway, prep the pasta according to the package directions, brown the sausage with the onion and garlic, then drain and add the basil, cream, sun dried tomato spread, mix, and add parmesean cheese stir to thicken a bit, then serve over one package prepared bertoli tortelloni - it was SUPER yummy.


                      A couple of hours sleep....much better!


                      MA - Sorry, couldn't help but smirk at your comment of the last 7 months being the fastest of your life...because the next two months might just be at the other extreme (sorry)  Wink  I hope you get in the workout you want today (and and yes -4F is unimaginable for me) Enjoy your m/w appt tonight.


                      TN - I'm glad the belly burn went away and the yoga hit the "back movement"/exercise sweet spot. That recipe of DHs looks YUMMY.


                      Liz - I was wondering if you would wake up with that ankle swollen this morning; i have a history of sprained ankles and feel a lot of sympathy for your pain - rest, ice, compression, and elevate (and slap a label of "servant for the next 24hrs" on DH's forehead Wink  If it's no more than a 2nd degree strain it should be fine to swim sooner than you think (though I'd recommend doing more arm work than kicking)...


                      Sasha - glad you can enjoy the working hours passing more quickly; are you missing the frisbee or is your body kind of glad to rest from it for a couple of months? We had friends with a child who would bring him out in a playpen and set him up beside the Ultimate field early on...I imagine that will be you guys too!


                      Schmett - yay for a workout; very funny on saving up some good memories for DS' 18th birthday party (I'm picturing a giant pinboard or projector screen with all sorts of infant memories while his friends stand around....ha)


                      Still not sure what my body has planned for today...at the very least a walk downtown to re-stock the rice chips i ate at 2am as they were meant for if i went into labor and needed a snack!  If I can swing a swim though, that would be nice. Then the hairdressers so she can wash the chlorine out of my hair and style it for those lovely post-birth pics which everyone looks SOOO good in  (you got me Schmett, that did cross my mind yesterday! ha, sorry but even with a snazzy hair do I don't think i will look much better) Just one more swim please...


                        Hello everyone!  It has been a few days as I tend to avoid computers when I am home due to how much time I spend on them during my workday.


                        Schmett - Sorry to hear about the ankle swelling.  I absolutely have to agree with Ozzy on the pool.  I truly believe it is one of my biggest allies in the battle for water retention and bloating.  Hopefully it gets better.


                        Things here continue to roll along.  Trying to catch up a bit on the message board but I opted to cut the mileage to five with a walking cooldown just for peace of mind.  Even with the belly band I still felt some soreness in my legs (especially groin area) after running seven or so.  By keeping it a five and then walking I have not had these issues.  I also have had some problems keeping up on the calories.  My weight seems to have plateaued these last two weeks and the doc is telling me to gain more.  I stick with a fairly clean eating regime and don't do sugar, thus the brownie sundaes are out.  I have been craving a serious burger lately so might have to talk DH into taking me out this weekend.


                        ER:  Walked a little over four with the dog yesterday evening and have to admit I enjoyed it quite a bit.  It has me re-thinking the running.  Of course you guys do help to inspire me.  Went for a swim this morning.  Very lucky to live in the south with plenty of outdoor (slightly heated) pools.  Hoping to sneak in yoga this afternoon but we shall see.


                        PGR: 35w4d.  LO continues to push, move, and make herself comfortable.  Sleeping is kind of entertaining as I basically sit in a reclined position throughout the night.  I also tend to get up about three or four times to use the restroom.  Had a doc appt on Tues and we have moved into the non-stress testing phase.  The hooked up little monitors on the belly to check heart rate and baby movement.  Heart rate was good but baby wasn't all that active.  The nurse told me they like to see it between 10 and 200 with 100 being the median.  LO was a solid 25 to 30.  Kind of has me worried a bit even though the doc did not seemed the slightest bit concerned.  They gave me some grapefruit (not a fan) juice to pep her up but it really didn't do much.  Not sure if she was just resting after my swim and workday or just not an active baby.


                        NPGR:  Nursery is really coming together (thankfully).  I am hoping to pack hospital bags this weekend and clean out some kitchen cabinets.  We aren't really expecting a trip to the hospital any time soon but could only imagine what DH would throw together for me to wear home should we find ourselves in a rush.


                          Okay, crisis hopefully averted. The doctor said he thought it might be a bone bruise, but nothing too serious. He have me a brace to wear. He didn't want to xray me because I'm preggers. Luckily he seemed pretty cool...when I said I rolled the ankle running, he said, "Like...running?" And I said, "Yeah, like jogging." I thought he might get all "what are you doing running?" but instead he said, "Oh, great." Anyway, he didn't seem to think it required much rest. He thought I should be fine to walk or run with the brace. I don't think I'll run for a few days though as it does still hurt. Glad it's not something that will keep me off my feet for weeks!


                          Anyway, now I"m at work at feel like I could use a nap...didn't sleep well last night Sad MIght have to be an extra cup of coffee day....


                            Sasha - Sounds like the night of sleep did you good. Sorry work has been so stressful lately, I hope you can get that shift in position so things are smoother for you.


                            TN - That recipe looks good.


                            Ozzy - Hope you get your swim in and stock up on those rice chips!


                            Yogi - Maybe the baby was going through a sleepy phase. I only had one NST with my son, but it took awhile for him to get up to speed. But they also got him at a quiet time of day, you're pretty well established on the baby's patterns, and I'm sure the baby will more than make up for it later. Like at 11pm.


                            Liz - Glad the dr. visit went well. Hope you're feeling 100% soon.

                            Laura G in Idaho

                              Well, Ozzy, I *have* done blood draws on cattle.  Shocked  Ha!  (I was raised a city girl, so owning a family milk cow and learning to do all the cow stuff has been an adventure for me, to say the least.)  Sorry about the insomnia, and I'm glad you got back for a few more hours sleep.


                              MA:  Mmm, your dinner sounds delicious.  I'll be right over.  Wait.  No I won't.


                              TN:  Your yoga class instructor sounds great!  And thank you for the recipe!


                              Liz:  So sorry about the ankle.  I hope it heals fast.  RICE, of course, so it's a good thing you've got a swim suit on the way.  I'm impressed the doc was pleased with your running instead of scolding you.


                              Sasha:  Good sleep is such an amazing tonic.  Glad you had a good night!


                              Schmett:  I love toddlers.  Every day is a new discovery, a new word, and they are soooo smart!  Your little guy sounds so cute.  I just want to reach through the computer and squeeze him until he pops, lol!


                              yogi:  Yes, go have a good, juicy burger.  Enjoy it!  Hope baby is more active next time they check.  Seems like all babies have sleep/wake cycles, even in the womb.  Maybe they just caught yours when s/he was asleep.




                              PGR:  26w6d.  Midwife's office never called back.  I give up.  I just wonder if I'm feeling baby's head up under my ribs or if that's some other body part.  I can't tell right now.  I'm sure it'll get easier to determine as baby grows.


                              NPGR:  I wanted to say how I appreciated all the condolences for my loss and for the loss of the family in my church.  Every mention of it touched my heart.  Thank you.


                              NPGR2:  The flu report:  I am still sneezing, coughing, and blowing my nose, but I am definitely on the mend.  I slept well last night.  I was able to wake up before 7:30 AM this morning.  That's the first time since Monday the 14th!  It'll take me a few days to get back to my normal wake up time and to reign in the household.  I wonder what surprises (health violations?) I'll find as I supervise the kids doing their chores today.


                              ER:  Today is my last day of complete rest.  I plan to walk 2 mi and try my new pregnancy workout DVD tomorrow.  I'm so excited for the DVD!  I'll probably walk those miles indoors at the Y.  Since having the flu, the cold outside air sends me into coughing fits.  Usually cold doesn't bother me too much on my workouts, but lately, just feeding livestock has been more than enough outdoor exposure for me.


                                LauraG - yep, i knew you were serious about the blood-drawing from a cow, that's why i thought it amusing as I'm sure the hospital doesn't get that many patients with such abilities Smile so glad to hear your body is on the mend, enjoy looking forward to tomorrow's workout!


                                Yogi - For some reason I find "relativity scales/percentiles" when it comes to pregnancy and infants kind of annoying? because they can make you unnecessarily worried; to every scale there will be a number of outliers who are simply working genetically differently (eg. I have a super slow heart rate, always have, regardless of exercise, and was thought to have a heart murmur but have proven a few times i don't - just because my hr has a different genetic rhythm i guess); plus all those percentiles after the child is born - I mean how many super-short kids did you know growing up who became HUGE in their late teens or were the tallest in the class only to end up the shortest in adulthood...? Anyways, don't let the nurses comments get to you if nothing has been proven. I found during my 20-ish weeks when i could feel fetal movement that it would take me AGES to get a movement after a swim, whereas after a harder elliptical workout i would get the "within a half hour" movement almost every time. For a while i WAS nervous about the swimming but then decided that was a little silly as my swim workout was easier, i was getting oxygen, resting a few seconds more between intervals to "cool down" a little so...I decided maybe it was lulling LO to sleep Smile  Made me feel better anyway!! Probably the same for you.


                                Liz - good? to hear it's likely just an ankle bruise (though if the ankle 'rolled' how can it not be a strain of sorts? I guess he's saying it didn't stretch out the ligaments?) and you'll be back at things soon...enjoy the extra cuppa Smile




                                Sorry if tmi but I don't think I'll be going to the pool today - boo!! Just lost a bunch of more mucus plug so I'd better get that long (uh, relative to this stage of pg...) walk in!!  Now fingers crossed to make the haircut; I have my "shorter route home in peak hour traffic" picked if it becomes necessary, ha.