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MA runner girl

    Now we can say Happy Friday! Wink Post!

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: 3 miles after work. Going to resolve to at least walk for 20 min every day that I'm not running... we'll see if I can stick to it. I don't really enjoy going out for a walk by myself, but DH said he'd walk with me some days. He usually doesn't like walking with me because I'm "too fast" but he can't say that anymore Wink


      PGR: 35w5d. Midwife appt was ok last night, baby is fine, strong heartbeat as usual. I am measuring 2 cms ahead, and I somehow gained SEVEN pounds in 2 weeks. What the heck? She thinks it's partly fluid retention (she pressed on my leg before determining that..) and from decreased activity since I cut my 6 mile run 2 weeks ago and didn't replace it with anything. So I have to increase my water and protein intake, and decrease my salt and that's why I want to at least walk every day. My BP was also high for me again... Still perfectly normal and my midwife didn't even mention it, but I decided that I'm going to up my working at home days to hopefully help with the stress. I'm at home again for the third day this week!


      NRR: This weekend DH is on call, my parents are going away and my Bro and SIL are on vacation. So we are pretty much forced to stay home and get organized. I'm kinda glad for that. DH has to finish painting the nursery closet and setting up an organization system so I can get everything from the shower organized finally. I also want to tackle the office while he's doing that, there is paperwork everywhere. We do have the last 3 hours of birth class tomorrow morning. Excited for the hospital tour!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        Morning all.


        ER - Did 3.1 on the TM last night, decided to try something new and run during the commercials and walk during the show to decrease boredom. That only netted me .3 miles of running per break, so I decided to keep running til I could say I ran a mile cumulatively of the total distance. Then I decided to run another half mile or so until I had a cumulative 1.75 miles. I felt so much better compared to the other night. I know I'm not running set distances anymore, but I'm just proud to say I'm running at all period at 22.5 weeks.


        PGR - Got out my Hypnobabies book yesterday and interestingly they have a section on the Brewer pregnancy diet and increasing protein to cut your toxemia risk. How I zoned on that last time is beyond me. I'm a little worried though because so many of the protein sources are dairy, and I can't do that. Same thing with the grains, being gluten free. So I'm resolving not to stress about it, to keep up the exercise (since that's cut my swelling to zero compared to this point last time). I'm still nervous about it and I think that's the other reason why I keep going to the gym as much as possible, but I have to tell myself I'm consciously making different decisions and having a healthier pregnancy than last time. I don't think I'll fully relax until I'm in the waterbirth tub! Smile


        NPGR - It did actually snow some last night. Not the 6 inches of course they were predicting, but maybe 2? I haven't decided if I should take DS out in the snow, last time he treated it with the same disdain he reserved for sand.


        MA - Sounds like you're taking the right steps to take care of yourself. I know, walking isn't my first choice but if I reframe it as going on missions (a term borrowed from my DH) to go to the mailbox, the park, listen to 5 songs on my iPhone, it suddenly makes the walk more enjoyable. Have fun getting organized and enjoy the last part of your class.


          Hi all-


          Sorry I missed posting on fake Friday, but here I am for real Friday!


          ER - walked 4.5 miles this AM. Yesterday, 5 miles on the elliptical. Someone asked me how long it takes to walk the 4.5 a few days ago...it takes me about 1hr and 5-10 min. I walk pretty quickly - usually just under 15 min/mile. Today my shins were hurting quite a bit on the walk, though Sad And I couldn't find my earphones, so had to do it without my usual NPR listening. Boo.

          PGR - 34w6d. 35 tomorrow! Feeling huge and tired today...ugh. We met with our doula last night, which was good. We also got our glider in the mail, so need to assemble it tomorrow.

          NPGR- we are having a party tomorrow night...kind of like our "last hurrah" before having the kid!


          MA - The plan to walk 20 min sounds like a good one. I like Schmett's idea of "missions." Maybe if you are working from home more it will be easier to get out for a walk, since you save the commute time? I find listening to the radio or music helps a lot. Hope the hospital tour is good!

          Shmett - way to go on the TM running! Sounds great. Sounds like you are doing really well with this preg and are already experiencing the benefits.Can you eat eggs? I eat a lot of eggs for protein. Also, what about higher protein grains that are gluten free? Quinoa or millet?

          Laura G in Idaho

            Not to scare any of us, but we should be aware of this study:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1091542/Women-exercise-pregnancy-face-risk-pre-eclampsia-researchers-warn.html


            The Brewer Pregnancy Diet www.drbrewerpregnancydiet.com or www.blueribbonbaby.org gives corrective allowances on the diet for the exercise that the pregnant woman is doing.  Being that we are all quite active here, we really need to pay close attention to our diets.  We need to be sure we are getting enough nutrients for ourselves, pregnancy, and our exercise.  I believe that the possible increased risk of toxemia is due to mothers not getting enough protein, carbohydrates, and calories to support their active lifestyles.  By about the 28th to 30th week, the pregnant woman's blood volume normally increases, causing a drop in the hemoglobin levels.  The drop won't put her into an anemic state, but her hematocrit will be lower than it was in early pregnancy or before pregnancy.  If her hemoglobin remains high, it can be an early sign of possible nutritional problems developing than waiting for protein to be spilled in the urine, blood pressure to rise, or edema to set in.  In my case, I asked my midwife to test my hemoglobin level so I would know how I was doing.  My level was in the normal range, and had dropped from my early pregnancy levels.  That's perfect.


            Dr. Brewer recommended against salt restriction to control edema, but instead advocated for increased protein and overall calories (average pregnant women are recommended to eat 80-100g protein a day).  In my previous pregnancies, I followed that guideline, and was doing that again for this pregnancy when it was pointed out to me on this board that I may not be getting enough protein for my activity level.  So, I went back and did some more reading, and sure enough, I was coming in about 30 grams too low every day.  I have since increased my protein intake.  Dr. Brewer also recommended that we get enough carbohydrates so that the protein is spared for repair and growth, and won't be burned as fuel.


            It's a good idea to read up on the Brewer Pregnancy Diet.  Under this diet, no mother in his care ever had toxemia.  None.  I believe it is a good  preventative diet, and I strive to eat everything I'm supposed to eat every day.  Yesterday, I was a serving short on my dark greens, but most days, I manage to get all the categories covered.  One thing that is discouraged by Dr. Brewer is the use of protein powders, because he didn't want women to displace food and restrict their calories.  I have found that I physically cannot eat that much protein unless I use a protein powder for some of it.  I just don't have the room!  However, in the last week or so, my appetite seems to be increasing some, so maybe instead of using a protein powder for 45ish grams of my protein everyday, I'll eat an extra 6 oz meat.  That could get expensive...  Wink


            MA:  I hope the above commentary was helpful for you.  Have fun getting things ready for the baby!


            schmett:  There are several options available for non-dairy, and gluten-free.  Check out the "diet" tab on www.drbrewerpregnancydiet.com and you'll see some ideas for substitutions.




            RR:  Switched out my 2 mile run for 2.25 on the elliptical last night due to shin splints.  I hate the elliptical.  My left foot falls asleep on the elliptical and on the exercise bike.  This doesn't happen when I'm actually running or biking on a real bike.  Just on the machines.  I checked my laces.  They aren't too tight.  Any other ideas?  This happens to me, pregnant or not, but last night I discovered that it wasn't just the bike, it was the elliptical, too.  I didn't know that before, because I haven't used the elliptical before.


            ER:  In addition to my elliptical time last night, I walked 30 minutes.  That felt good.  Today I plan to swim and walk some more.


            PGR:  31 weeks today!  Okay, I guess 9 weeks isn't really that long.  This week, I ordered all my birth supplies, in case my baby is born at home.  I'm not sure what I'm planning yet... unassisted at home, or at the hospital.  All I know is that I feel perfectly comfortable with either choice, and that I feel the need to prepare for any possibility.  So, I'm awaiting inspiration from God at this point.  I have a little emergency birth kit I will put in my vehicle, too.  I have had some precipitous births in the past, so that's why I feel hesitant to make any solid choices as to where I will give birth.  I may not know until I'm labor what I want to do.  I'm fine with that.  I have been answering the questions from friends about where I will give birth with this really vague answer:  to be determined.  Wink


            NPGR:  I'm getting a massage from a massage-therapist friend of mine today.  I am so happy for this.  I love massage, and this friend is very good at what she does.  I need to get a massage every week or two until the baby comes, but I don't think her charity will extend that far, ha ha!  Anyway, it's a treat.  I can't wait!


              Hey girls! We're chilling waiting for DH and A to get here and start getting ready to go home! We've still got a few things for P to do before we leave, some kind of screening and seeing the ped. I should have napped in between breakfast and DH getting here but I thought the ped would have been here by now.


              We're doing well. BFing is going much better this time around, at least it seems that way. He was really sleepy yesterday after the circumcision, but was really alert on Wednesday and last night started waking up and got some good feeds. A really loves him, it is adorable. I'm recovering, was able to start getting up on my own last night. Still in a decent amount of pain though when I am moving and my bowels are still... a mess. I won't say anything else because I don't want to scare anyone!


              I started my birth story last night, but I have a bunch to add. I'm going to write the long version on my blog. But a super short version... my water broke right as I was going to bed Tuesday night, so I got no sleep. We went to the hospital, waited a few hours to start pitocin (in theory to sleep... but there was very little of that), then about an hour or so after that I got the epidural. Around 3 am when I started pitocin I had progressed to 4 cm, still 70% effaced, station he'd gone back up to -2 (had been -1 before). After the epidural was in and I was comfy at 5:30 we were going to sleep a couple hours. I totally thought I could get some good sleep once I was comfortable, but around 6:30 after only a half hour I had to be turned because my hip hurt. The doctor came in and checked me and told me I was complete... as in 10 cm, fully effaced and his head was basically peeking out already. We weren't expecting it to happen that fast! I had felt some pressure but didn't really recognize it as the urge to push because the epidural was awesome. So that worried me that I couldn't feel anything. I had told my mom to wait a couple hours and then come because I didn't expect it to go that fast. So we texted her to come as soon as she could. We decided to wait a little longer and in about the next half hour I really recognized the urge to push. I called for the nurse and after some preparations it was go time around 7:15. I pushed through one contraction, which I consider practice. I was supposed to push three times per contraction. Next one I pushed either four or five times in that contraction and suddenly he was out! I felt him come out but I had my eyes closed and didn't realize he was already up on my chest until someone told me. I opened my eyes and saw him and bawled like a baby. It was just so incredible. I posted our first pic on my blog and just looking at it makes me cry again. I didn't get to have A on my chest right away because she'd swallowed meconium and it had been a stressful labor and delivery for her also because her cord was wrapped around something. So this was totally different to have him up there right away.


              So to wrap it up, labor was less than 11 hours start to finish... P was born 2/20, 7:23 a.m., 7lbs 2 oz, 20"... BFing going pretty good, but he's lost about 9% of his birth weight. If the ped would ever get here she'll tell me if we should schedule a weight check for tomorrow or if we can wait until Monday. I may need to start pumping but hopefully we won't have to supplement w/formula yet. I'll keep you gals posted! Its going to be so weird not posting here anymore! And I do want to send a quick word to MA and anyone else... seriously girl, in the last month your body's going to do whatever the heck it wants. So PLEASE don't stress about the weight.


              Oh and I really really admire those of you who can do it without pain meds. I couldn't have. I waited longer for the epidural this time but the contractions also got really intense quick because of the pitocin. I couldn't stand the constant need to use the bathroom and I didn't want to move. Also I just couldn't relax. Just keep an open mind... the women who go into birth with the super detailed plans often end up disappointed. And there is no shame in getting the drugs! OK thats all... I'll hop off my soapbox now. Have a great Friday mamas!


              edited to add... I lied, here's my blog link and now thats it.

              Laura G in Idaho

                Cross-posted with Liz.  Boo on not having your earphones, and the shin pain.  Wow you are a fast walker!  Enjoy your party!


                  Liz - That's a good pace! I usually walk around 3.5-3.6 on the TM at the fastest, but I try to mix it up with the incline so it seems like I'm doing more than I actually am. Too fast and I start getting maybe BH? Some kind of tightness on the underside of my belly, so I have to slow it down.

                  Enjoy your party! and thanks for the quinoa reminder, I did a headslap when I read that.


                  Laura - Thanks for the links, I'll have to look into them. Interestingly, during my last pregnancy my initial iron/hemoglobin levels were on the high end of normal and then they went down to normal ranges as you said. I can eat eggs as long as they are the yolk, so that's better than nothing and they contain omega-3s.


                  Monk - Thanks for posting your birth story. Sounds intense. A bit confused why they'd give you pitocin to help you sleep?! but I'm glad to hear P's doing well. I wouldn't worry about the weight loss. That sounds normal and he'll probably start to rebound now that nursing is getting established. The pics are adorable, thanks for sharing!

                  Laura G in Idaho

                    And now I cross-posted with monk.  Ha ha!  I'll never get off this computer, lol!


                    monk:  Thanks for sharing your birth story.  I love reading birth stories.  That had to be an odd sensation, to not even know that your baby was out because you couldn't feel what was going on.  Pitocin is not as kind to a mother as natural oxytocin, and its hormone cocktail with endorphins.  Pitocin doesn't know when your body has had enough.  The only labor I had with pitocin (my 2nd birth, elective induction... yes, I was that young and dumb once) I couldn't do it without drugs, either.  I took nubain, a narcotic, to take the edge off and allow me to relax a little better between the contractions.  I don't feel bad that I had the drugs at that point.  Drugs allowed me to finish what I had started.  But, I also realize that the drugs wouldn't have been necessary if I hadn't been on pitocin, and if my husband knew how to support me better, or if I had a great, supportive nurse.  Anyway, I'm happy for you that breastfeeding is going well at this point.  I hope you'll make enough and not need to pump or supplement with formula!  Most of the time, our bodies do make plenty of milk for our babies, excepting any breast surgeries or hormonal imbalances, etc.  As you know, it's supply and demand.  So, nurse that baby and don't do anything else!


                      schmett: No, we waited on the pitocin so that I could try to sleep... but I didn't and I wished we'd just started the pitocin since I was awake anyway!


                      laura: By the time I was pushing, I did feel it enpugh that I could do it but it didn't hurt. And I felt him come out, I think time just kind of stood still a bit because I didn't realize he was already on my chest!


                        Monk - I was about to suggest you change your screenname to superwoman if you could sleep through that! Wink Makes more sense they'd delay to let you sleep.




                          Monk - thanks for the birth story I'm so glad it went better than A's; too amusing on the not realising how close P was to emerging though!! He's beautiful, enjoy getting to know him.


                            Good morning everyone! 


                            MA: Enjoy the walking.  Towards the end the running got uncomfortable enough that I no longer looked forward to heading out the door.  Walking really helped with the transition as I am not nearly as uncomfortable and still get to enjoy the time outside.  I still do the same amount of mileage, it just takes me about twice the time!  Have fun with birth class.


                            Schmett: Isn’t it funny what games we will play to get us through a TM workout?  Every bit counts though.  Nice job.  As I quickly approach my 40w point I have been very lucky to not have swelling.  I attribute it all to working out (running/walking/swimming/yoga).  That is why I enjoy this group so much.  A bunch of women who can relate to being active and being pregnant.


                            Liz:  Great time on the walks.  My pace is a bit slower at maybe 16 min/mi or so.  If I have the dog it will even slow to 18 min/mi or so as she is quite curious.


                            Laura: Sorry to hear about the shin splints.  Hopefully they will go away soon.  Enjoy the swim.  Big fan of swimming, especially as I started nearing the end.  Enjoy the massage!  I have no doubt that it is greatly deserved.


                            Monk:  Congrats!!!!  I was away on Wed & Thurs but doing a quick scan to catch up I noticed you had some activity.  Thanks for sharing your experience.  I had my doc appt yesterday and our induction is on the schedule.  I am quite anxious as the idea of Pitocin makes me nervous.  It was also nice to know that getting the meds are okay.  Everyone is different.  Hopefully I will be joining you on the other side soon. 


                            ER: Long walk this morning.  Swam and walked yesterday but found myself with a bit of a lower backache later in the evening.  Was not sure if that was due to baby preparing itself or just my exercise.  Felt better this morning so obviously I headed out the door.  As I watch the weather roll across the Midwest I definitely appreciated my morning walk outside here in Florida.  While I enjoy seeing snowfall, I would get cabin fever fairly quickly with my current state.


                            PGR:  As I mentioned above, doc appt yesterday was overall good.  Baby’s heart rate and activity levels are good.  If she was any lower she would be out to quote the doc.  Unfortunately I am zero cm dilated so it is evident to me that we still have so more time.  I am really trying to be grateful as this must mean she needs to grow a bit more.  Yet the mix of my forever expanding belly, no sleep, and overall anticipation of her arrival have made me anxious to get the process going.  All in time though right?  Either way the induction is officially on the schedule for Mar 4th.  That means I will be 41w1d if we have to wait until that point.  Again, I would really prefer not to have to deal with the inductions meds/experience.


                            NPGR: My mom arrives this weekend.  She is going to stay with us for about two weeks after the baby is born just to help us out.  I feel very grateful as this is our first and we truly have no idea what we are doing.  It will also just be nice to have her around.  With the doc appt yesterday I am considering working next week.  Still on the fence about that one.  Part of me wants to save the time for after the baby is born and part of me wants to just enjoy the last few days before LO arrives.  Maybe the full moon will bring some action and I will no longer need to make a decision.


                            Hope everyone has a great weekend.


                              PG: 29w5d. Last night late pregnancy class and hospital tour. I think DH got more out of the classroom portion than I did since its stuff I’m already experiencing or have read about. I think we were the oldest couple there. Then the second half was just logistics of checking in, hospital security, delivery room and postpartum recovery (spacious and private!!!). I had a bad leg cramp on wed night. Woke up with a scream and a few curse words. I scared the dog then he didn’t want to go back to sleep.


                              ER: Hopefully cardio after work. Not sure if I’ll just do the boring elliptical and get done early or take a later spin class which I enjoy more.


                              NPGR: Dinner plans cancelled for tonight. I’m ok with that because I really didn’t want to eat out. I had a rough couple of days which included a mini melt down at work but not work related. Long story short. Prior to getting married I owed a home (in the ghetto) which I now keep as a rental property. The tenants broke the lease last week, failed to give proper notice, and then I found out the copper in the AC unit and copper wiring from the house has been stripped! I found out while I was at work, called DH and lost it. I have insurance so I’m trying not to stress out about it but it really sucks!


                              Sorry I’m short on personals this week but I've been reading everyone's post.  I’ll try to be better next week.


                              Monk: Thank you for sharing your birthing story. He is such a precious lil boy. Sending good vibes your way.


                                Monk: our birth stories are SO identical !! Congrats! and yay epi's. I Loved having the 'walking' epidural they have here , I could feel everything just not the pain.. hard to explain but could definitly feel the pushing and even contractions being 'tight' but not painful. loved it.