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A Month to Go Monday - Preggos (Read 22 times)

MA runner girl

    Less than a month till D-Day!! ACK! Post!

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: My energy levels are severely lacking. Friday night I NEEDED to run after a stressful day at work. It zapped all my energy that I was completely useless the rest of the night. The rest of the weekend I was productive in the house, so I had no energy to workout. Sigh. Hoping for something tonight though.


      PGR: 36w1d! Crazy. I'm feeling pretty good. Seems like everything was BR this weekend - Saturday morning was last of our birth class. The hospital tour made everything seem so real. Just seems like the last 5 months FLEW by (once I was past the 1st tri lol). Yesterday I made a ton of freezer meals, our freezer is packed! Yay. DH finished the nursery closet, it looks good! There is still so much to do though: we need to get the carseat installed/inspected, put everything away and get the nursery organized, and on Thursday my mom and I are doing baby laundry and getting take out, which should be fun.


      NPGR: Ha, is there anything? Nothing other than work, which is driving me INSANE. 4 weeks (or less!) to go...


      I hope to be back for personals! I dno't think today should be too crazy... *knocks on wood*

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        Hi all-


        MA - I know...getting so close! I had a similar, getting things ready weekend!


        ER: Went on the elliptical for 5 miles on Sat and long walk/hike with DH on Sunday. This AM, walk to boot camp + boot camp. Last week of boot camp for me...

        PGR - 35w2d. Feeling okay, but not liking how other parts of my body besides my belly seem to be expanding. Is there a baby in my thighs, too? The belly is massive, too, of course...  We put together our bassinet and glider and installed car seat. DH is taking the seat in to be inspected tomorrow AM. I froze 7 days worth of meals last night, which was super exhausting. Hope to do some more next weekend.

        NPGR - We had our party on Saturday night which was really nice. A friend who is about 15 wks pregnant showed up to the party wearing the same dress I had on! Ha. I think it looked better on her tiny belly Wink


        Have a good one.



          MA - What a great, productive weekend you had prepping for baby! I need to start making lists of what needs to be done before babies come - I feel very uneducated right now.


          Liz - You also had a productive baby-prepping weekend! Great job on bootcamp - I think it's great that you have kept it up for this long into your pg.


          PGR: 27w6d. Tons of BH lately, especially yesterday I actually got a little concerned because they seemed fairly frequent late last night - I got up and drank a big glass of water and laid down and that seemed to help.  My weekly appts start this week, so I'll probably mention to the doc yet again - since I get checked every appt, he's usually not too worried, because nothing has caused any dilation yet.


          ER: Walks Friday and Sunday at the resort - nothing too speedy - probably 1.5-2 miles each time? - my pelvis has been really painful lately again, my one hip joint has started slipping again when I turn over at night, so even walking seems to be curtailed a bit - boo. I'm hoping that maybe it was just because of the long car rides?


          NPGR: Our trip was good, we didn't do anything too exciting, but it was nice to relax and play some games, spend some time in the pool with DSD.  We beat the snow there, and it snowed lightly Friday and Saturday, which made for some beautiful snowy views.  Worked on baby blanket no. 1 (I guess that's sort of PGR) and I am almost finished - probably will finish that one this week.


            Morning all.


            ER - Did 3.1 on the TM Saturday, but RLP kept me from really getting into the running, so I squeaked in two half mile intervals. Because I had to walk the other 2.1 miles, my time was just under an hour. I was feeling kind of pathetic at the end of that. As I mentioned on the FB page, I'm looking into getting a Gabrialla support band but I'm still vacillating on the size. I could stay with a large, but if I continue to grow (and considering how giant I felt Saturday) I think an XL might be needed. But would that be too big early in pregnancy for the next pregnancy. I know I'm overthinking this, but I hate buying the wrong thing. I'm also getting a FlipBelt - http://www.flipbelt.com. I saw it too late on one of those mama/baby bargain pages so they were all sold out, but it looks ingenious. Perfect for when I start running road races solo again and need a place for my keys.


            PGR - 23w tomorrow. Saturday night I read through some of the links Laura posted, and I'm relieved to say I don't work up past 270 minutes of exercise a week. That had me freaked out! I went grocery shopping yesterday and was able to get some almonds/almond butter and look into other ways to increase my protein intake. I'm hoping between that and the moderate exercise, this pregnancy continues to go smoothly.


            NPGR - I'm battling some kind of sore throat thing. At first I wondered if it was some kind of silent reflux causing it, but maybe it's trying to turn into a cold now. We have a kind of busy week, especially the early part of it, so this wasn't what I had in mind. Don't think I'll be putting in a lot of miles this week.


            MA - Congrats on your productive weekend. It's funny, I do baby laundry as soon as I buy the clothes, but I'm weird like that. Good luck getting some workouts in this week.


            Liz - I'd be proud if I were you to say you participated in bootcamp through 36w. I saw your friends blog post, I thought it was a nice write up!


            TN - I'm glad your trip went well and you were able to beat the snow. I can't believe you're 3rd tri already. That means I'll be there by the end of next month. Crazy. I want to see pics of your blankets when you finish them!


              MA:  It does pass by so quickly.  Nice job on the run.  I remember officially calling it (my running) at my eighth month so the fact you are still at it is quite impressive.


              Liz:  You are totally echoing my thoughts with the ever expanding belly.  I keep telling myself there is no more room and yet it still grows.


              TN:  Happy to hear you had such a nice and relaxing weekend.  The snowfall sounds beautiful.

              Schmett: I picked up the Gabrialla around the middle of my sixth month for running.  Based on the reviews I opted for a large (I am a size 6 pre-preggo) and it has worked great throughout the rest of pregnancy, even as my belly is still dropping/growing past 40 wks.  I hope the sore throat is nothing significant.


              ER: 1 ½ mile swim this morning.  I always head out with the mindset that I will do what I can and be happy.  I actually felt quite good considering the excessive drag issues I have going on right now.  Probably will head out for a walk this afternoon depending upon the weather as it is suppose to rain.


              PGR: 40w1d!!!!  I was venting to one of my girlfriends earlier that apparently someone missed the memo that this was only a 40 week gig.  At the end of the day I realize that I am lucky as obviously she needs this extra time.  It just makes things a little uncomfortable.  The induction has been re-scheduled for next Mon (4 mar) but I am hoping that activity levels and such might prompt LO to come on her own. 


              NPGR: My mom arrived yesterday so we are officially ready…I guess.   I opted to work a half-day (or so) today as I really do not have any indications that LO is ready for an appearance.  I am officially off starting tomorrow.  We are going to run a few errands this afternoon and then probably see a movie.  I have a feeling that it will be many years before I have another opportunity to see an adult type movie in an actual theater.


              Have a great day everyone!


                Yogi - Full moon tonight, so ...we'll see! Smile Enjoy your movie outing, I have to admit, my movie viewing in theatres has dropped off dramatically. I didn't even know half the movies they were talking about for the Oscars, but not having TV I think plays into that too.


                  Getting a late start this morning! Whew.


                  MA: I feel you on the "one month" thing, although I now have 2 1/2 weeks. Freaky! Sounds like you are getting well prepped for the birth. I have not done the freezer meals thing at all. Ugh. My freezer is too small and full of frozen blueberries. Smile Glad you are still feeling well.


                  Liz: I sympathize with the "other parts of the body growing." I feel the same way about my butt, thighs and hips. I'm afraid that those areas will require the most work to get back to normal size, which means no normal pants for a couple months. Thankfully my maternity pants are cute enough that I won't mind wearing them for a while after the baby. Sad about last week of bootcamp, but your body is just telling you what it needs. Hiking sounds great!


                  TN: Go ahead and ask your Dr again, but I wouldn't be  to worried. As I've mentioned before, I had what seemed like an excessive amount for several weeks. And then they practically went away for over a month. Now they are back, but I'm almost done, so that makes sense. Glad your trip went well and was relaxing. Sorry about the hip. So frustrating!


                  Schmett: The belt will help with the RLP SO much! I didn't get one until after 20 weeks and wished I had gotten it earlier. It helped so much with the urge to pee too. I think I got a large to grow into and it still fits, though I haven't worn it at all in the last several weeks b/c I have stopped running and seem to be ok on walks without it.


                  Yogi: I'm glad to hear that your induction was moved farther out. It is always better if baby can decide when it's ready. I'm sure you are SO ready to be done, but it's good that you have such a calm mindset about it. Nice job on the swim! Keep up that activity and hopefully you won't have to be induced at all.


                  ER: Last week was bad for me in the exercise region. I did walk a mile yesterday (my work walk) but other than that I only did a couple yoga sessions this weekend. Today I will walk to work again and I'm trying to talk DH into yoga tonight. I seem to need the stretching and breathing more and more!


                  PGR: 37w4d. I am eager to go to the midwife this week since I feel like the baby may have made a lot of size progress this week, which might mean that I won't be late at least. I would like that. It works out better for my parents to be here a few days after the due date and not much later than that b/c one of my brothers will be on Spring Break at that time. I feel like I have made a lot of "progress" or whatever you want to call it, in the pregnancy myself. I started getting swelling in my legs and feet when I'm at work, which hadn't happened before. It's not bad enough to be a concern (always goes away when I get off my feet) but it's enough to make me feel like maybe I am catching up size wise. Also my BH have increased again. I had some crampy-ness saturday night and sunday morning also, which was definitely a new thing.


                  NPGR: DH's interview went really well and he had a blast while he was there, so we'll see where this leads. We have up to two weeks to wait for a response from the program. But DH feels very positive about the outcome. He feels like he was well-received and that he is a good fit for the program. Other than that, it's just work as usual. Work is getting a lot more uncomfortable, but I'm trying to stick it out for another week at least. I'm waiting on my appointment on Tuesday to determine whether I want to put in a notice.


                    PG: 30 weeks!  It should have been a baby productive weekend but it wasn’t.  Feeling extra large today.  I hate that every Monday I coworkers greet me with “you look huge.”  Geez thanks that’s exactly how I wanted to start Monday morning.


                    ER: cardio/weights on sat.  9 mile walk on Sunday!  Kept a 16:59 pace.  Yes I’m proud of that…lol.  I really needed a potty break around 8 miles but I knew I was so close to home.  HM is three weeks away.  I know things are subject to change but right now I feel really good about completing it under 4hr.  Body pump class tonight.  I had to down grade my weights but still want to attend as long as I can.


                    NPGR: Dinner plans for Friday night were back on.  So two bday celebrations over the weekend.  Started watching Mad Men on Netflix had a mini marathon on Saturday.  Wow looking at the calendar in March I’m super busy with bdays, baby classes, HM, throwing a bridal shower, Easter, and couple out of town work trips.


                    MA: Yay for being productive and being done with baby classes.


                    Liz: I feel ya on the expanding body parts.  I’m starting to feel it my butt/hips.  I’ve been able to squeeze in to my pre-preggo workout pants but I don’t think that’s going to last much longer.


                    TN: That’s great you were able to get away and enjoy yourself.


                    Schm: I got a size large but I think the med would have worked too.   I have this similar belt http://www.spibelt.com/ I like it for short races when I don’t carry my water belt but need a place to store keys/Id.  It doesn’t bounce and its one size adjustable.


                    Yogi: Sending good vibes your way.  Enjoy the movie. Cant wait to hear your birth story.


                      TN - Glad you had a nice trip with your family.

                      Schmett - I got the medium in the belt and it has been fine. You wear it below your belly on your hips, so I don't think it needs to expand as much as you might think.

                      Yogi - I would be going out of my mind with anticipation if I were you...I already feel like I'm half way there. Glad you have your mom there and the movie sounds like a good distraction.

                      Sasha - Getting so close! Hope your midwife appt later this week gives you some good info.

                      Mann - I've avoided buying any maternity workout gear - thanks to stretchy stuff - but on Saturday at the gym I was starting to feel like the capris I was wearing were getting pretty tight...I had a vision of them splitting in two while I was working out. May need to retire those! You are doing so awesome on your HM training! I am so impressed! How does your body feel when you do the long walks? No matter what happens on "race" day, you should be proud of your training...

                      On boot camp...I actually feel like I could keep going, but given that I could go into labor at any point after mid month, we wanted to save the $ rather than risking losing the money. It'll be nice to have a break from the super early wake up calls...for a while

                      Laura G in Idaho

                        I'm getting on here late today, because I get more done if I don't spend time on the computer first thing in the morning.


                        MA:  Sounds like you got a lot done this weekend.  Every time I've tried to make freezer meals up, they get used before DH goes back to work.  So, I'm no better off if I make up meals ahead of time.


                        Liz:  Ha ha!  Baby in your thighs, lol!  That happened to me early on this pregnancy.  I gained most of my weight by week 23ish, I think.  I've been really fortunate not to gain a whole lot more since then.  Afterwards, I'm always surprised at how big and flabby my butt and thighs seem to be for the first few days.  I'm always surprised at how much fat I seem to have accumulated all over my body... my back, everywhere!


                        TN:  Ouch to the hip joint slipping.  Hope it stops doing that for you.


                        schmett:  I probably don't do 270 minutes of moderately hard exercise, either.  I do probably put in that many minutes, or more, but not all of it at a moderately hard level.  Anyway, it's good to be informed.  I hope you can get a belt that works for you soon.  It will definitely feel better.


                        yogi:  Give LO an eviction notice, ha ha!  It's no fun to go past 40w.  I have done it a few times, and I feel for you.  I hope baby comes before your induction.


                        Sasha:  I hope baby will come just at the perfect time for you and your family.  Good that you feel baby is growing/catching up!


                        Mann:  Just ignore those co-workers.  Maybe they have such little work that it allows them time to talk about how big you are every week... they should take on some of your workload to keep themselves busy.  It's exciting to be past the 30 week mark, isn't it?  I'm impressed that you are doing a HM in three weeks.  That's amazing!  Good job!




                        PGR:  31w3d.  I had a dream a couple nights ago that I was full-term pregnant and started to go into labor.  We had plans with friends, and they started arriving at our house, and so DH went to greet them while I continued to labor.  Soon my labor stopped.  In my dream I realized the reason my labor stopped was because I didn't have enough privacy, my calendar was too full to have a baby, and I didn't feel I had enough uninterrupted time to myself.  If that isn't dream wisdom sent by God, I don't know what is.  I am going to try to put NOTHING on my calendar after the 37th week, except eating, exercise, chiro adjustments, and massage.  Wink  Time for some mama-pampering!


                        NPGR:  Our van (which I've never liked) has been having problems.  Today my sons called me from their religion class because they are stranded.  Oldest one told me he hates my van.  (Welcome to the club, son!)  So, I had to call a nearby friend to go and rescue them.


                        ER:  Yesterday I walked 1.87 mi.  This evening I plan to walk a similar distance, whatever I can accomplish in 30 minutes.  Tomorrow I am planning to swim, if the van can get me from point A to B and back again.


                        RR:  Today I ran 2.8 mi, walked 0.3 mi.  Time was 43:35.  I took my dog along (5 yr old yellow lab).  She drives me crazy sometimes, but it is nice to have a running partner who also acts as a deterrent for any would-be attacker.


                          MA - Wow! What a productive weekend. I hope I have that kind of ambition in my final weeks.


                          Liz - You also had a very productive weekend. Last time I didn't do any prepared/freezer meals, but I'll definitely be doing that this time around. Any recipes that you'd recommend?


                          TNesq - Glad to hear you were able to travel ahead of the snow and had a nice relaxing trip. Sounds like you are really starting to have lots of BHs I'll be interested to see what your Dr. says about them.


                          schmett - I'm glad you brought up the Gabriella band. I think I need to start looking at my options for a support belt and I know this one comes highly recommended. Are you going off of the size that they have on their size chart?


                          yogi - OMG, I can't believe you're 40w1d! Sounds like you're keeping comfortable for the most part which is great!


                          sashana - That's great that DH had such a great interview and really likes the place. I hope that all works out for you. Glad to hear that you think baby has made some good progress this last week.


                          Mann - Sometimes people really ought to think before they speak, especially when talking to a pregnant woman! Great job on your walk this weekend!


                          Laura - That is a crazy dream, that seems to have been sending you a very clear message! Good luck saying "no" and keeping your calendar clear I hope that you are able to do that. It's obviously very important if you're planning a home birth.


                          ER: Ran 3.5 on Saturday which felt great. I definitely need to look at getting a support belt. Luckily I was running on my treadmill at home because in 45 minutes I think I had to stop twice to pee! I got some mall walking/shopping in with a friend yesterday which was nice. Nothing today.


                          PGR: 16w6d. Feeling good, definitely starting to pop, but still think those that don't know I'm preggo think I've just been putting on some weight. My endocrinologist as been monitoring my thyroid levels very closely since I got pregnant. My levels have continued to go down and he has now put me on the lowest dose of levothyroxine. I was hoping to avoid having to go on something, but I feel I did everything I could. Anyone else have thyroid issues?


                          NPGR: Had a nice mostly quiet weekend. Got a lot of cleaning and laundry done, but it never seems to be enough. I have a lot of deep cleaning/organizing that I really need to get to this spring, but our calendar is starting to fill up fast. I think I need to dedicate myself to one task (i.e. cleaning out this drawer or cabinet) each night for the next few nights. We have some drawers and cabinets that were empty at one time and over time have turned into junk drawers. Time to do some home cleansing!


                            For those of you ladies that have/use a Gabriella support belt do you have/use/recommend this one (http://www.amazon.com/Gabrialla-Elastic-Maternity-Support-XX-Large/dp/B000ZKG040/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_3_m?ie=UTF8&qid=1361825540&sr=8-3-fkmr1&keywords=gabriella+belt+and+washable) or this one (http://www.amazon.com/Gabrialla-Elastic-Maternity-Support-Medium/dp/B000ZKE4AM/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1361825540&sr=8-2-fkmr1&keywords=gabriella+belt+and+washable)?

                            MA runner girl

                              Yogi - LOL I hope your babe gets the memo soon! You are making me think about 4 weeks from now and how I really don't want to still be posting Wink


                              Liz - My thighs seem to be ballooning too, I've never had big butt/thighs/hips so it's very strange and uncomfortable! I will say though, based no your FB pic you look GREAT! Sounds like we had similar weekends!


                              TN - Wow, weekly already! I can't believe you are at 27 weeks. Sounds like you had a good weekend away!


                              Schmetterling - For the gabrialla, I got the L, but as I said on FB I was on the lower end. I was able to adjust it to fit it snuggly when I was bumpless back at 20 weeks. So if you are doubting the L then I would go with the XL. I was relieved too that I don't work out more than 270m a week (ha not even close at this point). I probably would have started on the laundry already but I don't have any baby detergent, and I keep forgetting to get it! So my mom made a date! Can't forget now...


                              sasha - My freezer is tiny too! It's completely jam packed with stuff LOL I wanted to make more, but I think we need to eat some of the other food first! I hope you have caught up in size! We are probably measuring the same since I'm ahead. It will be interesting to see which one of us goes after Yogi Smile


                              Mann - I feel the same way about my calendar, and have since the beginning of Feb! I hope that I won't have to cancel plans due to baby coming early, I have 3 busy weekends coming up!


                              Laura - ha, I should probably do the same with my calendar, but then again, I think I would go crazy just waiting if I didn't have stuff to keep me occupied! You have a whole house of kids to do that Wink Great job with all the working out! I'm impressed.


                              Trozy - Hey! I don't think I've written a personal to you in a while. Sorry to hear the thyroid levels are going down, frustrating! Everyone in my family has thyroid problems... but I haven't been diagnosed... yet!


                              Off to "run"...

                              PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                                Sasha - Good luck to your DH! What will come first, news about his interview or the baby? Smile Good luck with your midwife appt this week.


                                Mann - I'm so impressed by your HM training. I would bet your co-workers are just mad jealous because you're in amazing shape. Mad Men is such a good show, how do you like it so far?


                                Laura - That does sound like a clear cut dream. Glad to hear your kids were able to be rescued and I hope your van is an easy fix.


                                Trozy - I did look at the size chart and was going to buy the one suggested for my measurements, but seeing I'm only 23 weeks (and hopefully wear this in future pregnancies) I'm going to size up. Worst case scenario I can always sell it, or return it, if the return policies at Amazon aren't too intimidating. Good luck with the spring cleaning!


                                MA - I've heard from moms in my moms group that thyroid issues can pop up after pregnancy, so if you're prone and it runs in the family, I'd just keep an eye out for symptoms in your postpartum time. 

                                Ok, 4:15 and these diapers aren't going to stuff themselves, sadly.