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A Month to Go Monday - Preggos (Read 22 times)


    late personals yet again...


    schmett - I hope your sore throat goes away and doesn't turn into a cold!


    yogi - wow, 40w1d - and still exercising strong - you're awesome! I hope LO makes her own arrival in advance of your induction!


    sasha - thanks for the reassurances, once again - it's hard not to be irrational at midnight when every time I shift things seem to cramp up Smile  It's been better today, so I think it was dehydration, yet again. I hope baby has done lots of growing for you!


    Mann- congrats on nearly the single-digit weeks countdown! Someone told me today that my babies must be extended straight out because I'm all out in front. Gee, thanks, now I think I have a torpedo belly. Awesome job on the walk - you are going to rock the HM.

    Liz - I've been having the same dilemma that you've had with boot camp with my yoga classes - there is another session that starts immediately after this one I'm in, which would cover me from 29-34 weeks, but I'm nervous that bedrest or something else would interfere and I wouldn't be able to attend all the classes and be out the $$.


    Laura- Thanks for sharing the info on protein intake for pregnant women - I'm guessing I'm not getting enough.  Time to eat more eggs and peanut butter, since meat is still not my very good friend.  Your mama-centered pampering sounds like a good idea!!


    trozy - Great job with the miles Saturday - we need to do deep cleaning at our house, too. Since we're in a new development that used to be a field, our house is always dusty, and I still have some rearranging to do after clearing out the office.


    MA - yeah, I'm not really too excited about the weekly appts - more time away from work, but I know it's done as a precaution to make sure babies are doing okay.  I think starting at 30 or 32 weeks I go up to twice weekly? Yikes. That's a lot of trips to bring in my first morning urine. Smile


      sash: Thats great about the interview.


      trozy: I use the medium support band and I'm happy with it.


      Liz: I'm pretty tired when I'm not walking but overall I feel pretty good.  I use a camelbak and take a snack.  Last week I forgot to stretch and my legs were really sore in the evening.


      Laura: great job on the run.  I've tried to run with my dog but he's too fast for me even if I was trying to do speed work I couldint keep up with 2 year old boxer.  Which reminds me I forgot to mention that DH hasnt run outside in probably over two years and whats he decide to do this weekend......run with the dog twice!  I couldnt help to be kinda jealousSad


      Schm: Yes, I'm really liking Mad Men.  The first couple episode were a lil slow but I know its just setting the story and I had to remind myself that I just finished watching 4 seasons of Breaking Bad and I cant compare the two.  Also a great show but violent.


      Thanks everyone for the postivie comments on HM training!!!