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Ready to Spring Wednesday(Over 40) (Read 21 times)

    I'm ready for spring to have sprung, the lion to leave, and to eliminate wind chill from my daily vocabulary.


    No ice but with winds bringing temp to a "feels like" of 11, I'm opting for the warm gym.


    DD is confirmed tonight. Big day for her.  Older sis is her sponsor.




    Mighty Mouse

      Feeling much better today. Meds helping a great deal!

      Bad Ass, congrats on your marathon!

      Arimathea, yes, I’m still doing the weights…just a little each day.

      MarjorieAnn3137, that was outrageous for that man to behave that way to you! A pox on him!

      Virginia123, I’m glad you’re getting through the wisdom teeth thing. Getting them out is a bear.

      Tuesday I had a good 40 minutes run, part with coach. Cardio for 35 minutes when I got home.

      Sinuses are getting better.

      Track run today. Cardio after.

      Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::



      Run to live; live to run

        Lisa good for DD.  Big day for her!


        Thanks Judy.  He is a difficult person in the neighborhood.  He isn't on the board but is a major thorn to every board


        LC Runs

          Good morning


          Lisa - I agree, I am tired of always being cold.  45 degrees would work at this point lol.  Congrats to your DD!


          Judy - glad you are feeling better!


          Hi Marjorie - sorry about the PITA guy (pain in the a**)


          I opted for sleep this morning.  I hope to get outside for a few miles after work, though it's supposed to start snowing again sigh


            Lisa...I opted for the TM too!  Congratulations to DD!


            LC...all of us up here in the north are tired of this cold weather.  First day of Spring my A@#!!!


            Judy...glad you are feeling better with the sinus problem


            So, as I stated I ran today for the first time in a week....felt pretty good runningwise, left side of my face is still bothering me, but not bad enough not to run.  You know I don't think I have eaten a meal in over a month, I have lost some weight.  Now since they took the stitches out I have these huge holes in my mouth that I have to flush out after every time I eat, and now the one side is bleeding again, need to call this morning...kind of tired of all this.  Can you tell I am down in the dumps today?  Hopefully I can get myself in a better mood.  Work tonight, so go in at noon.  I think I might go look for a new pair of shoes, not running, just regular.





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            Bad Ass

              Morning!  I woke up with a migraine and barely slept.  After my 3 last night, Trixie got ill so I had to rush to the vet to make sure she was OK.  She appears to be fine but she's gained 2 lbs in a year.  Fatty pig!  16 pounds of kitty love that sleep on my neck every night.  More miles tonight.


              Tessa, it was great to meet you too!!!!!


              Lisa, awww, confirmation.  Enjoy the ceremony and the run.


              judyruns, hope you continue feeling better.


              Marjorie, glad the person quit.  Hope you find a good substitute.


              LC Runs, I wish I had opted for sleep too.  Glad you enjoyed it.


              Ginny, feel better and hugs.



              "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

              It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                HI!  Group Power class this morning.  Spent yesterday trying to sort out my sewing room that I am moving to the larger bedroom.  What a mess!!  I did manage to get all the stuff into bedrooms so you can at least shut the doors and not see it.  I have created quite a train wreck.

                What was I thinking????


                Have a great day!


                Fire Jumper

                  Hello all!  I'm a little late checking because I overslept this morning!!


                  Got in 2.3 yesterday, and a few more of those pushups.  This afternoon: core/strength work.


                  Today is my running anniversary!!  One year ago today I did my first official workout with the C25K program.   Holy Moly!   I just wanted to finish a 5K and run the Warrior Dash ... I had no intention of becoming a "runner."   And, yet... here I am.  Life is interesting.


                  LC - I hope the running group works out well!

                  Camille - I love Boone!  When I was WAY younger, I did some skiing there.  And the Blue Ridge parkway... stunning!

                  Ginny - LOL.... spring just shouldn't oughta be late!   And hooray on your H-M registration!

                  Sue - nice 6 .... and light taupe should be relaxing!

                  Damaris - Pushups done.... knocked out 10 after my run.... just because I could!  LOL  Sorry about the migraine

                  Karen - oh....please no... not Easter in the snow!  ugh.   I know... it happens.  We have had snow in May (Mother's day) up here.

                  Marjorie - I know you're right.  35 is tough for newbies.  I hope we don't have to cancel the first day.  I don't want to lose excitement right at the beginning.

                  Tessa - I do know that you are Marjorie are right.  I have to curb my "go get 'em, tiger" attitude and postpone the first run, if necessary.  I can see how doing your first workout in yucky conditions might have an even worse effect than postponing.

                  Lisa - Wind chill... please remind me of that when I'm whining about the humidity!  Smile

                  Judy - Nice run and cardio!  Hope the track run is fun.


                  Thank you all for your support and encouragement (and patience) through my struggles, stumbles and successes in my first year of running.   You guys rock!  Now.... on to the 10K!


                  Be well,


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                    Congratulations and blessings for Kaite! Big day. What saint has she selected as her confirmation saint? (I'm guessing there will be an increase in Francis/Frances next year.)


                    Judy, glad the meds are helping.


                    Pox indeed on the guy in Marjorie's HOA. Always nice when someone doesn't want to be on the board (or can't get elected to the HOA board) but thinks he should be listened to and deferred to on every matter.


                    I'll pass on the congratulations to Melissa!


                    Laura, I keep telling you guys, come on out here. It's supposed to be 80 again by Saturday.


                    Ginny, ugh on the ongoing dental issues. I thought mouths were supposed to heal quickly, but maybe that's cuts rather than actual missing tissue?


                    Glad you got a run in. Sorry you are not able to eat properly. Lots of smoothies and soup?


                    Damaris, 2 lbs doesn't sound like that much, but when you consider that it's 15% of Trixie's starting weight, that's a lot. And it's so hard to put one pet on a diet and not another.


                    Marjorie, glad the PITA board member has quit.


                    Susan, now that DS2 is at school and looks like he's staying there you're going to use his bedroom as the sewing room? And the sewing room will become the guest room? Sensible. When (and if...) my offspring move out for good I shall do that also.


                    Happy running anniversary Julie! 10K, here she comes...then half marathon...you're edging further and further to the dark side...*evil laugh*


                    Did not get up this morning. I was up late and had a spat with DH and slept in DD's room, two warm purring cats won out over going for a run. I will go to the gym at lunch.


                    Happy runs!


                      Julie...congratulations on one year running!  You are hooked and will be probably be running for years to come now.  It gets into your blood.


                      karen...growing up in Western NY, we hardly ever had an Easter where we didn't have to wear a winter coat!  This weather really isn't unusual, just annoying.


                      Tessa....I guess mouths are fast to heal...but not extraction of wisdom teeth, I am being a baby, I will be fine, just one of those days.


                      Lisa...sorry I really didn't know what was happening with Kaite today, just knew it was a big event and it is!!





                      6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


                      Run to live; live to run

                        11.4ish.  Closer to 11.5 but I'll round down.  I had a massive bloody nose before mile one and it took forever to get it to stop (10min at least).  Sigh.  I forgot to turn off the Garmin and even though I didn't walk around I will just round down the miles.


                        Now that the one person has quit it is a lot easier for me to get people to be interested in the board.  Not that they will flock to serve but ones that would have said "hell no" with her on are now saying they will probably do it.  I've asked 4 people.  We have 3-4 openings since she scared so many off.  Only one has said no for certain because of his health.  I have 4 more I can ask now that she is not on.


                        Ginny so sorry you have to continue to deal with this issue

                        Hey Damaris!  Hope the kitty is okay


                        Sue I have to get a lot of stuff out of our room today as they are coming to put in the new floor tomorrow and DH isn't here so it is all up to me.  At least the guys tomorrow will move all the furniture out.  DH and I can move some of it tomorrow am when he gets home before they arrive. They called late last night and said they'd be here Thursday.


                        Julie oh HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!


                        Laura doesn't look very springy up there yet!  We cooled off today but not as much as they said we would.  It is in the 60's already and we were barely to get to 60 so that is good


                        Tessa he was on the board years ago and is the reason we had an amendment to the governing doctrines they needed something to remove a bad member.  We were going to use that to get rid of the lady but thank goodness we didn't have to as it means a special meeting etc and that costs the HOA money and we have to have a quorum etc.  I have any email he sends to automatically go to trash as he goes crazy on stupid stuff and won't let it go.  He was very threatening at the last meeting and well, our next one will not be open to the membership.



                          So it seems that I tweaked my hamstring racing on Saturday. It didn't bother me on Sunday or Monday's run, but was so sore today that I aborted my tempo run and turned for home. Of course, I was about as far away from home as the run called for, so I still wound up with 8.5 miles, but not at a fast pace. I'm going to take tomorrow and Friday off and see how if feels on Saturday.


                          Yesterday was and interesting day. I went in for what I thought was just an evaluation of my tooth to see whether I needed a root canal. They evaluated, then said "Yep, you need one, let's get you numbed up." Now, one thing you ladies don't know about me is that I'm VERY phobic about having my teeth worked on. I can't even get through having my teeth cleaned without fingernail marks in my palms from clenching my fists. So my hands started to shake immediately and my response was "Wait - we're doing this NOW?" It's probably just as well - that way I didn't have time to work myself up for it. Plus, I had forgotten how fast the first part of the process really is - it only took him about 10 minutes, once I was numb, to remove the nerves, pack it with an antibiotic, and seal it up. The next appointment will be the really long one, with lots of use of the dreaded drill.


                          Camille - what's the name of the farm where your DD is getting married? Karen is right, my MIL is in the area, although closer to Johnson City than Boone.


                          Lisa - congrats to Kaite! What a big day. I feel you pain about the cold - I'm tired of it, and I don't have to deal with nearly the low temps you do!


                          Judy - glad the meds are helping.


                          Marjorie - glad to hear the difficult member quit. I have a PT question - should I foam roll the sore hamstring?


                          Laura - hope you are able to get out after work. My parents (in upstate NY, near Julie) just got several more inches of snow, and they are SO tired of it.


                          Ginny - sorry the teeth are still giving you trouble. I had a dry socket after I had my wisdom teeth out, and I had to rinse it out after eating. But on a happy note, yay for Hatfield McCoy! I'm looking forward to meeting you.


                          Damaris - sorry about the migraine and the sick kitty. We keep thinking about getting a kitten, but then I hear stories like yours and think hmmm, maybe not.


                          Crazysue - yay on the new sewing room! It's hard for me to imagine a day when I'll be using the boys' bedrooms for something like that.


                          Julie - happy running anniversary! Tessa's right, you're on the path to the dark side. You'll be registering for a half before you know it.


                          Tessa - sorry about the spat with DH, but the purring kitties sound nice!



                          2017 Races: Turkey Strut 5K 11/23, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/2


                          Run to live; live to run

                            Cindy yes that will help.  Ice and even just some stretches will help



                              LisaMMR - Congratulations to Kaite, and how wonderful your older DD is sponser!  Will be a special time.

                              Judy - glad the meds are helping!

                              LCRuns - Seriously...aren't you done with this weather...ugh!  It is very windy down here.  Hope you get your run in.

                              Ginny - You are not whining...dental work does take a toll on you.

                              Cindy - I agree that it is best that the dentist just did it without giving you time to think about it!

                              Damarais - 16 pound kitty - wow!  Hope your headache goes away.

                              Julie - Happy Runiversary!!!  You have come along way in 1 year!  You are on the way to 10k and beyond!

                              Tessa - boo on the spat with DH....


                              Ok, weigh in wednesday for me and I am FRUSTRATED and need advice... down about 3 pounds - which is fine.  BUT I am really feeling tired and rundown.  I have been very honestly tracking intake and exercise on a program called Lose it (similar to My fitness pal).  Last week it showed at the end of the week I was  about 1,200 in the "hole", and that is with a 1,200 cal (so already figuring 500 less a day)....I am not really hungry, but wonder if I am not taking in enough to account for the exercise I do.  So my ? for you those who lost weight - did you eat the recommended calories/points to account for exercise and for those that maintain a lean weight - do you feel you have to eat "enough"...hope that made sense.




                                Hi, runners!  I wrote a long note...it wouldn't post...tried to copy it but it wouldn't even do that.  So few quick things... I'll catch up during morning coffee tomorrow.


                                Julie, congrats on your anniversary!   You have made amazing progress!! (Esp for a diva.  Wink

                                Ginny, bummer on the mouth stuff.  Sounds miserable.

                                Lisa, congrats to Katie!!

                                Demaris, I read the race report! Congrats!

                                Judy, glad the meds are helping!

                                Marjorie, glad that board member resigned.

                                Tessa, sorry about spat with hubby. You deserved to sleep in-you so rarely do.


                                Carol, I don't have great ideas on the weight/food. I've watch mine for years, but still gain at times.  Great on -3, btw!  Think how far ahead you are compared to a winter gain.  : )


                                I felt good and did 4.5 yesterday. Slept poorly last night  and walked (jogged a little)  3 today. Was supposed to do speedwork/intervals, but didn't have it in me-tomorrow.  I found a nice little greenway in Cleveland Tn this a.m. on the way home It's spring there with budding trees, many birds,etc. Wished I'd known it was there before I checked out of hotel...I wa s in my jeans.   : )