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beskirted & manicured

    RR - 10K easy with Sam.  Last double digit midweek run!


    TR  - reports say that he was being a PITA at daycare and so were all the other kids, driving daycare lady crazy.  Maybe not so secretly, I snicker.


    FR - crockpot orange chicken.  A different recipe than last week.  Involves marmalade. Brown rice, green beans and/or broccoli.



    let's see if I can get through some personals from yesterday..


    re: fish chowder..I invented this recipe, I think.

    Put some olive oil in a pot.  chop onions and celery and cook for a few minutes.  Fill pot with water, just covering the veggies and bring to a boil.  Chop potatoes and add when boiling.  Season with fresh ground pepper and Old Bay.  Reduce heat and simmer until potatoes are done. Chop fish (I use tilapia) into bite sized pieces and add to pot, pour in some 2% evaporated milk until there is enough liquid, return to boil over medium heat.  If you want a thicker soup, add a cornstarch slurry before adding the milk.


    eh - nope, no swing in our yard.  I don't know if you ever saw in my yard, since you've only been to my house in the dark, but the yard is HUGE and could totally accomodate a swingset.


    jen - did you take him to a kid's hair place? I think those are SO worth the money, the stylists are awesome at manoevring around squirmy kids.


    ernie - is your bootcamp indoors or out? $100 jeans? yeah check out Brody from Bootlegger.  I was looking at the website after you mentioned jeans and the regular-rise-yet-sexy jeans are on sale for under $30.


    bermy - glad you enjoyed the hockey game. DH and I go whenever we can afford it, which is not very often, because the only way to get tickets here is through scalping and even the cheap seats are $100+ per ticket. This is my kitchen (pic is from before we moved in).  I could use 50's style appliances too...

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      RR - just over 5 miles, and both my knees ached..


      BR - was grumpy all day for the nanny which wasn't surprising given her late night on Tuesday... had 2 temper tantrums within an hour of me getting home.  Then she surprised me by eating peas AND broccoli, but passing on the chicken.


      NRR - not much... starting a new project at work and feeling totally lost on what I'm supposed to be doing.  At times I get frustrated and need to walk around the office to clear my head, and of course I end up stopping by my coworker's desk... the one that has all the candy sitting out.. yea, I need to stay away from that desk..


        zorbs - Enjoy your 10K this morning.  Yum..your orange chicken recipe sounds really good this time. I  hope it works out.  Too bad daycare lady isn't so nice or we might feel bad that the kids were naughty...ha!  Yes, I do take J to a kids haircut place.  So they have toys, TV to watch, etc.  He was scared and she was really good with him but he was really still while she was by his ear and then jerked hard...needless to say he got cut...too bad!  It didn't bother him though.


        RR - Got out late for my run after work because I was waiting for the guy whose job I have to come meet with me...jerk never showed up and emailed me at 9:45 last night...seriously!  DON"T WASTE MY TIME!  I still did all 5 miles and then picked up J and just had to shower when we got home...made J play in the bathroom.  Hoping for 5 again today.  Hope the rain clears!


        TR - Was so good for me last night.  Happy, cuddly, etc.  Wakes up this morning tired but he had a huge blowout so that is what woke him.  Then he was Mr. whiney pants all morning...he was driving me nuts.  I hope daycare snaps him out of it.


        NRR - So angry at DH.  He has no idea what it is like to be pg, work full-time, and be a single parent.  So he calls from his hotel room in NYC while he is waiting for his room service to come...to tell me he booked a work trip next Tuesday-Friday.  UM????  WTF?  It isn't required it is just a conference he wants to go to.  SERIOUSLY?  So can I book myself a getaway without asking, last minute, and just EXPECT he be there to care for James.  He has no regard for my schedule and what I have going on.  He thinks because he makes more money that his job is the only thing that matters.  Then he starts telling me how he HATES traveling and being away...blah blah.  So I gave him the same lecture he gives me.  LIfe is about choices...you made the choice to take a job that requires travel so you better not complain.  I have moved my life twice for his job and have give up my jobs and my friends for his job.  He has NO right to complain to me about it.  If he doesn't like it...then do something about it.  Talking to him about this issue is like talking to a wall too...since he will NEVER understand what I am going through.  END RANT...sorry about that.

          RR: managed to get about 4 miles in before anyone (including the dog) woke up this morning! Going to try and start back on the morning runs, definitely need to do some shopping, my shoes are basically minimalist shoes at this point and I'm down to 2 pairs of shorts - how this happened I'm not sure..


          Zorbs: any suggestions for dried and cracked cuticles?  maybe a professional mani is on order??


          CTimes two - Stay away from the candy desk! We have one of those at my office and sometimes I grab a piece and hand it to someone else.


          Marathon Jen: I wish my DH traveled more! He used to at a former job but now he's home all the time.  I would love a night of not worrying about dinner, watching chick flicks and having the whole be to myself.  Wish I was closer , i'd be glad to help you out!  Maybe you could spend some of DH's money on a 'mother's helper' to have on standby?


            zorbs - your fish chowder recipe sounds good... i'm a terrible cook, so there's no way I'd ever come up with something like that!


            jen - so sorry about the stuff going on with DH.. I can't imagine how hard it is to be single parenting all the time and working, let alone being pg.. i think most men don't get it b/c they don't want to...


            dexy - i only own 3 pairs of running shorts that I like.. i'm really picky about running shorts (certain length, certain material) but i'm too cheap to buy new ones..




              RR:  Thinking it will be 4 between work and yet another meeting....I think I am starting to slow down already.  Boo.


              TR:  Was a completely different child last night which was awesome.  I don't think he had a single meltdown.  He did awesome at his appointment too.  His stats are great.  He is super tall, just like his dad.  He is 85% for height!  Spending the day with grandma again.


              NRR:  Feeling better this morning.  Its been a rough week emotionally.  I had a dream about the baby last night.  The baby was sticking its hand out of my belly and we could see all its fingers!  Very alien like...  DH might go out tonight with a friend...upon my suggestion.  I wish I wouldn't have suggested it.  Although, Greys is on and I an actually watch it by myself the night it airs!


              FR:  Tuna noodle salad.  Not sure about tonight.  If DH is out, I might take J out for dinner.


              PGR:  I found low rise draw string pants in my closet.  They are more spring/summer, but it feels SO good to not be wearing that belly band!  J's doc last night kept looking at my stomach to see if I was really pg.  My jacket hides it pretty well.  Ha!

              Upcoming Races: 

              Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                RR - 8k with RP and stroller this evening, ab workout. I didn't go to bootcamp or run yesterday (see NRR) but I did ST.


                TR - Climbed into bathtub and poured entire bottle of shampoo over her head. That was an interesting clean up.


                FR - Spaghetti and salad...I didn't cook yesterday either!


                NRR - All plans went awry yesterday! I guess S was exhausted from numerous nights of poor sleep due to teething, because she took a morning nap for the first time in seven months and I missed boot camp as a result. Then my power was out because some dude crashed his monster truck into a hydro transformer!?! Then it was pouring buckets and freezing cold, so RP and I decided to skip our run and run together tonight instead. Then it snowed. Then S and I went to bed at 8 pm (that part of the day was awesome!).




                zorbs - Ha ha, it brings me joy to hear that kids were driving daycare lady crazy. My boot camp is inside. Next week is the last class. I will check out those jeans for sure - sounds like a great deal!


                cx2 - Those candy desks are dangerous. One of my friends was trying to lose weight with no success...until she got a new job where there was no candy desk and suddenly the pounds started falling off.


                Jen - Glad you had a happy baby last night...and glad you get to go to work today to get away from Mr. Whiny Pants this morning! Ugh, I would be pissed at DH, too. A friend and I were just talking about the way men seem to just make plans and expect us to figure out the child care arrangements...not fair at all, even if they are making more money!


                Dexy - Strange that your shorts seems to have disappeared, but it's always nice to have a reason to buy more running gear!

                5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                  rr: 3m last night. rest now until our relay on Saturday.


                  br: just realized he popped an incisor and almost has another molar. dh and c hung out alone for awhile last night, so dh was telling me all the funny things he did. so cute.


                  tr: dd2 is wearing my original sweaty band today. she's a bit obsessed. we're buying her running shorts for her birthday!


                  tr2: dd1 had the biggest meltdown when she realized we missed snacktime last night. seriously, like that's the worst thing going on in your world?


                  tr3: swimming lessons tonight for dd1 and then an art reception at the library for dd2.


                  nrr: stopped by my sil's last night (my brother is in Germany right now) to pick up 2T clothes for c. she said she is sad that they won't need the little boy stuff anymore because they are having another girl and she's getting her tubes tied during the C-section. both her kids were terrible while we there. just terrible as her son actually told dd1 he was going to cut her head off (he's 4 mind you) and then proceeded to throw a horse at her that scratched up her neck. I still look at her and want to say: give me five good reasons you thought having another baby was a good idea. she also just switched jobs to one in town over a job she loved. she hates this new job and is quitting as of june 1st. now she has to decide if she wants to go back to her old job or work casually for them as she said once the baby comes she will not be making any move or even losing money once they pay for daycare. once again back to why did you think this was a good idea? whoa, sorry for the rant. guess I needed to get that out.


                  fr: I just asked dh to bring home jimmy john's for supper. convenient since his new building is across of jimmy john's and as of may 1st qdoba too!!


                  zorbs: after babysitting my niece and nephew for one entire day, I realized I could never, ever have an in-home daycare. it takes a special type of personal to do that, and i'm not one of them. although I was a teacher....hmm....


                  cx2: I often times when we have excess Halloween or Valentine's candy give it to dh to put on his desk at work for others to grab. I stopped in one time and he doesn't put it out, he hoards it so he can only eat it!


                  jen: how annoying about the guy not showing up. you could have felt him out about next year too. weird about dh booking another work trip and then complaining about travel. as I have told you several times this week, I am just such a firm believer (like you) in not complaining about something you have total control over. glad j was good for you last night. c's new thing is to poop himself awake from bedtime and naptime. so gross.


                  dexy: next week it is supposed to be super nice out with lows in the 50s, so I told myself I need to get up early and run. I hate actually getting up and doing it but it does make me feel so good the rest of the day.


                  mer: good call on the drawstring pants! you have so many work meetings!


                  ernie: yikes to the shampoo mess and whoa to the day that went awry. we had spaghetti too. does your husband travel for work?




                    RR - rest day.  Stopped raining yesterday so I ended up playing tennis last night.  Thankfully she changed me from singles to doubles so I didn't have to run around quite so much.


                    BR - thinking I'm going to take him on my house-hunting trip in May so I will be looking for ways to entertain a toddler on a plane.  I could leave him here with MIL but I thought I'd make it easier on her by taking 1 kid with and he'll be easy enough while we're there, it's just keeping him seated on the plane that will be a challenge.  The boy loves to run!


                    KR - DD2's 8th birthday today!


                    FR  - pizza and cake


                    NRR -Taking my car in to have the guy look at it and give us a trade in value.  We both need new cars now that we are moving up to the snow.  Mine isn't 4 wheel drive and I think I'm going to need it up there.  It's only 2 years old and I like it so I'm getting the same thing but  adding a remote car starter.  DH's car is front wheel drive which is no good in snow so he'll be looking too, but I'll let him worry about that.


                      Ctimes - Sorry that C was so cranky and had meltdowns for you last night.  Great job on the 5 miles...hope your knees are ok.  Ugh to the frustrating work project.  I hope you can figure it out and finish it soon.


                      Dexy - Great job on the 4 this morning.  Yes, it is nice when DH is gone to sleep in the bed alone...I sleep so much better and to watch my own shows.  However, it sucks going right from work to picking up J, and doing all his nightly things, and putting him to bed.  By the time I am done I am exhausted.


                      Mer - Glad J was so good for you last night.  Hopefully it will be the same today since you are on your own with him.  Sounds like a fun mother son outing for dinner.  Yay for comfy pants today!  I am now craving Tuna noodle salad...boo.


                      ernie - Sorry about your plans for yesterday getting tossed...but at least S took a nap!  Sounds like some yucky weather in your area.


                      Canada Ladies - Do you still have snow on the ground?  My hometown, in the UP of MIchigan, has over 30 inches of snow on the ground still...so crazy.  I hope the weather is nicer for everyone else.


                        zorbs - enjoy that last longer midweek run! I hope taper is going well.


                        cx2 - yay for veggie eating! i have no willpower when people have treats at work.


                        jen - sorry about DH and his traveling, I feel bad that you always have to single parent. I cant imagine doing all that while being preggo.


                        dexy - congrats on the early morning run! I was doing really good with the early AMs but lately sleep has been my bff.


                        mer - lol at the dr checking out your belly. boo to work stress! we dont have a handbook yet and that is the stress around here, how bad is the school board going to screw us over?



                        RR - 10 last night with DH on the trails, I cant remember the last time we got to run together, it was like a little date!


                        TR - very into taking care of her babies right now, "I can't get my jammies on I have to feed my baby"


                        BR - this kid is 100% boy and drives his older sis crazy already. he's a little hell raiser lately and I fee like a referee


                        FR - breakfast egg bake


                        ugh students are here, i will be back at lunch to finish personals.


                          RR: taking DS to the expo. I am going today as my running club is going en masse, I don't want to be stood around for ages on my legs tomorrow afternoon/eve and I need to change my corral and address on my info form. My estimated finishing time is 4.15 at the moment but I ran one of the five 20milers with stroller in 3.07 so I am assuming (this could be stupid) that I will be able to break 4 so I want to start ahead of that I think. I will speak to them and see what they say. There are 30,000 people with hm and fm so I think I need to be in the right place to save precious energy.


                          RR2: absolutely chewing at the bit to go running. Am being very disciplined. My legs feel incredibly fresh and I have a drive like no other.


                          NRR: drive into downtown, exchange some jeans. I got straight and I want boot.


                          TR: we started a new wave of baby proofing last night - like taping down the heating/AC vents which are in the floor except they weren't stuck down so DS takes them off and looks like he is going to toss his toys down the pipes. Not good. And I have 2 ovens and he can open the lower one (clearly not when it was on).


                          FR: sweet potato fritatta (spelling?). DH didn't get home til gone 7 last night so I snuck out with DS and had whole foods sushi. I love that stuff.

                          5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                          beskirted & manicured

                            cx2 - new shoes needed perhaps?


                            jen - I feel that way when DH takes his annual week-long business trip. He technically isn't having oodles of fun, but being able to sit in a bar and enjoy some drinks, and sleeping starfish style in a hotel sure sounds fun enough to me, and when he "complains" about it, I want to stab him. re: snow none on the ground, thank god.


                            dexy - I'd get a mani to clean things up, and then use hand cream and this is the cuticle oil I like best.  I use it every time I finish painting my nails, so 3-4x/week.


                            mer - when I was pg, I was the opposite, felt completely naked without something around my belly.  Your dinner sounds good, I have recently gotten over my phobia of cooked tuna but haven't made it at home yet..I've just had salad bar tuna salad.


                            ernie - is your RP as fast as you?


                            mrszm - how many legs/distance are you running in the relay?


                            moxie - usually my taper madness manifests itself in Extreme Retail Therapy, and I have to go to the mall to buy the scarf to go with the dress for the wedding, this could get ugly...


                            arm - I'm pretty sure my car isn't 4 wheel drive and I drive it in the snow.

                            5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



                              zorbs: I am running 2 legs back to back totally 8.85 miles. it's a 55 mile relay and we have 6 runners. during our fall relay we all did split legs and that was no good, so we all opted to run back to back this time.


                                Mer - I think it's impressive that you are just slowing down now! Glad you had a fuss-free boy last night and a good appt...hopefully he is good for you tonight and you can enjoy a relaxing evening watching Grey's. I am a full season behind on Grey's so I have some serious catching up to do at some point.


                                Mrszm - Wow, incisor and a molar and he was still sleeping like a champ! I had to Google Jimmy John's and I wish I hadn't because now I want it and can't get it here! My DH doesn't travel for work but his normal shift is 2-10 pm plus he works a lot of overtime so I am on my own with S in the evenings and often on weekends.


                                Arm - Glad you got your tennis in and nice that you got a bit of a break by playing doubles. No ankle twinges, hopefully? Happy 8th birthday to DD! I am terrified by the idea of taking S on a plane since she won't sit still either, so I am interested to hear any tips you get! My ideas would be iPad and lots of snacks.


                                Moxie - Running date with DH sounds like fun! I don't think I can convince my DH to run more than a mile.


                                Bermy - Good idea on the corral change. You are totally going to run sub 4. I love that chomping at the bit feeling - you are ready to race!


                                Jen - We don't have any snow on the ground here (I'm in Ontario, an hour north of Toronto). It was like a blizzard here last night, but nothing stuck and it's supposed to warm up to the 60s now.


                                Zorbs - Nope, my RP is much slower. But we are good friends and started running together in 2010, so I still run with her one evening a week at a 7:00/km pace and treat it like a nice easy run/gossip session. I used to run with a male RP and we were the exact same speed, but now he hasn't run in a year.

                                5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15