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Not Too Soon Thursday (Over 40) (Read 156 times)

    Julie-nice run. No clue on the heart rate thingie.


    Camille-we are in an improved state now.  I had suggested doing some pop pysch stuff like consciously say at least one nice thing about other person each day. that sort of stuff. Now I need to pin a couple of these down as a commitment.


    Lisa-crazy isn't it how quick the weight comes.


    ASusan-wtg on the class!


    Tessa-this is what is on FB. Also a couple of pics of Karnel and link to her Amazing Pictures page (also on FB).


    Last email I had to Bill was to stress again that this was a group effort/brain child and he wanted me to be sure to thank all for thinking of Karnel and the family. I think if he sees a number of people doing this that will be the blessing for him... not even as much donation-wise ... in the end that will make an impact but right now it's the idea of many people taking part that is hitting him.





    Karnel Hudson, a loving mother, wife, daughter, sister, and teacher left this world on November 20, 2012.


    She was also member of a online running group of women over 40.  She inspired all of us, she listened to our joys and woes, she made each of us feel as if the smallest run/walk/work out was an amazing feat - because for her, every event was valued and valuable.  We miss her dearly.


    This is a virtual event which can be done within a week either way of Karnel's birthday, to honor Karnel's positive spirit and to benefit her family.


    In keeping with Karnel's wonderful belief that every workout, every run or walk counted there is no specific method or distance to be completed to participate as one of Karnel's Amazing People.  Always an inspiration to others and inspired by the efforts of others, Karnel will be cheering from above.


    We also know that Karnel loved sharing her joy of movement with others so there is no specific location. This is mainly about doing something amazing, not donating.  There is no requirement to donate unless you care to.


    Please add a photo of yourself before your personal event and tell us what it will be.  Then perhaps another during or after your event to this page as one of Karnel's Amazing People.  If possible include the Leaf pictured here for the event.  Maybe holding it, pinned to your shirt, or pinned to a hat.  Have fun with the idea of showing off that YOU are one of Karnel's Amazing People.  Through her kindness, selflessnesh, and ability to lift others, she has touched so many both near and far, young and old, big and small.  Let's create a pictoral display of how far and wide her light shone.


    When:  Your event could be anytime during the 2 weeks surrounding Karnel's birthday on February 5. 


    Where:  Anywhere.  Treadmill, road, gym track, wooded trail, or even your own living room.


    What counts: Walk, run, crawl, climb stairs, jump, swim, bike, hike, do sit ups... it all counted to Karnell so will all count here.  You decide what you will challenge yourself with, be photographed with picture/graphic at your event, and upload your photo here.  Know that Karnel would be the first to say "good job!"


    Cost: No cost but your remembrance donation will go directly to Karnel's family. 


    Donations: Donations can be made directly to Bill Hudson 8016 State Route 61, Plymouth OH 44865, United States  Checks can be made out to Bill Hudson, Karnel's husband. You may also donate through Paypal via Karnel's Amazing Event on Blogstop. 


    Follow link here: http://karnelsamazingevent.blogspot.com/



    Need to take my pic and put it on there saying what I'm going to do.  Anyone know if there is a way to attach a photo gallery so we can have Karnel's Amazing People in one place?




    Mighty Mouse

      Great idea and thanks for all the preparation. Smile


      Yesterday I did 60 minutes with cardio DVD and some domestic cross training.

      Track run with Fast Buddy today. He's getting faster. I am trying to prepare the rodent legs. Big grin

      Happy runs, All!  ::::HUGS::::



      Mighty Mouse

        MarjorieAnn3137, yes! Doc told me since I am a pronator (corrected by arch supports during running) I had not been putting them into the shoe for walking. I added the arch supports and the heel is getting better! I could run ok or walk barefoot with no problems. Now the walking is much better. Big grin Thanks for asking!

        I also have a bruised bone on my left hand at the wrist. Doc said it looks like sometime I fell and caught myself with my hands. I can remember the hurt but not when I did it.



          Morning Ladies!


          Weigh in Wednesday (a day late) down .5 yesterday am  ....but that is better than the 2 I was up on Monday.  I think I have to do some thinking of what I can change up to get this last bit of weight off a little faster.    Camille great job on your weight!  Knitqueen, I was right there with ya on the +2 until yesterday am....it will come off.


          LisaMMR - The note from Bill was wonderful. Glad you and DH are in a good place right now!

          Judy - Hope the rodent legs are prepared and ready to RUN!


          We are off to Florida this am.  Aly was granted a "Make a Wish", and her wishes were Disney or the Dollar Store Smile   DD asked us to join them and be a part of her Make a Wish.  We found out about the date while we were on our vacation in November...financially we weren't ready for this, but  how do you NOT go and be a part....it is only $, right....  Anyhow, I would never say this to DD, but this feels very bittersweet....I am excited she gets this opportunity, but it is the reminder that she has a life threatening condition that qualifies her.....they suggest that they apply after the 3rd sugery. So anyhow....off to Orlando for us for a week!


          How are people doing Karnel's amazing event as far as the picture of the leaf?  How are you downloading it...I am DUMB & DUMBER when it comes to the computer.


          Oh, running.....I jumped on DM for 30" of hill w/o last night!  Of course taking running gear to Flo. with me!




            Good morning!

            Judy, nice the inserts help with your heel!

            Carol, enjoy the trip with Ali!  After all she's been thru with her surgeries, she deserves a Disney trip and is the perfect age for the magic. Enjoy!  Congrats on the extra lb. loss. I missed Knit Queen's/Lisa's and thought I'd read all-will reck.

            Lisa,   youdeserve a lot of credit for Karnel's event because you've taken the lead.  I'll do a pic there in a day or two.  Glad things are going better for you and hubby.  Smile  Let me know ifyou want that link.

            Mommymac, from a couple days ago...I'm sure I would have enjoyed Houston more with better weather, but I tend to only do the big events once. I've only done 11 fulls and know I don't have that many left in me-I'm 62-and there are other races I'd like to do.  It was a very well organized, fine event.   I do think Twin Cities and MCM were nicer big events due to  crowding and course.

            Karen, I can't wait to see how Mt Mitchell goes.  Also,  it's nice that you are doing the Sandy Hook run.

            Jules, glad you did OK on the run. Are you taking a bit of protein (peanut butter/cheese) with the glucose tabs to avoid the rebound hypoglycemia?

            Wed weigh in for me, too. I like my home scale better than Mother's. Smile  Wt 134.5, so down 1.5 from Jan 1. I'm baking cookies for a blood drive  so resisting those will be a challenge.

            Plan an easy 3 this am.  We're predicted to get snow or ice later. A house in a forest and an ice storm is a recipe for no power... will prepare as best I can for that possibility.

            Have a great day!


            Run to live; live to run

              11.1 miles for me this am.  Clinic training and meeting.  FE with Damaris for dinner and happy hour tonight.  Looking forward to it.


              Dad is just frustrating.  Still have issues that he is not coming clean on the ring that I know he bought. He doesn't want me to look at his credit card statement even though I already have.  He doesn't know I already looked at it.  So some evasiveness. still.  I did make a fake email and sent it to his "GF"  I doubt she will respond.  What he wanted me to send was ridiculous.  I changed it some.  Sigh he knows this is a scam but he so wants it not to be.  It is so sad.


              Julie glad the coccyx is better.  HR monitor may have not been making good contact if it was all over the board?


              Judy glad you found out what happened to that poor foot.


              Carol have a good trip.


              Congrats to all on their wt challenge so far.


              Bad Ass

                Morning!  Sorry for my MIA-ness.  Work has been busy and yesterday, we had that Cirque show and it was quite a hectic day.  4 recovery miles this morning and working from home, which should give me a bit more time to chat, LOL.


                MyMomRuns, So, the 27th of January would count for the event?  I have a marathon there and would like to take a picture of me with the leave in her honor.  Sounds like it would fall within the 2 weeks surrounding the day.


                judyruns, domestic XT?  You mean chores?  Nice job on the run and the XT!  Enjoy the track workout.


                Bikerchick, I am dumber too and I don't know how to do it either.  I don't have a color printer except at the office, so I need to find out how to print it before the day.  Enjoy Orlando.


                camille, hope your 3 went well.


                Marjorie, cannot wait to see you tonight and tomorrow for our dinner.drinks.run extravaganza!


                Have a nice day!



                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                  Marjorie, nice miles, as per usual.  : )

                  Demaris, not to worry about MIA. Most only post daily and some occ. Have a great time with Marjorie.


                  Julie, I meant to comment on HR monitor and your pulse earlier.   They can be inaccurate, esp if it's a quick blip on graph. If the graph is fairly constant, I'd be inclined to think it's correct.  I have more trouble with HR monitor  not picking up all beats due to poor contact-you have to make sure you moisten it or sweat and your bra isn't blocking contact.  Once you get to sweating, they usu work pretty well.  With a high number, you could be seeing artifact from it picking up movement (repositioning the band or something) or static  if it was just a quick blip on the graph.  I'm not surprised that your rate was higher than norm since you've been feeling bad and I don't think a low resting would indicate you wouldn't normally get higher. Most people exercise in the 65-90% of max range depending on workout for day.  The >200 is a pretty odd. Do you know your max?    There are a few formulas out there. Free advice/opinion and you know what those are worth. : ). Take care.

                  Just thought to ck:  Here are the GPS great, dcrainmaker,  comments on the issue.  http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2010/04/troubleshooting-your-heart-rate.html



                    Lisa, thanks for the links! I will print the leaf and carry it at Calico. Must remember to take pictures. Running neighbour is coming too so she should be able to do photos.


                    Carol, enjoy Disney, maybe you can meet up with Julia while you're there? I'm sure Aly will love it. And yes, bittersweet, but still, nice. (Dollar Store? Bless her heart.)


                    Damaris, which race are you doing? I'm also racing the 27th.


                    4 this morning with neighbour and her DH in blustery winds. We all voted to go out into the wind so we could come back with it behind us. Good news is that it was 52 degrees, so shorts and a LS cotton t-shirt worked just fine.


                    And I had a quiet morning yesterday -- but the starter went out on the van in the afternoon. $622. DAMMIT. Just what I need after the holidays!


                    Happy runs, everyone.


                      Hi ladies-


                      Ok, today was my third consecutive run in the rain (5.2 miles). I'm ready for some sunshine already! At least it was better than yesterday - not raining as hard and not as cold as yesterday's 40 degrees. After my run and went for my physical and had to have blood drawn AND a shot! Feh.


                      Lisa - glad things are a bit improved with DH. I need to figure out what my amazing event is going to be.


                      Judy - yay for figuring out the source of the heel pain.


                      Carol - enjoy Disney, and enjoy Aly!


                      Camille - I'm not part of the weight loss challenge, but I do need to get a few pounds off. I was down 1.5 pounds today. I will also be baking cookies today; I'm taking dinner to my neighbor who has a new baby.


                      Marjorie and Damaris - enjoy the FE.


                      Tessa - ugh, I hate unexpected expenses. Our roof is leaking with all this rain, and I'm dreading finding out how much that will set us back.


                      Off to have some lunch - leftover potato soup, yummy. It's the perfect day for it.



                      2015 Races: St. Leo's 10K 3/21, Tar Heel 10-Miler 4/18,  Salem Lake 7-Mile Trail Run 9/26, Turkey Strut 5K 11/26, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/5

                      Anonymous Guest


                        Nothing like our web site being down to make for a fun day. Frustrating to say the least, and there is nothing I can do to fix it (trust me, I've tried). Have called in the big guns, will see how long it takes them.


                        6 mile tempo run tonight. With freezing rain/snow coming our way, I'll be doing this on the TM. Must remember to convert 8:12 min/mile pace to mph, which will frighten me I'm sure. For whatever reason (could be my TM is not properly calibrated, could be my fear of falling off the treadmill, could be the way I run), I can't seem to run as fast on the TM as I can on the roads. Anyway, with warm up and cool down, it will be about 9 miles on the TM - yuck. And DH and I have gotten out of sync on our tough workouts - his are Mondays and Wednesdays, mine are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Which isn't bad except for timing dinner. When you don't have a tough workout, you don't want to wait for the other person to finish running/riding to eat dinner! I should talk to his coach.


                        I hope printing out the leaf works okay. It wasn't a really big file to start with since I took the picture from Karnel's facebook pictures  page. It may be blurry if you try to make it very big.


                        Carol, enjoy Disney with Aly!

                        More later. Web site seems to be back - answer to question in first paragraph is 2 hours.


                        Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                        Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?

                        Bad Ass

                          Even though I am working from home today, I've gone crazy.  Sigh.


                          Arimathea, the ING Miami Marathon next weekend for me.  You?

                          camille, I train by HR and some days I have to disregard the data when the HRM goes crazy.  But that only happens to me once in a blue moon and mostly because I am wearing a bra or top that interferes with it.

                          runlikeagirl, I can send you all my  sunshine!  Hope the rain abates soon.

                          Anonymous, nice tempo run.


                          Don't worry.  I'll take care of Marjorie.  She is going to need a drink...or  20.



                          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                          It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                            Looks like an SRD for me; spontaneous rest day since I'm still in running clothes but haven't run yet. I think I'll wait until morning and get a long run in.

                            Carol -  I hope Aly is in a place of comfort and healing and the trip is an "in the moment, isn't this fun" experience.  My DD is Allie also.


                            Judy- Glad to hear I'm not the only one who finds bruises and can't remember the cause!


                            Camille - Is your house in th eforest in Ga?


                            Marjorie - Have fun with Damaris; I've read so many of her posts and yours over the years, I can almost picture you two together.


                            Tessa - Sorry to hear about the starter; that sounds like something that just needs to get done. Unless the "starter fairies" visit you tonight! Cindy, the roof leaking is a classic. I think we've all been there and there's an episode on every sitcom where the roof leaks.


                            Karen - My DH works long days and seldom eats with me; I'm not sure what I would do if I saw him every night across the dinner table!


                            Damaris - I'll take some of that sun; it popped out for a few minutes today and nobody knew what it was.


                            Planning on watching Oprah interview Lance tonight: I seldom turn on the tv for anything other than background noise, but I think I'd like to see this. Maybe I'll get some Ben and Jerry's like all of you talk about!


                            Enjoy your evenings - Carolyn



                              Damaris, Calico 50K east of Barstow, CA. http://www.calicotrailrun.org/ Somehow I think mine is a bit hillier than yours. Wink


                              Yes, that bit right after Mile 18 is straight down or darned close.


                              Karen, I think 8:12 mpm would be 7.4 mph. Since 7.5 mph is 8 mpm, 7.4 is just over 8 mpm.  Speedy woman.


                              Marjorie, did you manage to get your twin on board with talking to your dad?


                                Nice run today. I waited until noon so the temp would warm up a bit. 20 degrees and sunny, but I took a lake path and the wind coming off of the ice was cold. Two days ago the lake was not completely frozen over; today it was, and there was a group of guys skating, probably on their lunch hour. I would not have gone out on the ice yet, but the area that they were on had frozen as smooth as glass. Pretty to see them glide on it. Hopefully they knew more than I did about the thickness. Anyway, no one went through. And I great a great 4 mile run. Felt great!