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Not Too Soon Thursday (Over 40) (Read 156 times)

    I did run just over 8 this morning.. Facebook post for run: "I'd like to say that "Suck it up Buttercup" was not used today. But it was. Early. Often."


    One of those where you want to bag it after a mile, might as well do another half out then back, might as well keep going this way, then "suck it up buttercup" came to mind and I kept going usual route.  Additional times tempted to cut it short so I pretty much had the Big Gulp of runs with all that sucking of it up. LOL


    Comment on myown post with : "But with no regret."

    Never regret it when I'm done knowing I can sleep in tomorrow. <so why do we do this?  Oh yeah, to enjoy the times we aren't doing it. Yeah, that makes sense.>


    After showering I saw this post:

    Felt very synchronicity-ish.


    Judy-hate it when my run buddies get faster and I don't Dead


    Carol-I can imagine the bittersweet emotions.  Enjoy your time.


    Marjorie-have a great happy hour (or two) and enjoy the FE!  sorry for dad.


    Camille-I never say no to more information. lisaogrady@yahoo.com is my email.


    Damaris-there is really no time limit.  sure on the 27th.


    For those unable to print... maybe you could open the picture on your phone and have someone take pic of you holding phone with leaf?