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Time to Wake Up Thursday Supermoms (Read 330 times)


    Morning Supermoms~


    RR: teaching core class at 6AM today. i like the early crowd- you can push them a bit harder. planning to run 5+ again on my break today. yesterday's run was good, but COLD!


    TR: i'm really missing him this week! i'm used to spending all day with him, and it's been tough not seeing him in the mornings. but he's been happy and so much fun to play with. we went for a walk yesterday afternoon and he was pointing and talking the whole time.


    NRR: not too much going on. ready for the weekend and sleeping in!


    Have a great day everyone!

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      RR - 4 miles with Sam.


      TR - he has a book that MIL got him from Tanzania, it's called We All Went On Safari, and B calls the people in the book "Safaris" and there are different African animals, it's adorable to hear him say wildebeests "wil-beasts!"


      FR - veggie beef soup.


      NRR - yesterday felt like Friday..so I don't know how I'm going to get through the next 2 days.



      rg - the morning regulars tend to be very habitual.  I used to teach a 6 am sculpting class and would get 10+ people every week.

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      running eh

        RG - I think I may try a core class at the gym sometime.  I always feel like a fool when I try classes but I could use the push.  Hope the day flies by and you get to see your LO soon!


        Zorbs - cute about the Wil-beasts.  Are you still running really early in the mornings most of the time?


        RR - went to the gym - 20 mins on the elliptical, 20 mins fumbling around with free weights.


        NRR - lots to do today, but no work - yay for part time!  need to clean out some closets and also pick up a few birthday gifts for some nephews and a niece.


        FR - need to use sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts - maybe some sort of stew...


        KR - It's 615 and only one kid is up - no whining while I'm doing this post - YAY!!


          whew, you can tell it's January: 17 people in core class this morning! i like having a bigger class, more energy.


          zorbs- cute about B and the book! R has two favorite bedtime books (Good Night Moon and The Going to Bed Book) and he always asks for them at the end of the night. yes, the early morning gym crowd is very faithful. must be all Type A personalities! i agree w/ your DM post- need more coffee today. i too am so ready for the weekend!


          eh- yay for PT work! i didn't realize you had switched, that's awesome!!! i've been per diem since September, but am going to be working pretty much full-time for 6-8 weeks to cover for a coworker who had foot surgery. in my opinion, core classes are one of the easier ones to jump into- no hard choreographed movements/steps to learn (think zumba or step classes) and you can modify pretty much every exercise to the appropriate level.

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            rg - Enjoy your core class and your run today.  It's definitely hard to be away from your baby but makes you appreciate them all the more.  I am with you and soooo ready for the weekend.


            zorbs - I HATE Thursdays!!!  It is that day that gets in between me and Friday.  I don't know how to get through these days either...this week has seemed really long.  Cute about B and his safari book.


            eh! - Sounds like your day is off to a great start...good for you for hitting the gym so early and glad only one child is upSmile  I hope you are able to get a lot accomplished with cleaning and organizing.  Can you come to my house and do that next?  I seriously need a cleaning/organizing person to come over...ugh.


            RR - Goal is 5 and the weather is supposed to be nice...46 degrees at 3 p.m...shorts??


            TR - Had fun playing with a 1 year old girl yesterday.  A former student of mine came over for a visit with her 1 year old neice.  J was soooooo kind and gentle with her.  He would go up to her and hug her and smile and she would smile back. So cute to watch them interact.  I think he would do really well with a sibling!  I even took pictures for DH.  Now to convince him...


            NRR - I have so much to do and no time to do it...story of my life.  My house is a diaster and i need to organize my closet, J's toys, etc.  I also need to grocery shop.  But alas, there is no time.  Maybe I can get some cleaning done when J goes down tonight.


            FR - Planning to make shredded italian beef in the crockpot for DH for tomorrow (if and when he gets home).  It's his favorite meal and all I have to do is throw stuff in a crockpot.  Now...to get to the store to buy the beef.




              RR - maybe 4 later with C...


              BR - up at 6am crying... tried nursing, holding her, walking around with her... she was not a happy camper and I'm pooped already.  I swear I didn't sleep last night, I just napped.

              Met the daycare woman yesterday... she's really nice, her house is very kid friendly and she has flexible hours/days.  My 2 main issues are the price she charges per day, and that she'll be watching her grandson at the same time.  He's 6 weeks older than C, but I can see that she'll be paying lots more attention to him than to C...  oh and she doesn't issue tax receipts so I can't claim it on my income taxes (not a deal breaker but it would've been nice).


              NRR - tired.  DH didn't get home until an hour before C's bedtime, and he'll be home late tonight again.



              rg - sleeping in sounds nice!  I never sleep in b/c C wants to nurse when she wakes up, so that means I get up with her.


              zorbs - cute about "wil-beasts"... i can't wait to hear C start saying real words..


              eh - glad to hear there isn't any whining going on..


              jen - that's nice J was gentle with the little girl.  C isn't around other babies a lot yet... yesterday the daycare woman's grandson was trying to play with C and he tried to stick his fingers in her eye and C barely reacted. ha...


              Sorry for the lame personals... I'm pretty out of it ....


                RR - Heading out for 8k @ hm pace as soon as I finish up a bit of work.


                BR - She fell asleep in the stroller while I was running with RP yesterday evening (usually she stays awake and listens to us gossiping) so I couldn't get her to bed until 10 pm last night. She was so full of energy! I turned my back for one minute and turned back to see she had somehow climbed on top of her play table. She's getting awfully good and climbing and standing but still no real steps on her own.


                FR - Salmon and couscous with red peppers, chickpeas and olives.


                NRR - Need to hit up the running store for tights, a neck warmer and smartwools (thanks, Zorbs!). Not much else planned for today.




                Rg - How long is your core class? I did a 15-minute core video yesterday and my abs are feeling it today. I'm ready for the weekend and sleeping in, too!


                Zorbs - Yup, this weeks seems really long. I was certain it was Thursday yesterday. Do you do most of your runs with an RP?


                Running eh - I often feel like an uncoordinated fool in fitness classes, too. One of my friends keeps bugging me to do Zumba with her, which I'm sure would be ridiculous.

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                  RR: I just ran 3m easy with stroller. Just got back. I thought I would get it in before the flight. Some gorgeous dogs on the trail. Last night coach, her daughter and I had a great run, we took turns pushing stroller and we didn’t stop talking the whole time. We decided to keep running we were having a blast. We must have covered 6-7m but it was easy pace. We talked about what we are going to do when I leave Bermuda. She said she will coach me online too and visit. Yeah.


                  NRR: just finished packing. We have one suitcase between 3 of us and the Bob. Travelling light! (and probably a bit smelly). Most of my stuff is running gear, water bottle, gadgets! Uphill, if you are reading this, I have packed my gloves, running hat, thickest leggings – I know what 50s feel like after my 10 years in tropical paradise. Feel free to tease me relentlessly. DH and I have already had holiday dtd and he has only been on holiday technically for 2 hours. Holidays are dangerous.


                  BR: Have decided DS is the best running partner in the whole entire world. Finished an ipad game (colouring farm) and changes levels. I didn’t think I would say that about my nearly 16mo. Scary.


                  FR: airport food. Hoping to find some good healthy choices.




                  arm - from yesterday - you sound experienced in fm training. what is it about the long runs that makes you hesitant?


                  off to re-pack as DS is unpacking everything.

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                    RR:  SRD.


                    TR:  Was awake before 6 again.  DH got him up a little after 6 and he was ready to start the day!


                    NRR:  Yesterday was busy because I was scheduled to teach a Community Class. We had one person signed up.  So, I drove the 20 minutes, got there early, and left at 7:25 because he didn't show up.  I was irritated.  I rushed around all afternoon, missed the evening with my son all so I could be stood up.  Ugh.


                    NRR#2:  So I've talked about our Tech guy who is a tool.  Well, word on the street at the HS is he has TOTALLY cooked his own goose and will not be here next year.  If we want to change positions next year, we have to write a letter of intent and submit it to the Superintendent by Feb. 1st.  I didn't tell DH this last night, as I complain about the guy a lot.  Now I need to decide if I want the job.  He makes 20K more than I do, but I also worry about the time away from the family.


                    FR:  Chicken and rice for dinner last night and lunch today.  Yum.

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                      Mer - you can always put in an application, then when you get the job you can decide whether you want to take it or not. You have not lost anything. And then at that point you can talk about time etc. I always encourage people to apply for something in the first instance. 20k is a lovely series of holidays for J and DH too! And thanks for your post yesterday. When DH came home I gushed about how much he mattered to my family - you helped me see things from a different perspective.

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                        rr: srd today.


                        tr: dd1 is back at school today. her teacher emailed me yesterday saying that all her friends were concerned that she was missing Aa week since her name begins with an A.


                        br: well, guess who has a fever now? yup, c woke up from nap screaming yesterday. i brought him downstairs and snuggled and rocked him and he fell back asleep.


                        nrr: i did the unimaginable and i asked my parents to babysit the kids on saturday night so dh and i could go out to eat. dh insists we be back for the packer game though so it will be quick. trying to make it work to make it a double date.


                        nrr2: us weekly thursday!


                        fr: casserole was good last night. probably leftoevers or hot ham sandwiches tonight.


                        runnergirl: i was going to take a class this summer that would be 9-2 every day for a week and i decided not to because i would miss my kids so much. i'm going to do an online class instead.  i could not picture myself getting into core at 6am!


                        zorbs: ugh, i hear ya on the days still seeming messed up!


                        eh: dh and i have been talking about getting a membership to the fitness center in town because it includes access to the pool for our entire family, but i can't picture myself doing anything at the gym besides running. it's a small town and everyone would know i didn't have a clue what i was doing with all the other equipment.


                        jen: i'll send you my recipe from yesterday as it turned out pretty good and super easy to make! may need your italian beef one. too cute about j and the other little girl. i told dh last night that we have to come and visit because c and j would make such great buds! hope you get everything done tonight that you want to!


                        cx2: i had a friend watch dd1 when i was still teaching and she also had 2 sons but they were a few years older but not yet in school. i didn't have a problem then, but when our other sitter (who is now a friend) got pregnant and i was also pregnant with dd2 i was worried about sending the baby there because she would also have her own baby. and i thought, "if both babies are crying, whose are you picking up first?" and i realized it wouldn't be mine. fortunately, i started staying home after dd2 was born so i didn't have to deal with it.


                        ernie: your fr made me remember that growing up for whatever reason my brother would call my mom couscous. she never gets mad, but she hated it. it was pretty funny though because we would interchange couscous with mom.


                        bermy: safe travels! and lol on the holiday dtd! i have never let c "play" on the ipad but if someone if using it within his reach he will come over and try to swipe it with his little fingers.  too funny that he knows what to do with it. had to lol at the fact that jen will wear shorts tonight in 46 and you will be wearing tights in 50 Smile


                        mer: is the job yours if you want it? do you think you would miss teaching if you did take it? is it more of a 8-5 job? that sucks about the community class! do you get names and numbers beforehand that you could call to confirm next time?


                          runnergirl - I don't normally like to live for the weekend, but I am right there with you for this one.  I am SO ready to not have to get up and work for two days!


                          zorbs - Did you stretch yesterday? Wink


                          eh! - Yay for a whine free morning!  I hope you get lots done today.  It is always a good feeling of accomplishment to cross a bunch of stuff off the to-do list!


                          jen - I would do tights and shorts in that weather.  Smile  Enjoy your night at home.  I missed my wwf time last night!  Glad you had a good time with your former student.


                          cx2 - Sorry about the long days and short nights.  With daycare, when J was there we couldn't report the money either.  It wouldn't have been a lot but something.  I think that is the give and take to in-home vs. big public.  On the flip side, it would be good for C to have a baby to interact with during the day.  Maybe she would treat them both like grand-babies!


                          ernie - Those stroller naps are dangerous!  I have come to accept the early mornings, but could NEVER do a 10pm bedtime.  That is MY bedtime!


                          bermy - Safe travels to you.  I had to smile about all of your layers.  It is supposed to be 50 tomorrow and I was thinking a t-shirt with a long sleeved shirt and maybe shorts...  I'm glad you said something to your DH.  Sometimes I read things and go home to DH and tell him how much I appreciate the things he does around the house and for J.



                          I have to say...when I was running after work yesterday, I was thinking about my post about giving things up and how I feel like the DH to what many of you were talking about it.  I did sound whiney, which wasn't my intent and I apologize for that.  However, I really do feel somtimes like J and DH don't really need me and the work that I do that may not be directly in the house, is benefitting my family.  I just wish that DH would tell me every once and a while that I am a good mom.  I may not be "Supermom" but I like to think I do a decent job.

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                          running eh

                            mjen - that shredded beef sounds great!  so nice that LO played well with the little girl - hopefully you can convince DH!  I hate cleaning and organizing, but we are working on finishing the basement and I need to organize the totes and the laundry room so that work can be done.


                            cx2 - good daycare is worth the price in less worries.  We have been really blessed with great daycares and nannies!  hope it will work out for you.  will you nap today when C naps?  Hope she is back to herself today.


                            ernie - FR sounds wonderful!! MMM!  I don't think I would ever even attempt Zumba - I NEVER dance, just wish I knew what I was doing with the weights a little more.  Happy shopping, hope you have success.


                            bermy - have a great flight.  way to get that run in there.  your coach sounds so great!!


                            mzm - glad DD is back to school, but boo on baby being sick. - that is rotten, but 'tis the season.  Yay for a quick date night.  Will you leave the kids at your parent's during the game?


                              RR: 6 mile stroller run later with the kids.


                              DH: Is taking the car today so we will be doing a lot waking king or running


                              NRR: It was so windy I barely slept last night. once I did fall asleep DS woke up.


                              NRR 2: I swear everyone is having a baby! My BFF, my SIL, 4 friends, list goes on and on.  DH and I went out for sushi after my happy hour and talked a little about having a third. We are on the same page. Not now but maybe later. We will talk seriously when DS is two which is in May. Anyone else talking about whether to have another??


                              FR: I need to find the organic farm delivery service!

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                                alison - yes, always early mornings.  Next week I will add in Monday late morning/early evenings as well. Where are you working right now, are you in the neighbourhood any time soon?


                                jen - yeah it doesn't help that my Thursday night is long AND filled with annoying students.


                                cx2 - that's good that C barely reacted.  The one time I went to a playgroup, B accidentally shoved another kid (I mean barely touched him) and the other kid just let loose.  Not my fault other people's kids are wimps.


                                ernie - I only used to run with RPs on weekends but now I run with people all the time.


                                bermy - 50s are short sleeve/tank and skirt weather here.


                                mer - Is it a LOT more hours? because I would definitely be motivated by 20K more..


                                mrszm - I don't know why yesterday felt like Friday..

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