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    Damn auto correct.

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      RR - rest day.  Thunderstorms are looming.


      BR - has cried both times I dropped him off at Mother's Morning Out this week and he hasn't done this since the beginning of the year.  2.5 weeks off at Christmas is too long I guess!


      FR - picked up a rotisserie chicken and rolls last night and made mashed potatoes and vegetables to go with it but it was not enough, especially since DD1 had a friend over.  I'm feeling like we are going through food at a faster rate lately, DD1's appetite is getting a little bigger and L eats like a horse.  Tonight I think leftover chili sounds good.  I made a ton the other day.


      NRR - man I got nothing today.  Same old same old, laundry, cleaning, maybe I'll finally get these Christmas decorations put away...


      rg - sorry you are missing your guy, but glad the weekend is almost here!  When I take L for a walk he gets so excited he squeals and yells the few words he knows.  It's so cute.


      zorbs - not good when Wednesday feels like Friday!  After a couple short weeks this week is dragging.


      eh - sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts are my 2 favorite roasted vegetables.  YUM!!


      jen - haha, 46 is when I debate between full length tights or capri tights.  I love watching L interact with other kids his age.  Did you find something good to make for dinner?  I'm with you, I'm completely overwhelmed with all I need to do around the house.  The problem is when I get like that I tend to sit and do nothing because I'm not sure where to start.


      cx2 - aw man, that is so frustrating when they are screaming and we can't figure out why.  I hope you get some rest!


      ernie - I like it when L falls asleep in the stroller so I don't have to worry about him fussing while I'm running, but I don't like when it messes with naptime/bedtime.


      bermy - what an awesome coach you have!  Wow you did pack light!  I have a hard time with that, I always overpack no matter how long I'm going to be somewhere.  It's just the commitment of running 2+ hours in one day scares me.  Although I was really enjoying my early morning weekend runs, so I get back before or just as everyone else is waking up and it doesn't seem like it messes with our weekend.


      mer - that job sounds tempting!  I like Bermy's advice of applying and then talking about time.  Good luck!!


      mrszm - do you not usually ask your parents to babysit?  I'm sure I would take full advantage of mine if they lived close.  Probably why they won't move here!  Smile  Enjoy our date night!!


      jm - it seemed like when we were debating to have another I'd notice SO many pregnant women around me.  I haven't noticed any lately, or maybe I'm just not looking.  I wonder if we have any organic delivery services around here, I've never heard of them until I hear you all talking about them!


        mrszm - You asked yesterday about naps.  We are doing one nap again.  He goes down at noon and is up around 1:45 or 2.  Yesterday was 2:20.  No, the job isn't guaranteed to go to me.  However, it makes things easier if I did want to transfer.  I don't know if I want to be out of the classroom for good.  I worry a lot too about leaving the classroom and never going back.  However, it would maybe help me move in to Higher Education a little easier.  I think the hours would be similar to what I currently have, maybe a little longer, I worry about the flexibility, summers, breaks, all those perks that I have now may be different with a new contract.  I had the persons info, but the person who coordinates the class spoke with him yesterday and confirmed everything.  I WILL be calling next week though!

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          RR: SRD on the schedule but might do 3 miles.  Only ran 7.5 yesterday of my 10, although I did walk about 2.5.


          BR:  Walking everywhere!  He is so cute and wobbly.


          NRR:   Mad at my parents dog because she went in and woke up H at 6.  Can't take him downstairs beause brother and SIL are sleeping downstairs.  Hopefully just one more day.  I enjoy spending time with my brother but SIL is kind of a wet blanket.  They just tested positve yesterday so she is only about 3.5 weeks pregnant.  My mom made the comment, "that was fast" because my brother just got home  a month ago.  SIL got all snotty and replied, "well we have been trying for a whole month".  Clearly she doesn't understand how it all works and that you can only get pregnant once during a month.  Her and everyone else being pregnant is really giving me baby fever.  DH doesn't even live with me so obviously it is the wrong time but I can't help myself.


          RG:  sorry you have been missing DS.  It's nice you can spend the afternoons with him though.


          zorbs:  Very cute about the book.


          jen:  Hope you get some work done.  What is italian beef? Sound yummy.


          bermy:  Your coach sounds so great.  When is your flight?  How long will you be in TN?  Do you have lots of houses on the list to look at?


          cx2:  That daycare sounds great.


          jmmiller:  Yep, definitely have the baby fever now!  You are right, it seems like everyone is pregnant.  Hopefully too many supermoms don't decide to get pregnant or I won't be able to contain myself Smile


          Oh no, gotta run.  Little man is crying

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            RG: I would love to take your 6am core class!! I have to miss my pilates mat class tomorrow bc DH will be gone.


            Zorbs: too cute about wil-beasts. it felt like Friday for me too. Working weekends throws me off.


            Eh: I would kill for 6:15 no kids up! Smile I am clueless with weights. I haven't been to a gym in 5 years.


            Jen: sounds like you are really thinking of another baby too. I always plan on cleaning when the kids nap and then usually just relax and catch up on the Internet

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              Ctimestwo: maybe a playmate at daycare is a good thing??


              Ernie: salmon sounds delicious!  Sorry for the late night. I'm usually in bed by 9:30.


              Bermy: your coach sounds more like a great friend that happens to be a great coach. Safe travels!


              Mer: how frustrating about the no show!


              mrsZ: we will be watching the Niner game too Wink

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              beskirted & manicured

                mer - I did stretch yesterday, then my IT band felt tight.  Didn't have a foam roller or Stick nearby, so I used...a) an ab wheel b) a medicine ball c) my water bottle to roll it.


                jmm - hell no, not me, I might complain a bit about AF every month, but in reality, I am SO GRATEFUL for it, it means no babies for me!


                arm - I fear when B starts eating me out of house and home..I might need a 4th job to pay for the groceries.


                shelby - I never had baby fever..not even when we pulled the goalie..B was almost an accident.

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                  eh!: no we will probably bring the kiddos back for the game. Plus it will be their bedtime during the game since the game is later.


                  jmmiller: um ditto the baby thing. one of my friends emailed yesterday saying the same exact thing! but she insists she is not. we are constantly talking about whether to have another!


                  zorbs: with a sick kid home all week i habe no ckue what day it is and neither do the girls!


                  arm: they do babysit but dh and i rarely get sitters like i am talking once a quarter maybe! I know my parents are super busy so i hate asking for their one free night.  and i cant convince dh to watch the game elsewhere. Was your dh whiny after the Vikings loss?


                    jmmiller: oh no! Rivals!


                    mer: it would be hard to go back working full time summers! i tell dh if i ever go back to work how hard it will be to find a job where i can be home when the kids are that isn't in a school.


                      Shelby:  your SIL sounds like a smart cookie lol. Great work on the 7.5,  2.5 run walk!

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                        Bermy - That's great that you will still be in close contact with your coach after the move! I am continuously amazed at how proficient babies and toddlers are with ipads.


                        Mer - I'm surprised they didn't cancel the community class when there was only one person signed up. The new job sounds like a good opportunity but, given how you have been feeling left out with DH and DS, the hours might be more important than the extra money. Would you have to work through the entire summer with the gig?


                        Mrszm - Yay for a Saturday date night, even if it's a quick one! LOL at your bro calling your mom couscous. So random!


                        Jen - It's so much fun watching your LO interact with other kids...you'll have to have a playdate when DH is around so he can see that DS needs a sibling Smile. I hear you on the need to organize the house. I feel like the clutter is out-of-control here, but we are mid-renovation both in the basement and building an additional room upstairs so I also feel at a loss to do anything about it.


                        Cx2 - Sorry about the bad sleep. I hope you can get a nap in later. The flexible hours will definitely be a plus if you end up choosing that day care. I think with home daycares you're going to always have the care provider watching their own kids/grandkids


                        Jmmiller - It was crazy windy here as well last night. Between seeing a three-week-old baby on Monday and hearing about all these new babies on fb, I am starting to get baby fever, too, which seems crazy since S is still a baby! We are probably going to start TTC in the late spring, so if all goes well, they would be two years or so apart.


                        Shelby - I love the drunken looking wobble when they start walking! SIL not understanding how getting pregnant works is kind of funny, kind of disturbing. Maybe she'll become more mature and likeable once she has the baby? Hope, hope.


                        Arm - What is Mother's Morning Out? I have to laugh at your daily quest to take down the Christmas decorations....ours are mostly down, but the garland is still wrapped around the steps in the front entrance. Every time I enter or leave the house, I say I need to take it down...yup, still up.

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                          RR - 5k on the TM later.  I ran 8k outside yesterday.  It snowed about 5-6" last night so it's good that I got my outside run in before that.


                          RR2 - need to register for my April half, reg opened yesterday and it's already almost half full.  I think RP is running it with me, just as a fun run - but her uterus is prolapsed after having her baby so she can't start running for a few more weeks at least.


                          TR - soooo excited to see her gma today.  She was at the IL's in NH for a month over Christmas.


                          BR - has been a bit more fussy/hungry this week, I looked her age (17 weeks/4 mos) up and it's a wonder week for development and a growth spurt... HA no wonder.  She's still amazing though, I just spent an hour nursing her last night and then she went to bed nicely for me.


                          BR2 - 4 mo well visit today.


                          FR - maybe burgers.  We had leftovers last night w/ sweet potato fries, mmmm.


                          FR/BR - growth spurt = hungry mama!  I was up eating goldfish in the middle of the night.

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                            shel - ugh on SIL... not much else to say there. I hope their visit goes by quick.

                            arm - we just put our xmas tree out for street pickup yesterday, I still need to move the furniture back, decorating is fun, putting back, not so much!

                            rg - awesome that you had such a good core class. I need one, but don't think I'll be going to a 6 am one Smile

                            zorbs - that sounds like a great book! My mom made M a book w/ pictures from their trip from Tanzania, she loves seeing pic's of those animals too.

                            eh - nice job at the gym, it's hard to know what to do until you get into a bit of a routine.

                            Jen - woot - shorts for sure! How sweet of you to have DH's fav meal for when he gets home, I hope he loves it and appreciates your effort!

                            cx2 - Sad on the bad sleep, I hope you can get a nap in. Actually you can still claim the daycare on your income taxes - A good friend of mine is a auditor for revenue canada, and as long as the $$ amount is justified, provable (ie, you have a job and a kid and she goes somewhere during the day), then you don't need a reciept from the provider, just put it on your taxes. If you were to be audited it wouldn't be a big deal - she might get in trouble but not you.

                            ernie - that's always my fear of taking my toddler in the stroller, she falls asleep to movement so easily! Oh and for smartwools - you could also try MEC, I think their prices are better than RR.

                            bermy - i love your coach! Nice job with the packing, I can pack light but my DH cannot, so I do myself and the girls in a suitcase and leave him to himself.

                            mer - good luck w/ your job decision... $ is nice but quality of life and family are also very important. I switched jobs for $ 5 years ago, and in the end it was the right decision but I'm looking at switching back now bc w/ young kids I need to be closer to home, etc.

                            mzm - booo for sick kids!! YAY for a dinner out w/ DH. LOL on being back for the game, my dh would say something like that!

                            JM - do you only have one car? i don't know if DH and I could schedule that! I guess you work w/ dh though, don't you, that would make it easier. We are done w/ kids, but all this baby talk even gives me a bit of fever Smile

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                              Ctimes – Boo to the sleep issues.  I hope you guys can nap today and get the 4 miles in you want to do.  The daycare issue stinks.  My biggest thing was/is you have to find somewhere you are comfortable and feel good about.  We toured so many places but the minute we stepped into the one we use now we just “knew” it was for us.


                              Ernie – Wow to S climbing on stuff…she is a little monkey.  J loves to run and walk he hasn’t really gotten into climbing on top of things yet.  Boo to S’s late bedtime…I hope she slept in for you today.


                              Bermy – So glad you had a great social run last night.  Great job on getting out there with the stroller so early this morning.  I hope you have safe uneventful flight today.  Ugh…to you and your gear for the 50 degree weather.  I am contemplating shorts in 46 degree weather.  LOL on DS being a good RP…I love my DS as my RP I just wish I could take him out more.  He has tried to get in the stroller a few times and cried when I took him out and told him we couldn’t goL


                              Mer – That sucks about the class but I hope you still get paid.  I think you should go for the job…you do most of his job anyway.  Oh…and I had no one to play WWF with last night…booL


                              Mrszm – So glad you have a date night.  I hope you guys have time to make it fun.  I hope C feels better today and the fever breaks quickly.  Too cute about Addison’s teacher calling about her.  Glad she is back at school and feeling better.


                              Jm – I am sick of hearing about babies too…it is not that I am not super happy for everyone I am just enviousL  I hope you get a good run in with the kids today.


                              Arm – Bet you are glad you aren’t running in that.  Enjoy your rest day.  Sorry L is crying when you drop him off…he will get back in the routine soon.  Your dinner last night sounds good.  I did a take and bake pizza and a salad kit.  Easy and fast.


                              Shelby – Sorry about your B and SIL…I am glad you get to spend time with your brother though.  Too bad SIL is a drag.  Cute about H walking everywhere.  Great job on the run yesterday even if you didn’t get in all your planned miles.


                              CA – I hope the 4 month doc apt goes well.  Yay for M getting to see her grandma.  Have a great run even if it is on the TM.  I hope DH appreciates it too.  He usually does.


                              Honorary Old

                                RR: Last night was a dog-less, stroller-less run with RP in 40* weather. Glorious. 1 mi each warmup & cooldown and 2 miles at 10k pace. I probably could have gone a little faster or a little farther on my tempo but RP was doing all she could, which I can't complain because she came down with pneumonia immediately after the Half in Oct and has had kind of a slow comeback.


                                BR: Holy hell I cannot believe how much he is eating. I don't know where he is putting it either. Last night he had some polish sausage and green beans for dinner, then was still hungry and drank a whole sippy of milk and had about 1.5 cups of cottage cheese, then after I got back from my run he said he was hungry again. Had another sippy of milk, a bunch of crackers and a grissini, blueberries, and craisins. Daycare said he's been asking for seconds at every meal, and he's still in the 25%ile.


                                FR: Spaghetti squash primavera last night. Not sure about tonight- maybe veggie wraps or stirfry?


                                NRR: Spent the evening refashioning a pair of my old pants into a pair for Reid. I only have the waistband and hems left to do. I am also going to turn a couple of my sweaters into a new shirt for him. I took before pics of the clothes and will post after pics when I'm done sewing. I also dug out a partially finished project I started years ago- a fire truck quilt.

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