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It's a Good Friday Supermoms (Read 43 times)


    Morning Ladies~


    Have to open the gym at 5AM and work until 9 today. I think it will be pretty quiet since it's easter weekend.


    RR: easy short 5 miler today, long run of 20 tomorrow! I'm running long from my parent's house, and so excited to have a different route to run! I mapped out a nice loop that goes past a couple of apple orchards and down some quiet country roads. Hoping for a really great run.


    RR2: ugh, i have a blister on the inside of my big toe, between my big toe and second toe. Well, i decided to pop it yesterday, since that's what i always do with blisters, and today it hurts like a mofo. I have bandaids on it, but i can feel it with every step. Hoping it gets better throughout the day, because i have to run 20 miles tomorrow!!!!!


    TR: dyed easter eggs with him last night, he had fun dunking the eggs, though he cracked one, oops! I bought a cute monster kit from Target, and he loved putting the stickers on the eggs.


    NRR: leaving for parent's and IL's after I get out of work and run today. We'll be busy, staying at a different place each night while we're gone, but I"m so lookign forward to seeing family and friends.


    Have a great weekend everyone, and happy easter/happy passover!

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      RR:  Hopping on the treadmill to try and get half of my 12 miles done this morning before clinic.


      TR:  Has his parade today.  Depending on what the day looks like I may ask to get out early so I can go.  Tomorrow we have an easter egg hunt and breakfast with the Easter bunny Smile


      NRR:  Working with the spine orthos today.  I think we will be in surgery all day.  Hopefully it isn't super long day. Can't wait for the weekend!!!


      NRR2:  Tweaked my shoulder somehow yesterday and it still hurts.  It started hurting when I put on my seat belt...


      RG:  I love having a new route for my long runs.  I do it often so I don't get too bored.  Have a great time with your parents/ILs!

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        RR - 23K with Sam.  We're running the route of the HM in the next town + a bit extra.  Sam has to work tomorrow to make up for last Sunday..plus she always works Sunday, so today is the only day available.


        TR - had to drag him out of the house to go to the gym daycare while I worked yesterday, and then he attached himself to my leg, kicking and screaming when we got to the gym.  Made me late for work.  I am going to try to be less negative about him, but let's just put it out there that I have NEVER felt love for him and not sure if I ever will.


        FR - bermy curry, brown rice.



        rg - I always find it's the skin on top of the blister flapping around that hurts, even when popped. I'd grit my teeth and peel off the skin, leaving no hanging edges.  Soak in epsom salt bath and then air dry.  During your run, cover it with a bandaid.

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          RR - I guess this is going to be a cutback week.  With my mom gone, the kids out of school, Easter weekend and rain in the forecast I'm not sure how much running will get done.  Really wish we had a treadmill right about now!  I still have 4 weeks until my half though so hopefully I can still get a couple good weeks of running in before it.


          BR - I think his constipation is finally relieved.  Man that was a tough one!


          KR - my friend is bringing her 15 year old over to babysit L and DD2 while we take our other daughters plus a few of their friends to see a movie at noon today.  Then we have our neighborhood egg hunt that was postponed from last Sunday.  Should be a good day for it!


          FR - no idea, maybe shrimp pasta?  Or sushi if DH wants to pick up.


          NRR - DH took my mom to the airport this morning.  I'm sure it'll be nice to have my own house back for a while, but I sure did get used to having someone here to help out.


          rg - I hope you have a really great 20 miles tomorrow.  A new route always makes me excited to run!  I hope the blister pain goes away.  You earn a gold star for coloring eggs with a toddler.  I'm not sure I would have the patience for it!


          shelby - great job getting up and on the TM!  Sounds like you have a busy but fun Easter weekend planned!


          zorbs - I think it's really really hard not to be super pissed at a kid all the time when they test your patience so much.  He sounds like he tries to be sweet, I hope things look up soon.  Have a good run this morning!


            Just popping in... (wow, I really DO have more time to post when I'm at work!)


            RR - nothing today, just elliptical when C naps..


            BR - wants to walk on her own all the time now... a lot of ppl have told me when they start moving/walking/becoming more mobile, you gotta follow them everywhere, baby proof, etc... basically they make it sound like a negative... personally I love that C can move around on her own b/c she's so much happier.  We haven't really baby proofed our house but we will eventually, but for now, we just let her roam freely..


            NRR - Easter dinner at the in laws... i'm bringing a spinach, feta, and tomato salad.. sort of like a greek salad but not quite...



            rg - ugh on the blisters... I used to get them on my arches all the time, esp when switching to new running shoes... that's an awful place to have a blister though.. hope your 20 goes well tomorrow...  i actually miss super long runs like that..


            shelby - ouch on the twisted shoulder, maybe ice or stretching can ease the pain?


            arm - i love/hate my TM.... i used it all through my 3rd trimester and it was great to have these past couple months so I could run while C napped but I still dread going on it b/c it's so boring..


            zorbs - sorry you're having such a rough time with B...


              RR:  Will head out for 12 at some point today.  Temps are supposed to be warm, but it is a little chilly right now.


              TR:  Currently whining because he got something taken away.  Having a hard time believing he will be two so soon.


              NRR: No big plans for today which I am pretty content with.  Zits have started showing up with a vengeance and they are painful.


              FR:  I really want a donut.



              rg - I hope you have a great 20 miler.  Loved the pics of R and the Easter eggs!


              shelby - I hope the day in surgery goes your and you can get to DSs parade.  Your weekend plans sound like fun!


              zorbs - Your TR makes me really sad.  Sucks that B will have to go through life with that weight.


              armmama - enjoy the movie today!  I hope you get some good runs in soon.

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                Got 6.3 miles in this morning.  Hopefully will have enough energy for the rest tonight!


                mer:  I feel your pain.  Last night I coated my face in zit cream because I am so grossed out by it.  AF is almost over so hopefully they will go away!!

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                  RR - 8k with 3k @10k race pace.


                  TR - Such a ham. My friend was dying of laughter last night because as soon as he took out his phone to take a picture, S stopped what she was doing to do a total diva pose for the camera.


                  FR - Fish & chips and coleslaw.


                  NRR - DH is off today. We're going to take S over to a local farm for pancakes and fresh maple syrup, the Easter bunny and an Easter egg hunt. I'll try to get a creepy picture of her with the Easter bunny to post on fb and freak everyone out Smile




                  rg - Oh no! I hope the blister is gone for your 20 miler tomorrow. The route you mapped out at your parents' house sounds really nice. Having a new route makes a long run seem so exciting. You're pretty ambitious, taking on egg dyeing with a toddler! I'm kind of surprised he only cracked one egg.


                  shelby - Good job getting up early to get some miles in. You'll be happy when you don't have 12 miles facing you at the end of a long day! Hope you can make it out early to see the kids parade today.


                  Zorbs - Have a good run today! Is your next race the Mississauga marathon? All those tantrums would be wearing on anyone's patience. You might enjoy your time with him a lot more once he grows out of the toddler stage and becomes more independent.


                  Arm - When things get busy/bad weather, I often say I need a tm, too, but then I wonder whether I would actually use it a lot, or just complain about how much I hate tm running. Sounds like you have a busy but fun day planned. Mmm, definitely get DH to pick up sushi!

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                    selfish post right now. Not sure if i will be back.


                    rr: headed out with rp in a few. my stomach is not cooperating this morning.


                    tr: swim lessons went well last night for dd1. Saw my brother's friend there who is the ultimate bragger and beyond annoying.


                    tr: dd2 has a cold. Again. Runny nose seems to have subsided but she has a nasty cough and no voice.


                    br: girls were at a friends last night and dh was at church  It was weird just hanging out with c!


                    nrr: busy weekend starts today. Cross your fingers i get to lulu!


                    fr: homemade pizzas for lunch at sister's.


                      RR: 10m with stroller. It's in the 60s now so I could run forever. Found a new 5m route on Tuesday which is right from my house down a really beautiful country lane. Had to stop to point out farmyard animals to DS.


                      NRR: walking outside in park as weather is so good. clean floors and a few others chores. washing machine was delivered, dryer was damaged when they opened it and took it away. Sigh.


                      BR: has a cold and has been up for a few nights now. He was struggling to breathe and then coughing a lot but I can see it is getting better already. I see a pattern here - every 2nd week we have been in Nashville he had caught a cold. Now, he won't have to go back to bermy and adjust again. Hopefully.


                      FR: making the pizza dough again. Have highly active yeast this time. Hoping for highly active pizza. Will make it with own tomato, garlic and oregano sauce with some lowfat cheese on top.

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                        Looks like I will be heading to Bermy's house for pizza night Smile  Are you sure it is a cold and not allergeries?  Our are really bad right now.


                        MRSZM:  You better get to lulu!  I am jealous of those that have one nearby.  DH is sending me on a trip there next friday Smile


                        Ernie: LOL on the creepy EB pic, sounds like a wonderful day!


                        Shelby:  Ugh on the zit.


                        Mer:  Boo on the zits as well.  I want a donut too but alas I am on a diet right now Sad


                        Grrr, bossman wants me to work now....bbl


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                          Bermy - good luck with the pizza, I bet it'll be awesome! Do you have a pizza stone? They are awesome for making a nice crispy crust.


                          I'm going to head to lulu at lunch today also Smile hopefully the sale rack is good to me.

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                          running eh

                            RR - did 7k easy this morning


                            NRR - just came back from church - we are now lounging around trying to decide what to do today.


                            KR - DS coloured on his church pants with permanent marker this morning before church


                            FR - fish and chips


                            rg - have a great run.  It's so nice to have a new place to run.  I sometimes run at my parents' house, but there is a 9k loop there that I am scared of.  It is flat, but I have never had a good run on that route - totally mental!  Yikes on the blisters - hope they don't bother you tomorrow.


                            shelby - great job getting the 6 done this am!  Hope your day is interesting!


                            zorbs -  Hope you had a good run this morning - the weather is beautiful!  Does DS normally like the gym daycare?


                            arm - enjoy your weekend!  What movie are you going to see?


                            cx2 - so glad the rental sold!!  Enjoy your dinner!


                            mer - when is DS's bday?  My DD is 2 on May 18.  MMMM, Donuts!!


                            ernie - sounds like a good run you have planned for today.  Let us know how it goes.  We are doing the Fish and Chips thing too - we are getting take out.  I LOVE fish and chips and coleslaw.


                            mzm - that bug is really hanging on!!  Hope you feel better soon.  What do you plan on getting at Lulu!  All this talk of lulu makes me think I NEED some! Smile


                            bermy - sounds like a great day for a run.  Enjoy it!  Let us know if the pizza dough goes better this time.


                            becky - move to Ontario - it's a holiday here!!


                            CA - are the stores open in Alberta today??


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                              R-eh - the stores are always open in Alberta. Seriously the only day that the mall closes is Christmas Day. The mall doesn't open till 11 today though.

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                                just a few:


                                shelby - ugh, I hate how my shoulder has never been the same since my ST accident.  I had a RP who needed shoulder surgery and I keep thinking what if I end up down that road?


                                mer - at least I take care of B and don't abuse him.  Thanks for the dose of mom guilt, I really needed that.


                                ernie - yes, next race is Mississauga.  I think I will like B more when he is school aged.


                                bermy - "highly active pizza" sounds like a pizza that runs marathons.


                                eh - B has never had a problem with gym daycare..but we don't go regularly anymore, he hadn't been in awhile.


                                mrszm - today's long run took us past the local lulu and damned if we didn't stop (stopped garmins, etc) to window ogle for a bit.


                                becky - thanks for your text this morning, it made me lol.

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