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Mighty Mouse

    Post. I think I am feeling mighty today.  Tight lips



    Mighty Mouse

      Friday was a light, easy run for 60 minutes. When I got home I did a cardio DVD for 40 minutes.

      Saturday was SDO. I really needed the day off. When I go out with friends, I end up walking a whole lot.

      Sunday I got some extra rest so my track run was a good 60 minutes. At home I did a light cardio/add weights DVD for 35 minutes. This DVD is a nice chance to add very light hand weights safely.

      Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::



      Fire Jumper

        Good morning, all


        Yesterday was SRD, so it's back to the gym today.  It's a core/strength day.  I have a pound or two of winter weight, and I keep reminding myself that I wan to look strong and fit for the outdoor running season!


        LC - ugh on the sports category!  That one is definitely not in my wheel house!   But good for y'all - gave 'em a run for their money.


        Gatsby - OH YES!  It is especially satisfying to pass a whippersnapper!  Even though I'm slow, I've done my share of passing people who went out to fast.  You can just see it in their face/stride.  I know that I know that I know that I start off at a much slower pace that I finish.  I see it in my splits all the time.


        Marjorie - woo hoo on the 23!!  Jeeze, that's from my house to Cooperstown.


        Damaris - The technical trails sound like fun.  I had to re-read your sentence about "smoking fast" because I just could not imagine why runners were smoking on the trail... lol  Brain hiccup.


        Lisa - I was thinking about that the other day.  It's hard to believe, at this point in the winter, that there could ever be a "too hot."  I saw, at the end of our seven day forecast, a string of 40+ degree days!  WOO HOO!!!  It's coming!


        Tessa - found the poem, love it.  Yeh, I've still got a dance or two left in me Smile


        Tonight, teaching my undergraduates.  For a large class, they are an engaged group.  I enjoy teaching students who actually talk to me.  Next week they get their mid term.  We'll see how they're doing!


        Be well,


        5K's and Obstacle Runs

        Goal for 2013:  10K


        Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.


        LC Runs

          Morning Ladies Smile


          4 TM miles this morning, plus some ab work.  Will try and go out for 2-3 after work.  It's supposed to be sunny and dry and even start warming up to the 30's this week!


          Judy - good morning, have a great one!


          Julie - enjoy the workout and teaching!


          Movie yesterday was not that great, not nearly as good as 'The Hangover', oh well, it was a nice respite from the daily grind, which I do not want to go back to today, yuck!


            Good morning!


            Back from Women's Week-end...what a great time.  it is so awesome to touch base with my 'history'...we grew up in very small community and our social lives revolved around doing things with 'family'.  We have now all moved apart....since my mom and dad died when i was in my 20's, being with these woman  - of which 2 are my mom's cousins, i feel the connection and many memories of her....and they feel the same way, like they get to see a part of her.....yes, there were a few sweet unexpected tears shed.....you don't realize how much you still miss someone...30 years later.  Anyhow, on a much lighter note - my cousin and i had a great HILLY, snowy, beautiful  7 miler, then snowshoed!


            I was unplugged all week-end so didn't even read posts...so am out of the loop.  Will catch up today Smile




              Two good runs this weekend; decided that running with friends can be good for me, but I shouldn't try so hard to make them "everyday" friends. It seems to work much better when we run on occasion and don't try so hard to connect on every other level.


              Another first Monday of the month Pub Run tonight; hope to buy some knuckle lights before going out. A $10 donation to Hurricane Sandy relief will get me a Brooks t-shirt. Hope it's not another gray one!


              Sounds like the upstairs shower has stopped so my turn; busy day of making no money at work!


              Enjoy your runs!




                Good morning!

                Lisa, I'm with Tessa on the temps.  85 sounds horrid for running, though I sure know how old winter gets.

                Tessa, great job on finishing a tough race.  I'm with you.  I always have a water bottle.

                Morning, Judy and Laura!


                Julie, loved your "old gal" story. Hubby had myeloma, an uncurable blood cancer. It used to be a disease of the elderly, but is now seen even in people in their 30's.  I hope the weather is great so you can wear your tank.


                Gatsby, if the plan is online, I'd make sure you can ask questions/interact in some way every week or two.  There are much cheaper ways to get a plan with no interaction,  such as McMillan or Smart coach (latter is wonky at times/ok at times). The value from coaching for me was not only the plan, but the opportunity  to learn.  With TNT, I learned the most  from other's questions.  Interaction also allows tweeking.  Sounds like the guy may be a good opportunity for you.


                The ultra runners might enjoy this instagram. http://instagram.com/p/V6akU2iXDZ/ You may have seen it. Teacher didn't know student had an ultrarunning dad.


                Another thing I've meant to post was this article on the history of jogging.  I saw it a day or two after the last discussion about it, but didn't have didn't have time to post it.  The article is about a run in Oregon celebrating 50 years of jogging.   Smile     http://www.runnersworld.com/general-interest/sunday-run-oregon-will-honor-americas-first-joggers   Jogging was started by Lyliard and brought to USA by Bowerman. Bowerman visited NZ, went to one of Lyliards's jogging events and was passed by a  "jogger" who'd had bypass surgery. That impressed him, so he introduced jogging to US.   So next time we're called "joggers" we can just remember we have highly esteemed company.  Smile


                I'm did the 10 yesterday-part easy and part hills. Wind chill supposedly in teens but it only occasionally felt that bad. I'm debating running here or doing speedwork at the gym. I'll have to take days off for a foot injection again and I need core, so prob the gym.

                Have a great day!

                  Camille-funny thing about that picture was when I saw it I went through it with dd. She also selected 50 miles as the correct response.  Further more had a dazed look when I told her that the correct one was 50 yards.  Priceless. Absolutley priceless.


                  I know. I know. I'll be complaining about the heat.  But seriously.  My eyes are sore again today from the cold.  My hands feel achey.  It just hurts.  Although it's not likely to KILL me as running in the heat could.


                  FWIW... for ME to be complaining about it you have to know that it's gotten bad.


                  Tessa-I never trust anything longer than a 10k (and that is even depending on conditions) for hydration. Never.  Glad that you didn't this time too.  NIce job. RR to follow?



                  Anonymous Guest


                    Working from home this morning since I'm flying out this afternoon. Okay, that's just an excuse so that I can get my run in this morning once it's gotten above freezing. While I'm not looking forward to a 4 hour flight to Denver just to sit in a Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide workship tomorrow and fly home tomorrow night, I am looking forward to dinner with my best friend from high school that I haven't seen for a couple years. We met freshman year of high school, so 1981-82, which means we've been friends for over 30 years now.


                    I ran 8 yesterday and think I'm just now starting to feel normal running-wise after my ultra February. Good thing, since I have speed work on tap today.


                    Will try to get back here later - lots to get through and still fit a run in before heading to the airport.


                    Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                    Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?

                      Hey I am back!  All this fun has me worn out!  Seriously!  We (running friends) had a BLAST at the Seaside, FL Half Marathon.  Seaside is a tourist community (all the beautiful beach houses make it look like Disneyland.  Really)  The race is a benefit for the school, private or charter, we did not know.  I reserved a cabin at a nearby campground which turned out to be a lovely duplex (much like a beach condo).  $289 for the weekend, split 6 ways.  We were a short hike to the beach, and about a 20 minute drive to the outlet malls.  Did alot of shopping, had an awesome lunch on Saturday after packet pickup.  Holy cow was it cold!!!  The wind was really blowing, and I was just chilled the entire weekend.  The race was along the windy two lane road through the community, out and back.  Pretty.  Crowded.  4 or 5 small hills --well one not so small.   Didn't really thin out for about 4 or 5 miles.  Had to climb over lots of people in front of us who should have been in a later corral.  2:04 something.  I haven't seen my official time yet.  Great finisher's medal plus a VERA BRADLEY tote bag.  My only complaint was the best colored bags were snagged by the 5K finishers.  But it is a nice bag.  BBQ sandwich lunch and beer.  We also got a beautiful Vera Bradley travel umbrella at the visitor's center.  If you stopped by and told them you were coming for the race they would give you a choice between this lame sun visor or the great umbrella.  We had a fabulous weekend and are already planning to return next year.  Saw some friends from our area--they stayed at a condo two blocks from the race for $900 for the weekend.  Would rather drive over and go shopping.  Wink


                      I would definitely would recommend this race.


                        Lisa....I am so glad that I am not the only one whining about the winter weather!  Yes, I know it can be uncomfortable doing marathons in 85 degree heat (Cleveland last May)...but I have had enough like you!  Enough already!  I couldn't take being cold in my house this morning for one more minute, so I jacked the thermostat up to 72....if felt so good, just for a little while.....had to set it back down if I want to be able to pay the bill without robbing a bank!  Sheesh...tired of being cold and walking around all hunched over, clutching a blanket around me!


                        Tessa....sorry about the heat though, I understand, no fun, especially when they run out of beverage.


                        No run for me today, I did do my WT this morning though.  Still feeling so good about my run yesterday.


                        Julie...I have been trying to do more core work, but just at home.  Been doing planks and when I do my weights, as I am standing, it really feels like I am working my core even though I am working on my arms and shoulders, as long as I remember to hold in those abs.


                        Laura...what movie did you see?


                        Carol...sounds like a great weekend!


                        Karen...have a good time in Denver, although the subject matter doesn't sound too exhilirating, but......the time with your friend will be great.





                        6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


                        Run to live; live to run

                          10.3 for me today.  Had to shake out the legs since they were a bit stiff from yesterdays' run.  New microwave goes in today.  The guy came today to tell us how much to put new hardwood in the master bedroom.  Yay.


                          Gatsby it is okay any miles is good miles!  The actual distance isn't always that important.  I don't think it is that big a deal the distance I do.  I think any run that anyone does is great.


                          Lisa I 'm sure you are tired of the freeze.


                          Tessa yikes sorry it got so hot during the run


                          Julie sometimes it is hard to realize how far some things are until you put in perspective I just ran that distance and it really is far.


                          Laura I did see the movie didn't get good reviews.  DH and I want to see the OZ one that comes out this week about the Wizard   I love the Wizard of Oz


                          Carolyn nice hot shower is waiting for you


                          Carol glad you had a good weekend


                          Camille  Nice run


                          Hi everyone else




                            Karen, "Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide"? I understand all those words but not in that order.


                            Enjoy the visit with your HS friend, though. I like Denver.


                            Judy, Mighty Mouse is right!


                            Ginny, 72 is what I turn the thermostat DOWN to. DH likes it set at 78. Guess which one of us pays the heating bill. (The furnace is natural gas, no heating oil here.)


                            Julie, yep, we can go out sensibly and pass lots of people in the second half of the race. (Feels good, too, picking off one person after another.)


                            Laura, it should not warm UP to the 30s.


                            Carol and Susan, glad you two had good girls' weekends!


                            Carolyn, have fun at the pub run. Is there another one two weeks from yesterday?


                            Camille, we lost someone from church to myeloma a few years ago, poor woman. Why do you need another foot injection?


                            Lisa, you're right, do not trust anyone's claim that "there are water stations every two miles" especially when it's a hot, dry, dusty day on a hot, dry, dusty course.


                            Marjorie, there is a really dirty joke in there with that comment about "new hardwood in the master bedroom"...but I'm not saying a word.  *innocent expression*


                            4 this morning, then took Sis to the airport. About to head to the gym since it's lunchtime. Not sure if I can gat a race report done today, Ihave a queue of tests to grade adn I'm getting the taxes done this evening.


                            Happy runs!

                              Hi folks!  SRD for me today.  Quick check in while eating my ham sandwich.


                              Hi mighty Judy!


                              Tessa, way to HTFU and get through 26.2 in such crappy conditions.


                              Julie D, hope your core workout goes well.  I was just thinking this morning that I need to do core work.  My lower back started hurting while I was standing on the train into downtown, and I think my middle section isn't giving the rest of me enough support.


                              LC, enjoy those warm (?) 30s temps.


                              Carol and Crazy Sue, sounds like you both had great weekends away!


                              Carolyn, a pub run sounds run.  (To a pub?  From a pub?  Ends up in a pub?)


                              Camille, I think I'm going to give the coaching a shot.  He's local, super friendly and I've worked on running club projects with him before so I'm not worried about him not being available to meet or talk.  It's actually my work schedule that's likely gets in the way.  There's a marathon in December that's going to be my "goal" race so that gives him 8-9 months to work some magic on me.  Ha ha.


                              Lisa, can't remember if I ever got back to you to confirm that we're on for 6/2 for some sort of trail run here.  We can talk closer to the date but it's on my calendar in the mean time.


                              Karen, I've definitely done the "working from home" thing once or twice in order to get in a longer morning run.   Glad you've recovered from the snowy run to the summit February.


                              Ginny, too bad Tess can't sent you a few of those extra degrees to warm you up!


                              Marjorie, exciting stuff indeed with the new microwave.   Nice 10 on those tired legs!


                              Hi to everyone else.  Enjoy the day!


                                Did 4 and  core.  Was OK.  Also a fair amt of work on a project I want to have finished/mailed this week. Being on hold, mucltiple calls...always takes longer than I expect.   I used to be more patient, I think.


                                Gatsby, the coaching sounds perfect if you know the guy and like him!


                                Tessa, we're hoping for one of your adventure reports from the marthon. The  alcohol injections are a series.  I stopped early last time because  the neuroma was better.  He made me promise to take at least 4 this time.

                                Ginny-forgot to give you a high 5 yesterday!  You earned it!

                                Carol, your women's weekend sounded perfect!

                                Lisa, I'll bet your DD was confused about that question.Smile  She probably thinks who'd bother with 50 yds.  I admit to having to read it twice-then  had to look at the article.

                                Sue, sounds like a great race.  Nice swag!  Why Vera Bradley? Is she local in Florida?  Nice, but not something I've seen at races. You've been having lots of fun!


                                My LT ear is really ringing this afternoon.  May drive me nuts. Any home remedies?  Didn't find anything on Mayo's page.