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Weariness Wednesday (Over 40) (Read 18 times)


Mighty Mouse

    Weariness is what results when double workouts are not compatible with even slightly less sleep. Tight lips




    Mighty Mouse

      Tuesday was a fun birthday dinner with my friend. My workout was about 20 minutes of running during a cardio DVD...total 55 minutes.
      Today will be a light easy run on the track and then some cardio when I get home. I'm also working on posture since that starts to suffer when one becomes this age. Sad
      Happy runs, All!



      Fire Jumper

        G'morning all!


        3 miles yesterday.  Felt good, felt strong.  I'm still working on training my body to accept fluids/glucose during a run without making me nauseated.  So, I stop at about half way, drink some G2 and crunch down a glucose tablet.  I have felt MUCH stronger at the ends of my runs because of this.  Now, if I could just figure out a way to do this on the move.


        Judy - I've got a bit of the mid-winter blues, myself.   My sleep is always an issue, that's why I'm up at 0h-dark-thirty.  Not by choice, for sure.


        Carol - Woo hooo on the swim.  I have yet to broach that aspect of training.  But, then again, I'm not looking to do tris.  1700 is great!


        Lisa - I hope the park run went great.  I haven't gotten to run in Central Park yet.  The last time I was in the city, I wasn't a runner yet Smile


        LC - The weekend just keeps looking better - now Saturday is forecast for 46 and SUNNY (SUN!! In upstate New York!!).  I feel a long run coming on!


        Camille - I can't make myself follow a program on the treadmill either.  I am SO bored on it that I play with buttons far too much.


        Marjorie - I should get a video of Jazzie chasing the tennis ball on the wood floor.  It cracks me up.  And, you oughta duck!!!  62!


        Ginny - hope the split stance helps you engage your core a bit more.  It's also awesome for balance.  Also, on the work thing - my work would be SO easy if it weren't for people. Wink


        Tessa - cool... sometimes those unexpected miles bring unexpected joys.


        The registration site and the information is up about my agency's race.  I am so excited.  If you want to take a peek at what we're doing, here's the web site.  LEAF's TUFF eNUFF


        Y'all have a wonderful day.


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        LC Runs

          Good Morning Smile


          Dang it, slept right through the alarm this am.  Will run 3 after work.  Really hope the day goes quickly.


          Judy - Weary is right, I am right there with ya


          Julie - fueling is something I've never figured out, which is why I haven't run a marathon in a few years.  Always makes me feel awful.


          On a good front, the knee feels great.  I have been religiously icing it and have worn my compression socks the past few days (pain seemed to be stemming from my calf).  So, cross fingers I am back to almost-normal lol


            Judy - Hope the weariness gets better with some rest!  You are so right on the posture!


            Julie - Love the illustration on The Plank...I looked at your site for the obstacle run - great job!!!


            Did run last night, we did some speed work, tried 6 400's, was "fun"...and even managed a "brew" after.


            This is my wed off since I work in satellite clinic friday, much work to do around the house.  Have a swim scheduled for tonight but might forego that and do my Yoga dvd, soreness is back in my right  piriformis and feel the need for some good stretching.






              Julie....loved the pic of the plank.  looks like I am doing it right.  How long do you hold it?  I can do a minute so far.  Tried the split stance today during my home workout and it felt good.  I have a problem nourishing myself during  long runs also, I can't seem to get it right, I need to experiment like you are doing.


              I did run 4 miles yesterday and did my WT this morning.  It is supposed to be close to 60 degrees on Sunday...we will see, but anything over 40 sounds good to me.  Planning on a longish run again.


              Carol...I am off work today too, I took a mental health day.  Have a good one!


              Karen..have a good day in Denver, we used to live in Parker, Co., sound of Denver, it is a beautiful place to be.


              Laura...so glad the knee is behaving.  Didn't you oversleep yesterday too?  You sound like me, I think it is the time of year!  In summer I don't seem to have much problem getting myself up.  Daylight Saving, this weekend!  Yay!!!





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              Run to live; live to run

                10.2 for me.  I'll be back for personals


                  Ugh!  Bad allergy night.  Walked the dogs yesterday and apparently sucked up alot of pollen.  Feel like crap today.  Didn't sleep much.  Didn't go to group power class.  At work to catch up after being gone.  Will be out tomorrow for quilt seminar.  Gotta get some sleep tonight!!!  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


                  I just need to whine.




                  Run to live; live to run

                    Sue I hear you on the bad allergy night.  I've had some symptoms and spring is not my big allergy time.  Well it is but more when the flowers are blooming, not the tree pollen.  The tree pollen is getting me this year for sure.


                    Judy hope you have a great day


                    Ginny for me you hold the plank as long as you can and maintain the form.  I can do 3 minutes but it is tough as my Pilates instructor usually does the timing at the end of the session so my abs are already fatigued.


                    Julie that was a nice pic of a plank yesterday.  My 2 wipe out frequently too.  More when they come blazing into the house and their feet are wet and they hit the floor and slide.  Fueling is so individual.  I'm actually doing better with not fueling too much but then my stomach is so odd to begin with.


                    Carol hope the run was fun.


                    Anonymous Guest


                      Well, as one of my local friends put it on facebook, snowquester is turning into snowMEHgeddon. Where I'm at it's currently 37 degrees and raining. The federal govenment and all the schools are closed. They are still saying it could turn into a blizzard AT ANY MOMENT. I'll probably leave early since my flight didn't get in until midnight last night and I'm tired anyway. The impending doom is just another reason to go.


                      Cindy, you may see a Cody's Crew singlet at your 5K for neuroblastoma. A former RWOL Master's poster just commented in our facebook group that he just signed up for it. I told him you run it every year with your family, and he said if you saw him in his orange singlet to make sure and say hi.


                      Hey, do you guys remember Lisa Ann that posted for awhile? I didn't realize but she moved to DC recently. We're going to try to get together for a run sometime. Coming from Kansas City, she is pretty much laughing at us for having a snow day.


                      Trip and workshop went well yesterday, except for the part of having to spend the day with the boss. It is just one headdesk after another with him. But it was so much fun catching up with my friend from high school, and the workshop was surprisingly good and interesting.


                      Back for personals.....must do a little work while I'm here.


                      Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                      Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?


                        Sue, hope you feel better.  Everyone needs to whine now and then.

                        Julie, I looked at your run flyer-nice job!  I've found my gut has gradually adapted to some nutrition when running.  The first year  was pretty grim at times. Bloks work best for me.

                        Judy, glad dinner was nice!

                        Laura, glad the knee is better!

                        Carol, your run sounds like fun! BTW, I've tried your run, do core, run a couple times. It makes both a little more fun. Masters is doing a burpee challenge.  I don't post, but ck the exercise at beginning of month.  The burpee gets the HR up. : )

                        Karen, hope you got home ok.

                        Lisa, hope you're enjoying NYC!  Again!  Fun.

                        Hi Demaris!  Hope you have an easier day at work.

                        Nice 10.2, Marjorie.  BTW, did you notice the weather for Albany this year?  Much better than last year, though cold for them.

                        Wed weigh in. Weight was down half pound yesterday which is lowest I'd seen in a while, but is back up today.  That was a good sign though, so I'm hopeful this is a fluctuation. At least my nutrition is much improved!

                        Cindy, good luck getting your project finished.


                        Winter storm warning here. We have a little snow again with high winds.  I still have electicity, so am snug here. It was 60 yesterday, 20's-30 today and supposed to be 60 again in a few days. Crazy.

                        I need an easy run  today and hope the wind stops so I can go outside.  Otherwise, I may go to gym and do one of Carol's workouts.



                          Karen, hope you got home all right last night. What bright spark scheduled a meeting in Chicago the first week of March?


                          Ginny, hmm, you'd think people who were at a library would be able to read. Oh well. It could be worse. The machine could be eating their dollars rather than just rejecting them.


                          Julie, training your body to consume fuel during a run does take time. But eventually you should be able to do it.  When I started I couldn't keep down anything in the second half of a full except ice chips. Now I'm still not a fan of sports drink or gel, but I can happily eat citrus fruits and shovel potato chips, M&Ms, and jelly beans down my pie hole all the way through an ultra.


                          Hi Judy, Laura, Carol, Marjorie, Susan, Camille!


                          Crappy run (almost literally) today. Headed out intending to do 4, got a mile down the road, and had to turn around and walk home. It was either that or mess up someone's front yard. Ugh. So a miserable 2. I will try to make up some of the mileage at lunch.


                          Hope everyone else's runs are better!


                            KarenAG - Ummm....what is a headdesk???


                            Tessa - Yikes on the "crappy" run....hope all is well for a later one!

                            LCruns - Glad the knee feels better!


                            Camille - Ahhh, wed weigh in....glad that you saw a low #!!!  My continues to go up/down/up/down.  Sunday I was down 3 pounds from the beginning...this am, back up 1.  Had a long talk this week-end with cousin re: weight.  She is training 9-14 hours a week for HIM :0  and is trying to lose a little...not happening for her, despite really watching calories.  UGH!!! Such a struggle.  Easy to reassure her, some is genetics (we are a short/squatty/family in stature), but beat myself up....


                            Ginny - Enjoy your mental health day!!!  I once had a manager that actually encouraged people to do that occasionally!


                            Crazysue - Whine away...we all need it sometimes!


                            Marjorie - You certainly get the consistency award for your miles!!!



                            Bad Ass

                              Afternoon! I've been so busy it's not funny!  I was going to post last night but our itnernet at the house went down and it took forever for us to fix it.  Bah.  I did 11 last night.  5 recovery miles tonight.


                              judyruns, word.  I feel like that most of the time....


                              Julie, nice 3!  I love the pic from last night's thread.


                              LC Runs, hoping the knee continues behaving and that it gets back to 100% soon.


                              Carol, enjoy the day off!


                              Ginny, hope your run goes well./


                              Marjorie, nice 10.


                              Sue, I hate when the allergies abound.  I am not looking forward to April at all. Feel better.


                              Karen, Stay safe with all that snow!


                              Camille, sounds like a day to stay in.


                              Tessa, tough runs happen.  Hope your next one is better!


                              The day at work yesterday was not good.  I received a not very professional email from my analyst (insert assistant) that I felt it was talking down to me.  He is a male and I've caught him doing the same to me before whenever I don't do what he believes should be done or gets frustrated or something.  This time I didn't do anything wrong (somebody else screwed up), but I wrote him back this morning and told him that, even assuming it was my fault, there was no need to talk down to me and I didn't appreciate the tone of the email.  He responded a bit more pacified, but sheesh.  I don't like doing things like that, but I won't even let my boss talk down to me like I'm a helpless female that knows nothing, least of all the ones that work under me.  Marjorie can attest that I'm not a bitch (I hope), but sometimes one needs to speak up.


                              Thought you women would understand what I mean.


                              So, I'm back at the office after court and my door is cloed for the time being.  Other than that, it's a great day!Joking



                              "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                              It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                              Run to live; live to run

                                Camille it was really windy here on my run too.  Yikes.  It was like resistance training.   Sigh.  Yesterday it was in the 60's today 40's.  All part of spring.  I did see the weather was better in Albany this year.  They had a lot more BQ's.  It is a high BQ race to begin with.  The weather helped this year even more.


                                Karen I bet you did get home late!  So many flights cancelled etc today.  I'm glad I'm not traveling this week.


                                Laura glad the knee is better.


                                Ginny I did giggle at them missing the sign.  People do not focus well now a days.  They really don't.  They can miss things right in front of them.  I think someone said we are just over saturated now with information that we miss some very obvious things.


                                Tessa I hear you on that.  I'm knocking wood since my stomach has been a ton better and I want it to continue


                                Carol thanks.  I try to stay consistent.  Each run is pretty much a challenge to myself to continue to reach for the miles I like to do.


                                Damaris I can assure you is not a bitch!