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Twisting and Turning Tuesday - Preggos (Read 14 times)

MA runner girl

    I was twisting weird ways in the car this morning trying to find a comfortable position... No such luck.

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: WILL go to the gym for 3 miles tonight. Did nothing yesterday and felt super lazy about it.


      PGR: 34w2d. I am SO tired these days. I just have no energy for anything. I'm also super uncomfortable. My drive today was over an hour due to snow removal trucks and snow blocked lanes, and I was almost in tears because I was so uncomfortable from sitting for so long without moving. I've also been getting more BH contractions. I think I'm finally hitting that point of "really?? 6 more weeks??".


      NPGR: Not much here. Just work. This week is busy as we are preparing to release the first monthly reports of the year. Lots of bugs to fix in the reports.

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        Morning everyone!  Had a bit of a rough start but wanted to check in for my own sanity.


        MA:  Maybe there is just something in the air!  I hope you make it to the gym.


        Sasha: I did join the group a bit later in my pregnancy as it took me a while to find.  Very nice to be able to share/hear with other running preggos though!  The nausea does not sound fun.  Hopefully it is temporary.


        Schmett: Thanks for the bottle storage recommendation.  I will have to do some research today.  Our LO is a girl as well and the clothes are adorable.  Luckily SIL just had twins six months ago and thus has helped us outfit LO as her girl only really wore the outfits once or twice before growing to the next size.


        Monk: I definitely relate to the whole work situation.  I am trying to squeeze in as

        much as possible but have to remember that I can only do so much. 


        Laura: I really enjoyed your post as it quickly summarized how I have been feeling lately.  Nice job on the race and running.  Hopefully you got your nap in as well.


        TN: Sorry to hear about the pelvic rest.  Hope the childbirth class was good.


        PGR: 38w2d.  Yesterday was really difficult and today does not appear to be much better.  I have quite a bit to get done at work and yet could barely function about mid-afternoon.  I ended up heading home early for a nap.  Slept for about thirty mins but woke up still feeling uncomfortable.  I just feel round, bloated, and fairly unmotivated.  I did take our dog out for her evening walk and that lifted my spirits a bit.  I realized during the walk that I am actually in a “good” place.  I say this because being this uncomfortable will probably make me a little more motivated when handling the actual experience of labor/birth.  I swear though, my belly pops out more and more as the hours pass.


        ER: Swam this morning but barely got over a mile.  I am working through the idea that while I could easily swim 2 miles on Sunday, being over 38 weeks pregnant, it is okay that I needed something shorter today.  Just last week I was thinking about how much easier swimming was than even walking and now I am wondering if even my swimming days might be coming to a close.  DH is working tonight so I will another long evening walk with the dog is in the future.   

        Laura G in Idaho

          MA:  I think you have accurately described what I call the beached whale stage.  I hope it won't be 6 more full weeks for you.  The end is such a challenge!  This would be a good time to pamper yourself if you can... get a pedicure or ask a friend to paint your toenails, get a massage, get your hair done.  Anything that will take your mind off the discomfort of pregnancy will help the time pass a little faster.  As for your car ride into work, could a small pillow or two be placed on the seat or on the back rest to make it a little more bearable?


          yogi:  Your time is so short.  It's so hard to be patient at this stage.  Glad my post summarized your feelings yesterday.  Try to remember you are still doing better than the couch potatoes.  You are being such a good mother, taking care of your baby so well, by taking care of his/her mom.  No one else can do what you are doing for your baby.  Way to go!




          PGR:  29w4d.


          NPGR:  Took a 1 hr nap last night from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.  Then hubby woke me up.  I wasn't able to go back to sleep until midnight.  Hubby's alarm went off at 5:30 AM, and I wasn't able to fall back to sleep afterwards, because hubby had to keep grabbing my boobs.  Really?  I've been complaining loudly for two days that I am really overtired, and you want me to get in the mood?  GO AWAY AND LET ME SLEEP!  I hate when he sets his alarm unrealistically early.  He didn't get out of bed until 7:15 AM, so what was the point of setting it for 5:30 AM?  Just to wake up and grab your wife's boobs and starve her of her sleep?  Grrr.  He hasn't been too sympathetic to me saying I'm tired.  Little comments like, "Must be nice to sleep," if he catches me napping, or, "I'm tired, too," (said with an attitude that I shouldn't be asking for any extra sleep time, because he's not getting any extra sleep time while he's tired, so why should I be allowed to get any).


          I'm still coughing from the flu, and the last couple of days I feel I'm not improving, and maybe getting worse.  Probably not getting enough rest to recover fully.


          Yesterday DH told me that if he gets this promotion he's hoping for (later this year a position might open), it will mean a lot more travel, like 3 months at a time, to places like Hawaii.  I told him he better take me with him.  Then I started thinking about the deployments we've been through, one for 9 months, one for 18 months, and all the time he's been gone for military training, and I couldn't stand the idea of him being gone anymore.  I told him I'd rather not have the promotion if it means he would be gone more.  I can't raise this family alone, and I especially can't make boys into men.


          RR:  My 4 mile run went well yesterday, with planned walk breaks at 1.5 miles and 3 miles.  The walk breaks were only 0.1 miles each, but it was amazing how refreshing they were.  Total run was 3.8 miles, and total walk was 0.4 miles.  My pelvis and pubic bone didn't hurt much this time, but my hip and butt muscles were certainly sore from all the leg circles on the sculpting DVD, and I felt them right from the beginning of my run.


          ER:  Planning to bike today.


            Morning all.


            RR - Hoping to get in a workout today. Maybe mallwalking with my friend, or maybe going to the gym. We'll see.


            PGR - 21 weeks today.


            NPGR - Just doing what I didn't get done yesterday.


            MA - Sorry to hear about the uncomfortable drive. You'll get through these 6 weeks. I can't remember, are you taking any time off before the baby comes or are you working up to the end?


            Yogi - I'm not much of a swimmer, so swimming a mile (or 2) sounds like an amazing accomplishment to me. I can do backstroke kind of, but I just usually dog paddle around a pool. I'm sure just being in the pool has to have you feeling a little better as it takes the stress off your body for a bit. Hope your day goes better and the walk with the dog helps.


            Laura - I saw your post on FB and then saw your post here how you were going to bed early. Doh, sorry it didn't work out that way. I hope everything works out for the best with your DH's position and your family life. You've got a lot going on!


              ER: I'll admit... this morning I was lazy. And tired. So that would be a no.


              PGR: 37w4d. I'm getting uncomfortable doing housework, does that mean I can stop? My belly is getting in the way when I'm cooking and washing dishes and I have to bend over to reach the counter/stove. Last night I was cooking noodles in the stock pot on a back burner and had to get on the step stool to bend over and see in the pan. And then when I'm standing too long I'm leaning back too much so I think all that extra back and forth motion is really starting to bother me.


              PGR2: This afternoon my mom is bringing the new rocking chair for the kids' room! I had mentioned to her back in January that we were moving the couch out of the room to make room for the second bed and wouldn't have anything in there to sit on and she reupholstered an old rocker for us! She works for a friend who does upholstery and all our living room furniture is stuff she did. Its the old really good constructed furniture thats going to last forever. I've had some of it since college graduation 10 years ago (yikes... yeah, I graduated 10 years ago in May!) and its still great. I am sooooo excited to see this chair! I will post a picture when I can.


              NPGR: DH just called and told me they came and took the old altima. Cry I'm a little sad. That was my car that I bought myself and paid off. The tow truck guy said the problem sounded like the fuel pump, which I guess would have only been $900, so not too astronomical, but the car also needed brakes and two more tires, so I'm sure fixing it could have totaled around what we paid for the new car, and who knows how long that would have lasted. Still its a little bittersweet. DH was all cranky last night because when the towing was set up, they just told us it would be between 8 and 5. So it was a pleasant surprise that they came so early, but I guess the tow truck blocked in one of our neighbors trying to take his kid to school. Oops. DH is still a little cranky because of all the stuff he has to do, says he doesn't have any time for him... when he'd just be at home anyway! I'm trying not to say anything even though I'm the one who does all the work in the house on the weekends while he watches TV... I keep asking if he wants me to take a day off and do some of this stuff and he says no. So what am I supposed to do? We will get over this, just not sure if it will be by way of a blow out fight or not!


                MA - I am getting there, too...starting to feel really uncomfortable at work. Your commute sounds awful Sad Good luck getting to the gym tonight.

                Yogi - I definitely understand how hard it is to accept doing shorter/easier workouts...but you are doing amazingly well. I think we just have to accept where our bodies are on particular days. And it can still change from day to day, although you are getting so close to the end! Soon enough you'll be back in your "normal" body and ramping back up!

                Laura- Whenever my husband talks about potential travel opportunities for work, it makes me anxious...and that's with only have one kid-to-be! Hope he can be more understanding of your need for rest, too!

                Schmett - good luck getting stuff done!

                Monk - yes! I think it means you can stop doing the housework Smile


                ER- 5 miles on the elliptical this AM. Felt pretty good.

                PGR - 33w3d. I've been snoring a lot at night and I feel bad because it is keeping my husband up... he's been having some insomnia anyway because of work-related stuff, but this isn't helping. Wish there was something I could do! Back was killing me yesterday at work. Hoping it'll be better today.

                NPGR - not too much...just got pulled away from writing this for 30 min, so I bet I cross posted with someone!


                  Monk - Sounds like a good deal with the rocking chair. Sad to hear the end of an era for your Altima, but hope you put many happy miles on your newer car.


                  Liz - I had to use breathe right strips a lot at the end of my last pregnancy to combat my snoring. It didn't totally take it away but it helped according to my husband. And your comment to Yogi reminded me I read an article on Runners World last night about running during pregnancy, and the message was basically that while you're decreasing mileage and getting frustrated with your pace/activity level towards the end of pregnancy, all this time you've actually been conditioning your body to work more efficiently since you are dealing with extra weight/blood flow/etc. So that made me feel better when I don't feel like I'm doing much of anything especially when I read about long runs or swimming tons of laps in the pool. Anything's better than nothing!


                    MA: Sorry about being so uncomfortable. I'm so happy I don't have to drive more than 5 minutes to work, or take the 20 minute bus ride. I used to work over an hour from home and I don't even want to think how uncomfortable that commute would have been every day. I feel you on being tired. At least we're getting close!


                    Yogi: I agree that a little discomfort might be helpful in getting me to see labor in a more positive light. My hypnobirthing classes were wonderful, but I'm just not uncomfortable enough yet to welcome labor. Hopefully I'll feel more like you when the time comes! Good job with the swimming, short or not. Getting moving is key, whatever it is you do!


                    Laura: I feel you on not wanting DH to be gone for long periods at a time! I could NOT do it. My sister is married to an army officer and he had officer's training for the past six months. She was happy that she got to see him every weekend but said that it really made their son (who is 2) quite a mess. She is super glad it's over! Great job with the run!


                    Schmett: Wait... I thought you were already 21 weeks... Do you mean 22? Have fun with your mall walk, or the gym!


                    Monk: Yay for a new rocking chair! My mom and dad are bringing one for me when they come. I'm so happy that I haven't had to buy a lot of the things that I really wanted to have for this baby because DH and I certainly have very little money to spare right now. Sorry you are getting so uncomfortable. Hopefully you are getting close to just having P. Were you early at all with A? My midwife says that if you are early with one you are likely to be early with others. Hope for your sake he comes sooner rather than later.


                    Liz: Great job with the eliptical! It's super boring but good for you anyway. My DH rarely has trouble sleeping, so all my tossing and turning doesn't disturb him much at all, which I'm very thankful for. I hate it when I feel like my discomfort is making him uncomfortable too. Hope your back pain gets better.


                    ER: Well, I think today I may actually walk to work. It is supposed to be fairly warm so I shouldn't have to worry about cold air making my dreadful cold come back. I think I'm feeling well enough for the one mile walk. It will probably do me a lot of good after being sedentary for a whole week! (YIKES)


                    PGR: 35w5d. Where does the time go!!! I'm starting weekly appointments this week. DH is coming with me Wednesday as the midwife will be discussing birthing stuff with us, like what kind of things to pack for the birth etc. DH commented last night that my pregnancy had been much easier than he had expected (which I have to agree with). He said that none of the things he expected to happen, had happened. He was especially sad that I have not had any weird cravings. Big grin It's so funny to me, I think he wanted me to eat weird things and I never did. He also said that I hadn't been as grumpy or emotional as he expected. It's nice to hear that from him.


                    PGR2: My mom is awesome! She sent me a new pair of maternity dress pants and a nice dress shirt from target which just arrived last night. They are super cute and it's so exciting to have something new to wear to work even if it's only for four more weeks or so. That is still plenty of time to enjoy them.


                    NPGR: Work today. I'm so glad I'm feeling better. I worked 6 1/2 hours on Sunday and thought I would die. I'm finally feeling like a normal person again, just a little bit of a stuffy nose. I need to get my maternity leave worked out. I will probably only be coming back very part time (like seriously, one day a week) but at least I can use my sick time and vacation time if I go on leave. I need to get that worked out this week.


                      MA - I hope today was just a fluke uncomfortable day and you feel better tomorrow.


                      yogi - I think your mile of swimming is perfectly respectable at 38 weeks! Enjoy your walk with the dog.


                      Laura - I couldn't help but chuckle a bit at your description of your interrupted sleep due to hubby - my DH, for some reason, seems to think the boob-grabbing is the best way  to entice me as well. Um, nope.  I think it's reasonable that you don't want your DH to accept the promotion - I think raising responsible, respectful teenagers is MUCH harder than taking care of babies/toddlers (although I don't have any full-time experience with either, I guess...so don't listen to me. Smile


                      schmett - 21 weeks means less than halfway!  Good luck getting things done.


                      monk - Yay for new rocking chair! I'm looking forward to seeing the pic.  Do you think your DH is just feeling a bit frustrated and emasculated with not being able to take care of his family in the traditional way, and therefore is bucking all the tasks a bit?  I think that can be tough for some men - I know my DH struggled with feeling inadequate when he was underemployed/starting his own business, and felt he wasn't supporting our family enough.


                      Liz - Do you already use a humidifier?  Maybe that would help with the snoring?


                      sasha - Sweet on the new maternity clothes! I keep telling myself that I can make my maternity wardrobe last through the end of pg, but sigh, I'm already tired of most of the stuff.


                      PGR: 26 weeks. Babies are super active today.  Childbirth class was meh - the videos illustrations of the actual mechanics of how labor works were interesting, but the touchy-feely stuff, lets talk about how you're feeling, your moods, your anxiety stuff was a little less so. DH kept signaling me with two fingers every time there was a reference to "your baby." - it was funny.


                      ER: Not sure yet - bball practice tonight. There is glare ice everywhere outside, so a walk is out of the question - the mall where we had our childbirth classes is nearly empty, so I might test out some mall walking sometime soon.


                      NPGR: DH and I are going to a college bball game for v-day - should be fun.  Anyone else have fun plans for vday?


                        So DH didn't get the job in my unit that he interviewed for a couple weeks ago. Sad I guess thats for the best though. We found out he can start collecting unemployment already, so by doing that he's required to apply to two jobs a week, so that will be a bit more application action for him.


                        MA: I got pretty cranky between 34 and 36 weeks, and I"m sure that commute doesn't help matters much! I suppose I'm still cranky now but I'm not feeling as cranky as I was then! Your at the point where its so close (or at least people will annoy the poo out of you telling you that) but still oh. so. far. Hope you're having a good workday and that you will be more comfortable tomorrow.


                        yogi: Yeah not only would it be best if I could work a couple more weeks... I'm working hard to get as much stuff wrapped up as I can because my workload will just sit here waiting for me when I get back. We're all overworked so they can't just ask someone to do my work while I'm gone in addition to theirs. A shorter workout is totally fine! I'm on the brink of just giving up working out, so you're doing better than I am!


                        laura: Oh I would not let that behavior go with my DH! I can't imagine having DH gone for that long with any kids in the house! Sorry about the continued coughing. Its so annoying how long things like that can hang on. I hope you can get caught up on sleep soon.


                        schmett: Hope you got a workout in!


                        liz: Sorry about the snoring, hope you can figure something out to deal with it.


                        sashanna: A was 6 days early, so I am definitely hoping P will follow the same trend! I still need to figure out what to pack for the birth! I finally started thinking about what to pack for P last weekend but didn't actually pack anything. Oops. Yay for the new clothes from your mom!


                        TN: I don't know what DH's problem is really... its not like he'd be out of the house all day long if he hadn't had to wait at home anyway. But he was mad that he had to be dressed, etc. I don't know. We're just going out for a family dinner on Valentine's Day, probably to Buffalo Wildwings because DH has a giftcard he got for his birthday. We haven't done much for Vday the last few years. We don't really do presents anymore, but we decided the new car is our "present" this year. Between our birthdays and Christmas we are kinda done with presents by this point.