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Time to Kick it Up a Notch Tuesday Supermoms (Read 27 times)


    Morning Supermoms~


    RR: hill repeats today, will do 5 of them. it's a double hill, and definitely a challenge, but i love it! should be 5-6 miles total. this is a recovery week for me, too.


    TR: was so much fun yesterday. took him to the park and we played for almost an hour. there was a little girl there who had a purple princess skirt on over her clothes and R was fascinated w/ her. We took the dog for a walk too, and he belly-laughed at her running after squirrels, and chasing cats.


    NRR: my older brother and SIL and their two boys will be coming out this weekend to stay with us! i'm excited to see them, should be fun. thir boys are 3.5 and 2.5 years old, and they love playing with R. i'm hoping for nice weather so we can go to the park and maybe do some hiking.


    Have a great day everyone, hopefully I'll be back for personals today! Yesterday was nonstop for me at work, then busy with the lil man. Smile

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      ugh, so hard to get back into work mode after a long weekend!


      RR - 5 miles easy with Sam.


      TR - said a complete sentence yesterday, but I can't remember what it was about now.


      FR - taking Beth out for a belated bday lunch today, chicken pie for dinner.



      rg - 3 boys in your house will be a full house for sure!

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        zorbs- jealous of your long weekend, i only had one day off Sad   have fun out to lunch with Beth today! is she the RP that no longer wants to run w/ you? enjoy the easy run this morning too. yay for a full sentence. i feel like R has been on the verge of saying more words for a while, but he sticks to the handful he knows. peanut butter is one of his favorites.

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          RR - I need another rest day. I guess I am not 100% recovered from being sick, because yesterday's 24k was a total death march. DH was all "I told you it was a bad idea to run that far when you were so sick just two days ago!"


          BR - Well, she seemed better yesterday morning, but then started to seem worse again by the evening. Also, her cheeks started turning suspiciously red in a way that made me think Fifths disease. I'm going to see what she and her cheeks are like when she wakes up and if there's no improvement, it'll be time for a visit to the doctor.


          FR - We ended up ordering Chinese food last night, so tonight will be the chicken cacciatore I planned to make yesterday.


          NRR - Nothing much. We are a boring sick house over here right now.




          rg - Sounds like you will have a crazy but fun weekend!  Great that R loves the park and being outside so much. Re: the girl dressed as a princess - I kind of hate the whole princess obsession little girls have. I hope S does not get into it, but there is probably no hope! Have a good hill workout.


          zorbs - Yep, it was hard to get back into weekday mode here too. I was not happy to hear my alarm go off this morning. Yay for a complete sentence! Have a good lunch.

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            ernie- yeah, i was actually really happy to find out we were expecting a boy, as I was a total tomboy growing up and I have no clue on that pink/princess stuff. lol. hope you're able to relax and rest up today, and kick this sickness for good. I hope that S is feeling better soon too, and the bright red cheeks are just from teething, and nothing serious.

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              RR - back to the TM... maybe 4 while C naps..


              BR - back to weird eating and weird napping.  Is starting to get more adventurous with standing/walking along furniture.  And she's "bum scooting" a lot more too.


              NRR - I already need a nap...



              ernie - C always gets rosy cheeks when she's teething.. could that be your case?


              rg - envious of all the time you get to spend outdoors!  I'm ready for spring so we can go for more walks!


              zorbs - yea the day after a long weekend is always rough...


                rr: 4 on tap but not really feeling it today.


                rr2: have ART/ chiro this morning.


                tr: school has a 2-hour delay which means the girls both don't have school. yet they decided to get up earlier than if they did have school. and dd2 is sick again. not fun.


                tr2: quite certain i have the entire the lorax soundtrack memorized...


                br: says "mama" every time he sees me even if it is a few seconds apart. napped like a champ yesterday.


                fr: beef stew tonight.


                rg: good luck with the hills! have so much fun with your brother and his family.


                zorbs: cute about the full sentence. C is starting to out words together and it is so fun to listen to. have fun at lunch!


                ernie: yup our house seems infested with illnesses that will not go away. it sucks! hope dd feels better soon!


                  good morning!


                  RR - will probably run 3-4 miles today.  Supposed to have tennis clinic this morning but it rained last night so I'm not sure if the courts are too wet.  I might run up to the club to pay our bill before clinic, but that means I have to get going pretty quick here.  Or I'll just run a little after clinic.  Love having my parents here so I can be more flexible!


                  BR - Is getting so tall and loves to open up drawers and grab at whatever he can reach, so last night we had to move the knives out of the drawer and onto the kitchen counter.


                  KR - have art class right after school, then swimming.  Busy Tuesday or them!


                  FR - our fridge is full of leftover chili, pork and beef brisket so one or a combo of those for dinner.  Thankfully my parents don't mind leftovers.  We also got our Girl Scout cookies last night so I need to put them where I'm not looking at them all the time.


                  NRR - long overdue hair appointment today, can't wait!  Doing laundry now and then I need to start packing for Disney - we leave in 2 days!


                  rg - I love seeing L interact with other kids his age.  We ran into one little boy at the girls' school last week and they gave each other a chest bump instead of hug.  The other mom and I were cracking up.  Enjoy your time with your brother!


                  zorbs - have a great lunch!  DH had a hard time going back to work too, it was nice to have the 3 day weekend for sure!


                  ernie - when I was sick with the fever etc last September it took me a lot longer to get over it than I thought it would.  Definitely let yourself rest up!


                  cx2 - I wish I could nap, some days it sounds so good but I have such a hard time falling asleep during the day!


                  mrszm - ha, I don't feel like running most days lately.  Usually it's OK once I get going but sometimes it's so hard to talk myself into getting out the door.




                    RR:  4 or 5 after work/before a meeting tonight.  Roads are nasty and its cold so I will find a TM!


                    TR:  Was very uninterested in art class last night.  Just wanted to play, and that was okay with us.  Started saying "mama here" and "dada car" last night.  He is so cute when he sees me walking up to art class he waves and has a huge smile.  Then he wants me next to him the whole time.  Smile


                    NRR: We have a half day with kids and half day professional growth today.  I see kids in 20 minute rotations which is a whirlwind, but there is always a lot to do.  MIL and FIL gave us money to cover DH's plow breaking down during the last storm.  We don't at all need the money, but think they gave money to DH's brother (who always takes money from them) so they want to be fair and give us some.  The check is still in my wallet.  I know it is for DH and his business, but it would be nice to put it in our savings or J's...seems responsible.


                    FR:  Pasta was good last night.  Left overs for lunch today.


                    rg - Enjoy those hils!  Sounds like you have pretty good weather for getting outside and playing...how fun.


                    zorbs - Enjoy your lunch out.


                    ernie - Sorry about the bummer run and S still not being 100%.  Take care of both of you!


                    cx2 - I talked to DH yesterday during my lunch and told him how badly I wanted to nap.  Found out later...HE NAPPED while J was down.  He said he felt just a little bad.  I'm right there with you....Its 7:20 AM and I am ready for bed!  Ha!


                    mrszm - Enjoy your day with the kiddos.  I hope ART/chiro goes well.  Beef stew sounds good on a day like today.


                    armmama - I agree 100% about not wanting to run most days.  Getting out the door is always the biggest battle!  Your left overs sound delicious.  I hope you have a productive day!

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                      mer- hope you have a good run later! i'm sure your day will go by quickly today. wow, nice gift of $ from DH's parents. isn't it great when you get the big smile and hugs? melts my heart every time. what kind of pasta did you get?


                      Cx2- i'm ready for spring too! the weather keeps going up and down here. it'll be nice one day, then cold/windy the next. yay on the bum scooting, and walking! yeah, there are days where i'd trick myself out of bed by the "promise" of a nap later. though it rarely happened. did you decide on the 10 mile race?


                      arm- R likes to reach in the drawers too and empty out anything he can reach. i've had to relocate a few things! enjoy the time with your parents. mmm, girl scout cookies. yummy.


                      mrszm- hope the art/chiro apts go well today! cute about C saying mama. sorry about DD being sick, and no school today. i haven't seen the Lorax yet...but R loves these Scout and Friends DVD's my mom gave him for xmas...singing numbers and the alphabet. oy.

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                        RR;  Ran 6 mi on the TM this morning.  I had 7 on the schedule for today and decided to get up early to run at least part of it...I came pretty close.  If I feel ok, I will take H and and the dog for another mile.  We got our bob windshield in the mail and tested it out on a walk yesterday.  I am not sure we put it on correctly but it worked well.


                        BR:  Still sick but last night was a big improvement.  I propped him up to sleep which helped.


                        NRR:  Woke up this morning with a really sore throat.  Guess I am next...  Hopefully I won't have too long of a day in the hospital.


                        DHR;  Dh made it back to NC safely.  We were all sad to see him go.  One month till the next trip! And then we won't see him again till August Sad


                        RG:  I like the title of the post.  I do need to take it up a notch.  I am running a ton of miles but not really pushing myself.  What is your total mileage on a day you do hill repeats?  I should incoporate some.


                        zorbs:  I feel you on the long weekend!


                        cx2:  Haha on the bum scooting.  Reminds me of something my dog does Smile


                        mrszm:  You can do it!  I hope some motivation comes to you later in the day.  It is definitely tough after a long weekend.


                        arm:  Enjoy your haircut and good luck packing.  How long will you beat Disney for?


                        mer:  Your day sounds super busy as usual.  I hope you can find a TM and get your run in!  It's always nice to get a little money, even if you don't need it.  Save it for a rainy (or snowy in your case) day Smile

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                          ernie:  Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well still but great job on doing the run!  H has had really rosy cheeks lately too and I think he just has a nasty cold.  Does she have a fever at all?  I think H's cheeks are rosier when he has a fever.

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                            rg/cx2/shelby - Yeah, S normally gets the rosy cheeks when teething or from a cold, too, but last night the redness was very rashlike, which concerned me. However, she's awake now and her cheeks are normal, so maybe she was just rubbing them a lot. I think I was extra paranoid because there are going to be some pregnant ladies here for S's birthday this coming weekend and I didn't want to be the jerk that exposed them all to Fifths disease!


                            cx2 - Ah, now C will really be able to get into trouble with the adventurous furniture scooting! I'm always amazed at how long S's reach is. Yup, I could go for a nap right now, too.


                            mrszm - Boo on the early wakeups and the sickness in your house, too! Is it spring yet? Sigh.


                            Arm - LOL on L and the other boy chest bumping. All of your leftovers sound delicious. Yay for the countdown to Disney. Have you decided on what corral to run in? I could use a vacation somewhere warm right about now!


                            Mer - Sounds like ds was super cute last night! If you don't need the money for DH's plow, then it's totally fine (and responsible!) to put it towards savings instead.


                            Shelby - Good job getting up early for your run! Glad the windshield is working for you - it is kind of tricky to figure out exactly how to put it on, isn't it? Sorry the sickness seems to be making its way to you. I hope it's a short-lived cold!

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                              Rg – Glad you like hills…have a great run.  Have a great time with your brother and his family.  I bet R will love hanging out with the big boys.


                              Zorbs – Enjoy your lunch out with Beth.  B sounds like he is getting really good with his vocabulary!


                              Ernie – Take the rest day…sorry you still aren’t feeling great but give your body time!  Yum…I love Chinese and haven’t had it for a long time.  Ahhhh…J had the super red check and a little rash on his body a couple of months ago and we think he had Fifths disease…it was mild though and didn’t bother him.


                              Ctimes – ugh to C with the weird eating and napping…I am convinced that is normal for kids until the age of???  LOL…J will eat great one day and nothing the next…it is so hard to plan.  Have a good TM run.


                              Mrszm – Enjoy your chiro apt.  Can you sing us a song from the LoraxWink  Too cute about C saying mama all the time.  He loves you!


                              Arm – J is the same way…opens every door and drawer he can reach and tries to grab things.  I put his milk cup up on the counter top on the edge and didn’t realize he could grab it now.  Enjoy your hair apt.  yay for Disney!!  That is something I would love to pack for.


                              Mer – That is really nice of the ILs to help out with the plow.  I think it is responsible to put it in the business too right?  Have a good ½ day PD today…hope your PD is worthwhile.  How did your hair turn out?


                              Shelby – Ugh to you being sick now but glad H is feeling better.  Great job on getting 6 in this morning despite the sore throat.  Boo to DH being gone AGAIN but at least it is only for 1 month this time.


                                Jen - The hair is cute.  She put more layers in so it is less "bob" like.  She had her 6 month old there.  He just hung out in his carseat and fell asleep....

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