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      Morning all!


      ER: Heading to Body Flow in a minute.


      NER: So I was going to take it easier this weekend, I really was. But then I started working and didn't stop, lol. Did some general house cleaning and packed hospital bag (as much as I can ahead of time at least) on Saturday. I also downloaded some classical music to my computer from itunes to play during labor... I had music playing the first time and that really made a difference. There wasn't enough of it though on three CDs and we listened to the same stuff over and over! Made six freezer meals between Saturday and Sunday. I have four more freezer meals planned to make hopefully sometime this week. I may have bit off more than I can chew with this project, but will definitely come in handy later! Saturday night we did get some relaxation though. Our daycare family took A along to the circus and ended up keeping her overnight since the circus got done late. So we had an unexpected date night. The other thing I did was shopping for the last few baby items we need. Took way longer than it should have because I had a hard time picking things out but thats done too... so maybe I can take it easy next weekend if he's not here yet!





        Monk: Enjoy bodyflow...I can't believe your due date is around the corner.


        RR: 6 yesterday, 6 or 7 today.


        NRR: Not much, we should be leaving this week for up north. So, today is just getting some laundry done and minor errands. I can't wait to go, i need a 'break' with M. I think DH & I both do. I know it sounds like a horrible parent thing, but she is at the fussing screaming crying stage for everything.  More teeth came in the last couple days and she has some back molars coming. Needless to say, we haven't been sleeping much bc she been upset with it.


        Gotta go.. time for breakfast...  have a great day everyone.

        MA runner girl



          RR: 3 miles yesterday in the blistering cold and wind. I didn't realize the windchill was near 0 when I went out... oops! Thanks to pregnancy warmth I wasn't too cold. Finished the week with 9 miles, and I am ok with that. Anything is good at this point! Rest day today.


          NRR: What a weekend! I feel like I need another one to rest. I'm working at home today to recover Wink Saturday's all day birth class was good, informative, probably mroe so for DH than I because I've been reading a bunch already. It was nice to try some different labor positions (squating, birth ball, sitting backwards in a chair, etc) though to see what is comfortable for me and the different options. Saturday night DH and I went out to dinner. We were going to go shopping for the nursery closet shelving, but I was so exhausted and uncomfortable halfway through dinner that all i watned to do was sleep. DH understood, thankfully. Yesterday I went to my brother's to help plan SIL's 30th surprise party next month! It should be fun, hopefully I'm still pregnant and can go! DH sold his motorcycle, well traded it for a quad, but I'm so happy because everytime he went out on that thing I nearly had a heart attack! He also cleaned the house for me. Love that guy!!! Last night I had a breastfeeding class from 6-8. It was good, though I thought I would learn more. Thankfully my mom breastfed all 3 of us, and she is taking some time off of work after Cole comes (2 weeks I think) so she offered to be my support. That should be nice!!! Plus, the hospital has free meetings every week for those who are having questions/trouble with it, so I may utilize that as well. After class I was somehow not too tired so I got a crockpot recipe all ready to make today, and then I realized tonight DH and I are going to the inlaws for his birthday dinner! Whoops. I think I will still make it though because we don't have anything for lunches.


          Whoa, that was long winded!


          Monk - Nesting? Smile I can't wait until I get some of that nesting energy, I feel like I am so exhausted I don't have the energy for things! Can you send me the recipes you have for freezer recipes? I'd like to make some too! How much of it do you actually freeze? Like for the recipe I'm making today, it has meat and veggies, but then canned stuff like beans, tomatoes, chicken stock. Would you just freeze the stuff you have to prep? And then throw in the cans when you actually make it?


          GSD - I don't think that sounds like a horrible parent thing AT ALL. You are with her all the time, and you don't have any family around to watch her. That is so hard, and I can't imagine!! Hugs, be easy on yourself! I'm glad you have a trip to look forward to.


          Have a great day girls!

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            hi ladies!




            RR: 3 miles this morning. 36 degrees but windy. but if felt great. did it with M. Yesterday was 3.5 for me and 7 for him. and saturdya was 4 I think. this next weekend will be another long run weekend - probably 8 miles...


            NRR: making good progress on the shower project. got almost all the cement backer board up and the last layer of mortar before the tile. which we'll do next weekend. We have a last layer of backer board to put up right above the mortared floor. Then we'll drill out the holes for the faucets and shower head then the tile.... hoping to be done by the end of this weekend coming up.

            Also, last week for my project! ahhh! thank the good Lord. it's due on friday. so just going to hang in there till then.


            monk: way to be productive this past weekend! now you take it easy! Smile


            gsd: hugs lady. is there a parent nearby that can take M from you guys for a few hours?


              MA:  a productive weekend for you too! what kind of crockpot recipe? Enjoy dinner with the inlaws!


                Good morning, ladies!


                RR: USRD. Hamstrings and inner thighs are feeling tight from the weekend, so I'm taking the day off from running. Yoga tonight. Registration opens today for a half two months from now, but not only does it sell out hella fast, but the race starts at noon. ?? Game time decision if I decide to register or not.


                NRR: Back to the office today after two weeks out. I hate the transition, but I took my stuff in over the weekend so I HAVE to go in today. This week will be kind of crazy around the house, I feel.


                Monk - How far off is your due date?


                GSD - I think it's okay for you to admit being a mom isnt' always rainbows and fluffy kittens. I think there's a lot of stupid societal pressure for it to always be the most amazing thing ever. I'm sure it is most of the time but it's okay to get overwhelmed/annoyed/frustrated, etc.


                MA - Busy weekend! Sounds like a lot of information to absorb.


                Lizo - Nice work on the shower!


                  monk-great job on having a productive weekend


                  gsd-good luck getting everything packed. I don't think you are a bad parent if you want a little break from M. Plus it will be nice for you and DH to have some alone time for awhile


                  MA-wow, I cannot believe you got out running in that cold weather. You are a champ! Sounds like you had a very busy but productive weekend. Glad the classes were informative. And so nice of DH to clean the house


                  lizo-that's a great weekend of running for both you and M. Hope the rest of your project this week goes well


                  outwest-sorry about the tight hamstring. Hope it gets better soon. That is odd for a half to start at noon. And weird that registration opens up only 2 months before the race


                  RR: 5 miles this morning. So glad I made the transition back to morning running as I feel awesome and so alert right now


                  NRR: DBF and I didn't end up going anywhere this weekend. All our plans fell through, but hopefully in two weeks we will head out of town for a mini vacation. We are planning some sort of date night tonight. We haven't had much us time, so it's time to get that back.


                    Due date March 1... 11 days!! Hoping he doesn't decide he wants to make his appearance in the snowstorm Thursday/Friday.


                    MA: I have all the freezer recipes saved on my home computer, will collect things and post tomorrow.


                      Morning girls!!!


                      Good news!!!!


                      My travel doc is approved and I should have it here within the next few weeks! I also got my work permit approved! And our marriage interview is next month! Yippee!!!! So with my good news that I received on Friday C and I went out for Indian food to celebrate!!


                      Saturday was a day I organizing all the boxes I had at his moms house and unloading, my cleaning lady came to help us out. We went to the expo sat afternoon but I decided to not race yesterday. My chest cold got progressively worst and I had a really bad Sinus headache. It was about 45 degrees with really strong winds and I did not want to get sicker. I spend the whole day yesterday in bed, feeling so sick but feel so much better today.


                      TriR ST w trainer and spinning tonight after work.


                      Back for personals in a few!


                        Monk wow you were such a cook this weekend!! I can't believe your due date is in less then two weeks!!


                        GSD I hope M has a better day and night!


                        MA glad you had a good parenting class and that DH cleaned the house for you!!


                        Taylor enjoy date night tonight!


                        Lizo brrrrr how is Ms father??


                        OWR hope the office is not too bad today! Love the pic on FB of Miss Fay and the snow!


                          Morning ladies!


                          Monday is always my day off, so today doesn't seem like a holiday!


                          RR. Got in a good 9 miler yesterday with a friend. It was a pretty hilly route, but felt good! Today, I'll be doing a hike and also some yoga to stretch out a bit.


                          NRR. I was suppppper lazy after my run yesterday. I didn't have proper nutrition after and just kind of bonked with no energy. But it was nice to relax. I read a ton! Today, I must be more productive...! We ordered a juicer on Fri so I am very excited about that!!!!!

                          Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                          Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                          Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                          Half: 1:48

                          Full: 4:34



                            Blah Monday...


                            RR: Hahahahaha nope. I have been sick for 6 days now and still coughing up a lung. Definitely not going to run in the sub-zero windchill temps. I may attempt gentle yoga or ST tonight.


                            NRR: I still have this lame-ass nasty cold. It is lingering! I'm still all congested and have a productive cough. Yuck. The day I wake up with no more mucus will be the happiest day of my life! We did end up going to VT this weekend but I mainly spent the whole time on my future ILs couch. CRF and I did merge phone plans and upgrade our phones yesterday, so that's fun. My head is too cloudy to think of much else now...


                              NC C was buying a breville juicer today at best buy!!! Which one did you get??


                                OK...my sinuses and ear are throbbing and I'm coughing like crazy...I made the executive decision to see if I can get a doctor's appointment. I hope they can give me something to make me feel better!