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    It's supposed to be in the mid-60s here. Really? I think we missed the "it's winter memo"


      RR: Unsure, tried to run yesterday but AF was horrible. I am lacking energy in all areas. I did do 2.5 miles before just walking. Today if I can muster it and find the time between 5 to 7.


      NRR: Taking M to the drs... before all the sick scary stuff happened. M has eczema, mild break outs at random times. So, we want to see what is up and if its weather related or food related. Other than that nothing really other than managing through AF. I hope this new AF thing isn't permeant, bc this is rough real rough. I have never had cramps or cravings this bad for a monthly visit. Anywhos..... I got the new Vue by Keurig for xmas and its awesome, but its hard to find Vue cups of things DH&I like. Hopefully that will change soon. But highly recommend it.


      Have a great day ladies!


        Good morning!


        GSD- hope you can get Ms eczema figured out. I have it too and have done every test you can think of but I still don't have answers. Annoying! Hope you feel better from AF!


        RR- just did 3 miles on the hotel treadie. Plus elliptical for 15 mins while waiting for a TM. It's a teeny gym.


        NRR- work! Then having dinner with my boss and some other coworkers tonight. Not much else here!


        Have a great day!

        MA runner girl

          Morning ladies!


          RR: Hoping for 3 or 4 miles after work! I feel SOOOOOO lazy since I haven't done a formal workout since Sunday... but I think my body needed a little break. Still hard for me to accept...


          NRR: I am feeling much better this morning! A little congestion still, but nothing like the exhaustion/yuckiness I felt the last few days. Yesterday I worked at home... until 9pm! Ugh. I have so much going on, and I had forgotten to do something that ended up taking foreverrr yesterday, and I had to keep going until I finished. I can't wait for the next few weeks to be over. It's always crazy this time of year because we are setting up reporting for the new year/new structure. It feels 10X worse though while 6.5 months pregnant! Next midwife appt it tomorrow night... feeling anxious about the scale already. Ugh.


          GSD - I'm sorry AF is so bad, I hope she eases up soon! Will have to look at this Vue thing... our Keurig is only about 3 years old, but it's not the one I registered for, and really small! As I'm sure my caffeine intake will increase in the next few months, I'm interested in upgrading!


          Jewel - Good job getting in the workouts while travelling! Though I'm sure there's not much else to do. Hope you have a good dinner with coworkers tonight!


          Have a great day all!

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            Boo, it's going to be 80 here! I want it to be like, 70!


            RR: Should be able to get in an easy 3 tonight.


            NRR: Still waiting on my results from the biopsy. If I don't hear anything today, I'll call my Dr's office. I have an appt on the 21st, but really don't want to have to wait that long to get an answer! Besides that, I get a new computer with all the tools I need to do my job this morning! Whoot for not having to spend the day doing engineering problems from a text book since I have nothing else to do!


            GSD: I hope AF calms down for you. I hope you can figure out what is causing M's eczema. I have it too, and once you figure out how to control it, it's not too bad.


            OJ:Great job getting your workout in while on travel!


              MA: Have a great run after work. I hope work doesn't get too crazy for you!!!


                GOOD morning ladies!


                RR: 1 mile and strength training this morning. felt pretty good.


                NRR: traveling for work at the end of the day today for a meeting early tomorrow at our state capital so prepping for that and hopefully getting stuff done today. back home tomorrow afternoon I assume... nothing much else going on right now.


                Mel: I think it was you... my wedding is June 8!  crazy that yours is only a couple of weeks before mine. Smile

                here is the wedding site. not sure it it will work but try! I'm not paying for a domain so not sure how all that works...




                gsd: enjoy the warm weather! dang... awesome! boo about the cramps and cravings! it's almost seems that the older you get, the more your AF changes... grrrr.


                jewel: enjoy dinner with the boss and coworkers! hope it's fun!


                MA: yay for feeling better! I feel you about the next few weeks! can't wait for them to be over on my end too!


                po: hope you hear from the doc! and yay for having a new computer! mmmmm... new computer... (watch me drool...)


                I'll try and be back later!


                  Good morning, ladies!


                  RR: USRD. I have been having a hard time waking up with the alarm this week, and today was no exception. Pushing the rest of my runs off to T F Su. Nothing else planned for tonight.


                  NRR: Glad yesterday is over. Tuesdays are not the best days for me at work, but at least yesterday, I wasn't overly cranky, just bored. Fay has her yearly check-up today. Really not much happening, as you can tell. Smile


                  GSD - I hope AF lets up for you. Sounds not fun at all. All of that is why I'm on BCP non-stop.


                  Jewel - Good for you for using the hotel treadmill. I've rarely had success with that. Do you stay at the same hotel each time you're in PA?


                  MA - 6.5 months already? Wow!


                  PO - Good idea to call the doctor yourself. I wouldn't want to wait that long. And hurray for a new computer!!


                  Lizo - Safe travels today!


                    Nai (from Monday)- I just mapped out 4 miles and timed the entire thing and then did some math in my head to figure out pacing. I have a garmin, but it needs a footpod for the GPS. I plan to get that soon, so in the meanwhile I am just using good old fashioned math


                    GSD-wow that is some crazy weather! We are supposed to get up to the 50s this weekend. Sorry about AF. Maybe she is getting her vengeance on you for being pregnant and BFing lol


                    Jewel-enjoy dinner with your coworkers


                    MA-I am glad you are feeling better


                    PO-hope you hear from the doc today


                    lizo-I love the wedding site. And June 8th sounds like the perfect time to get married


                    RR: ran a great 7 last night and planning on some speed this afternoon, probably 6 x 800s


                    NRR: not much. Just working. Meetings galore tomorrow and Friday for prepping for teaching and classes and then classes start on Monday. Profs still haven't put up the textbook list or syllabus, so hopefully they do that soon


                      Outwest-no worries. I was planning to do ST this morning but decided to sleep in instead. Sorry yesterday at work was boring. Hope today is better


                        Morning Ladies!


                        GSD- I am waiting for some snow here! Just one storm and I would be happy. Sorry about AF hopefully it is just this bad this time around because it is the first one in a long time. Glad to hear you are liking the Vue...have you tried looking at Macys for cups? I know it sounds strange, but I order all mine for the regular Keurig online and they have a good selection and are cheap.


                        Jewel- glad you are able to get workouts in while traveling. HOw is the job going with the promotion?


                        MA- good job on giving your body a break! I am sure you did need it if you feel better now. Good luck with the appointment tomorrow...I am sure it is tough getting on the scale, but at least you know you are taking care of you and baby and being healthy with your workouts.


                        PO- hoping you get some answers today...waiting is so tough in these situations! hope your day is better with a computer


                        Lizo- glad your stregth training is going well. Do you follow a plan? hope your trip and meeting go well


                        Outwest- Man, I am with you on the getting out of bed problem. I have no idea why because I have also been going to be early, but I cannot seem to get out of bed. I am switching my runs to the evening this week. Good luck with Fay's appointment


                        NC- Hope L is doing better!!


                        RR- starting a new plan that Nai sent me tonight. I am playing around with it to see where I need to start and what wworkout I will be doing tonight. Will also add arms, back and core


                        NRR- Not too much going on here. I am ready for the weekend for some relaxing though. I made some cauliflower soup that I am really looking forward to for lunch today! Sad that it is a little after 9 and I am thinking about lunch!!


                          Taylor- good luck with your speed work tonight. I am sorry if I already asked this...I don't always get to check back in during the day, but are you training for something in particular?


                            Hey ladies!
                            RR: Will do 2 after G goes to bed. I couldn't sleep last night and so didn't wake up to do it this morning. Running has been tough lately because of NRR.


                            NRR: I've been feeling really worn out! I think it's because I've been forgetting to take my multivitamin for a few weeks. Anyway, work work work today!
                            GSD - when did your AF return? I have no signs yet. G gets excema on his face when it's cold or when we go out of town to visit family and they don't have humidifiers. So we use aquaphor and it helps. Hopefully her's isn't related to a food sensitivity!


                            Jewel - great job working out at the hotel


                            MA - yes you will want caffeine ;-) and honestly if you are planning to BF, it did not affect G at all.


                            PO - hope you get some answers today!


                            Lizo - great job sticking with strength training lately!


                            Tyalor - great job with your workouts! good luck getting ready for the semester.


                            KlMcD - Big d was just in brooklyn/manhattan for work and he was surprised at how warm it was. What are you training for?


                            OWR - enjhoy usrd!


                            I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                              Good morning! I slept all night last night! I am in SUCH a better mood!


                              So hopefully that means this cold is finally really on its way out. I still have a little congestion, but not too bad. And my back is feeling pretty decent too since my adjustment last night. When its flared up like this it usually feels good right after but then goes back to feeling bad... then eventually keeps feeling good (or at least better) and I wasn't terribly stiff this morning, yay! The chiro said this problem could stick around until I have the baby, but since it seems to be calming down that it probably will improve enough that I can be mobile again. And it does feel like that this morning.


                              Not much to report other than continuing progress with potty training. DH got the first of a couple payments from ending his job yesterday, so that means we can start getting stuff for P! We also are discussing what we need to do to prepare the house. We need to get rid of a bunch of stuff and rearrange furniture in both bedrooms. I'm debating if I want to go to a store to buy a new dresser for A or just order something online. Its hard to tell from pictures online if the finish will match (current furniture is a chocolate finish and some of the stuff that says chocolate doesn't look like it will actually match). But we're getting a toddler bed from a coworker and its white, so I might just get a white dresser too and not worry about it. Even once we have the furniture I'm not sure how to arrange it in the room though! I'm also very excited because with this money, I get to order my new stove in the very near future!


                                Morning girls!


                                TriR had a good four mile run this morning. Spinning last night was awesome. It's with my tri coach so I enjoy taking his classes.


                                NtriR immigration meeting today during lunch time. Crossing fingers they can expedite my travel permit. Patient volunteer mandatory meeting at hospital tonight.


                                GSD I use aquaphor too for my skin. It's great on babys skin. Boo to AF.

                                Hope the docs goes well.


                                Jewel safe travels and enjoy dinner w your boss!


                                Ma can you suggest blind weigh ins? You look great dear. Don't let the number trigger you.


                                PO hope you can get good news today from results. Yay for a computer!


                                lizo ill check your website in a bit! You're two weeks after me!!!


                                OWR hope fay has a ago of followup!