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Trying to make sense of it all Tuesday Supermoms (Read 38 times)


    RR: another shorter 5-6 mile run today, as that's all my work schedule will allow. I'll be wearing my boston marathon shirt from 2010 in honor of yesterday's tragedy.


    TR: we had a great afternoon- played at the park for over an hour, took the dog for a walk. he was extra cuddly and gave me lots of hugs yesterday.


    NRR: working 5AM-1PM today. sorry i didn't make it back for personals yesterday, busy day. i'll try to  be better today! so glad thall of my friends who ran/spectated yesterday are ok.

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    beskirted & manicured

      RR - 5 miles with 3 @ MP on the home TM.  Sam's son needs to be at school supa early, so she can't run with me this morning.  I'll be wearing my 2011 Chicago finisher half-zip to piano tonight.


      TR - was all snuggly yesterday.  Woke up from his nap crying and when I sat down on the side of his bed, he lay down and put his head in my lap.  Did it again at bedtime.  More pee in the potty! this is actually becoming a semi-regular occurence!


      FR - chicken pie, salad.



      rg - interesting that R was extra cuddly as well.  I think children have the 6th sense when we need more hugs...Your FB post got shared by a couple of non-supermom friends, I hope it went viral.  If it was twitter length, I would have tweeted it for sure.

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        zorbs- i definitely agree that kids have a 6th sense about those things, sounds like B was feeling it yesterday too. glad he's continuing with the pee! thanks for sharing my post, i'm honored. hope your run goes well today on the TM! how's the weather by you?

         5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08


        running eh

          rg - enjoy your run!  sounds like you had a nice day with DS yesterday.  events like yesterdays really remind me how special those days are.


          zorbs - have fun on the TM.  Go B!  Sounds like he's really getting the potty thing!


          RR - did an easy 4.5k last night - it felt great to stretch out my hip and knee.  Was at the gym for STing this morning.  It's been a while since I have done that.


          NRR - class trip with DD1 today.  MIL is taking the other two kids.


          FR - "Quick Chicken in Wine"   mmmm!


          KR - DD2 is soaking through her clothes everynight.  I think I need to try a bigger diaper...




            RR - 5.25 in the dark before the rain came pouring down... saw 3 deer running across a road... DH doesn't understand why I'm scared of deer... I told him it's not really deer I'm afraid of, but in our area, where there's deer, there's usually coyotes too!


            BR - um, was awake when I left for work at 6:30... uh oh.  DH took the day off work, but getting up this early isn't a good sign.  Plus she's barely eating... she only wants carbs, according to my mom.


            NRR - so my SIL posted a comment on her FB about the bombings and how the US gov't was usually behind the violence... and then went on to compare the gov't to Hitler's regime... I was so angry... I responded by saying she shouldn't be using this incident to prove her theory... now she hates me.  Sent me an email saying I humiliated her on her FB by calling her insensitive.... seriously, if you put stuff like that on FB, you're asking for drama... even DH thought his sister was nuts...



            zorbs - nice that B was snuggly, but even better that he's peeing more frequently in the potty!  Hope it keeps up!


            rg - i wish i could wear a running shirt at work, but instead I'm wearing a marathon jacket from 2009... i can't wear it around the office all day but i'll see how long I can get away with it on..


            eh - yikes on the soaking diapers... how old is KR?


              r-eh: hope your knee and hip are ok! where are you going for class trip? i can't wait to go on field trips with DS- i loved them when i was a kid. ugh on peeing thru the diaper!


              Cx2- i can't wear a race shirt all day at work either (funny since i work at a gym). glad you missed the rain this morning. i dont' mind running in the rain, but it is ncie to get it done before the rain starts! how late does C usually sleep? wow, i definitely would have said something to SIL too. she really thinks like that?!


              NRR2: Teaching core class at noon again today- yay! AF showed up this morning-boo. I had no warnings...but it's been 5 weeks since the last one, so i guess i shouldn't have been surprised.

               5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                rg - I was thinking of wearing my Boston gear too but couldn't make it a wearable work outfit.  I think it is awesome you're running in your Boston shirt!  Glad R was giving lots of hugs yesterday...he probably sensed that mommy needed them.


                zorbs - Enjoy your TM run...I love that you are all wearing racing stuff to rally around the Boston tragedy...wish I would have grabbed something for today.  Yay for B and being cuddly and peeing in the potty.


                eh - Have fun on the class trip.  Great job on STing at the gym already this morning.  Sorry about DD2 soaking through her diapers...we tried going up a size at night that didn't work very well so now we are using overnight diapers which seem to work great...no accidents so far!


                CTimes - Sorry that C was up so early.  Hopefully she is fine and eats well today and naps much better.  Has she transitioned fully to one nap?  Hopefully she is good for DH.  Ugh to your SIL...she can have her opinion but once she puts it public she is basically asking for validation or opposition and she shouldn't get angry at anyone for commenting.  My brother and my dad are horrible with posting on FB...they are seriously in a political war on FB every other day.


                RR - Hoping for 5 today.


                TR - Was super cute when I picked him up from daycare and kept telling me that he was a good boy.  LOL.  Then he would smile and say love you.  He was extra cuddly last night too.  I think he knew mom was sad.  He has pictures at school today and I left specific instructions this time to make sure his hair is combed and his sweater is on and not dirty.  Hopefully they turn out.


                NRR - Still so sad about Boston.  My brother lives out there and was saying it is crazy.  It is just so hard to believe that something like this could occur at a marathon!  Granted I get it is a perfect place to do an attack like this but I still have the mindset of running being such a happy place and runners who are so kind and caring.  The excitement of running Boston was taken away from so many and that makes me so angry.  People wait their whole lives to run Boston, train hard, spend tons of money to get there, stay there, etc.  The runners couldn't even go out and celebrate like I remember doing in the past.  Breaks my heart that little kids supporting their parents were hurt and killed by some psycho (s).  I am sure you all feel similar so I'll stop.

                  RR: Rest Day today mainly b/c the neighbor can't walk my dog today, but my legs could use a rest anyway. Starting to take a hard look at running the FM in Richmond this year


                  NRR: Stayed up to late bickering about bacon, carbs and legumes with DH - it was one of those ridiculous 'neither one of us had all the facts' arguments.  I would like to have those 2 hours back please!


                  KR: DD asked me today when she's going to the Dr. again.  Answer: I have no idea.  Now that she's 8 I completely didn't think about scheduling a check up for her but I guess its a good habit to get her of going once a year ?  Not really sure on that one.  Not being much of a medicine taker/doctor goer myself I'm not sure where I stand in this one


                  My hat is off to all you ladies wearing your Boston/running gear today! RUN STRONG!


                    RR - Short tempo run, 7k or so. In a race shirt, for sure. I wish I had a marathon shirt to wear!


                    RR#2 - RP was saying the bombings made her afraid to go to our race on Sunday. I said it seemed like stretch to think a 10k in Toronto would now get bombed, but my DH had the better response of  "You don't let those assholes stop you from running!" Yes, DH! Wise words from a dedicated non-runner.


                    TR - Spent over an hour outside yesterday afternoon. I did some yard work and she walked/run all over the front and back yards the entire time. I had no idea she could move as fast as she was! Also, it tired her right out and she went to bed at 7:45 pm, her earliest bed time ever!


                    FR - Cajun catfish, salsa rice and corn.


                    NRR - Library program with S this morning, grocery shopping. DH seems to be getting a cold. He'd better not give it to me!




                    rg - Your words on fb yesterday were great. Glad R was extra cuddly for you yesterday. Why can't you wear a race shirt at the gym - do you have a uniform? Boo on the no-warning AF!


                    zorbs - Aw on the lap snuggles. so nice. More pee on the potty is also very nice!  Hope the tm run goes well. What is it, less than three weeks until your marathon now?


                    eh - Good job on the ST! S was soaking through diapers at night, too, but I bought Pampers overnights and that seemed to do the trick. Hope the class trip is fun and the kids all behave!


                    cx2 - Ah, the fear of coyotes makes sense! I've never seen a coyote come into town here, but I refuse to run on the country roads outside of town when it's dark because you can hear coyotes howling non-stop. Ridiculous that SIL thinks she can post inflammatory things on fb and not have people call her out on it.


                    Jen - LOL on J telling you he was a good boy. Hope his pictures turn out well! I had no idea that daycare did class photos...that is so cute. Your NRR put into words exactly what I am feeling. Was your brother at the race yesterday?

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                      RR:  Hoping for some miles today.  Just not sure of the details.


                      TR:  Woke up both yesterday and today without crying!  DH was so excited he told me about it yesterday and this morning, I heard "mama" and was in shock!  So, I got him up and told him how nice it was to hear that and not crying.  2 days in a row...


                      NRR:  I didn't hear about Boston until almost 5 last night.  Then I got home and had a FB message from a guy I got my Masters with.  A girl in our program, whom I had many classes with, went to her baby shower not long before getting pg with J, passed from cancer this weekend.  She was 38.  It makes me SO sad to think about.  The last time I talked to her she was telling me how much she loved being a mom...and now her son won't remember her.  Sad


                      NRR#2:  Busy day #2 of the week.  Department meeting and handing out iPads to elementary staff members.  I couldn't believe how rude my co-workers were last night when they got theirs.  Wow.  Teachers are horrible students.


                      FR:  Last night was ravioli with garlic bread.  I was starving by the time we finally ate.  But I did leave room for ice cream last night!


                      PRG:  Today was picture day.  16 weeks.  (We did it by weeks with J, so for compairson purposes I figured it would be easy to keep it the same.)  I have decided that I look bigger now than with J.  I am pretty sure I could still button my pants at 16 weeks, but those memories are fuzzy.

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                        Dexy - Enjoy the rest day!  I hate pointless arguments with DH...I usually end it by saying...well there is an hour of my life I can't get back!


                        ernie - Yay for S going to bed early for once.  I think you found the key...getting her outside to play. Although that is not so easy with the wild weather everyone is having these days.  Your DH is right...you can't let those terrorists/bombers win...just keep running!  Have fun at the library program this morning.  My brother was not at the race but we thought he might have been and he didn't return any text messages.  Apparently he was working in the lab (he does cancer research) so he finally posted a message on FB to everyone.


                        Mer - Sorry about the rude coworkers.  They just don't want to have to learn something new and it makes them feel overwhelmed.  You definitely can't take it personally.  Last year, when I had to train staff on Web 2.0 stuff they all got snarky...hey...I am just trying to help and doing what Admin asked me to...don't get crabby with me.  Yay for J waking up without crying.  I hope your busy day goes fast and your meetings are much better than last night.  Get out there and get a good stress relieving run in!


                          rr: 4m last night in crazy wind. some miles tonight with dh. that will be weird.


                          rr2: chiro is trying to convince me to sign up for a couple more trail races he is running. he is running 2 trail marathons in 8 days. I looked up the one and he won it last year.


                          br/tr: my cousin's 3 girls are coming over tonight as a trial run for Saturday night when they are babysitting all 3 of our kiddos. dh and I are just going to go do a run together so c has some time to adjust to the fact that we aren't here.


                          nrr: got my first stitch fix box yesterday. for surely keeping a cardigan and possibly another top or 2. was so looking forward to getting a great pair of jeans. oh I got jeans alright, a white pair. um, not happening.


                          nrr2: going to visit this morning with my friend who had a baby a week and a half ago.


                          fr: leftovers again! we have so much sandwich meat left yet, but I think i'm calling it quits after tonight.


                          rg: ugh to AF. I had been so good with core stuff until I got that nasty stomach virus. what do you usually do during your core class?


                          zorbs: so cute about b laying his head on you! and fantastic about pee in the potty. good luck on tm! although you are probably done by now.


                          eh: dd1 just got a form for a field trip and she wants dh to go with her. I really love where they are going though, so i'm kind of bummed she didn't pick me!


                          cx2: yah I wouldn't be afraid of deer, but I would totally be afraid of coyotes! maybe c is carb loading Smile


                          jen: so cute about james saying he was a good boy! and hopefully they listen to you and comb his hair. LOVED his last school picture!


                          dexy: how long was your running streak? good question about the dr; I have no clue either! I know at 5 they still get some immunizations, but are they supposed to keep going until they need physicals for sports later on...?


                          ernie: have fun at the library program. I hate the fact that all of our are right during nap time. seems silly to have them mid-afternoon when kids that age typically take naps.


                          mer: ugh to all of the meetings you have! how great to wake up to "mama." is Jennings pacifier free?


                            Super quick post!  I wish I could be wearing a race shirt today but I don't think they would count that as a professional outfit for my clinical exam today.  I will put it on as soon as I finish!

                            RR:  8 mi with 6x500 (I think).  Will be on a TM since we have about 6 inches of new fluffy snow.

                            TR:  Up a ton last night.  It's like he knows when I have a big exam...

                            NRR:  Clinical exam today.  It is 2 hours long and I have no idea what to expect.  We will likely see a number of actors who are patients who have various medical problems.  I hate the simulated setting because I get so nervous knowing it isn't real.  At least they are real people...

                            NRR2:  So saddened by yesterdays events.  I hope they find the culprits soon and can put an end to any more heart break.

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                              RR - run Swap with RP. My schedule has 4x1 mile cruise intervals. Ill see if I do them today. I have a bit of a cold from M and there is probably still snow on the pathway. I could do hills instead maybe and do the tempo on the TM on thurs.


                              TR - starting to give her more time outs and expect more from her. She can't just use the mischievous toddler excuse and has to listen when I tell her to not pull things off the counter etc.


                              BR - has her sisters cold. She woke early and I just fed her thinking if she wasn't feeling well. Then woke at 6 am but is asleep on my boob now. I'd rather her sleep a bit and be awake closer to 7 so we can start her day at a normal hour. unfortunately I can smell that she has a dirty diaper. It can wait a few minutes so she can sleep though.


                              NRR - am emotionally tired of watching and thinking of the bombings. Just so sad and stupid and wasteful. My mil is flying out of Boston tomorrow to Toronto. I told her to get to the airport early. Security will be nuts, esoecially to leave the country. too bad she didn't schedule her flights out of Manchester NH instead. But it feels petty to worry about one persons flight schedules.

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                                Dexy - Yup, a bacon argument is definitely not a good reason to stay up late! Is it at least funny retrospect?


                                Mer - Yay for waking up with no crying! I'm so sorry about the women you knew that just passed away... that is so sad and awful. What was up with the other teachers and their rudeness? They just don't want to have to learn something new? They should be happy to be getting an iPad!


                                Mrszm - Your chiro is one hardcore runner! Is the trail race you signed up for this weekend or are you just going out with DH? Sorry, I feel like you probably just posted about this yesterday but my mind is a blank. Have fun visiting your friend's new baby! I am still waiting for my sister to actually go into labour...ha ha, well, I'm sure the waiting is far worse for her than it is for me.


                                Stroller - Ew, I can't believe you guys got that much snow. It is supposed to get cold again here this weekend. If we get anymore snow or freezing rain this spring, I will throw a fit. Good luck on your clinical exam, I know you will do great!

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