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TURNING TUESDAY DIVAs! (Read 21 times)


    Sheesh the weather turned freezing cold! In the teens!


      Good morning girls!


      RR- did the bike, elliptical, and weights yesterday. Today is 3-4 miles on the TM at the gym before work.


      NRR- well, yesterday didn't go quite as planned since my network and Internet weren't working at the office! I did what I could but it wasn't much. Oh well. Today I'm jumping right back in, I have a ton of emails from late last night to address when I get in Smile  nothing much planned for today other than working and staying warm!


      I hope all you girls in cold weather stay warm too! Have a great day!


        Its been super cold here since Saturday. This morning its -4! I guess the upside is the wind chill is only -5?


        ER: Heading to the gym in a bit for either a walk on the TM or elliptical, will decide when I get there.


        NER: It was a busy and good weekend. Our in-town babymoon was perfect and then I finally got some stuff done in the house yesterday, but not nearly enough. I think I might take a day off work this week to try and get ahead on preparations even though I'm really trying to save my leave time. We have to put together A's new dresser and thats going to be easier to do when she's not home. I had my first labor dream last night, eeek. I'm huge and finally admitting I'm bigger than I was when I had Allie, belly-wise that is. I'm getting toward the ready to be done with pregnancy stage, but I need to get the house ready before I really am done, so I'm feeling a bit of pressure. It will be better once we get all the furniture moved around upstairs, which will hopefully happen this weekend.


        And in much more exciting news, I ordered my new stove yesterday! Its going to be delivered Saturday. Oh and also the not-so-great news, our second car I think died over the weekend... so we're sooooo glad we bought the new car in November or that car probably would have died way sooner and we'd be scrambling right now. It stinks though because I was starting to enjoy being a two-car household again. We might look into getting a super cheap older car to replace that one, but not right away.


          Jewel - sorry you weren't as productive yesterday as you wanted to be! have a good workout.


          Monk - glad you had a nice weekend and baby moon.  Maybe you can take Allie out somewhere this weekend and have DH put the dresser together, so you don't have to take time off work?




          RR: SRD. I need it, after my LR on Sunday and stroller run yesterday. Was going to ST but my right quad is still just a little sore.


          NRR: back to work. I love 3 day weekends. I'm gonna have to plan another SAHM day with G because yesterday was too much fun. This week is gonna be busy processing samples and running assays from the big experiments I did last week.  Those went really well, by the way!!  So I've gotta get all of the samples analyzed by the end of the week so I can write them up to submit to present at a conference, deadline 2.1.13.


          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



            OJ: I hear you about the weather. We were in the 70s now hanging in the 30s tomorrow to the teens. Ugh, about the whole work thing. That stinks.


            Monk: Enjoy the gym.  Yay for the new stove Smile


            RR: 5 yesterday, probably 5 to 7 today.


            NRR: Had a nice weekend. I ran with M at the a 'local' (but not really local) park.  Had some good family time. M is growing like crazy. DH & I were discussing how fast things are going with her.  I have T today right in the middle of M's new nap time, so hopefully, that goes well. I may start moving the appointment to when DH gets homes.


            Alright, gotta get moving. Have a great Tuesday everyone!


              Morning girls!!


              Jewel, great workout!!,have fun on the TM!


              Sassy, love your day with G and the other mommy and baby!


              monk, glad you had a nice weekend with DH!! Wow it's chilly in WI!!


              GSD, have a great t session. Great run yesterday!!!!


              OWR, loved your RR. He is DH not DF I just get them confused since I'm now planning the real wedding!!! I also thought you were going to eat Fay's treats. Lol.


              Lucy. Scary incident last night. Glad you're ok.


              MA, the today show has a segment today in whether people should go to work if they are sick. Thought of you!!


              NC, I hope your pain goes away dear.


              Lizo, ask M for wedding preparations too. Hpope today is less stressful.


              PO how was your doctors appointment??


              TriR UNRD because of NtriR.

              NtriR, training in a few at children's Hospital and today I start my first day of volunteering from 6-9 in the evening!!


              oh, my next tri is first week in August. Short distance and I hope PO joins us!!!


              have a great day!


                It's so funny when the weather changes since here that means it's a high of 69... Love this weather!


                RR: Ran 5 miles yesterday over the causeway and back with a friend (most I've run at once in 2 months).


                NRR: Well, I have a consultation with a surgeon on 2/1/13 to discuss the surgery to remove my thyroids. They found irregular cells and my thyroids are continuing to grow, so they're going to remove them altogether and be done worrying about cancer growth. That does mean blood checks every 3 months for the next 5 years though until my body stabilizes after. In better news, it's my last day of being in the 20's. Actually, I'm not sure if that's semi-scary or not. My age group changes to a much more competitive one!



                OJ: Great job on the workouts!


                Monk: Stay warm. Glad you had a nice babymoon, and I hope the new stove is great!


                Sassy: Enjoy your SRD! Good luck with all the samples today.


                GSD: Great job on getting your mileage up!!!


                Meli: Which tri are you doing in August? Or did you mean April? I wanted to do the one in April, but with the surgery, I have had to put everything on hold since I'm not sure how much that will affect me. I'm definitely interested in another tri with you though! Enjoy volunteering tonight!!!


                OWR: Great race! I read your report, and it sounds like a fun race. It's hilarious you brought dog treats.


                Have a great day ladies!

                MA runner girl

                  Morning ladies!


                  RR: Swam 1500m yesterday, was nice and relaxing. 3 miles after work tonight.


                  NRR: Back to work... boo. Had a really relaxing day yesterday, just what I needed. Now though I don't have another day off until maternity leave. That's really depressing to me... but I would rather my time off be saved for after baby gets here. We'll see if I still feel that way in another month after working 5 day weeks!


                  Jewel - It's supposed to be ridiculously cold. Ugh. Bummer that you went all the way into the office only to not be able to get much done. Good luck catching up today!


                  Monk - I'm starting to get anxious about the baby room too. I just want to at least have some organization, at this point everything is a disaster zone! I'm glad you enjoyed your babymoon Smile


                  Sassy - I'm gald you enjoyed your SAHM day! I'm excited because I'm going back part time so I'll have one of those days every week! I'm glad the work stuff is going well.


                  GSD - Glad you had a nice weekend! I hope the nap situation goes ok today. It's crazy how fast kids grow, I'm sure I'll think that is even more true once I have my own!


                  meli - Ha, i hope the answer was NO THEY SHOULDN'T! Wink Have fun volunteering at the children's hospital, I think it's so wonderful that you are doing that!


                  Have a great day ladies.

                  PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

                  MA runner girl

                    PO - I knew we were crossposting! I'm sorry that you have to have surgery, but at least you won't have to worry about cancer. Thinking about you! Enjoy your last day in your 20s!

                    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                      Sassy: So glad you got the extra day with G. Enjoy your rest day.


                      Meli: That's so great about volunteering at the Children's Hospital. I am sure you will love it!


                      PO:  Sending you lots of good healthy vibes. Hope everything works out. Great job on the 5!


                      MA:  Enjoy your time whatever way it comes. You will be working when the baby goes (even though it does 'feel' like work work) but it is! (Something I am trying to remember more)


                        a little warmer this morning!

                        hi ladies! it was 4 degrees with no wind this morning. woo hoo! that doesn't mean I ran outside. Shy


                        RR: did 3 miles on the TM this morning. felt pretty good.


                        NRR: work. have an 11 am meeting to prep for an interview I have next week. the team meets to prep a little before hand, and then dinner with a friend/ coworker to discuss some work stuff.  home then to maybe do a bit more work...

                        otherwise, that's it for me. might try and look at the basement and layout the floor outline for the base of the shower.  maybe a load of laundry while I'm down there.


                        my day is quite boring. Smile


                          We didn't get yesterday off from work, so feeling jealous of those of you that did!


                          jewel: good luck getting the workout in!  boo about a non-working network/ internet.  If that happened here, I think we'd be effectively dead in the water.


                          monk: ahh! I bet you're looking forward to being done. good luck as you get the prep done too for the new one! Smile


                          SASSY: good luck with the data collection process! and glad you enjoyed your time with G yesterday!  hope you get an opportunity like that soon again. balancing motherhood and work....


                          gsd: hope T goes well and hope the timing works out during M's nap!


                          mel: I need to ask M for more help. I agree. Maybe this weekend I'll have him do some research on plane tickets and cars while I do research on activities while we're in Tahoe...  enjoy your first day volunteering!!


                          po: hugs about being the last day in your 20s! it's not too bad! Smile


                          MA: how long do you have till baby? hang in there!


                          ok, getting back to work...


                            Good morning, ladies!


                            RR: Got in 7 slowish miles just now. It's freaking 0 degrees outside! I'm over this! It was so warm in bed but I got up anyway and kept thinking why am I doing this? Because otherwise it'd mean running on a dreadmill. ST tonight.


                            NRR: Got some awards at work yesterday for all the hard work I did the last two months of last year, so that is exciting! I will buy myself a new pair of every day shoes, I promise.


                            PO - Sorry to hear about the surgery, but it does seem like it's worth it to not have to worry about cancer.


                            Jewel - Isn't it funny how tied into the internet we all are these days? I can't imagine what it was like before then.



                            Whoo I am cold..will have to finish personals from work



                              Quick post from me…


                              Outwest-Hope things start warming up soon. Your race photo is amazing! You a B.A. Mother Runner, my friend!


                              MA-When does your maternity leave start? Glad you had a nice relaxing day yesterday.


                              PO-Great job on the distance. I'm  sorry that you're going through all this. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending you lots of good health vibes.


                              Meli-Sounds like a great reason for a unschedule rest day. Have fun volunteering!


                              Sassy-Glad you enjoyed your day with G. Hope this week is productive.


                              Monk-Glad you had a nice weekend and babymoon!


                              Jewel-Hope things are more productive for you at work today!


                              Sorry that I missed a few of you!




                              RR-There's a minimalist running clinic on Mondays that I used to attend, and DH convinced me to go yesterday. I'm glad he did! My 2 miles yesterday turned into 3 by the water front. It was a gorgeous 40 degrees. ST tonight.


                              NRR-Yesterday was pretty nice and relaxing for me as well. Watched the inauguration, went grocery shopping and worked a few hours from home. Even had time to spare to watch Castle last night. 2 classes today and perhaps some time working with the steel bridge team or my transportation systems project proposal.



                              Gotta catch the bus! Have a great day ladies!


                                Morning Ladies! Has to be a fast post for me today... I feel like short weeks are sometimes busier than long weeks because there is the same amount of work to get done in less time!


                                RR- had a great weekend workout wise. Ran my lr on sat, did xt and weights on sun and then pool yesterday. I am really enjoying following my long runs with full weights the day after and the swimming the day after that. It feels good. This morning I was pretty sore when I woke up so I decided to see how I feel tonight.If my legs are feeling it, I will run and, if not, it will be a rest day!


                                NRR- Had a nice long weekend ... the extra day felt so nice. I took advantage of monday to do laundry, grocery shop and clean. With the extra day I could really enjoy the weekend and still be productive. I also got a lot of cooking/preparing done so I have my lunches for the week done and all I need to do for breakfast is blend up my smoothies. Feels good!


                                I will try and get back here for personals in a bit... like I said, crazy day here!