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    Morning Supermoms~


    RR: Tempo run today. Last week I ran 2x2 miles at tempo pace, today I'm shooting for 1x3, and 1x2 miles. Total 9-10 miles.


    TR: was really good yesterday. We went to the park for about an hour yesterday morning after I ran, and he had so much fun. One of DH's aunts sent R an easter card with color your own eggs, so he scribbled on that a bit.


    NRR: so freakin tired this morning. I kept waking up last night, too often. training clients today, and a few errands and cleaning before we leave for the weekend.


    Hope this post makes sense, I'm still working on my first cup of coffee!

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      ER - ST. Yes, ST.  due to scheduling/taper, I haven't touched a weight in about a month.  I look and feel like crap.  Got an unpleasant surprise on the scale yesterday at the doctor's office..and my blood pressure was high-ish, I saw the number on her computer screen, although she didn't comment on it.


      TR - 32 pounds and I forget his height.  Would NOT get undressed for his exam, but doctor managed to do it with clothes on and then bribed him with stickers.  I guess he's starting to understand that you're not supposed to take off your clothes in places other than home, but didn't get that the doctor's office is one place where it's ok.


      FR - fish chowder.


      NRR - when I got home, I had a text from Sam saying she had parked next to me at the doctor's office and she was also there for her annual.  But she has a different doctor because I did not see her inside.  How weird.



      rg - your workout makes me want to hurl just reading about it.

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26


      running eh

        rg - sounds like a tought run you have planned.  i have no doubt that you will nail it though.  have a great day!


        zorbs - funny about Sam!  Enjoy the weight training.  I didn't drag my butt out of bed to run this morning. - I blame it on you Smile


        RR - 5-6k easy right after work


        NRR - 6-6days today


        FR - made overnight oats - not a huge fan, but it was nice to not have to do anything this morning


        KR - decided to stop with Little Ninjas after all - signed DS up for swimming lessons instead.


          RR - 8k easy this evening with RP and the stroller.


          TR - Spent nearly an hour at the park yesterday afternoon. She was having fun just playing in the sand and standing near the slide, pointing and squealing at some kindergarten aged boys who were going down it. She's so used to being barefoot inside that when I put her running shoes on, it was like she forgot how to walk at first!


          FR - Spinach and provolone pizza after running tonight. Baking banana bread today.


          NRR - Boot camp at community centre this morning. Since last week's class got cancelled, this will be the first of six classes. I have heard the instructor is tough (it's not Tracey, though, Zorbs)  so,  as long as she doesn't water down the class, it should be a good workout!




          rg - Good luck on your tempo run - that sounds like one tough workout, especially when you're tired! Hope that coffee kicks in and you have a good day.


          zorbs - Enjoy your ST. I agree that it makes a huge difference for how I look and feel. Hmm, so maybe three years old is the age when kids stop being nudists.


          eh - Early work day for you today, but I'm sure it will be nice to be finished before 10pm! Do you make your overnight oats in a slow cooker? I need to try that sometime; I'm always too lazy to make oatmeal in the morning.

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            rg - Where are you headed this weekend?  Wow on the run today...good luck and have fun.  Glad R was good and had fun at the park yesterday.  I hope you can get all your stuff done after work today.  I feel you on needing to run errands and get things done before heading out of town...it's a lot of work.


            zorbs - I hope you have a good STing session today.  I have sort of fallen of the ST bandwagon too.  I must get back on.  It's been 2 weeks or so for me.  I feel soft.  Glad B had a good appt despite not wanting to get undressed.  I guess its better than stripping down in publicSmile


            eh - Hope your work days goes fast....that's a long one.  Enjoy your run too.  I am not a fan of overnight oats either...I thought it would be easy and healthy but it just wasn't great and frankly it wasn't that healthy either (the way I made it).


            ernie - Have fun at Boot camp.  I hope it is a great workout.  Glad S had fun at the park...she is already flirtingWink  Yum...I am coming over to your house for some pizza and banana bread...sounds delicious.


            RR - Only managed 4 yesterday before my stomach got to me.  Will try 4-5 again today.  I feel like my running has tanked very quickly.


            TR - Refused to eat anything of substance yesterday.  He had yogurt for breakfast and lunch and gold fish for dinner...um???  Not good.  Not sure how to get him to eat other things.  I offered him many different things at supper and daycare does the same with lunch.


            NRR - DH comes home tonight...it will be nice to have him back and helping out again while we try to run errands and pack for our trip on Saturday.  Only 2 more work days left until break...no I am not excited or anything.


            FR - I am now obsessed with steamed dumplings from the local Chinese restaurant by my house...why have i never had these before.




              RR - elliptical...


              BR - only sort of missed me yesterday... she was excited when I got home but then DH came home soon after and I was forgotten quite quickly.  Nanny said she had a meltdown when DH left for work and it took a trip to the grocery store to get her calm.


              NRR - DH is going to the lawyer's office today to complete paperwork for the sale of one of our rentals.  The deal is supposed to close tomorrow but the last deal fell through the day before it was final, so I'm REALLY hoping this one doesn't.



              rg - sorry you're tired... hope that coffee kicks in really fast!


              zorbs - fish chowder sounds good.  What kind of fish do you use?   My friend and I have the same doc and we somehow missed each other even though we were texting that we were both there... i was leaving, she was going in, and I guess our view of each other was blocked...


              ernie - ugh i'm jealous that it's warm enough where you are to go to the park... it'll be warmer today but our local park is still muddy and i'm not taking C there yet..


              eh - hope you have a good run!


              jen - I love chinese dumplings in all forms... yumm...  great news that DH is finally going to be home!


              So i'm still trying to find time to get online at work... i sit in a really quiet, low traffic cube but i'm still paranoid about ppl sneaking up behind me and reading my screen...




                RR:  5 outside after work again today.  It is supposed to be 42*.  I am contemplating ditching the tights and wearing shorts.  Had a hard time finding my breathing rhythm yesterday....thoughts?


                TR:  Ate shrimp last night!  He is so like his grandpa (FIL) it isn't even funny.  They both eat with their left, write with their right, don't like meats, but will eat shrimp, etc.  Scary.


                NRR:  I ordered Toms for J and myself yesterday and got the shipping notification last night already.  I am excited.  If my feet swell this time, like they did last, Toms will be perfect.  I'm changing things up with what I teach and doing a combo of Office and Google...it is a lot of work and I don't know how to balance out the material.  I wish I had another Business teacher at the middle school that I could bounce ideas off.  Lord knows I am not going to ask the raging B that is in my department.


                FR:  DH made an awesome homemade shrimp alfredo last night.  I ate way too much!  He also made two loaves of banana bread and a batch of muffins for me.  I'm a lucky girl!



                rg:  I am SO ready for the park!  Boo to the crappy sleep.  That is never fun.


                zorbs - Enjoy the STing!  J hates laying down at the Doctors office to be measured.  We'll see how he does in a few weeks.


                eh! - I couldn't imagine running after a 12 hour work day!  That is impressive! Smile


                be back later....

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                  Time for a quick post and then I will be back for personals from today and yesterday later...


                  RR:  Messed up my training schedule so ended up doing 7 miles yesterday.  This morning I woke up bright and early (in the 4s, ugh) and ran 7 miles on the TM with 5x1000s (bermy style) at 4:06, 4:09, 4:10, 4:08, 4:00.  I know my legs could have gone faster but treadmill running always feels harder for me and I just couldn't find the strength or energy to push faster.  I also didn't have time to eat anything first.  My alarm went off this morning and I so didn't feel like running.  I actually got out of bed, put on my clothes, and then got back in bed Smile.  But I knew I would regret it.  I am supposed to run 9 today so I may do the other 2 tonight but may just call it good.


                  TR:  Was up a lot last night.  No idea why.  I would go in, snuggle him, give him his paci and he was fine.


                  NRR:  Long day again.  Classes all day and then I have to go do another community ed project at a high school.  Last one!!



                  5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                    jen:  H goes through phases where he eats a ton and then won't eat at all.  He literally had 3 days last week where all he ate was yogurt.  Just yesterday he has started to get his appetite back and is eating everything.  I feel like usually he is trying to tell me something - tummy goesn't feel good, sore throat, etc so I just let him eat what he wants on those days.


                    mer:  Breathing was my #1 issue when I was pgr.  No tips except to make sure to take walk breaks to catch your breath.


                    RG:  Good luck with your workout.  Sounds tough!


                    eh:  Yay for being on 6 of 6.  You must be wiped!


                    cx2:  Crossing my fingers the deal goes through.  That is great you have had so much action on it.


                    ernie:  The playground sounds like so much fun!  I hope the boot camp class happens and is fun.  I would love to take a class like that because I hate STing.

                    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                      zorbs:  If it makes you feel better, I don't think I have touched a weight in about a year...  Oops.  Really need to get back on that!


                      Will do yesterdays personals when I get to class.  Gotta go shower and get lil man ready and then we're off to daycare.

                      5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                        CTimes - Glad that C missed you but sorry that she had a meltdown when DH left.  She sounds very much like a daddy's girl.  Do you get nervous that the nanny is out driving her around?  It makes me nervous when MIL takes J around in the car but I guess that is life.  I know what you mean about being paranoid at work about Internet use.  At my old school my desk and computer were right by the door so anytime anyone walked in they could see what I was doing.  Now my computer and desk are in the back of the room which is nice.  No one can sneak up on me!


                        Mer - I am jealous of your 42.  It was in the 30s here windy, hailing, snowing, and raining all at random times.  I want to get outside.  Supposed to rain/snow today too.  UGH!  I am so over this crap.  Can't wait to wear shorts.  I don't think you will be warm enough in just shorts...you are always cold.  You can bounce ideas off of me through email if you want.  I taught my high school basic class with a combo of Google and Office.  If I can help let me know.


                        Shelby - Your schedule seriously makes me tired.  Between all your running, school, projects, DS, etc you are truly amazing and I hope you don't burn out.  Not too much longer left!!  Great job on getting up so early to run despite DS waking up.


                          RR:  Lost my mojo.  I thought getting dressed and driving to meet the ladies would help me find it.  Nope.


                          TR:  Woke up at 2 a.m. wanting more Sid the science kid.  Really?  I was just up because I thought there was some sort of fight outside my window at 1 a.m. (neighbor was yelling at a taxi driver).  At least he was cute and cuddle this morning to make up for it.  Oh and I am a horrible mom, forgot to send his easter eggs to preschool.  Trying today to finish registering him for summer camp/daycare.


                          NRR:  Sister found out that her kid may not be autistic but have a hearing problem.


                          WR:  I told bossman yesterday that I can't take the idiot much longer and we need to cut her hours back this summer if he wants her to stay....


                          FR:  Spaghetti with salad.


                            rr: 3-4 with rp tonight. should still be in the high 30s; i'll take it!


                            tr: hiding easter eggs for each other.


                            tr2: signed dd1 up for swimming lessons that start tomorrow. you have to be 4 by the first day of class and dd2 is 2 months shy. she is beyond sad about it.


                            br: shopping today with all 3 kids, now doesn't that sound like fun?


                            nrr: had a semi-inappropriate dream about my chrio last night...


                            nrr2: had a dream the other night that i had a map of canada and was trying to figure out where all our canadian supermoms lived.


                            fr: made banana oatmeal muffins and banana bread last night. sipping on 7up right now since i've been in the bathroom 3 times already today and i've only been up 45 minutes. not cool.


                            rg: i still can't drink coffee since my stomach virus and i miss it, but not enough to try it yet.


                            zorbs: ha, that same thing happened to me and my aunt. my mom watched the kiddos while i went to my annual and she said oh laurie is there for her annual too today (she was with a dr, i was with a np). we ended up being in rooms right next to each other.


                            eh: i just signed up dd1 for lessons starting tomorrow; i'm hoping they aren't terrible. i figured at least i am only paying for 1 to go so if they suck i know we will go somewhere else this summer.


                            ernie: i was getting so sick of my banana recipes that i looked up a new one yesterday and made banana oatmeal muffins. they turned out really great! made my same old banana bread recipe though.


                            jen: yay for dh coming home. how long are you going to be in florida? did you check the weight limit on the luggage to see if i would fit!? i have learned to not push the food with the kids since they eat pretty well all the time i know something is up when they don't. case and point when cash didn't want to eat anything the other day which preceded him puking the next day. blech.


                            cx2: really hoping the rental sale goes through!!


                            mer: which toms did you order j? i thought about getting c a pair, but feel like he'll tear through them in no time. think i'm going to wear capris tonight for my run!


                            shelby: you are doing fantastic with your running! when is your marathon again?


                            becky: glad you are being proactive with the idiot in the office. i just looked up summer school for dd1 yesterday since they do a get ready for kindergarten class.


                              Ok, my coffee cup is full again....


                              RG: Sounds like we had the same night.  Coffee was made for mornings like this.


                              Zorbs:  Ugh, I hate that.  My blood pressure can get on the high side too but doc never says anything about it.


                              Eh!  I am not a huge fan of oatmeal at all, but love easy b-fast.


                              Ernie:  I used to take a cross-fit/boot camp class that was killer.  I miss that.  Too cute on the shoes.  C always hated having shoes on.


                              Jen:  Meh, he won't starve himself.  C would have one or two days of good eating and the rest of the week I call it is  "model in training" diet.  The kid would eat cheese cubes and crackers.


                              Cx2"  Fingers crossed the sale goes through this time!


                              Mer:  I have the jcrew version of toms that I love in the summer time.  I feel like I am wearing slippers though.  I have to really focus to find a good breathing rhythm, otherwise I am all over the place.


                              Shelby:  Oh man, I hope you get through your long day!  I did the same thing, only I didn't really regret getting back in bed Smile


                              Ok, gotta get some stuff done.  Bossman is playing hookie this morning so it is the perfect time to focus.


                                I am really late to the party - I feel like I am missing a day somewhere... I didn't get round to personals yesterday as i was running 12m and I thought that you ladies would understand. And DS is not sleeping at night until 9.30 or so and then waking at 12-2am - this has been for about a week now so I am a bit tired. Anyway, hoping things will change.


                                RR: 5m recovery. Yesterday's 12m was a slog but it got done. It was 32 and snowing and I was the only person out on the trail. DS was fussy in stroller so I was singing and talking and passing him things the whole time which made the 12m seem like 120m by the time I had finished. It was ont of those runs where I think "I am not enjoying this, but this has to make me a stronger runner. Just finish it out".


                                NRR: indoor playcentre was fun yesterday. Today I need to get some more plates and glasses. Washing machine is coming tomorrow. Yeah!


                                BR: having a bit of a rough time. See major white lumps under gums for new teeth. Assume it is that.


                                FR: made a dinner last night - it was par-boiled butternut squash and cauliflower with cabbage and carrots which then go into a baking dish with a cheese roux over it topped with pear slices, almonds and raisins. I am so thankful DH is open minded as I was sure he was not going to eat it or like it. I don't think I will be making it again, but it looked colourful.Today is huevos rancheros clean style.

                                5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31