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    ernie - I want to come for dinner too!  That pizza sounds divine.  Let us know how bootcamp was.  The overnight oats are cold.   http://www.katheats.com/?page_id=3889  I tried oatmeal in the slow cooker once but I thought the amount of liquid was crazy so I put in less than recommended - lesson learned, follow instructions.


    mjen - what did you put in your oats?  I don't think mine were that bad.  I'll bet your running will pick up again, hang in there.  I am excited for you and your vacation too!!


    cx2 - hope the rental goes through!  We finally got ours rented.  DH loves it though and is always on the lookout for more.  I am sure once you are in the rhythm at work we will see you here more often.  Don't worry Smile


    mer - computer talk is so foreign to me.  I wish you lived by me so you could help me figure out technology!  Are these your first pair of Toms?  I don't have any, but I have heard great things and they are so cute.


    shelby - we need to be running buddies (except I didn't get my run in like I was supposed to).  My alarm went at 4 and then I reset it for 425 before I got out of bed.  By that time it was too late for my run though.   I'd call your run good!  Is this plan the most miles you have run premarathon?


    becky - haha about Sid!  I love it when my kids cuddle, but it's usually only when they are sick.  Hope you find that mojo somewhere, but cut yourself some slack too.  Hope the news about your sisters LO is good news....


    mzm - Happy shopping!!  How is your stomach now?  I hope things start looking up!  Is this your DD's first time in swimming lessons?  Babysitter took our kids swimming a few weeks ago and DS snuck onto the waterslide.  I asked him if he could swim at the bottom of the slide "not really, but the waterslide pushed me close to the ladder, so I was okay" YIKES!


    Bermy -  Hope you can get some rest today, those wake ups are so tough.  Don't worry about not getting around to personals everyday - just do what works for you and your family - we all understand.  Way to tough out the workout!


      Becky - Sorry you lost your running mojo...I feel the same way!  Glad DS was in a cuddly mood despite waking up in the middle of the night.  Sorry about your coworker.  Hopefully your boss takes some action so it is not so stressful on you.  I hope your sisters child is not autistic...that would be great!  C's cheese and crackers is about the extent of J's eating.  Last night he wanted goldfish for dinner.  So 5 bites of spaghetti and a bag of goldfish.  Ugh.


      mrszm - Sounds like you have been dreaming a lot lately.  At least your chiro is hotSmile  You are more than welcome to fit in my suitcase.  You can get right in next to J's frog lovieSmile  Good luck shopping with all the kids today.  Have you been able to eat things lately?  You ladies and your banana bread...I now have a HUGE craving for some!!  Wonder if the grocery store sells any?  LOL.


      Bermy - Sorry your run was tough but you are right...it's done.  Sounds like DS is teething pretty badly.  Hopefully the teeth pop quickly so both mom and baby get some much needed rest.  J's teeth seemed to come all at once and take forever to poke through.  Glad you and DH had fun at the indoor play place.  Hopefully you can get the supplies you need for the house.  Yay for the washer coming tomorrow...no more primitive clothes washingSmile


      eh - In my oats I put 1/3 cup each of oats, yogurt, and milk.  Then I added a teaspoon of nut butter and 1/2 a banana.  It was ok but not for 350 calories or whatever I figured it to be.


        ernie - Your pizza sounds really good!  Yum.  DH's banana bread was pretty good, I had the urge to drizzle it in chocolate though!


        jen - Yay for DH coming home!  I don't really take too much stock in what J will or will not eat.  He tells us when he is hungry and we do our best.  I feel like that is all I can do!  I will have to email you my thoughts.  I started introducing it today...went okay, but not as solid as Word.  Takes time I guess.


        cx2 - Fingers crossed that everything goes through with your rental!  Thats great that the nanny took C out.  I loved nannying during college and going places with the kids!


        shelby - I hope your long day goes fast.  Great job getting on the TM this AM!


        becky - Sorry about the running mojo.  This is a hard time of year.  Warmer temps would be a nice push out the door.


        mrszm - Enjoy the shopping!  Sorry you aren't feeling well again.  I often think about where everyone who is in Canada lives, what time zone they are in, etc.  The only one I am sure about is CX2.  The rest, I am lost!  I got J the grey classics. They will be cute for pics, and then not too sure how long they will last.  This may be his last pair for a while, but I am excited nonetheless.  Oh, and they have free shipping right now!


        bermy - Your 12 miles with stroller sounds like 5 with J!  Glad you got through it.  I tell myself that how badly it sucks at that point makes me stronger than many others!


        eh! - This will be my 3rd pair.  My first pair is pretty trashed after wearing them in the snow/salt, 2nd pair is only used for work.  I plan on these being my every day shoes for the summer.

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          Funny story. A little insight into our family. This is my IL cousin - DH's closest cousin (which on a scale of closeness of 1-10 is about a 2. 10 being ultra close). No wonder why I don't ask these people for support. http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/55893449-78/police-lake-salt-wersland.html.csp.

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            mrszm:  That is so cute they are hiding eggs from eachother!  My marathon is May 5.  And I am impressed you peeled that many cuties yesterday.  Hope you feel better as the day goes on!


            bermy:  Cold weather +fussy babies definitely make runs go by much slower. Did you ever hear back from the mom you "stalked" Smile?  You should look into stroller strides.  Not that you need more workouts but I have found it is a good way to meet ft moms.  It is kind of hit or miss though1


            arm: Haha definitely start working on that tolerance Smile.  Where is the bachelorette?


            CA:  Aww poor baby.  How is she feeling today?  H always gets sick after traveling.


            spike:  Congrats on the job offer.  Are you going to go meet the team?  And yep, my parents will be going to the parade and I will have them videotape it.


            ernie:  I have no doubt you can do sub 22.  I run a 21:30 5k but don't think I could run a HM nearly as fast as you.  I fear the Hm distance though so I wouldn't know.


            RG:  Next is orthopedics.  I am really bummed because it was supposed to be pediatrics but now it is adult.  Lots of painful knees...  And yeah, I need to up my calories probably and focus on healthy foods.  Being busy makes me eat less and then when I eat I mostly eat carbs.

            jen:  This is probably terrible but I take H with me whenever I go to the bathroom on the plane.  I usually have him stand on the floor while I pee.  This last flight he pulled out about 20 tissues.

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              RR - meeting RP this morning at the gym - O has a cold, but I think she would still be ok in the daycare, right?  Then tonight RP and I are running, for now we're going to make wed night into our med long run - which is just 8k or so right now.  Did my tempo yesterday, it was hard but I got through it.  Miles were 7.0,7.1 and 7.2 mph.


              TR - did not want to stick her tongue out and say 'ahh' for the dr.  Otherwise did great at the dr.  Her height is way down in the % which surprised us.


              BR - still a peanut.  Under 14 lbs and 10% in weight.  Her height has fallen a bit in % and is right at the bottom of the scale.  I'm not really worried, you can't control their growth.  Dr is referring us to a ped to be sure, but she's just a temp in the office as my dr is on mat leave so I think she's just not confident in her abilities.  I'm ok to see the ped to, it won't hurt.


              NRR - dh's man cold... I've had a cold since saturday, ran 20k, weight trained monday and then ran tempo yesterday.  He was exhausted yesterday, couldn't run and just wanted to go to bed.  Men....


              K, no time for personals now, need to get everyone dressed for the gym...  bbl

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                eh:  We should be!  Let us know if you need a motivational text next time. I impressed you were running before your 6am shift!   And yep, I think this is the highest mileage.  In the past I think I have peaked around mid 40s.  This time I have been running in the 40s for the past 10 weeks.  Hoping to get into the 50s for a few weeks before I taper.  I never thought my body would feel this good running so many miles!

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                  RR: 5 miles total, 1 mi warmup/cooldown, 3 miles @ tempo. I almost quit my tempo pace, just couldn't break 9:40 miles for the first 1.5 miles (even on a downhill!) then finally got in my groove. Guess I'm getting a little of my mental toughness back- that DNF'd half in the fall really broke my spirit for a while.


                  TR: Was being a cutie-pants yesterday and today. Gawd I love it when he says "elephant" so much, I need to get it on video for posterity. Daycare lady said there were 2 kids that went home with a fever and one that puked yesterday... great! I have way too much to do for R to get sick right now.


                  FR: HAHA I made nachos for dinner last night. Think probably teriyaki chicken/stirfry/brown rice tonight.


                  NRR: Didn't do any housework last night, I was tired and wanted to spend some time with DH since I haven't seen him much being on nights. Plus AF is kicking my butt this morning. Tonight while he's at fire training I'm going to start packing and cleaning the kitchen. DH is being a horrible procrastinator with the move and responds negatively to nagging so I'm treading a fine line between being really frustrated and trying to tell him what to do this week.


                  NRR2- Haha I heard "The Bad Touch" by the Bloodhound gang this morning and have it stuck in my head now.

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                    Runnergirl- I was waking a lot at night and realized I was getting too hot and it was time to take the winter blankets off the bed and I am sleeping so much better now.


                    zorbs- blech, I hate getting my annual exam. I have a male doctor now and I'm still kind of weirded out by it. LOL at B not taking his clothes off- want to send him to my house? I can teach him to be a nudist Wink


                    Eh- if you don't like overnight oats, I suggest crockpot steel cut oats.


                    Ernie- I realized the other day that I always have socks on R and he revels in his barefootedness when I leave them off.


                    Jen- my running was terrible in the first tri and got way better in the 2nd. R is being a butt about eating lately, pretty much I can only get him to eat stuff if I give him ketchup or Ranch for him to dip with.


                    cx2- my house sale is supposed to close this week but we haven't heard anything about going to sign papers.


                    Mer- hmmm, I run with my dog so her cadence helps me with my pace and breathing. Probably not helpful. I also have a couple of songs that I sing in my head (they are terrible) that help me run at a certain pace. Don't laugh, but one of them is "Addicted to Love."


                    shelbyjo- I think you will be fine for your marathon even with the errors on the schedule. It sounds to me like your plan has been difficult enough for you to follow on top of school and mommyhood that 12 mi MLRs would have just added stress.


                    Becky- when I lose my mojo, I like to take an extra rest day. You should have told bossman you were interviewing somewhere else when he asked because you can't handle idiot girl anymore :P.


                    mzm- I had a dream about my chiro once too. I have had dreams about the worst people- like some of DH's friends that I don't find attractive at all. STupid brain.


                    Bermy- sorry about the 12 mile slog, good job on getting through it! That dish sounds... interesting...

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                      NRR2- DH has to get a filling at the dentist today and is being such a BABY about it. He keeps whining, and I'm not giving him any sympathy- when he tried fishing for some I responded "Meh, I squeezed a human out of my nether regions and ran a marathon, getting fillings isn't nearly so bad." Heh.


                      Bermy- LMAO at your cousin. When all the stuff was going down with my mom, all the comments on the news sites were about my stepdad's eyebrows looking like catepillars http://www.khq.com/story/13224446/one-arrested-in-grant-county-for-1st-degre-attempted-premeditated-murder


                      CA- Its hard being a man and a man cold takes it out of you :P  Reid is still a peanut too. All he ever does is eat and yet I can still see his ribs.

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                        Bermy - Oh gees...that is a crazy story.  Sorry, it is kind of funny, but also breaks my hear that your DH's cousin is obviously struggling.


                        Shelby - HAHA to H pulling the kleenex...I am sure that is what J will do in there too.


                        CA - Hope you had fun at the gym and that you have a great run tonight.  Glad the appt went well despite O being small.  Is the doctor concerned about her weight?  J is always in the 10% for his weight and his ped was never concerned since everything else was all right.


                        Spike - Great job on the run.  Sounds like you are getting your running groove back.  Ugh to daycare sickness...praying R doesn't get sick.  Did he get sick when you were sick?  Good luck with all the packing/moving...you have been working so hard.  I HATE moving.  I have done it far too many times.  LOL to your DH!  Sounds just like mine about the dentist.  I told DH to suck it up when he had to go in.  He was angry and said he just wanted some loving sympathy from his wife...you get no sympathy for the dentist when I have gone through much worse in the pain departmentSmile


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                          Jen- R didn't get sick the last time I was when I had the flu- but he got this weird thing where his face puffed up and his eyes were half swollen shut, no idea what that was all about. We've gone a whole 3 weeks without illness, I guess we're about due for another round :P  I haven't moved in 7 years, and I'm about to do it twice in 6 mos, shoot me!! I'm pretty much down to the essentials at our house plus some furniture that will go to the storage unit.

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                            I got gas and forgot my wallet on the trunk of the car.  Fortunately it didn't fly off and the guy in the car behind me saw it when I was stopped at a red light and got it for me.



                            eh - too bad your shift didn't end at 6 am, I had between 6:30-9 am free.


                            ernie - Tracey is the only instructor I ever knew who could get visible results from group fitness.


                            jen - refusing to eat anything of substance is like..every day at my house.  DH looooooooooves my dumplings, he will eat 30 or more in a sitting.


                            cx2 - I use tilapia for the chowder.


                            mer - yesterday was the first time that they asked B to use the standing scale and the standing measuring thingy that is attached to the scale.


                            shelby - do you feel like the km repeats are easier or harder than mile repeats?


                            becky - screw cutting her hours back, fire her incompetent ass!


                            mrszm - and how is your knowledge of canadian geography in real life? Smile


                            bermy - was it your first time running in snow?


                            CA - B didn't want to stick out his tongue either, but the doctor made some faces at him and he smiled and she looked in that 0.5 seconds he opened his mouth.


                            spike - I'm ok with a male doctor (although my current one is female), I am not ok with male ob/gyns..it's like taking your car to a mechanic who's never owned his own car.

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                              zorbs- mine is a family practice OB. He's actually pretty good- he is the one that gave me the PCOS *maybe* diagnosis. I do agree that I wonder how they could possibly know what a woman is going through. My old family practice OB was the bomb- I asked her about the birth room and she said "Its your party, the only thing I require is that you get an IV so if you bleed out I'm not stuck trying to find a vein, you can blare heavy metal for all I care." Not that I did that but she was really cool and we cracked jokes between contractions (obviously I had an epidural if I was able to do that). I'm lazy and want "one stop shopping" so I like family practice OBs. He's the only other man who's seen my junk besides my dh.

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                                I'm late today, makes it hard to get personals done but I will try!


                                RR - 4 miles this morning, all I had time for before personal training session.  I decided to make it a speed workout and did 3 800s at a little faster than 5K pace.  I haven't done speedwork in a long time and it felt good to push myself to the point of feeling like I was going to puke.  Then did weights with personal trainer, and also have a tennis match tonight.  Doubles though, so not that hard of a workout.


                                BR - crying crying crying.  Terribly constipated.  I felt bad dropping him off at MMO but he must have either relieved himself or at least stopped crying because they haven't called me.


                                KR - 6 year old is also crying crying crying.  Is it the full moon?  My mom (a former school therapist) said teachers always know when it's a full moon.


                                FR - if I can't find anything useful in the freezer we will do rotisserie chicken.  Am in the mood for salmon so hope to pick that up this afternoon to make tomorrow.


                                NRR - DH is gone overnight for work.  Seems like he is gone a lot lately!