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    armama- sorry about all the crying. Have you tried an enema with DS yet? I remember my little sister was horribly constipated once and my mom did that, which helped.

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      rg - ugh, I hate nights when I wake up for no reason.  I hope you can get better sleep tonight!


      zorbs - I told my personal trainer that I needed to work on muscles today because I haven't done much ST in the last few weeks.  That was really nice of the guy behind you!


      eh - I made overnight oats a couple times.  I am trying to replicate the chilled swiss oatmeal I get at Corner Bakery but theirs is so much better.  I can't figure it out.  If I don't have my kids signed up for anything they drive me crazy.  Sometimes it's nice to take a break but I quickly realize I  need them to be in some sort of activity.


      ernie - thanks for reminding me I baked banana bread yesterday, think I'll go have a piece!  Yum.


      jen - did you keep up your running during your pregnancy with J?  Or do you think it's your gall bladder affecting it now?


      cx2 - my girls always get more excited when daddy comes around.  boo.  I am hoping L will be a mama's boy.


      mer - I have never tried TOMS but feel like I should.  Any specific ones you recommend?  Nice of your DH!  I wish mine would do some cooking and baking.  Or just the cooking, he tends to screw up stuff he tries to bake.


      shelby - maybe he was missing his daddy!  the bachelorette party is in Vegas!  I wasn't excited at first but I am getting there.  I am mostly excited to have a day to sit at the pool.


      need to go pick up L, more personals later.


        zorbs - You are lucky you didn't lose your wallet!  Glad there are some nice people out there.


        Arm - Yes, it is a full moon today in fact!!!  I saw it on my way in this morning and it was quite full...yes, even high school teachers know when it is a full moon!!  Sorry about all the crying.  I am hoping L was able to relieve himself.  Sounds like you are getting quite a workout in.  When I was pg with J I wasn't allowed to run until 11 weeks because I had fertility treatments and they wanted to be cautious.  I started running in the 2nd tri and was fine.  I think it is 1st tri fatigue that is kicking my butt!


          Jen - Back when S had her six-month check up and we were going to introduce solids, her doctor said "babies and toddlers are terrible eaters by adult standards but they won't starve and all you can do is keep offering a variety of food." I think that applies to your situation with J. He'll be fine and probably one day he'll suddenly start eating like crazy. While S is thankfully a good eater usually, she goes through phases where all she wants to eat is applesauce and cheerios. I'm glad DH will be home to help you pack! Yum, dumplings! When I lived in Toronto one of my friends used to make dumplings in his steamer after we'd been out drinking. I have to find out what his secret was, because when I tried to make them once, they all stuck together.


          Cx2 - Glad the nanny got C calmed down. A few meltdowns are inevitable while she gets used to things. Ugh, I hope that rental sale finally goes through. You must be getting ready to burn the place down just to get rid of it! Don't be too jealous of our weather here, it's cold with flurries again today.


          Mer - Re: the breathing, I know that I had to take a lot of walk breaks when I was pg. Your DH sounds like an awesome cook/baker! I shall heed to your experience of wanting to drizzle chocolate on his banana bread and make sure i put chocolate chips in mine today.


          Shelby - GREAT job on your Bermy repeats, especially so early in the morning! I need to work my way up to 5 1000s. Yesterday I was thinking I could probably have done a 4th if I had to but was glad my schedule only called for 3! Hope your long day today goes all right. Thanks for the vote of confidence on my 5k! Have you never run a half? I've run two of them and it's my favourite race distance.


          Becky - Ugh, that is way too eventful of a night. No wonder you forgot the Easter eggs after that nonsense! Have some garlic cheese bread in with your spaghetti tonight. That may help bring the mojo back.


          Mrszm - Awesome that the kids are entertaining themselves by hiding eggs for each other. Good luck shopping with all the kiddies in tow! You have the funniest dreams. Mmm, banana oatmeal muffins sound good!


          Bermy - Hopefully DS is just a bit off kilter from the move and goes back to sleeping well again. Good job on finishing your run yesterday - 12 miles is a long way when it feels like a slog! Wow, that is quite the outrageous story about DH's cousin.


          CA - I think dropping O off at the daycare with a cold is totally fine. Colds are everywhere! Great job on your tempo yesterday. I'm surprised O's stats weren't higher with all the eating she's been doing. Oh well, someone has to be in the lower percentiles or else the percentiles wouldn't exist! I think you are right  that the dr is just being overly cautious but no harm in seeing the ped if she wants to send you.


          Spike - Way to push through that tempo run! I have also been known to eat nachos for dinner. they're delicious!


          Arm - Great fitness day for you! Sorry about all the crying kids today. I have also heard teachers say that about a full moon.

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            back from MMO.  Still no pooping for this kid.  I put miralax in his water and will see what happens when he takes a nap.


            becky - sounds like you could use extra coffee today!  I'm sorry about your sister's kid.  We had DD's hearing tested when she started showing signs of autism, but nope her hearing was just fine.


            mrszm - oh man I had a pretty inappropriate dream about one of my college professors once.  It was really awkward seeing him in class for a while after that!  Hope you are feeling better!


            bermy - L is getting his eye teeth.  All but one has popped through, can't wait until he's done.  YAY for washing machine!  I don't want to think about the piles of laundry I'd have if I had to go even a week without a washing machine.  Yikes on DH's cousin.  Kind of sounds like something my brother's friends would do.


            CA - seems like whenever they are worried about height or head measurement or something they remeasure and all is fine.  O has always been a peanut, hasn't she?


            spike - yay for running groove!  Is seawheeze your next race or do you have something else coming up?  When is the move?  haven't done the enema yet but might have to this afternoon if he still can't get anything out!


            alright I think I am caught up!  L is running back and forth between me and the kitchen, over and over again.  Crazy kid.


              back for personals... run went really well this morning I averaged 6:48/mile for the first three miles and 6:46/mile for the last two. Felt strong, even though i was fighting a 15-20mph headwind today. Ran 9.3 total.


              Zorbs- yay for ST! i know what you mean about not ST'ing and feeling like a blob, it really makes a difference. Hope you had a good workout. Sounds like B's dr appt went well yesterday. lol on hurling at my workout- it actually isn't that bad...


              r-eh: thanks for the words about my run! hope you have a great run yourself today. i've tried overnight oats in the crockpot, and i think i just had the wrong combo of ingredients in there, b/c i couldn't even finish what i had dished up. you'll have to let me know if you try it again! i make baked oatmeal all the time, which R and i both love.


              Ernie- have a great run tonight! so great that you get to run with RP so much! it was a good day for the park yesterday, the sun was out here. mmm, banana bread, yum! i hope that the boot camp class is a good challenge for you. i hate showing up for a class and being disappointed b/c it's not hard enough.


              jen- we're headed to visit my parents and the IL's this weekend. fortunately they live about 30 minutes apart, so we always get to see both families for the holidays. i wrote a list, so that should help with getting stuff done! Aw, sorry about the tummy issues. Eh, I hate the days when R is a picky eater, but my pedi told us that toddlers always eat to their appetitie, and sometimes they just aren't hungry. I look at the week as a whole, rather than daily meals, and it's very balance that way. YAY for DH coming home tonight!!!


              Cx2- so cute that C is excited for her daddy! sounds like the nanny is doing really well too. Hope the rental sale goes through for you guys. How many rental properties do you own/manage? How's work this week?


              Mer- yay for another outside run. 42 is DEFINITELY shorts weather, as long as it's not super windy. As for the breathing thing, that was one of the ways i knew i was preggo before i tested, my breathing was way off. it did get better quickly though! Yay for Toms!!! I need to order some for the summer, they're such cute shoes, and very versatile. which ones did you get?


              Shelbyjo- nice job on your TM speedwork today! i'd probably just go with that, and maybe add a mile on to two other runs during the week. aw, sorry about H being up so much, teething? sounds like he just wanted to see you. Good luck with your long day today! Orthopedics doesn't sound nearly as fun as pediatrics, will you be rescheduled for peds?


              Becky- hope the mojo returns soon! Ooops on the easter eggs, will he be in full time summer camp? sounds like fun! good news about your sisters kid not having autism!!!! how'd the convo go w/ bossman about the idiot?


              mrszm- lol on the dream, i told DH i feel bad when i dream about other men, but it's not like i have any control over what i dream about! hope the shopping today goes well for you, and the kiddos all behave. ugh on the bathroom trips, hope your stomach settles soon!


              Bermy- good morning!!! aww mama, DS needs to let you get some rest, poor thing! whoa on the 12 in the snow, great job getting it done, esp with a cranky kiddo! those runs do have payoffs come race day! glad you had fun at the playcenter! sounds like your house is coming together nicely. enjoy settling in, that's the one part about moving i like- making the new place a home.


              CA- have a great time w/ RP at the gym! Nice job on your tempo run, speedy mama! Ha on Dh's man cold, they're worse than kids. Glad the check-ups went well for hte girls yesterday, I think the visit to the pedi is a good idea too!


              spike- nice job on the tempo run! that kind of run will definitely help w/ the mental strength. ugh, i hope R doesn't catch germies from any of the sickies at daycare, yuck!  Ohhh man, i'd probably lose my crap w/ DH if he was procrastinating w/ the move. When we moved, my DH actually started packing before I did, lol. I sleep w/ one leg out when i get hot, haha. DH is always cold at night, and complains if i take the blankets off. whatever.


              armmama- nice job on the run and PT this morning! wow, lots of working out today, hope the tennis match goes well! yup, it's a full moon tonight, sigh. have you given L prune juice? I gave R one sippy of half water/half prune juice a couple of months ago when he was constipated, and it worked like magic.

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                bermy: yay for finally having a dishwasher! any word from the recipient of your note?


                eh: stomach is not so good. the mornings are really bad as well as right before i go to bed. pretty much anything i eat comes right out. nope, not dd1's first time in lessons. she has probably been to at least 7 sessions in her life, but the first session since we moved here. it will be weird going because i used to teach lessons there all through high school and after i graduated. hoping these high schoolers are as good as my friends and i were.


                jen: i can eat, but it pretty much sends me straight into the bathroom. we met dh for lunch today and i barely made it in the door at home. Sad


                car: c was super low in weight (like not even on the charts for weight) from 4-6 months. i got really scared bc he looked so stinkin tiny. he gradually made it back on the charts and hovers around 50% right now, but we did determine that my milk was non caloric. one of the main reasons i am not 100% sure i want a 4th knowing that my milk will really be nothing the fourth time around.


                spike: my dh was supposed to help my brother move his grill to their new house. 3 hours later he still wasn't home. annoying. dh made 3 trips to their new house with crap and they had a uhaul on saturday and sunday that apparently they didn't want to use for this stuff?!? i have some major beef with sil right now so i called my sister so we could complain together. LOVED my family practice OB until she decided to stop delivering babies after dd2 was born. i was so sad and was so totally clueless when i started going to an OB/GYN since i had never been.


                zorbs: my canadian geography is not so good!! but in my dream i had little pins on where each of you lived. dh as been somewhere in Saskatchewan goose hunting, so i know where that is, but yup, that's pretty much it Smile


                arm: do you usually just eat the rotisserie chicken or use it in something? i bought one once and dh didn't love it, but my friend always buys them and uses it for chicken salad sandwiches. and yup, it will definitely be a bit weird seeing my chiro next time!


                ernie: muffins were super good. the oatmeal gave them just a little bit different taste than muffins without. c ate about 4 mini muffins for breakfast!


                rg: yup, i never tell dh about the dreams. when i was pregnant with c i had SO many dreams about old boyfriends, but i would just text my bff about them since she knew them too.


                  RR2: no email from my note on the car. I feel like I have been on a date and didn’t get the follow up call. Wait a minute - I didn’t even get a date.


                  TTC: update, Dh and I decided not to ttc for a while. We just have our hands full with, well, erm, life. We have purposefully missed the O and put this on the backburner! Didn’t want to get Shelby’s hopes up…


                  Rg – lovely pace on your run – nice job mama! How are you feeling? Yay on park – are you off work?


                  Zorbs – yes, probably the first time I have run in snow. It was nicer than wind and rain. But no one else was out. Good on naked-awareness. I was thinking of you and ST – I have a huge abnormally large urge to lift heavy right now which is stupid as I am at peak mileage and really don’t need any DOMS. Any thoughts on where that is coming from? Yay for wallet finding person!


                  Eh – can’t believe you run after such a long shift – oh and then go home and parent. You really are a supermom.


                  Ernie – your knickers look like my knickers. Very cute on park. Who has S when you are at boot camp?


                  Jen – keep going with the running – adjust your expectations but keep going – it is all helping to build a really strong and thick placenta!! Go mama! Your nody is working really hard right now. Yay for DH being home and getting much deserved help. I really don’t know how you do it. Respect!


                  Cx2 – glad C will relax for nanny when she gets worked up – at least you know she missed you (a little). Hope you can sneak online and read this. Big hugs to you in your cubical. Waves to anyone reading your screen. How is your new team working out?


                  Mer – PG made me breathless on hills when running at first, the rest was just like normal. Odd. Hills just did it for me. Too cute on shrimp. I find it very annoying the colleagues in your department aren’t more supportive. Good luck on your google/office idea – sounds awesome and the kids are lucky to have a very new and diverse teaching perspective.


                  Shelby – freakin fast 1000s lady! Incredible – they are awesome times! Something to be really proud of. Well done lady!!! Is the plan (even your abridged version) more than you trained with for your previous marathons?


                  Becky – is your mojo still lost? And wtg telling boss to give that girl less hours. She is going to drive you batty.


                  Mrszm – sorry your tummy is still acting up. Did you get your gap jeggings yet? What are traditional crafts my 18mo can do for easter? (we are not religious). I need some inspiration and I love the look of your crafts.


                  CA – oh – the WHO weight charts are the only charts that compare ebf babies accurately. My doc was using ones calculated from formula fed babies and they grown differently. Most of my ebf friends’ babies are 10% on weight on the non-WHO charts. You can download them from the WHO website and take a look for yourself. Did you do your tempo on treadmill? Sounds great CA!


                  Spike – nice on sticking with the tempo esp when the going got tough. Great job for not giving up. Tempos are really hard. My legs are still sore from Sunday’s tempo. Can’t believe you are moving on Fri – that’s so soon! Funny on eyebrows. Seriously news people.


                  Arm – I feel like this whole week has been a huge struggle – has it been full moon every day?!! Sorry your little guy is in pain. Poor dude. Mine is poking at the molars and also the third from the front. I am sure there is a name on my tooth chart. Nice job on your speedwork this morning! WTG! And weights – you are getting in shape mama!

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                    NRR3: my front lawn is covered in sleeping builders from the construction site next door of new houses. Now, I wouldn't mind if they were tan, half naked, buff and cut but they are neither of these four and so I asked them to lounge elsewhere. In my sweetest British accent. no more loungers.

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                      RG - awesome tempo today!! The weather is finally getting a bit better her, we may get to go to the park this week! I hope you can catch up on your sleep soon!

                      zorbs - I hadn't st'ed for 3 weeks bc of vacation and I'm still sore from monday! I saw my RP's sister at the dr yesterday, I know a bunch of people who go to the same dr as me.

                      reh - I've never made overnight oats, but love slow cooker steel cut oats.

                      ernie - I hope the boot camp was good! RP and I were talking about the girls who go to those classes and stand around and bitch about how hard it is... we want a workout to be hard, especially if I pay money for it, it had better kick my ass. I was thinking that too w/ all her eating, except then I realized it's only been a week of eating, so even if she's going to gain more from eating solids, itll prolly take a few weeks.

                      Jen - Just offer healthy food - he'll eat, M has days where she hardly eats anything and then others where she out eats me. YAY for DH coming home, and for BREAK!! The dr said that she was pretty sure everything is fine w/ her weight but thought to be safe she'd send her to a pedi.

                      cx2 - I'm sure she'll get uesd to nanny and everything quickly! M always nursed like a crazy newborn baby when I got home from work. I hope the sale goes through! Do your sales not have a deposit that the buyer loses if they bail? All home sales here have a deposit, usually between $1000 and $5000 or more for a pricier home, and you'd lose that if you bailed last minute.

                      mer - 42 is shorts weather for sure! M LOOOOOOVES shrimp. I always had weird bouts of bad breathing when pgr.

                      shel - awesome job on the early morning speedwork! I find it hard to run fast early, I'm still half asleep.

                      becky - I hope you find your mojo! In the meantime maybe your knee will get better. I guess a hearing problem is better than autism... hopefully the kid can get treated for the right thing now.

                      mzm - poor dd2 for not getting to do swimming! I'm signing M up for 3 yr old swimming soon. Ugh I hate shopping w/ 2 so 3 sounds horrible! Did your other kids not thrive on your milk, or just c? M was always 50% for weight and 50-70 for height, so you'd think my milk would be fine. O has lots of rolls, but is just shrimpy in length and weight. I'm from Saskatchewan - so now you know where I'm from Wink

                      bermy - sorry for the rough run yesterday, but amazing job powering through it. Sucks that DS wasn't happy for it, and isn't sleeping well, he is such a happy guy, something must be setting him off. I hope the teeth pop through so you can all go back to being rested and happy. My DH is not open minded on food at all! Thanks for the reminder, I was going to look up the WHO charts to see if that's what they are using, usually dr's in Canada are pretty bf'ing aware so I have always assumed that's what they used but I'll double check. Yup tempo was on TM, easier than pushing a stroller outside, plus the girls days go so much better when they nap in bed not in the stroller.

                      spike - awesome job sticking with the tempo!! It's hard when the pace doesn't come... I probably would have had a way suckier pace if I hadn't been on the TM yesterday, I set a # on it and it was run or fly off the back, but outside I can just slack. I hope R doesn't get sick!

                      arm - Good job on the speedwork! poor baby! I hope he gets some relief soon. Yep she was born at 5lb 9oz and has always been at 10%. I'm not worried.

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                        CA/Spike - any tips on buying bread pans - size, colour etc?

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                          Bermy - just checked the WHO website and my dr is using their new bf baby charts.  The weight is probably accurate but I think that getting an accurate length on a squirmy baby who doesn't want to stretch their legs out can be hard, and a tiny mistake can make a huge difference in %

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                            NRR4: I keep forgetting stuff to post. I just got off phone to bermy coach for 45mins. we were having a good chuckle about finding new running friends. I miss her but it was so good to talk on phone.

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                              CA - GREAT on docs using charts. and re. accuracy, i tend to think what I would do if I had not gone to the appt - I would just be carrying on as normal, right?!

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                                bermy - my bread pans are 9x5 beaumark advancia - I like the brand/finish/etc, but they are too big for every day loaves of bread.  They are pretty heavy, which is nice and conducts the heat well.  Yep, I'm just carrying in w/ life... you can't force BM down a baby's throat anyway, and I don't believe it's healthy to bargain, force food - I'd rather her be a peanut babe, than to have food issues and end up being an obese adult.

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