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    CA - I meant to add when you were talking about starting solids that my DS loved it when I added breastmilk to everything. I have pictures of me hand-expressing right into his breakfast bowl. I just smooched up the food with a fork, stirred in expressed milk and he would go crazy.

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      Armama- Seawheeze is the only race I'm registered for besides Saturday's 10k, there are local races that I'll probably just register for as they come up. I'm moving Friday/Saturday! EEEK!


      Runnergirl- I sent DH an email with lists of what needs to go where, hopefully he reads it and takes the hint. I also sleep with a leg out, but I'm a really hot sleeper and cannot handle being warm at night.


      Bermy- For some reason, those comments really bothered me- he was my stepdad for 20 years so part of me wanted to defend him- if you are going to trash him, go after him being an abusive a-hole and not his looks. Good for you for shooing the contractors. My cousin kept having a bum show up and sleep under the tree in his front yard, so his wife told him she'd give him beer if he would leave and not come back, which the bum did. Buy metal bread pans, not glass, and make sure they are the light colored metal, not the dark nonstick ones (leads to burnt crust). http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/usa-pan-traditional-finish-loaf-pan/?pkey=cbread-pans-loaf-pans   The ones that Terry showed on her blog are nice because they had lips on the end of the pan that make it easier to pick up.


      mzm- that's like when my DH says "I need to run to the fire station real quick"- that is a minimum of an hour gone, but really more like 3 hours.

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        Bermy - there's nothing more mammal like than hand expressing milk Smile

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