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TIRED TUESDAY DIVAS (Read 196 times)


    Hey ladies, post away!!


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      Morning Sassy!


      RR: did 5 with M outside yesterday, today is a tempo run not sure I will meet the pace (7:54 mm for 4 miles), but I will try. its an indoor run the weather is rainy and cold. It dropped 20s over night.


      NRR: M is back to sleeping through the night, but we start our days early. Today was at 430. After she naps this morning, I am hoping to take for to the Aquarium for story/song time. OH, big news. M now signs for a 'diaper change" Its great! Makes things a little easier. I am wondering if we can potty train her early. I would love to get her out of diapers early!! Most kiddos do not have full bladder control until 2 or 3 years old.  Anywhos... not much going on here... which is gooood Smile


      Pface: I am wondering what training schedule you did to help increase your speed?

      MA runner girl

        Morning ladies!


        RR: Swam 1500m last night. Felt good to move! Back feels really good this morning so I'm ready for a run tonight! Cannot wait.


        NRR: I thought the conversation yesterday about the freezing stuff was funny because I made spaghetti and meatballs last night using meatballs I had frozen a few weeks ago! lol I cooked them before I froze though. My meatball recipe has me putting them under the broiler for 10 min on each side and then simmering on the stove in pasta sauce for 20 min. So I broiled them and then put them in the freezer. So to cook them, I just take the bag out of the freezer the night before and then simmer in pasta sauce while the pasta is cooking and dinner is ready! So easy. Last night I sent DH out to get me ice cream (ben & jerrys of course). That was a first!!! LOL I felt silly and pregnant but I really wanted something sweet... at least I had him get the frozen yogurt half baked instead of the regular! Mmmm... Tonight is a little up in the air. My cousin and I were supposed to hang out a few weeks ago and I kept postponing due to not feeling well/tired and I finally said tonight would work, and she asked if it was ok if she got back to me... I thought she meant in an hour or 2 but I haven't heard! So I have all my running stuff to either go to my parents to run, or home (she lives 45 min from me but just 20 from my parents). I hate not knowing plans in advance!


        Sassy - Hi! I hope you get un-tired!


        GSD - Good luck hitting the tempo! That was actually my tempo pace pre-pregnancy Smile Can't wait to get back there!!


        Have a great day girls!

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Morning Ladies!


          I appreciate all your support and well wishes ladies. It really means a lot to me!


          Anyway, last night I went to the gym and ran 1.5 miles on the TM without stopping. Smile I felt really good while running. Although I woke up this morning and I'm so sore! I think I'm so anxious to get back to running that I need to slow down and take this slow so I don't get injured.


          Gotta run ladies. have a great day!


            hi ladies!


            NRR: Tired! I agree with the title sassy! I got home last night after 10 pm, then still had to unload my drums from the car. I crawled into bed and fell asleep, but no workout for me this morning yet. I know, I sound like a sap, but I'm so used to my 9.30 at the latest bed time so I can wake up at 5.... grrrrr. oh well. the music people I was playing for were generally disorganized and laid back. I hate that. wish they'd be more considerate of other's time... sigh. otherwise, work day today. no meetings scheduled, so I'm hoping for productivity! then home around 7 to work some more on specifications.


            RR: hoping for a run between work at work and work at home!


            back soon for personals!


              Morning Ladies, Happy Tuesday!!!!


              RR: Running 3-4 with DH after work then Pu/Su.


              NRR: I'm in a bit of shock this morning. I applied for a Masters of Science in Systems Engineering rotation program through my company (they only select 15 people to do this through the university), and over 60 people applied, so I thought I had no chance. I just got accepted! I have to start school next month! It's a lock step program, and all 15 of us go through the entire program together, and it's only 1 night a week, with every 10th week a week off for 2.5 years. I just thought I had no chance, so I'm excited but nervous all at the same time!!!!


              GSD: Glad M slept through the night. Great job on the 5, and good luck with the tempo.


              MA: Great job on the swim. Ooh, ice cream sounds great, I think I'd be an ice cream fiend if pregnant!I hope you hear from your cousin soon!


              RLTW: Way to go on running again last night!


              Sassy: Hello!


              Have a great day ladies!!!


                gsd: good luck maintaining that pace for 4 miles! you rock! sweet about the signing! did you teach her, or how did you get her to catch on so quick? I'd love to be able to do that eventually!


                MA: haha!! cravings! way to stick to the healthier stuff! Smile


                rltw: glad the run went well, but slow down girl! give it time.... lol.


                po: congrats on the acceptance! big step!


                sassy: hi lady!


                  Morning ladies!


                  GSD, I don't think Ive ever ran a full mile user 8mm!! What sign does M do for diaper change?


                  MA, great Job with the swim!! Love that you sent DH for ice cream!!


                  PO, that's awesome about being accepted i to the masters program! How's the new job?


                  Lizo, hope you get your run in tonight!


                  Monk, good luck to DH today!



                  TriR, ran 5 slow hot miles last night. Spinning tonight the. First session with personal trainer afterwards!


                  NtriR, praying I get travel doc so I can fly home this weekend. Nothing yet. Sad


                  Have a great day girls!!


                    Woah ... I totally typed out my post but forgot to actually put it on here! Anyway, now I can do personals Smile


                    RR: ST tonight. Did abs last night - I need a constant reminder that doing abs makes me feel better about myself.


                    NRR: Poor little G has had a rough few days. Just feeling under the weather and not acting like himself. He's at school today because he doesn't have a fever and his teacher loves to cuddle him. Anyway, I had a really good night last evening - I listened to pop music (Just started listening to One Direction - I'm such a tween), read papers and formulated some ideas for my independent research project. I'm still tweaking it and hoping to talk about it with my boss this week in order to write it up for a grant due in April. We'll see.

                    GSD - glad M is back to normal again! Great job on the run with M. Good luck with the tempo run. We've been using signs like diaper change, more, all done, hi, bye, mom, and dad, but G hasn't used any back yet. I swear one time he signed "milk" to me, but who can tell?! Plus, he doesn't get the signs at day care, so I have no idea if he'll pick them up.


                    MA - glad you could swim last night; hope you get to hang out with your cousin. Enjoy the ice cream all you want! In the last month of pregnancy, I was going through a half gallon every week ... I wish I was joking.

                    PO - congrats on getting accepted into the program! sounds like a great deal - especially with the 1 night/week commitment!


                    Meli - i hope you get to go home this weekend!! Fingers crossed for you!


                    Lizo -hi to you!!


                    RLTW - wahoo for 1.5 miles! take it easy dear!!


                    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                      Good morning, ladies!


                      RR: Another chilly 7 in the books on snow-packed roads. I ran on actual pavement for maybe less than a mile?  ST tonight.  I also got a pre-race briefing e-mail that I need to read and digest.


                      NRR: Today is DBF's birthday! We're going to a drive-in/diner for dinner after the gym tonight.


                      PO - Congrats on getting into the master's program!!


                      Mel - Fingers crossed you get the paperwork in time!


                      MA - Good job on the swim. Hopefully your cousin gets back to you soon.


                      GSD - Dang, that tempo sounds so fast to me!


                      RLTW - CONGRATS on your run!!!


                      lizo - Sorry about the laid-back attitude yesterday. I try to be more laid-back sometimes, but I have a lot going on, like you, so it really doesn't work for me. I need things moving chopchopchop.

                      Sassy - I thought of you last night, as I got to bed at 9:43. Not too late, but still took me a while to fall asleep, and that was annoying. Glad you got some think time in on your independent project.


                        Good morning!


                        ER: Nothing today, no time and needing the rest.


                        NER: Today is DH's interview, its at 10 central... he woke up and said he doesn't feel so good. I don't know if he's just stressing himself out or if he really is sick. He said on his last day of work a month ago he didn't feel good either. He tends to worry himself sick at times, so I think that may be what this is. We're going to have lunch together after the interview. Its going to be weird having him in here and not acknowledging him! A is better today, I could tell in her face when I got home yesterday, so thats good. Hopefully DH isn't really sick and then we can have awhile where there is no sickness in the house! Last night we booked a nice hotel downtown here for our babymoon. We were going to do a bigger babymoon in December, but then we bought our car. I could technically still travel (they say to stay home after 36 weeks and I'm 34) but I don't really want to. We don't have the time anyway. So we're spending Saturday night at a nice hotel downtown and making dinner reservations somewhere nice and going to the badgers hockey game. The hotel we wanted to stay at hiked up its rates between when I looked them up yesterday afternoon and when we were ready to book last night. So we did a different one and I think got a nicer room with more perks for cheaper than the hiked up rates of the other one! I'm excited!


                          Tired is the word! I got to work at 6:03am (and it takes an hour and 20 minutes to get to work... yeah!)


                          RR: Skating was awesome last night... coach said there's going to be a mid-session assessment sometime between now and the 27th! Fingers crossed I'm on the list! Looking forward to practice tonight, then running 7 tomorrow, 4 on Friday, and (gasp!) 15 on Sunday! Oh mannn this IS marathon training. Surprised


                          NRR: I joined Weight Watchers this past weekend and I'm getting myself back on track with healthy food choices and moderation! There's no problem on the exercise front but I eat WAY too much and then say "I'll run it off" or "I'll skate it off" but I've plateaued at a higher weight than I'm comfortable with.


                          GSD: Good luck with the tempo run! I'm sure you'll rock it! (I wouldn't be able to maintain that pace for one mile these days LOL) So glad M is sleeping through the night!

                          MA: Nice job on the swim! Your pasta sounds delish!

                          RLTW: Very exciting! But yes, slow down! Maybe C25K to get you back on track? I used it after my injury and it made a big difference.

                          Lizo: Hope you find that productivity!!

                          Meli: Hope it all goes well with the personal trainer! Good luck with the travel docs!

                          Sassy: I like OD too and all that tween music! I can't help myself. LOL!


                          Have an awesome day!

                          San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                          Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


                            More personals!


                            OWR: Happy birthday to DBF! Hope you have an awesome evening together!
                            Monk: Hope DH feels better soon and best of luck to him with his interview!!!

                            San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                            Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


                              Hi, friends!  I'm not tired because I went to bed at 9 . . . hmm, the septuagenarians around here are rubbing off on me.  Wink


                              RR:  9 miles @ 7:47/mi this morning and some weights.


                              NRR:  We found some clothes yesterday!  My mission (I refuse to shop without one) was to find some pants that fit.  I found some black and gray slim-fit dress pants and a pair of 7 jeans (I never buy jeans, so what the hey).  And a dress.  And the best sweater I've ever had, but in a different color, and for $20.  Shopping, DONE.  Beach, ON TODAY.



                              Mel:  I'm in Ft. Myers/Sanibel.  Meant to tell you that I know this is your year for the full ironperson.  You're going to do it.  I have no doubt.


                              GSD:  I'mma send you some positive energy for your tempo.  I think you can do it.  Prove me right!


                              MA:  I had forgotten how much I enjoy meatballs until your post.  Mmmm.  And I'm with you on planning most of the time.  Plans make everyone breathe a sigh of relief.


                              PO:  Here's how shocked I am you got in-- 0%.  You're clearly a rising star in the company.  CONGRATULATIONS!


                              Sassy:  When did signing become a big thing?  This is a purely ignorant question.  I started talking so early that I bet my parents WISHED I would've shut up and signed.  Wink


                              Outwest:  Happy birthday to Mr. R!  A drive-in for dinner sounds quaintly fun and totally awesome.  You're creative.


                              Okilydokily, time to finish the laundry and head out.


                                Pumpkin - I heard about it a few years ago, I met an 18 month old who was signing like crazy and her parents could really understand what she wanted, and we thought it was cool. My SIL is also a deaf education teacher and so she has taught us some signs.  Great job shopping!


                                OWR-  awesome birthday date idea!! have fun


                                I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!