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Mannequin Monday (Over 40) (Read 22 times)


Mighty Mouse

    I feel as stiff as a mannequin today. Wink




    Mighty Mouse

      Friday was a 35 minute track run, then 35 of cardio dvd when I got home.

      Saturday was SDO. Honest!  Approve

      Sunday was 60 minutes with Sunday Buddy and it was really cold! Quads could never warm up, poor things.

      Today will be a track run and cardio DVD. Fast Buddy and I are supposed to meet. We shall see.

      Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::



      Run to live; live to run

        Morning Judy. Hope the stiffness goes away


        Lisa heal up. Sounds like the race was good


        me, I'm off to run. Yard work Pilates and packing. Yep what a great vacation.



          Judy - Hope your stiffness goes away!


          Marjorie - Are you traveling for your vacation?


          LisaMMR - Great RR!!!  Hope your leg/blister, etc are doing better!


          LCruns - How nice that BF is running with you!


          2 days of sun and NO ran....woohoo!


          We are watching Aly for 5 days....Nonny is tired....DH(g-pa) is really great with her so that is a great help.  We tag team so we can try to get some things done.  Not sure I will make it to LRS - Boston run later.




          Run to live; live to run

            Carol I'm going to dads tomorrow to that the stuff that I want that was my moms/grandmothers/great grandmothers.



              Judy, enjoy the workout!


              Lisa, loved, loved, loved the pics and report.  Perfect read  for my morning coffee-thanks! You had a very nice adventure!  Congrats on finishing it.  It looked gorgeous.


              Tessa, 50 miles!!    Surprised  You rock!!

              Laura, I smiled at your comment on the  "low standards" for the weather. Can totally identify.  Glad DBF is running with you.

              Carol, glad you got blue skies!


              Marjorie, great 22. Nice dress!

              Demaris, looking forward to your report!  Hope it was great.


              It was a very nice afternoon yesterday so we did the 3 mi left on schedule, but mostly walked. So nice to just spend time together.  Then we went to ck out dresses for me.  I got one for a shower in Ga  and found two choices for the wedding.  Neither would have been things I would have even tried if I'd been alone, but DD picked them out and they look good on. I'll get my SIL to help with final pick.


              I'll put them here for those who enjoy this kind of thing.

              Here's one.  http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/sl-fashions-petite-dress-short-sleeve-ruched-a-line?ID=808878&CategoryID=55596&LinkType=#fn=DRESS_LENGTH%3DKnee Length%26DRESS_OCCASION%3DParty%26sp%3D2%26spc%3D74%26ruleId%3D65%26slotId%3D54

              It's fun, but not very Mother of the Bride.  My DD has always loved full, twirly skirts, so it a natural pick from her.  Makes me smile.


              Here's a more typical MOB. I'm usually a no frills kind of gal, but it looked good on, too.



              Have a great day!

              Bad Ass

                Morning!  I did 5 miles this morning and now off to get my allergy shot and work.  Then, weights tonight.  Sorry for the no posting but we had no internet during the weekend.  We are going to switch to AT&T U-Verse because we're tired of Comcast and this crap.


                I finished the ultra on Saturday afternoon and made the cutoff.  You can read my RR in my blog (link is in my sig).  It's super long!  It was 20 miles of loose sand and sand dunes (dune hills) as far as the eye can see.  I burned myself with the sun and couldn't run much during the sand dunes, but it was great.


                Judyruns, hope you don't feel stiff after a good workout.


                Marjorie, hi!


                Carol, hope Aly feels better.


                camille, sounds like a nice weekend.


                Have a great day!



                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                  Good Morning!


                  Great RR Lisa.  Loved the pics.  Sorry about the leg problems.


                  Took it easy during group power class this morning.  Don't want to go through another sore back week.


                  Have a great day!

                  Anonymous Guest

                    Morning all,

                    What a great weekend of racing for so many here. And great running for those that didn't race, like Ginny running 10 for Boston.


                    I have 8 on my schedule, but may cut it back to 6 or so. My legs are little sore from yesterday. And while I've done a pretty good job of trusting my training plan, I am not 100% sold on the last few weeks. It peaked at 63 miles, then the last three weeks are 56, 55 and 52. I'm okay with still having the speed work and tempo runs this week, but I don't want to run so many miles! I want my taper time to clean the house!


                    Lisa, great report and pics. I'm wondering how the legs feel after walking 26 miles. More or less sore than after running?


                    camille, I like both dresses. The second one is definitely more mother-of-the-bride like, but the first is just adorable.


                    Marjorie, I hope the trip goes well.


                    Damaris, congrats on the 50K. It's a big deal and you should be quite proud of yourself. That sound sounds painful and slow to run through.

                    Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                    Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston

                      Thanks all.


                      the leg that gave me problems is doing well. I do notice pain if I twist it tho so will continue to stretch it. Blister on left sole of foot is bigger issue but feeling ok.


                      Waiting on flight to take off. Glad mine wasn't affected by the furloughs like one guy I met who has been in LAX soncr last night. DC to Sacremento and he's stuck in LA. Ugh.


                      Had a great time with Tessa.


                      Congrats on the PRs to all!!




                      Run to live; live to run

                        11.1 for me.


                        Camille pretty dresses.


                        Lisa keep up with those stretches.


                        Hiya D


                        Karen I'm crossing my fingers for this trip.


                        Tar Heel Mom

                        "When I'm 63!"

                          3.65 easy recovery miles.


                          Lisa, those pics were great. But I must have missed the rum and dessert.


                          Camille, love the dresses! I agree the 2nd one (the suit) is more "MOB" but the first might be good for rehearsal dinner or something. I bet they are both beautiful on you.


                          Carol, how nice to have Aly for a few days.


                          Oops, gotta go. I have a meeting at 11 and I haven't prepped at all.





                            I actually do have a good recipe for rum cake...next time! I should have thought of it.


                            Lisa's blisters are impressive. I didn't know one could get a blister all around a toenail.


                            Took Lisa to the airport, doubled back to the bus stop, and rode in. No run this morning. I have gear for running but am not sure I'll be able to take the time to go to the gym today. Maybe a short run this evening. Either way it will be a gentle one.


                            Still working on the race report!


                            Carol, you have Aly for 5 days? Wow. Toddler chasing definitely counts as cross training.


                            Stuck in LAX for a night en route to Sacramento? I'd have considered renting a car or heading over to Union Station and taking the train.


                              Good morning ladies-


                              I ran 6.8 miles this morning and felt GREAT. It was the kind of run that keeps you coming back for more.


                              Here's a bit more on my race from the weekend:

                              My friend Wendy and I left Friday afternoon and drove through some torrential rain to get to Chapel Hill. Packet pickup was smooth. As a Wake Forest alum, Wendy had signed up to "crash the party" (the race is partly on the UNC campus) and had a special shirt in Wake's gold. Nice touch. We went to dinner, and Camille came and met us and visited for a bit. We drove the course, then headed to the hotel, where I chatted with Amy for a few minutes before calling it a night.


                              Saturday morning was stressful prior to the race. We were up and out in what we thought was plenty of time, but we wound up in horrible traffic. We used Wendy's phone to find an alternate route, but traffic was just as bad there, and it was becoming obvious that we weren't going to make the start of the race. We wound up parking the car in a lot next to some little league fields and running about 1.5 miles to the start, getting there in time to use the potty and be at the line with 5 minutes to spare. Not the way I like to start a race, but it wound up working out fine, and at least we were warmed up!


                              The race started in the football stadium which was logistically challenging. Imagine more than 3000 people crammed into space narrower than the width of a track. As Amy noted, it was very difficult to maneuver the first couple of miles. The first 3 or so miles wend their way through campus, then several miles through town. It really is a very pretty course, winding through some neighborhoods with beautiful homes. Plus, I think the UNC campus is beautiful, but of course I'm biased. Wink The course has some rolling hills, and at about 8.5 miles there's a pretty significant hill that lasts a while. I struggled some with that hill but felt like I handled the rest of the course pretty well.


                              My official time was 1:27:38. After I finished, I circled back and saw Amy with her DS and Wendy. Grabbed some food, walked back to the car, and headed to the hotel for a shower. Wendy and I met up for lunch with another friend who had run - she won the masters division in 1:06:49. Very speedy! Her time qualified her for elite status for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in DC next spring, so she's pretty excited about that.



                              2017 Races: Turkey Strut 5K 11/23, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/2


                                And now for personals:


                                Amy - your point about the congestion in the first couple of miles is a good one. Without that, I probably would have beaten my goal time. How goes the moving prep?


                                Camille - I like both the dresses! My mom didn't wear a traditional "MOB" dress when I got married, but she looked lovely.


                                Lisa - I'm very impressed with your determination in walking the race. I hope your foot heals quickly, and that the leg recovers. The pics you posted are beautiful. Safe travels.


                                Tessa - wow, 50 miles!! Can't wait to read the RR.


                                Damaris - congrats on the ultra! I haven't had a chance to read the RR yet, but that sounds like rough terrain to run on.


                                Marjorie - I hope the trip to MI is relatively drama-free. Is DH going with you?


                                Carol - my MIL raised 4 kids, but she is always exhausted after taking care of grandchildren! I think you must get out of the habit. Enjoy the visit with Aly.


                                Crazysue - smart to go easy on the back.


                                Karen - congrats on your monster PR! That sounds like a lot of miles for a taper - I would probably back off a bit too.


                                I keep meaning to ask - does everyone who needs a room for Hatfield-McCoy have one? I am going to take Carol's place as Karen's roommate, so I won't be needing the room I have reserved, but I thought I would check before I cancel it.


                                Off to shower and think about doing something productive. Have a great day-



                                2017 Races: Turkey Strut 5K 11/23, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/2