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    Morning Ladies~


    Working today, have to be there at 6AM, think I'm scheduled til 10?


    RR: hill repeats today, woot! Will do 5-6 of them, depending on which hill I run. 6-7 miles total. Yesterday's run was kinda blah, my legs felt tired the whole time, which was odd since I rested on Sunday. Hoping today is better!


    TR: Took him to the park yesterday afternoon and he immediately ran to the swings and tried climbing up onto one. Crawled thru the tunnels, ran up and down the ramps to the slides, and had a blast.


    NRR: Tired today, haven't been sleeping great for some reason. Hoping to catch up with a nap maybe this afternoon.

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      RR - 5 miles easy with Sam.  My reward for getting it done will be Graston/ART torture this morning.


      TR - still so contrary.  When he wants something, he repeats that word in a higher and higher pitch until it is a screech.  Got a time out for hitting DH, he hit and punched me a few times too.  Screams non stop during his bath, these days we just hose him off with the handheld and call it a day.  I seriously have the most horrible kid in the world.


      FR - chicken pie, salad of course.


      NRR - DH has the man sick, I'll probably get it.  That's why he was home yesterday.  I still can't believe I walked past his car in the driveway and didn't notice.



      rg - sometimes I wonder how many days I'd have to take off running and sleep 8 hours/night to feel 100% rested, but then I think I don't want to find out.

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        Good morning!


        RR: 6 m on the schedule.


        BR:  Yesterday H video chatted with his daddy on the phone and it was so cute.  I let him hold the phone this time and he thought it was the greatest thing ever.  He kept saying "Da" and then smiling and laughing.  He basically ran laps around the house with the phone.  It melted my heart.


        NRR:  Up at 4:30 today (ick) because I have to be at the hospital early.  Unfortunately I won't get to see my baby before I leave which makes me very sad.  It will be a long day and I know when I come home all I will want to do is nap.  But I have another  exam tomorrow so that won't be an option, and that 6miler will be looming.  I will try to make it back for personals this pm but if not, I definitely will read all the posts!

        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


          RR - 5k easy, probably with the stroller this afternoon, + core workout.  I was only able to get in 6k with the stroller yesterday because S did not want to sit still and started losing it after half an hour.


          TR - Seemed like such a big girl yesterday. She did lots of walking (DH finally saw her walk!), stood up from a sitting position without holding on to anything and climbed the steps to a little slide and went down it all by herself.


          FR - Tilapia breaded with cornmeal and chili powder, Korean-style spinach and rice.


          NRR - More snow coming our way tonight...forecast is for 6-10 inches so it looks I will be getting a snow shoveling workout tomorrow.




          rg - Hope your legs feel better today for your hill repeats. The park sounds like a blast. Now that S is really mobile, I think we'll be hitting up the park a lot. Hope you can get a nap in or at least lots of coffee!


          zorbs - Ugh, sounds like it was not much fun in your house last night between the toddler antics and man sick. So funny that you walked by his car in the driveway but didn't notice. I have often managed to avoid catching DH's colds so there is hope to avoid the man sick!


          shelby - I was thinking that you were up early when I saw your post - ugh, 4:30 is really early! You have a lot of exams in your program. Maybe you can multitask and do your 6m on the treadmill while studying? So cute about H and DH talking on the phone!

          5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


            QOTD:  For those of you with the BOB windshield, how the heck do you get it to stretch down and attach to the front of the stroller.  I yanked and yanked and it just doesn't reach quite far enough.

            5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


              zorbs- ugh, hope you don't get the sickies from DH! bummer on B hating bath time, R splashed so much that he completely soaked me the other night. I wish I could get Graston as often as you do. Enjoy it.


              shelbyjo- sorry, no help on the BOB windshield, hope you get it figured out though! adorable about H and the phone. DH and I face-timed once and R giggled and clapped when he saw DH. so cute. enjoy the run later, you're a rockstar with the training + everything else on your plate!


              ernie- i loved the pic of S eating the chili! she is getting big, and it happens so fast. enjoy your stroller run + core later. ugh, i'm so done with snow this winter!!! can't wait for spring time to get here/stay here!

               5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                rg - Sorry about the blah run yesterday...seems like a lot of us are having those...bring on spring please.  Hope your hill repeats go well today and that you have time for a nap this afternoon.


                zorbs - Sounds to me like you have a typical toddler.  Enjoy your ART/Graston today...I wish I could find someone to do that around here.  Ugh to DH being sick...I suppose he is whiney too?  Mine gets super whiney.  I hope you stay healthy.


                shelby - Sorry you don't get to see H this morning.  I hope your long day goes quickly.  When are you done with the program?  Too cute about H video chatting with his daddy and holding the phone.  J usually ends up hanging up on DH if I give him the phone...lol.


                ernie - We are due for some snow here tonight too...ick.  I am over it.  It is so amazing how fast babies grow up and how they seem to do 10 new things in a one day.  Sounds like S has the walking thing down.  Enjoy your run today!


                RR - SRD - Did 5 outside yesterday and it was beautiful.


                TR - Was really good for me after I picked him up from daycare yesterday.  Played while I showered, helped me do some  laundry, etc. Started eating dinner really well and then out of no where had a meltdown for no reason.  I couldn't figure out what happened my only idea is that he hit his injured lip.  He fell at daycare yesterday and busted his lip open and I think when he was eating he might have either bit it on accident or rubbed food on it wrong.


                NRR - Observation went well...glad it is over.  Exams are tomorrow and Thursday and then we start our 3rd trimester classes on Monday.  So much to do with grading for this trimester and trying to prep for next.  Luckily I have most of the same kids next trimester!


                FR - DH grilled last night so I will do BBQ chicken pizza tonight.


                  Shelby - The weather shield is an exact fit, so I find you have to have everything lined up exactly. Attach the top, then the sides, then the front. If the front part isn't fitting for you, I'm thinking that maybe you have the top part too far towards you (the velcro should be secured to the flap kind of below the handle bars) or you have the canopy open too much (it needs to be only halfway open for the shield to fit). Wow, that is hard to explain - hopefully it made some sense!

                  5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      




                    RR:  SRD because of PT Conferences.  Did 5 yesterday after work and all of my miles were sub 8.  I think thats pretty darn good! Smile


                    TR:  Is becoming more independant with getting dressed.  I think Grandma works on that stuff with him.  He likes putting his pants on by himself now. Kind of funny to watch.  Was awake when I got out of bed at 5:45 and DH had him up before 6:30.  Trying to look at the positive that at least I got to see him since I will be getting home at bedtime tonight.


                    NRR:  Long ass day today and I am not really looking forward to it.  I have a pretty dress on from White House Black Market and my grey Toms!  Ha!  The heels are for later.  As I posted on FB last night, I was feeling very content.  I had a great run, we dropped off our taxes and J sat awesome while we were there, DH made delicious pizza (artichoke, tomato, black olives, onion, spinach) for dinner, and I got my teaching contracts for my summer job e-mailed to me.  I was feeling very peaceful which isn't the norm for me!


                    FR:  So, tonight a local restaurant is catering in chicken, salad, and something else for dinner.  It sounds gross to me, so I am thinking about hitting up McDonalds for a fish and fries with an orange drink.  Much better than the other option!  Ha!



                    rg - Still jealous of your time at the park.  There was  dad and two kids at a park I ran past yesterday.  I guess anything that isn't 75 and sunny isn't park weather in my mind!  Smile  Enjoy your run.


                    zorbs - I doubt B is the worst kid in the world....  Its just a phase and he will grow through it.  This is what wine is for!


                    shelby - Bummer about the long day.  It is tough leaving in the morning without seeing your LO.  It makes the afternoon/evening that much sweeter. I hope you find time for everything you have planned.


                    ernie - Sounds like a good day yesterday.  We are supposed to get snow tonight as well.  They keep changing the forecast.


                    jen - We grilled a pork tenderloin the other night and it was delicious!  Yum, to your pizza.  Enjoy your SRD, you deserve it!

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                      RR: 9m midweek LR with stroller. It was 60 degrees yesterday. Running is going really well. It's kinda just ticking along which is great. Really miss my coach. We email a lot about DS, our runs and sewing projects. Without her I just fall back into repetitive base miles without the yummy speedwork topping.

                      NRR: container store are sending out their people to install units for DH's computer lab. They're coming at 8am. Then I have my kitchen fridge coming sometime today. Yesterday we went to target. That store is dangerous. I came out with about half of the stuff that wasn't on my list. Lego, crayons and a notebook for DS to scribble in, washcloths, about 10 cleaning products, a mop and bucket (ok, that was on the list).

                      NRR2: any ideas on how to introduce myself to my neighbors  I was thinking of writing a little hello card and popping in the mail boxes but is that a bit too stalker-ish?

                      NRR3: going to buy another mattress this weekend for guest bed 2.

                      NRR4: organising a playdate with supermom RP Nashville for Friday afternoon. I think she is hoping to come over and play here. I am so excited to have one friend.

                      NRR5: TV was delivered yesterday. I don't even want to talk about the size. I don't watch TV (except revenge = I haven't seen series 2 so don't anyone dare spoil it for me). We are putting it on a stand thanks to Zorbs's advice.

                      BR: up most of night with his cold. He is struggling. Oh and we found the best playground in the whole entire world yesterday. I have never sen anything so exciting and i am not under the age of 10. Imagine what it must be like for DS. Oh and still working on his blankie once patch at a time each night. Yes I do lose him in this house. I bought loud toys purposefully so I can hear where he is.

                      FR: baked salmon, sauteed zucchini and sweet pots. I have everyone on the extreme-hot-body diet for a little bit. I am making DH a cooler full of silly-healthy meals. He is beavering away in his data centre. Some of his equipement was damaged in shipping, some not present, he is not having much fun. Once it is all installed he can then write the scrips. I wrote that like i know what I am talking about. I don't.


                      Nap and child willing I will be back for personals. Your posts keep me going... thanks for being there ladies.

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                        RR - probably a rest day.  Playing tennis this morning, which is a makeup match from last Thursday morning when we got rained out.  Half marathon was pretty good Sunday, although warm!  It was about 70˚ and really humid at the start.  I assumed I wasn't going to finish under 2 hours so I took it really easy the first 3 miles and didn't make much of an attempt to get around the slower runners.  I kept speeding up through the whole thing though and ended up finishing in 1:59:52 - barely made it under 2 hours!  I didn't move back and start with DH and I'm glad I didn't.  He said it was so crowded with slow runners/walkers that there's no way we would have been able to stick together anyway.


                        BR - was sleeping when I got home last night so I still haven't seen him since before I left last Thursday.   I ended up pumping a little (like a 1/2 ounce) on Saturday and that's it.  I didn't even feel very full, I was just starting to look pretty lopsided (he only nurses on one side right now).


                        KR - it was nice to see them this morning.  We have presents for them from Disney but will have to wait until tonight to give them to them.


                        FR - no clue.  Need to do some damage control from our trip!  I was pretty good compared to how I normally eat on vacation, except for Sunday after the race when we went to Epcot and had "beer around the world".  Started in Mexico with margaritas and chips/guac and made our way all around, ending in Italy with pizza!  Yum.  I had to have consumed thousands of calories though.


                        NRR - worst flight EVER yesterday.  A guy sitting in our row said he has flown often for work for years and that was the bumpiest flight he's ever been on.  We started to land in Jackson (our destination), then went back up, then tried again and went back up and were finally diverted to Birmingham because the storms and visibility was too bad.  I told DH I wanted to rent a car and drive home, I was freaking out from all the turbulence.  But instead I got a nice big drink in the airport and then we finally made it home, 5.5 hours late.  UGH.  I'm done flying for a while.


                        NRR2 - did some shopping at Lululemon on Saturday.  Got some new running capris, I can't wait to try them out!  DH also got a couple things for himself, I think he secretly loves that store too!


                        back later for personals - L is up and I need to see him!


                          rr: srd. was supposed to run with rp last night but she had to cancel, so i ended up running outside with the dog for 3.1. it was slushy, wet, and icy and not much fun at all.


                          nrr: eye dr appointment this afternoon, so my mom is coming to watch the kiddos while i go. hopefully they all nap for her!


                          tr: both are in school today for the first time in over a week and a half!


                          tr/br: all 3 kids napped for 3.5 hours yesterday. it was pure bliss.


                          fr: beef/pork sandwiches were amazing last night. hamburgers tonight.


                          rg: yup, i have been sleeping like crap too! ugh, no clue what is going on with that. yay for a part time schedule this week!


                          zorbs: good thing you were misbehaving when dh surprised you! Wink yup dh gets man sick so frequently that i don't even comment to him about it any more even though i am beyond annoyed.


                          shelby: so cute about h talking to daddy. whenever i am on the phone c wants it so i usually will give it to him at the end and warn whoever is on the other line that he will hang up on them.


                          ernie: i, too, am so sick of all of this snow! i know i live in wisconsin and i should expect it, but we have had way more storms than we did last year. good thing i only "need" to leave the house 2 days a week. Smile


                          jen: yay for james being good last night (minus the meltdown). good luck with exams! one of the things i loved about my job was that i had all of my students for the entire year.


                          mer: have fun at conferences! are they scheduled? c is more into pulling off his pants than putting them on! he goes into the bathroom, opens the toilet, and yanks on his pants.


                          bermy: when we moved like 5 months ago we had a lot of neighbors come to our house with baked goods. the ones that didn't i went over and introduced myself to. the tvs were dh's thing when we moved and he insisted that they be hung by electricans with no cords showing. it looks really nice!


                          arm: i did some one sided nursing and your comments made me realize that i so do not miss nursing. great job on your half! i am sure L will be so thrilled to see you this morning! boo to the turbulence.


                            Mer – I hope PT Conferences go quickly for you.  I would suggest the McDonalds dinner as well.  I hate catered in dinners to school…then everyone coughs on the food and touches it…lol.  Too cute about J dressing himself.


                            Bermy – ooohhhh…I love Target.  Will be going there today, hopefully.  I always spend way too much money there.  Have a great 9m run today.  I am sure you miss your coach.  It is always nice to have someone to run with and push you to your limits.  Can you find a running group in Nashville that trains, or a LRS that offers coaching?  I would write a letter to your neighbors, definitely not stalkerish especially when you live in a nice neighborhood.  After we lived in our house for a year our neighbors finally introduced themselves.  WE only have 9 neighbors and live in a cul-da-sac so it was awkward to not know anyone.


                            Arm – Sorry about the horrible plane ride.  At least you didn’t have kids to comfort.  Glad you made it home in one piece.  Enjoy your tennis match.  Glad you got some new capris to try out.  I love that your DH loves that store too.


                            Mrszm – Sorry your run outside sucked.  Too bad RP had to cancel but at least you got out.  Glad the kids FINALLY had a good nap.  I hope your eye apt goes well and fast. 


                            beskirted & manicured

                              shelby - I hope you make it through your long day OK!


                              ernie - what's in korean spinach? I sometimes bread tilapia in cornmeal and serve with a roasted red pepper/white wine sauce.


                              jen - that's the thing, i don't think he is a typical toddler, yeah tantrums are normal, but he fights us on EVERYTHING, a toddler being a picky eater is normal, but his list of acceptable foods shrinks weekly, etc.


                              mer - mcds fish & fries + orange drink was my mcd's meal of choice as a kid.  I would eat it, except that I am afraid of what it would do to my guts.


                              bermy - our 50" is "old" (4-5 years?) and DH was talking about getting a newer one..I said, save your toys for your showroom/office, we don't need it here.


                              arm - yeah my DH would never actually go to lulu and buy something himself, but he doesn't mind the stuff that I buy him!


                              mrszm - fortunately DH was so out of it with mansick, he couldn't even make fun of me for being scared/not noticing his car.

                              5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



                              Honorary Old

                                Actually posting from home for once!

                                RR: Rest day yesterday, goal is min 4 miles today with stroller.

                                TR: WOULD.NOT.SLEEP.  Cried for a good 40 minutes when we put him down, started yowling again right as I was falling asleep at 10:30, cried his face off again at 1 and I brought him into our bed at 1:30 where he proceeded to crawl, thrash, roll around and yell "Toot! Toot!" when the train went by. Put him back in his bed at 2:15 and let him cry his face off again. Poor DH gets up for work at 3:45. R was being a butt last night too and had a bad day at daycare- much hair pulling and shrieking.

                                FR: Delicious creamy crab pasta (just a small portion because it was very rich). Tonight is probably something with chicken.

                                NRR: AF should be here today, I kept getting soooo annoyed at work yesterday.

                                2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07