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    We are getting up to 70 this weekend?!? It's January!

    MA runner girl



      RR: 3 miles last night. They were tough because the outside of my lower legs were SO sore. It's all muscular and I think it's because I took 2 rest days since my run on Sunday. I noticed that I'm not as sore when I run 2 days in a row. Too bad it would probably be a bad idea to start streaking... Planning on 2 miles tonight.


      NRR: Had quite an emotional morning. Wont go into it here, it's on the PG thread if you're curious... but let's just say I'm a stressed out mess! And work is not helping. I can't wait for the next few weeks to be over... Also I was getting dressed this morning and I did something to my back... it's KILLING me. I just went to the chiro last night too so that sucks. She only works 3-6 tonight and I have a midwife appt. So not sure what to do. But I can't even concentrate on work right now... I might call the office and see if she's there anyways... (my cousin is the office manager so I feel comfortable doing that.)


      GSD - Whoa, 70 degrees!? That is crazy!!!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        Morning. It's definitely an extra cup of coffee day. **YAWN YAWN**


        RR: 7 miles yesterday, hopefully at 5 miler today. I'm thinking this year I may just work on my mileage and get it back up to 35+ a week. I had some races in mind, but with M still being young I think I am putting too much on myself to train for a fews races and reach my goals. I would cut the latter and just run the races --- that's not me. I know I will be disappointed with times.  I'm going to run the half in March. I am thinking I may raise money in my Aunt's name for the cancer foundation she was treated at.


        NRR: Going to try to make a run to Goodwill today. We have a pile to give them. I am trying to find a place to take Abby to let her run off leash. She ssssooo needs to burn the energy.  She getting deconstructive, which is a sign that she has some energy to release.  The doctors went well. We found out that M doesn't have any indoor allergies nor one to cow's milk.  It's relieving to know that, but she doesn't really like cow's milk. So, we are sticking to Soy and Hemp milk.  The dr suggested we use CeraVe for her and my eczema.  Apparently, it has the right balance of items and locks in the water. I tried it last night and it works well a little greasy but not for too long like Eucerin.   Gotta run M is in G's face and he is staring at me to rescue him. We worked on no longer pulling ears, but now she is into whiskers.. never ends I tell ya!


          I'm not enjoying this warmer than normal weather! Winter is supposed to be our only break from the heat!


          RR: SRD today. 3 day weekend after to get some decent running in though!


          NRR: Started getting real work here! I'm nervous since it''s real engineering and not what I was doing the last 4 years, so I have been trying to go back over text books to do calculations and example problems. I just have to make it through a few months of uncomfortable learning curve with little actual training from the dept. I guess they are very confident in me! Ready for the 3 day weekend!


          MA: Sorry about having an emotional morning. I hope your 2 miles go well tonight. I hope your back feels better too!


          GSD: Ugh, hating this weather!


            Good morning, ladies!


            RR: Went to bed an hour early and finally got my butt out of bed to go run 7 in about 2"+ of fresh snow. Fay had a great time, although we need to work on not stopping directly in front of me. Running in the snow in road shoes was pretty tough - my quads were feeling it.  ST tonight.


            NRR: Not too much. Fay's appt. went well, and she was giving kisses to the vet tech and the vet. Awww!  Work is slow, and I need to go hustle up some, but I also feel like I worked enough already. Not good. I think I'm taking tomorrow off.


            MA - Sorry things aren't going well! I hope you can get in to the chiropractor.


            GSD - I was contemplating bumping my weekday runs up to 8, to make it easier to get 35 mpw, but not sure if I could get up early enough.  Poor G! I imagine whisker pulling hurts more than ear pulling!


            PO - Work sounds like it will be tough, but I like your attitude. They do think you can do it!




              I dare say my back is feeling almost normal. I probably could work out, but I'll wait until at least the weekend because I did some normal chores last night, making dinner, cleaning the kitchen and laundry and was stiff after. It was more activity than I've done in almost a week. But of course my back is starting to feel normal, now I have some sciatic nerve pain. Lovely.


              Tonight DH and I are going out to buy our Christmas presents. Since we didn't do them before Christmas and we know what we want, we're just going to buy them. So romantic, right? We're going to Best Buy so while we're there will look at stoves too. I don't know where we'll end up getting the stove though. Anyone ever bought an appliance online? Even if we bought it online, would probably just go through a store web site. I'm getting a new camera, may end up getting that online too, depending on what they have in the store.


              MA: Awww, I'm so sorry about your back! You've been reading my whining about my back for a week now, so I can definitely relate! I hope you can get some relief.


              GSD: I need to make several runs to goodwill too! We have so much stuff we need to get rid of to make room for P. A still bugs the dog occasionally, but not as bad as in the past.


              PO: I'm glad you're getting some work! Good luck refreshing your engineering memory.


                Morning Ladies!!


                GSD- I am not liking this warm weather in winter. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a mild winter, but I would like some winter!

                YOur plan of working on mileage sounds great and if you are running high mile weeks, I am sure you could throw in a race or two if M allows you too! 35 mile weeeks are impressive!


                MA- sorry to hear about your rough morning! I  hope the day gets better for you. Great job on your running. HOpe the back is feeling okay so that you can run tonight.


                PO- I am sure that you will be amazing at the engineering once you get in the swing of things. If you did it before, you can definitely do it again! Those first few weeks are scary though! Btw, congrats on the new job! I assume you are happy and this is what you wanted?


                RR-got in three miles with 4 strides at the end. I felt great ending with strides! Not sure what tonight is,but I know it involves running some miles.


                NRR- I dont know what is wrong with me, but I cannot get my bum outtta bed in the morning. I was dragging this morning! I feel fine once I am up and showered, but actually getting out of bed is killing me.


                For those of you who asked (mel?), the cauliflower soup is really easy. I modified a few recipes to make a healthier version and basically sauteed two leeks in olive oil for about 5 min, added a ton of cauliflower, thyme, 5 cups of water (to cover the cauliflower) and a small amount of almond milk. I also added a ton of pepper and a little salt. I let it cook for about 20 minutes, blended it all up, put it back on the heat and added some more milk and a little cheese and let it all melt. It is very simple and you really taste the cauliflower, but it is delish. I have enough for lunch all week. Most recipes called for more milk or cream and I guess you could add a potato in there to make it a little thicker if you like, but the cauliflower made it pretty thick. ... now I am looking forward to lunch again ha!


                  outwest- great job on getting out of bed for your run. You are making me SO jealous with all of your snowy runs!! I hate that feeling when you think you "deserve" a day off from all of the extra hours, but work is still going on! Hpe you get the day off tomorrow


                  Monk- glad to hear that your back is feeling better! I don't see why you couldn't order an appliance online? I would go and look at them and then find the best price online... ha! have fun... buying a stove sounds so adult! I guess that is because I have lived in apts since moving out of my parents house and stoves are always included!


                    KLM - I know this can be difficult with busy schedules, but seriously, try going to bed a little bit early. I know it sounds too easy, but I got up no problem this morning. I know in the past I've gotten by on less than 8 hours a sleep throughout the week, but I think I need to allow for those days when I need a little more.


                      GSD - it's getting that warm here, too!  I ran in shorts last night and this morning! Crazy Smile Glad M doesn't have allergies ... I have been thinking about what kind of milk to give G when the time comes.  His day care will provide it, but I might send organic milk or hemp milk for him to drink at lunch. We give him organic yogurt and cheese, which he loves, but I don't want to rely too heavily on dairy for his fat intake.  G loves Birdie, the feelings are not mutual .... she runs away when he comes crawling towards her! Haha. On the rare occasion when she comes to him and lets him pet her, his face lights up like it's the best day of his life. He's actually surprisingly gentle.


                      MA - my calves used to get super sore too, streeeetch! I hope you back is ok!


                      OWR - your run sounds lovely. I had a goal of going to bed by 9:30 this year ... every night I am failing by 2 hours!


                      PO - good luck brushing up on engineering for the new job!


                      Monk have fun Xmas shopping!


                      KlMcD - funny, I made a potato, cauliflower and leek soup last weekend! I roasted the cauliflower (and a head of garlic) while the potatoes boiled, then blended it all together with the immersion blender. It was awesome!  Also I've been the same way bout getting out of bed in the morning. I ended up sleeping in until G woke up today and running after he went to school. I got to work about an hour later than normal and I feel really guilty (so stupid, I work hard so I don't know why).  My goal for the next week is to be in bed by 9:30.


                      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                        Good morning ladies! Clown


                        GSD too cute about M an the pups!!


                        Ma I hope you feel better and work settles down.


                        PO good luck w work. Enjoy ur three day weekend!!


                        OWR your run sounds gorgeous!!


                        Monk I have never bought a real appliance like a stove!! That's an adult appliance like klmc said! Haha


                        Klmc I will try the cauliflower soup this weekend! Sounds delicious!!!!


                          As for me ..


                          RR: Very happy, finally. I did 2 miles last night, it was a chore because we went out for Mexican and I was full.  This morning, however, I had an AWESOME Tempo run (5 miles with 3 @ 9:24, 9:14, and 9:20; great because my goal pace was 9:22). it was my first good run in about 2 weeks, so I needed it.


                          NRR: We went out to dinner last night after work and it was so much fun. G is like the coolest baby around. We went to our favorite Mexican place, which are the best restaurants to take babies to. The waiters and hosts always love babies and talk to him and give him high 5's (which he's learning, slowly), he dances to the Latin music (bounces in his chair and waves his black bean covered  hands in the air) and loves the food. We always get him steamed broccoli and black beans and he loves it.  He's just so happy, I love it.


                          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                            Now I want potato leeky cauliflower soup!


                            TriR spinning this evening then meeting with gym owner / trainer/ triathlon friend to talk about him giving me some PT sessions. I want to look toned and trimmed for the wedding.


                            NtriR got flu shot last night at children's hospital. It is required for all volunteers also had another informative long meeting.


                            So I don't know if ill get travel docs on time for baptism next weekend.we went to immigration yesterday but its up to the officer that had my case. The lady was nice and sent email to see if they can expedite my travel docs so fingers crossed....


                              Sassy glad you had a great run and a great night w G at dinner. Sounds awesome!!


                              so for your doggie girls need some advice: our pup is 13 older (a yorkie) and he's been having accidents inside the house now (#2) and eating his poop. gross. This morning he woke up at 5am I put him outside and he didn't do anything (he's spoiled and sleeps in bed with us) so I left him downstairs. I woke up at 7am and there was poop everywhere. We had to hose down kitchen carpets, bathe him and scrub the floors. He's gotten into the habit of not using peepads also. What bothers us the most of when he eats his poop. I know he might not be able to control his bowel movements but why would he eat his poop? Any advice???


                                MA - Hon, don't stress about what you wrote on the PG board. You are so healthy, and keeping up with your mileage is so good for both you and the baby!  The gain slows down a lot in the last couple weeks of pregnancy because it's actually kind of hard to eat big meals.  I ended up losing a pound or two in the last few weeks, too.  I'm sorry your DH wasn't supportive about it.


                                I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!