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MONDAY AGAIN DIVAS! (Read 22 times)


    Hi girls, it's the start of another week, post em!


      I wasn't around much last week, just crazy busy at work and with a few other things!


      RR-disappointed since I didn't get 14 yesterday. I got in 8.25 with my dad though, and then icy conditions made us quit. I know my marathon is quite a ways out so I'm doing my best not to get down on myself for it! We got snow from the storm, probably over a foot of it, and there's a ton of ice now, so I know these are variables in winter training and I need to deal! Today is XT at the gym before work.


      NRR- got my car last week, I love it! Now I just need to work on getting the repairs on my corolla and returning it so I can quit paying insurance on 2 cars, lol. Today is really just working and trying to book the hotels for marathon weekend/Gettysburg trip.


      Have a great day!


        Jewel - good morning! great job getting that much of your run finished despite the conditions. can you make it in to work today??



        RR: Three miles after work! Took the last four days off of running due to sore throat and shins. Both feel better!  And my new shoes came so I hope this run feels great! I am, however, exhausted ...


        NRR: Big D and I stayed up toooooo late watching both episodes of Downton Abbey last night, so we didn't get to bed until almost midnight. Then, G woke up. He's got a cough so was pretty upset, so I brought him to bed with us, and I basically didn't sleep from 12-2. He is up now, so I gotta run. Had a nice weekend, though. My dad and stepmom came yesterday and we had a nice visit. And it's another monday in the lab!


        Time to make the donuts.


        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!


        MA runner girl

          Morning ladies!


          RR: 3 miles yesterday morning. I missed my 6 mile run! Hoping to make it to the gym for a swim tonight, but there is another storm here... seriously!?


          NRR: My shower was so nice yesterday! About 10 people couldn't make it due to the storm, but we were surprised with how many people did get there. It's a little overwhelming how much stuff we have in our house right now. I have no idea what to do with it all! I'm super excited because I got a BOB stroller, yay! Smile This week will be spent mostly organizing, putting stuff away and writing thank you notes. Today I'm working at home because our offices are closed until noon... not sure why, but I'll take it!


          Jewel - Bummer you had to cut your LR short. I had to skip a run this week too due to the storm since the gym was closed. The roads are still really bad here.


          Sassy - I hope you feel good today for your run! Those runs back after mini breaks are the best. I'm sorry you had a rough night of sleep, I hope G is ok!

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            boo about another week.


            RR: nothing yet today. planning 3 tonight after rotary.


            NRR: work then rotary then gym and then walmart then my parents to give my mom her birthday present and both my parents their christmas presents since they were gone over christmas to Nigeria.  M and I fought over the weekend. Darn shower project. We ran out of concrete before the shower was poured with it sloping to the drain. so we substituted with a layer of mortar on top. I'm not convinced that was a great idea... he said it was probably a better idea to do it that way. he was wearing a protection mask  as we were mixing concrete and it's dusty and he was yelling and I said don't yell and he said I was trying to pick a fight. sigh. I have to admit I'm a little off as Im on the tail end of AF. So I apologized last night. I wish he would too, but he's not really an apologizer.... grr...

            I think we're ok, but I'm still a little upset and pms-y, though I'm on the tail end of AF. what's with that? Enough about me.


            OJ: yay for getting a car! hope you can get rid of the corolla soon. so what did you get?


            sassy: hope your day in the lab goes good! sorry that you didn't get too much sleep last night!


            MA: yay for the stroller! glad you had a good shower!


            gotta keep working. got in to work early and hoping to take advantage of that before the hordes get here!




              OJ: Sorry for having to cut the run short, but it sounds like a great run with your dad.


              Sassy: Hope G feels better.


              MA: Yay for a great shower!



              RR: NOthing since Friday, hoping for 8 today, but I will take anything over 4.  M had a very rough night, I think she had a tummy ache. She woke up screaming almost every few hours. UNREAL ladies! I ended up having to sleep with her in her room.


              NRR: Finally got M her toddler seat. She still fits in her infant seat, but we figured we would get it out of the way. The greatest thing it FITS into our 5 series BMW! We went through so many car seats, but ended up having to go with an international company. Its kind of sad that American companies dont make car seat (with high weight rear facing) to fit in midsize cars. We get to keep M rear facing until she is 45lbs! Anyhow, this week is getting ready to go up north. If the snow storm does kill our plans.


                Morning ladies! The start of this week definitely came too quickly for me! Where is the yawning emotie??


                Jewel- sorry about the icy condidtions ruining your run, but way to go on the over 8 in the ice! I opted for the TM yesterday even though it was beautiful and I could have done it outside, I was afraid of the ice! Tons of variables in training, especially in winter. yay for your new car!


                sassy- so happy to hear that a little rest did the trick for your shins! Sometimes taking a few days off is so much better in the long run. Sounds like you had the makings for a long week! I always hate when I don't get enough sleep on Sunday because I feel like it throws off my whole week. Hopefully G is feeling better today!


                MA- what? another storm?? I didn't hear about that one. Sounds like you guys got slammed? way to go on your 3! sounds like you had a really nice shower! It is kind of crazy how much stuff you need for such a little baby, right? I am always amazed at how much stuff babies have.


                RR- did 13 on the TM yesterday. It was tough... I have a spot on the bottom of my foot that has been bothering me. I have no idea what it is, but it was tough to get through the first couple of miles and then it went away. I am hoping it was nothing and will feel better.


                NRR- had a nice weekend. It went by so quickly! I thought that we were going to have a nice relaxing weekend with the snow, but it didn't quite turn out as relaxing as I thought...I don't know what we did, but I just felt like it was non stop!


                  Jewel-sorry about not getting in your 14. Not sure when your race is, but it seems like you still have a ways out, so it's ok to not get it in, especially when it's icy out. Yay for new car!


                  Sassy-glad your throat and shins are feeling better now. Enjoy your 3 after work


                  MA-can't believe you guys are getting more snow. Stay safe out there. Yay for so much stuff from the baby shower and for the BOB stroller


                  lizo-sorry about your fight with M. hope everything works out today


                  GSD-hope you can get in your run today


                  klm-wow, 13 on a TM. You go girl


                  RR: 15 on Saturday with 5 at 8:20. That was a good run. 7 easy yesterday. And I am thinking a tempo run today, but we shall see due to the weather. It's windy as heck here today, so tempo may have to wait til tomorrow


                  NRR: weekend was nice. Party at DBF's house on saturday where we played some board games and just had a really nice time. Then yesterday we just relaxed and went out for Thai for dinner. Can't wait for this weekend. we are going to a romantic hotel and spending all weekend relaxing there. It will be so fun


                    Morning girls!


                    Jewel, what did you get car wise?? how fun you ran with your dad!


                    Lizo, sorry you and M got into a fight.


                    Ma, yay for a great baby shower!!!!


                    Sassy, I'm going to start watching Downton Abbey soon. I've heard it's amazing!


                    GSD what kind of car seat did you get? Hope M feels better.


                    Klmc, glad you had a nice weekend!!!




                    TriR, training with trainer and 4 mile run tonight.


                    NtriR, had a great weekend and my anxiety settled down yesterday, finally. Saturday night we went to see TOTEM (cirque du soleil) beautiful show!!! Yesterday C and I drove to the Keys and had lunch by the water. The weather was just perfect and we went over to his moms last night for dinner.


                    Now I'm changing the flower girl dresses again. Dont like the sample that I received last week so I'm probably going to get them made now.


                    cross fingers I hear about my residency cass this week.


                    Have a great day!


                      GSD - which toddler seat did you end up getting? A few of my friends recommended that Britax Boulevard, but I want one that will also become a booster seat. We have two mid-size cars as well. I've been looking at the Diono Radian.


                      Lizo - sorry about the fight with M. Projects bring out the worst in me and Big D.


                      MA - glad you had a great shower!


                      KlMcD - yes, I agree about going into the week tired,  it stinks! I didn't sleep much this weekend due to being sick so I'm kind of exhausted. I hope the spot on your foot is no big deal. 13 miles on the TM - that is amazing. i did 9 a few weeks ago and it was tough.


                      Taylor - great job on your runs and glad you had a nice weekend! I also emailed you back!


                      Meli - thinking about you and the residency!!


                      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                        So I was looking at toddler car seats just now because GSD mentioned them ... Some of them act as booster seats up to 120 pounds. So ... that's what I weigh ... does that mean I need to be in a booster seat?! Wink


                        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                          Morning divas!


                          ER: Nothing today, was just too tired last night to set my alarm for that early this morning. And my legs hurt.


                          NER: Busy busy busy weekend! There's still so much to do but I kind of wish P could get here soon so we can just slow down a bit! Not that we can necessarily slow down but at least we won't have to be so busy preparing for his arrival once he's here! Saturday we ended up buying the car that I mentioned last week. Its a 2004 Mazda 6 with 118K miles on it. Its three years younger than our Nissan Altima and about 110K miles less (we definitely beat the altima far into the ground!). Its got some rust in weird places, but overall its a nice looking car and we got a great deal on it. Its a better car than we thought we'd be able to get for what we wanted to spend. Its smaller than the Altima, so I'm hoping that will help with fitting into the garage with our gigantic Journey. I'll post pictures eventually. Today DH is busy meeting with our insurance agent on some life insurance stuff and for the new car then transferring the title of the new car and coordinating the pickup of the old car, we're junking it for a couple hundred bucks. He's a little cranky from being so busy! I'm a little sad to get rid of the altima, it was a good car and we thought it would last a few more years. But now hopefully we won't have to buy anymore cars for awhile!


                          So that was Saturday, then Sunday we took A to Chuck E. Cheese. We definitely weren't the only ones with the idea to head to Chuck E Cheese on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Yikes it was loud and crowded. A had a really really good time. It was totally a hot and cold day with her, we had a lot of fun but then also a lot of conflict. I think she's starting to react negatively at times to all the baby preparations but unfortunately I don't really know what we can do about it at the moment other than to try and be more patient with her (which I wasn't too good at yesterday). I got some more work done organizing the basement and closets, finished the baby laundry (still need to put the last of it away though) and DH and I set up the pack 'n' play and tried to install the car seat. The car seat isn't in right though, we need to make an appointment for DH to get it inspected this week. We're using the on my sister gave us but unless they can fix it at inspection to make it more user friendly, we might still go buy a new one. I got too busy on house stuff so didn't get around to making dinner last night. We ate out way too much this weekend! And my body is sore, which is a shame because I had an amazing massage on Saturday and my body was feeling better than it had in awhile!


                          So yeah, this is another Monday where going to work feels like a break! Have a great one!


                            Sassy: The two that fit perfectly in our cars (DH has a 3 series so thats SMALL) was the Peg Perego and Clek (which is steel not plastic). Both was rear facing to 45lbs and forward facing up to 70lbs. Which most other car seats are 35 or 40 rear facing. We tried the Garco signature not a good fit.  We spent alot of time talking with a few different store owners and customer reps.  To get something that goes for rear facing to forward facing to booster is very hard and the company will give up something. The seats we were looking at would last M for at least 4 to 5 years and still fit in our cars and would be easier to transfer to the van for when we travel or take the pups with us. Our biggest thing was keeping M rear facing as long as possible --- the peg perego meet that, not just bc of the weight limit but the seat is deeper so as she grows her legs have more room rear facing and no rethreading the straps.  Britax was great, but didn't meet what we needed bc of the contour of our back seats.  I think the advocate something G3 might work (its rear facing up to 40lbs).


                            MA: I heard more snow, too! Oh, and we will be up there starting the 15th.


                              Morning Ladies! Happy Monday. Ugh, it's going to be a long day. I stayed up WAY past my bedtime to watch the Grammy's. I also got woken up at 4:30 by the plows going up and down my street.


                              RR: Heading to the gym--planning on 5 minute run/5 minute walk for an hour


                              NRR: I got to meet my niece this weekend! She's adorable and I'm so in love! Smile


                              Gotta run ladies. No time for personals, but I'm thinking about all of you!


                                Morning girls! I finally updated my training log (I've been BAD about it this year) and thought I'd say hello. Smile


                                RR - Marathon training (redux)! K and I decided to scrap Big Sur.... it was a hard decision but necessary as she's been hit with setback after setback. (Illness, back injury, another illness....) I've also struggled with knee issues but with new shoes and sleeves it's improving! I would rather take the DNS than possibly risk injury or a DNF (and save the money for our honeymoon - we're gonna need every penny we can get!). I had already registered for San Francisco on June 16, so I have shifted my focus to that race and training starts today! Good timing eh? LOL


                                NRR - After 4 weeks on Weight Watchers, I'm down 9.4 lbs and have lost over an inch off my chest, waist, arms, and hips (and 1/2 inch off my thighs)! Also, I finally have an officiant and the venue is booked! Those were big issues weighing on my mind. Officiants aren't cheap, especially when travel is involved.


                                Derby Related - Our "B" team captain and I chatted last week and she's trying to get me on the next assessment list. The test could be as early as tomorrow, but I haven't heard anything yet! Fingers crossed it's soon, our first game is March 30!


                                OJ - Congrats on the new car!

                                Sassy - Glad you're feeling better! I found Downton Abbey on Amazon Instant Video and plan to watch it! Mmm, donuts!

                                MA - So happy you had an excellent shower!

                                Lizo - Sorry about the fight with M! Hope things improve soon!

                                GSD - That is a bummer about not being able to find an American-made carseat!

                                KLM - Bummer about your foot hurting (and having to run 13 on the TM!). Glad it went away.

                                Taylor - NICE JOB on your run!!!

                                Meli - Cirque du Soleil is so amazing! Glad you enjoyed the show. Have an awesome workout!

                                Monk - Congrats on your new car as well! YIKES is right about Chuck E Cheese!!!


                                Hello to all who post later! Have a great day!

                                San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                                Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14