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    spike - nice job on clearing out your sewing table and craft table. I would love to hear more about your plans for crafts and sewing. What are you going to make?

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      CA - that's great mileage for being pregnant most of the year!  I should go see what mine was in 2011, probably not too great.


      bermy - we accidentally gender chose, I guess.  If you dtd before you ovulate you have a greater chance of having a girl.  If you want a boy you're supposed to dtd the day you ovulate and the day after, I think, and not at all before.  When we conceived L the only time we dtd unprotected was about 8 hours after I had my cramps letting me know I had ovulated.


      spike - how fun to meet your friend in the middle!  I love getting rid of big baby items, it feels so good to get them out of my house!


        Happy End of 2012 Ladies~


        Popping in quick today, having a great time with my brother and his gf, we've been busy!


        RR: 6.2 miles today, solo. Ended up being a progression run, first mile at 7:28, last at 6:57, with .2mile cooldown. Nice. We ran/snowshoe hiked a total of 4 miles yesterday. It was sooo cold and windy out, but we had fun. Half of the trails hadn't been touched, so i was blazing a trail for us about half the time. It was a great workout! Total miles this year: 1725.  Not a ton, next year I'd like to be over 2000 again.


        TR: woke up alot last night, seemed to be very restless. Put himself back to sleep each time, so that was good. Popped his 5th tooth yesterday!! I was beginning to think he'd be starting kindergarten with only 4 teeth. haha


        NRR: DH is working today, but bro and gf will be here for NYE tonight. We're just going to have dinner and play some games, watch movies, drink wine.


        Patty- ooooh, jealous of you going to see Le Mis!!! Have a great time, I'm sure it will be awesome!


        Leah- nice job with the running this year. I am so sorry to hear about the car accident. Tragic. Hugs to you!


        MrsZM- wow, your family holidays at the hotel sounds crazy. but at least no one had to worry about cleaning up! hope the appt for C goes well today. Is he anemic? R had his blood checked at his 1-yr appt for anemia.


        Bermy- good luck with the TTC!!!! i really like your attitude towards it. I want to come run with you- all of your runs sound so awesome- even the crazy, rainy, muddy ones. 59* is shorts weather still for me! haha.


        mer- we're lame and going to be home tonight too Smile  Have you taken J swimming before? We've only had R in the ocean, and he LOVED it! Mmm, homemade Kit Kat bars?! My DH would love those!


        SHelby- aww, hugs! Enjoy your last day/night with DH. GHreat job on the running, and I'm so impressed that you're tackling training for a full while being a single mom! You rock


        Cx2- yay for non-stroller runs! It's been about 2 weeks since I last ran with R, and I've enjoyed the "freedom" though I do miss my lil RP! hope you and DH enjoy the quiet night in. We were never big into going out for NYE, either.


        arm- cute about the phone! R loves to "talk" with everything he picks up too. Good idea about makng the girls in charge, enjoy your NYE tonight!


        CA- that's fantastic mileage!!! Have fun at the movie tonight. Glad that both of hte girls are better today- always makes mama happy!


        spike- hope you have a great run later! Gah about your new-mom friend. I can't believe she'd turn away her MIL!?! Sounds like R is really doing some serious growing. It's nice to off-load the bigger infant toys, they do take up a buttload of space

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          RR:  Ran 8.1 miles today.  Feels like temp was 12*.  I have a total of 1265.2 miles, 173:05:18 hours of running this year.


          shelby - I hope you enjoy your day with DH and your time out tonight!


          cx2 - Sounds like similar plans for tonight for us.  I remember J going through a phase where he spit up after he hadn't for a while.  We figured it was the new(er) foods that we were introducing him to.


          zorbs - I edited my original post.  Yes, they are water chestnuts.  We glaze with a brown sugar, white sugar, ketchup glaze.  They are amazing and are always eaten at others house when we take them, so we are enjoying them for ourselves this time!


          armmama - We did lessons with J last year which we all enjoyed.  We spend a lot of time in the summer on a boat at a local state park, so it is a good introduction to the water before grandpa pushes him off the boat (with a life vest on of course!)


          CAR - You rocked the mileage with your pregnancy.  I hope if we have a #2 I could stay as active as you did!


          bermy - Do you think you would want another boy, or the experience of a girl.  With having J I think it would be neat to have the "typical"  (even though its not anymore) older son younger daughter set up.  Although, I am a firm believer that God will give us what he wants us to have no matter how close we plan....although, the chinese calendar was right for not only myself, but also mrszm if I remember correctly.


          spike - That is awesome to meet in the middle!  I can't imagine turning my mom away in the hospital   As much as she drives me nuts, I couldn't do that to her!  BTW, are you still working on PTing R?  J is very interested in talking about going potty, loves to flush when I am done, etc. but I just don't know.  I feel like he is young...and I still think the diaper butt is cute! Smile


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          runnergirl - I think that mileage is awesome!  We did lessons with J last year and it was fun.  The kit kat bars recipe came from mrszm and man are they delicious!  I am sure DH will devour the pan (yes, pan) tonight by himself.  We have wine for tonight as well.  Cracking open a couple bottles that have been on the rack for a while.  Speaking of wine...are you still nursing, or are you done?  I can't remember.

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            mer - you and I think alike - I have just spent the last 5 mins googling the chinese calendar... it was right for me last time. I dunno - arm has 4 kids so I presumed she would have it al figured out! Arm - I was right. No idea on gender, I like to have all the information though but no pressure. This month would be a boy. but we are still day 2 of AF so we have a long way ahead and I am not talking about it every day cos I will start to obsess!


            rg - it would be a dream come true for me to run with you - i don't mean to sound like a stalker or anything but you are so 'zen' about running and relaxed and peaceful and I think tearing up the trails in the mud and rain with you would be awesome. Plus I would try and hang with you for as long as possible. Until I puked or winded myself. But I am up for the challenge. You would laugh at this (and Shelby would too) - yesterday it was so muddy, that I ran behind the stroller after pushing it through many really muddy puddles and it all flicked up all into my face and down the front of my body. It was hilarious. Plus I have to lift it over gates (they are about mid-calf high to stop bikes on the trail) and I have this quick up and over technique so not to waste too many precious seconds esp on those 12m long runs - there are about 15-20 gates and I lift stroller on my knee for back wheels and my knees were plastered in mud. Some guys offered to help and I said "no thank you", whopped the stroller over and they were like "lady, erm, you sure have that down!".


            CA - enjoy your night tonight. Hope O sleeps after tooth has popped through. DS has 10. I think we're done with those for a bit!

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              Hey all -


              rr.  I'm going to stick to my plan and keep today a rest day.  Thought about running but I'll just save it for tomorrow.  Might do some yoga since M is down for a nap now.


              nrr.  Managed to get all of our errands done this morning.  Bought my bulk oatmeal and bulk peppercorns at the health food store, bought dog food, dropped off stuff to the baby consignment store (picked up a few things too!), and made it to the pool.  Followed it all up with lunch at Subway with DD.  She fell asleep in the car on the way home but transitioned to her crib without any trouble.  Yeah!  Hoping she takes a great nap today as we're planning going over to some friends tonight.  Everyone there will have their kids with them too - feels like a daycare center more than NYE!


              tr.  Such a daredevil in the pool!  She must've "jumped" off of the edge and gotten out 50 times!  Going to set up her 529 today - yeah for a last ditch tax write off for 2012!  Just hope it doesn't tank on the first day of 2013 because of the "fiscal cliff".


              zorbs.  Too funny about gloves!