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    I dont' know about you girls, but it's unseasonably warm here with a high of 74 today!


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      Also, does anyone else find it annoying that the Women's Running Forum isn't on the main forum page of this site???  I have to go to my profile, find my user groups, then click on forum.  




      RR : I was going to run this morning but decided to wait til after G goes to bed since it's supposed to be warm tonight.  I'll take running in shorts and a headlamp over tights in the daylight.   I'll probably do 3 hilly miles based on the best route with street lights.


      NRR: Finished addressing our Christmas cards last night, I think Big D is mailing them today.  I'm practicing a presentation for my conference next week in front of my coworkers today.  I'm nervous!  And finally, G is getting his first taste of formula today, just 2 oz.  It's been a very emotional decision but I think I'm at peace with it.  Pumping has been a huge stressor for me and I can't be worried about that anymore, I just need to enjoy my time with him and be able to focus at work.  I dropped one of my pumping sessions at work (the one at the end of the day) which guarantees I get home at 5:05, so that's actually a lot of extra time with him every day!  


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



        Sassy: Yes, its warm! Too warm for my liking.


        RR: Nothing since Saturday, hoping or something today.


        NRR: Not much, just running some errands today and it M seems good going to the toddler time down at the aquarium. We had a little rough night.  


        have a good day,...

        MA runner girl



          RR: 30 min swim (1500m) last night. Loving my Monday night swims. So relaxing. Tonight is 3-4 miles on the tm. Wish it wasn't going to be dark at 4pm or I'd run outside, it's supposed to be 60 here! Maybe I'll take the headlamp...


          NRR: Had a good night last night. After the gym I made yummy fajitas and finished folding and putting away the laundry. Then DH and I cuddled up on the couch for a couple hours and went to bed early. It was lovely Smile He had cancelled a night job and I'm so glad he did! We needed that. Tonight I don't have much planned, DH is going to the job he didn't do last night, maybe I'll finally clean the bathroom. Fun fun!


          Sassy - Well this forum doesn't have a women's forum. Someone from our old forum just created this "user group" and all user groups have forums. Sounds like you are making the right decision, and really 8+ months of BFing is amazing for a working mom! I'm inspired Smile


          gsd - I hope M has a good day and you can get your errands done and make it to toddler time at the aquarium. Sounds like a fun time!


          Have a great day ladies!

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            I agree its too warm. Our high yesterday was 65, a new record. Today will be 50s... quite different from what I usually expect this time of year, we usually expect our first snowstorm of the year!


            RR: Just got back from 2.5... I didn't have it this morning and I got out the door late. I'm just taking what I can get now.


            NRR: Just counting down the days of my short week. Got my first unsolicited preggo comment, some woman seemed surprised that I still have three more months, like I'm that big already?? Ugggh and I'm not even as big as I'm going to get yet! Since I was unemployed last time I didn't get any of those kind of interactions... it could be a long three more months. Not much else going on. I need to get going, running late this morning. I'm so tired!


            Hey sassy, I bookmarked the group forum part of the site so I come straight here.


              Morning girls,


              Sassy, 8 months is a long time! Do you give them real milk at age one??


              Ma, your night sounded wonderful and cozy!


              Monk, people and comments, seriously!!!!! Ignore them.


              Gsd, I hope M has a better day today. 


              Blue, hugs.


              TriR, 5 mile run tonight after work.


              NtriR, turned everything in fir my residency last night so my attorney (we have a new one) is filing and submitting tomorrow. fingers crossed I get my travel docs soon so I can go to my sisters baby baptism next month. Tonight putting Xmas tree up after our run.


              Have a great day girls!


                Morning Ladies!


                Another rough night. Lots of nausea and dry heaving. UGH. I spoke with Dr. Hottie's PA yesterday. Dr. Hottie has made room in his schedule for me. However, the trick now is to track down an OR. Lots of surgery on the schedule for next week. He's going to call me today or tomorrow at the lastest with the surgery date. Fingers crossed that everything will be worked out and I'll be on my way to recovering by next weekend! Smile No time for personals, but have a great day ladies!


                  sassy: holy cow! that's some awesome weather in your neck of the woods! hope G loves the formula! hugs girl. enjoy your warm run!


                  gsd: boo about the rough night. good luck with errands!


                  MA: yay for cuddling! sounds like your evening was great!


                  monk: sorry about the comment. She probably wasn't thinking when it came out. just take it like she was sympathizing with you that you still have three months to go of carrying an over twenty pound ball around. Roll eyes


                  mel: good luck with all the docs and the process! I'm with you there... I'm gathering up docs for another matter all together.


                  rltw: hope he can squeeze you in no matter what in the next week!! hugs girl. hang tight....


                  as for me...


                  NRR: busy night last night. got my hair done, bought a few items from JC Penney as I had gift cards that I won with their button promotion. I totally got a waffle maker for 4 bucks! Smile. then I went to walgreens for some passport photos. then home. wasn't too bad, just felt like I was running from one appointment to the next. today it's a regular work day with lunch with the ladies at work. should be fun. trying to stick to a healthy diet as I managed to drop another .2.... maybe by christmas I can be down to 120? it's all around my hips and butt. Any ideas for good workouts for that area??


                  RR: great 3 miler last night and this morning. did a ladder workout this morning and got up to an 8 min 12 second mile for 2 minutes. I maintained a less than 9 minute mile for 16 minutes of the workout.... feeling pretty pleased. also did 20 min of strength training this morning.




                    MA - sounds like you had a nice night!  


                    Meli - yeah at one year you switch to whole milk, but only 8-12 oz a day instead of formula/breast milk at 25-30 oz/day. I think i'm going to do extended nursing (at least until he weans himself) in the morning and evenings after he's one year old so he has to have less milk that way.


                    Monk - people will say anything to pregnant women, it's ridiculous.  People gave me a hard time for not being big and implying that I wasn't taking care of myself. This was mostly family. Annoying.


                    RLTW - I am hoping for fast scheduling!


                    Lizo - nice shopping deals!  great job on 3 miles.  The hips/butt are my problem areas as well.... I get best results from plie squats, regular squats and hamstring curls (I use a stability ball for one legged hamstring curls).  When I belonged to a gym I used to do the abductor and adductor machines and I found those gave me good definition.  Now I have flat mom butt!


                    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                      Good morning, ladies!


                      RR: Got in 7 miles with Mr. Head Wind today. I agree - unseasonably warm all the way out here - getting up to 50 today. ST tonight. Yoga last night felt off. I tried being in a different spot and it threw me off.


                      NRR: Busy with work. I'm glad DBF is here but there are all these boxes everywhere! Fay is acting up a bit. Just now, she threw her rope toy onto the coffee table. ??


                      Lizo - Nice work on the ladder workout! I don't like running errands like that, either, but it's nice to get them all done at once, as opposed to running around every day.


                      Monk - Sorry about the comment. People seem to think it's okay to say whatever they want. Not cool.


                      Mel - So are you training for another race  or are you maintaining? I hope your paperwork goes through - glad you got a new attorney!


                      MA - Ha! We put away laundry last night, too. Glad things are better between you and DH.


                      Sassy - I wouldn't feel bad about the formula. You've BFed for quite some time. I agree wtih MA - not bad for being a working mom!


                      GSD - I hope M has a good time at the aquarium.


                        Hi ladies! I’ve been MIA with not enough running and way too much other crap to be busy with!


                        RR: I’m going to run tonight. That’s final. I don’t even care how long, I just want to run.


                        NRR: Our terrazzo floors downstairs in the new house should be finished tonight, so we should be able to finish moving our furniture in the house by tomorrow night. Thank goodness. I about had a mental break down last night with the cats being so unhappy with the move, not having anything in our house that’s not in a box except our bedroom stuff so we have to even eat out almost every meal, and then work stress, and medical appt stress for my thyroids yesterday. Oy, any ways, things are better today, and I’ll just be happy to increase my meds and hopefully feel better, and I’m counting down to my new job: 29 days.



                        Sassy: I’m not a big fan of this site so far, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Enjoy your warmer weather tonight for your run. I hope G does ok with the formula.


                        GSD: I hope you get something in today too.


                        MA: Great job on the swim. Sounds like you had a nice night with DH!


                        Monk: Boo to people and their crappy pregnancy comments. Those people kind of suck.


                        Meli: Sending you huge hugs! Yay, so glad that you have filed for residency! I’ll pray you get travel docs soon too! How’s your Achilles?


                        RLTW: Sending you huge hugs. I really hope you can get in for surgery very quickly so you can start feeling lots better!


                        Lizo: Whoot for cheap items you want! Way to go on the weight loss.


                        OWR: Way to go with the 7 miles!


                        Oy, have to get back to work!


                          Sassy-yup, it was in the 70s yesterday here. Crazy. And I just bookmarked this page so it's easy to find. But I have tried to find other forums that may have transferred from RWOL, but it has been really difficult


                          GSD-hope you can get a run in today


                          MA-glad that you and DH had a nice, relaxing night


                          monk-gosh, some people are so insensitive! I am a bit fearful when I am preggos and someone says something like that. I will probably have a few backhanded comments to fire back at them


                          meli-good luck with those documents


                          RLTW-hope dr hottie calls today with your surgery scheduled


                          lizo-nice score on that waffle maker! My friend had one at her apartment in college and we would have waffle and ice cream nights. Fun times


                          outwest-is there not enough room for all his stuff at your place, or is it just the boxes taking up so much room?


                          PO-sorry about all the stress you are still having. But the house seems to be coming along nicely and 29 days! think of the positives!


                          Lucy (from yesterday)- we saw the Lovehammers, a local band from the Chicago area


                          RR: didn't do 12 yesterday because stomach was upset all day, so I will try for it today


                          NRR: went out to a bar and watched MNF with DBF. He is a Redskins fan, so he was quite happy for the win. I, meanwhile, was studying at the bar lol.


                            PO - Hurray for getting moved in! I dont' like eating out for dinner all that much, either. It makes me feel disconnected from what I'm eating. 


                            Taylor- He just has a bunch of empty boxes in the front room right now. The cats like them, but it's kind of bothering me. 


                            DANG  I just found out this report I thought was due AFTER January 1 is due BEFORE. I am HELLA slammed now!  Commence the freak out!!


                              Unseasonably warm here too! It's 55 right now, with a high of 60 today. I'm actually not complaining, aside from the fact that global warming isn't good...I don't like cold weather...


                              RR: Killer back and shoulder workout last night + some abs. Planned on running this morning but woke up with AF and the cramps from HELL. Angry I had to go back to bed with a heating pad and a handful of motrin. Yuck. May run tonight depending on what time I get home...or just wait till tomorrow...


                              NRR: I'm boring these days! I can't think of much to put here. I had a reasonably productive day/night yesterday and I'm hoping for the same today. I want to get a story written and edited today before I have my meeting tonight and a crazy day tomorrow. So I guess I need to focus on being productive? 


                              Random question - Does anyone own or has anyone played Cards Against Humanity? I've heard it's really fun if you're not easily offended and I want to get it for CRF for Christmas but it's sold out nearly everywhere, even online. I found one on Amazon for $46. Is the price tag worth it? 

                              MA runner girl

                                Lucy - I was intrigued so I looked up the game. The website says you can make your own game, for $10 and about an hour. Check out this PDF: http://s3.amazonaws.com/cah/CAH_MainGame.pdf


                                ETA: It looks fun! I love party games like this.

                                PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15