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Loony Luna Monday (Over 40) (Read 23 times)

    Since when are midwest storms named? Have I missed them up until now or something?


    More wierd weather.. 2 inches of snow last night before temps warmed.. currently at 32 and drizzling.  I may make this another rest day vs venturing out on what I know are sloppy, slushy, covered ice roads to gym.  Running in slush while stll drizzling not an option for me (unless a race entry has been paid).


    Up early and Lord knows I have work I can do (delayed send on email is wonderful). Training this after noon so I'll lose 4 hours there anyways.  Then meetingDD2 for dinner with 3 of her friends that are stuck in post-college job search.  Told DD that she was putting me in mom nirvana by asking me to do this.  Mom knows something of value? She must be growing up.  LOL


    DD3 (13 yo) has a Future City competition today. She's been the alternate for presenting at the competition.  Tough times as the popular girl in class has pushed her out of all of the practices and even giving her updated scripts. Not at all full blown mean girl thing more like control and no need to share info since just an alternate. During school open house they were also doing practice presentations to parents. After the 2nd one the poor girl received word that her dad had a massive heartattack and was at the hospital.  My prayers are certainly with him (great guy) and family but all came to light when they had to have DD step in to present.  Busy afternoon of finding outfit that coordinates with other presenters and then practicing as a group at another girl's house. DD jumped in great and they changed somethings based on what she brings. Other moms that were coaching told her that she actaully listens to their suggestions.  She may or may not present since the other girl may end up coming if dad is stable. In one of those "next 48 hours are critical" situations. Stressful day for my dd but far better than the other family. I'll be keeping them in prayer. They have 3 kids... 2 in Catholic high school and 1 in Catholic elementary. They're private schools I guess but we're in such a low-mid to mid-middle class area that more like refuges from very rough public schools, I don't think in terms of "private" school.  Digressing...


    Have a great day ladies!


    Oh... the Detroit newspapers have announced that they will be moving out of and selling their building that they have been since 1917.  Sad. Gorgeous building. So much history. Good bye most convenient wating area for Detroit Marathon.  <wiping many tears away> Likely means a new course for the race too I'm guessing. Start/finish anyway. They have NEVER had the exact same course at Detroit in all 34 years. Not much different at times but always something has altered it. This is a biggie. Maybe we have one last year of the gray lady though.



    LC Runs

      Hi Lisa - that is sad about the DFP building.  Good Luck to DD


      Nasty here, as well.  we got a few inches of snow plus sleet on top of it.  The dog had a heck of a time traipsing through the backyard ha ha.  We had to drive through the beginning of the snow last night, but we got home before it really got bad.


      Planning on a few TM miles this am, maybe some weights if I have time. Smile


      Mighty Mouse

        Hi, MyMomRuns and LC. Sorry about the building. Cry

        Friday I came directly home since the roads were terribly icy all day. I did 45 minutes on the TM.

        Saturday I did the 50 minutes of another cardio DVD. It also has running intervals in it. I guess you could call them jogging intervals, but I just HATE and DETEST the term *jogging*.

        Sunday I did a half hour of cardio DVD. I was trying to make it a rest day. Tight lips

        Today will be a track run, hopefully with Fast Buddy. I think I am fighting off some kind of viral bug.

        Happy runs, All! :::HUGS:::



        Fire Jumper

          Good morning all!  Hoping to get in 3 or 4 miles at the indoor tack today.  RB and I are trying to get it together to meet up.  If I can do that, this will be my biggest month ever, with 40 miles.  And if I'm able to run on Wednesday with RB#1, I will make my goal of 42 miles.  I know that's small potatoes on this forum, with such amazing distance runners (I admire you ALL).  I just can't wrap my head around running 40 miles when just under a year ago I never ran... on purpose.


          Today is a busy day.  I've gotta finish up my prep for my college class, do a few things at work (even though I've taken the day off), make sure all of my warm weather clothes are wash, do a little packing, and then teach my class.


          Karen - I SO get what you wrote last night about.  I wanted to shake this lady a few times and yell "snap out of it!"  But, I know the disease of addiction.  It's the only disease that tells people they don't have a disease.  It is a sobering reminder (pun intended) to many of us here that it is a deadly disease not to by toyed with or taken lightly.


          OH.... and pet peeve about naming winter storms!  Sheesh.  That is simply the weather channel's arrogance at thinking they MAKE weather news rather than simply reporting it.  (I'm putting my soap box back in the corner now)


          LC - the snow covered by sleet is headed our way today.  My dog has a hard time when there's a hard crust on top of the snow, too.  She steps and then falls through.   Normal snow.... the more the better, as far as she's concerned.


          Judy - "Jogging" is a weird word to me.  Pardon me if this is in poor taste... but it always makes me think of a busty woman running down the road with insufficient support in her bra.  Wink


          Have a great day all!


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          LC Runs

            4 miles done.  Pretty sure my TM is about to bite the dust, it keeps slowing down and then speeding back up.  Its 13 years old, so I'm not surprised, but I hope it can make it a few more weeks.


            Judy - I hate the word 'jogging' too though I don't say anything when non runners use the term ha ha


            Julie - whoo hoo, great running month for you!


              LisaMMR - Sad on the DFP building.....Enjoy the dinner with DD and friends.....love "mom nirvana" Smile  Kaite seems like such a mature, well adjusted young lady....yeah for her for being able to step in and do what she needs to do!!!


              Laura - Bad weather this am for sure!!!


              Judy - Have a great run with RB and continue the fight of the virus!


              Off today, have hair appoiontment, will do Yoga DVD later.



                Did shoveling of slush/ice/snow combo for xtraining. arms will feel it tomorrow. Only did part of drive since I think I just created ideal conditions for ice skating by removing the traction layer of snow/sleet.


                Other girl was at school (which was cancelled, but competition goes on!) so Kaite won't present but will be there wearing her new coordinating outfit and be ready.  Perhaps there will be suggestions that will be taken if others talk about the way Kaite did parts.  Good exercise in sudden thrust into action then put on backburner again scenario.  Good citizen making thing, that is for sure.  Ties into what I mentioned last night about just doing what we need to do no matter the glory or drama.  May also serve to teach her to be more confident in herself and assertive.  (Says me of the "there's no such thing as failure as long as you learn from it" fame.)


                Also hate the term "jogging"... just seems to demean the act although I think it's funny that my friend who has "run" 100 miles and done upteen ultras uses it.  Lord knows if she can be comfortable with the term so should I.  She uses it to describe very slow comfortable outings vs anything where she's really working speed or hill-wise.  Has used it to describe 20+ mile outings which I really find funny.  "Yup, I went jogging... for 25 miles."  LOL



                Bad Ass

                  Morning!  Sorry I was MIA yesterday.  After the marathon, my reflux was still bad and I was trying to rest a lot.  I finished the ING Marathon with Karnel (in spirit).  It was bad as my reflux made me retched and retched.  So sad this had to be Karnel's event (cause it sucked) but I was glad to have run it for her.


                  Having said that, I forgot to take my picture with the medal and her picture, but I will do today and will include it in my RR.


                  SRD or something light today for me.  Off to my asthma doctor.


                  Lisa, sounds like a lot of things going on with you.  Sorry about the building.

                  LC Runs, enjoy your TM miles.

                  judyruns, nice workouts this weekend.  Hope they continue this week.

                  Julie_D, good luck with your goal.

                  Bikerchick, hope the appointment and yoga workout go well.


                  Have a nice day!



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                  It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                  Run to live; live to run

                    Laura it does sound like the tm is about had it.  Be careful so you don't get hurt as it could just suddenly stop or suddenly go 10mph.


                    Julie addictions are so hard.  I'm also seeing that with other mental illnesses where people stop taking the meds and think they are fine and don't notice the behavior change.  I'm pretty convinced my dad is not taking his bipolar med.


                    Lisa I passed the information you sent to twin.  He hasn't responded so I'm waiting for him to acknowledge it.  I'll send sil a message on fb and make sure he got it.


                    Damaris see that is the thing, Karnel wouldn't have given up during the race and she helped you make it through.



                      Good morning!

                      Lisa, Katie sounds so well adjusted.  Good luck to her if she  competes.  Too bad about the building. : (

                      Marjorie, you're right about the meds and alcohol. Very tough issues.  Nice run yesterday!

                      Julie, that's so sad about your friend.  I have a friend back home (Anchorage now) who is dealing with an alcoholic husband. He hid it amazingly well for years and now that it's in open, he's much worse (sometimes in floor drunk when he binges). Has realy become an issue since his retirement.  It's hard to know how to help.

                      Laura, good to see you!

                      Carol, glad you had a good time and sweet on the limo.  I've taken a limo service from the Ga cabin to airport a couple times (no public transportation here). The first time I was a little excited about riding in a limo. Guess what pulled up?  A white van! A hill country limo, I guess.  : )

                      Linda, I read the 200's-don't know why Iput 800's.  200's still impressive!

                      Judy, stay well. : )

                      Demaris, great job on finishing despite feeling crummy!

                      I have an appt at gym this afternoon to get  free workout instructions for my legs.  I need to do speedwork afterwards so I'll see how that goes.  : )   I'm starting alcohol injections for the neuroma again tomorrow and their only appt is @ 830. It's at least 90 min away and in Atlanta traffic, so tomorrow (assigned speedwork day) will have to be a rest day. I really regret stopping them before and really hope it works (70% success, he said).


                        Hi ladies-


                        The boys have a two-hour delay this morning, which is wreacking havoc with my running schedule. I won't have enough time to get my run in between them getting on the bus and having to be up at the school to coach DS1's Battle of the Books team, so I'll have to run after. Which is fine, but I really should get some work done this afternoon. You know, stuff I actually get paid for. Roll eyes


                        Lisa - sorry about the DFP building, that's sad. Yay for Kaite for being willing to step up like that.


                        Laura - that's what our treadmill has been doing too. I have the option of going to the Y and using one there, but DH doesn't (he walks on ours) and it's been driving him crazy.


                        Judy - I'm not a big fan of "jogging" either, but I try to cut non-runners slack when they use it.


                        Julie - nothing here is small potatoes - that's the great thing about this forum! Congrats on the mileage PR - it's a great feeling. I'm sorry about your friend.


                        Carol - sounds like you had a great trip. Enjoy the hair appointment.


                        Damaris - sorry the race didn't go well, that stinks.


                        Marjorie - I hope your twin responds and can help take some of the stress off you.


                        Camille - good luck with the injections, I hope it helps.


                        Off to see if I can get some work done with all three boys in the house. BTW, there's no reason for school to be delayed! But they were worried about ice, and I guess with buses it's better to be safe than sorry. Have a great day-



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                          Good morning, just finished a nice 6.67 miles. It's 36 degrees, I really like running in those temps as long as it is dry.


                          I barely had time to skim all the above posts as it's late! and I have to eat breakfast, fold a laundry and get to work.


                          Will check in later.

                            Morning!  Quick fly by!


                            Group Power class this morning.  I think I was sleep lifting through most of it.  Instructor kept telling everyone to add more weight, but it really kills my joints and the run on the following day is agony if I add more weight.  I am a wimp.


                            I hate the word "jogger" too.  Conjures the thought of dumpy middle aged man shuffling along.  We RUN.


                            Lisa--sounds like DD3 jumped right in.  Hope the other girl's father is doing better.


                            Have a great day!


                              We are having weird weather, too.  There was 0 chance of rain when I went out yesterday, and it started to rain & hail.  Rain is one thing, but hail hurts.  My husband surprised me with car rescue.  I didn’t run this morning, and now I will pay.  The wind is supposed to be 20 miles an hour this afternoon.


                              I have read all the personals, but I don’t have time to reply.  I have to go to work.  I will try to get back.


                              Happy Running!

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                                I did run 10.5 most at recovery pace.  It was only the last few that I could pick the pace up a bit.


                                Cindy sometimes you wonder why the delay openings.  We've had them close school early here and there be not a cloud in the sky and 55 degrees and sunny and it is just because there might be ice over night (this was a few years ago).  2 pm and over night are not the same thing.


                                Linda boo on the bad weather.  hail does hurt!


                                Lisa that is not good on the building as it will probably stand empty for a long long time.


                                Camille yuck on the ATL traffic.  I know that sucks as I do it a lot when I'm there.


                                Think we are all together on the jog thing.  To me it brings up images of terry cloth like sweat suits and big pony tails and people in full make up not breaking a sweat.