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    Happy Friday Supermoms~


    RR: easy run today, 5-6 miles depending on when the snow starts. My tempo run was awesome yesterday! I ran a mile at marathon pace, two at tempo, and just over two slightly faster than marathon pace. The two tempo miles were 6:36/6:28! I was aiming for 6:55, so was really happy with it. My abs are sore from yesterday morning's class too. Tomorrow will be a RD, since I'm home by myself all day with R (DH is working 7AM-1AM, ugh) and we're supposed to get a decent amount of snow. I'll do my long run of 13 on Sunday.


    TR: must be going through a growth spurt, he ate a ton for dinner last night. we played with playdoh for about an hour yesterday. he loves it! i think it's replaced coloring as his new favorite activity.


    NRR: so happy it's almost the weekend!!! DH is working all day tomorrow, sigh, but we're both off Sunday, so we'll have some time together then! R and I will probably take DH some supper at work on Saturday, and walk around the hangar a bit. DH works in the aviation dept.

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      ER - ST at the gym.


      sort of ER - yesterday at the drugstore, I managed to grab a broken cart that wouldn't corner properly. So I just picked up the entire cart and turned it the direction I wanted to go.  The cart had 35 pound B and 2 boxes of tampons in it and was one of the smaller carts, not grocery store sized.  A woman saw me doing that and looked at me with absolute horror, I guess she thought I was going to give myself a hernia..too bad she didn't know I deadlifted 145 pounds on Wednesday..I assume the cart was around 50 pounds, hardly going to kill me.


      TR - he MAY have peed on the potty yesterday, but I couldn't really tell, because he likes to pour water in the container (to make it look like a real toilet, I guess?) When I emptied the container, the water didn't look quite clear, but I failed to praise him enough for it anyways. Sad


      FR - thai takeout probably.


      NRR#1 (the good news) - massage tonight! hopefully she doesn't cancel because of the snow. This person has an RMT as well as some sports massage therapist certification, I assumed from that that she can deliver on the strong armed massage.


      NRR#2/TMI (the bad news) - super crampy. Set my alarm for 10 min earlier since I know the drive to work will be slow, plus I have to clean snow off my car.  AF all over the bed, DON'T YOU HATE THAT?! what a great effin start to the morning. Dead



      rg - I can't even fathom a sub 7:00/mile.  My last 400m repeat on Monday was at 7:30/mile and I thought I was going to die.

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



        zorbs- sounds like B is getting it with the potty! haha on the cart at the store. I always seem to get the carts w/ the jacked up wheels too. ugh on AF- boo!!! sorry for that awful wake-up. i hope the massage is awesome for you tonight! my shoulders are hurting, one of the PT's that i work with offerred to graston them for me, i'll take him up on it as soon as he gets back from vacation.

         5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



          RR: coaching session. Feeling ready to get busted after my rest day yesterday. Feel good.


          NRR: virus playgroup. chores. DH is in Nashville - he arrived last night and went straight to house and did a walk through on his own before he meest with builders and inspection people. He said it looks great and he was super happy. He has a list of things they need to fix last minute. He is signing closing papers today although it will all be post dated for the 15th. He tried to close on the 14th as he said he wanted to buy me a house for Val's day. How funny. I said don't worry about the 15th, that will do just fine. Last night was super fun on my own, I thought it was going to be harder but it was almost easier as I had no meal to get on the table and could do whatever I liked in the evening. Missed DH's company though. he is my best friend and I missed just catching up. Not that we talk about anything in particular, but I miss just hearing about his day and the small minute details.


          NRR2: my coach's DH is away this weekend so she is coming round tomorrow afternoon and staying with me. We are going to cook and play with DS and do bathtime. Then when DS goes to bed, we are going to get crazy with our crafts. she's going to teach me how to knot a rug with race t-shirts. She has more than enough t-shirts to make rugs for the world I think. I need to come up with a recipe to cook that would feed an elite. holy pressure...


          BR: he strokes animals on every page of his books and his clothes. He even touched a dog on the trail yesterday. Normally he just coos from afar, points and observes.


          FR: chicken breast, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and a wrap. Strict diet is in day two. I might last another 2 days but that will do just fine.

          5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


            rg - Wow you are one fast lady...great run!!  Enjoy your run today and rest day tomorrow!  I tried to get J to color and he refused and cried?  I don't get it.  I tried 3 times with him but he wanted nothing to do with it.  So much for his art project for DH.  I hope you and your DH enjoy your Sunday together!


            zorbs - Ugh sorry about the AF mess...did that once when I had to sleep in a chair with J...yeah...that was great!  LOL to lifting the cart around the store...nice STing!!  Hopefully B is making some PTing progress!  Enjoy your massage tonight!


            RR - Did 5 on the TM yesterday it was slower than usual because my stomach still hurt.  Not sure about today as it depends on DH.  Either 5 after work on the TM or my LR.


            TR - Was a diaster after daycare and cried for 45 minutes, refused to eat much for dinner, and was just generally unhappy.  After 45 min he calmed down and ate a bunch of crackers and drank a huge cup of milk.  Then wanted to read lots of books.  Woke up this morning with the biggest poop I have seen in a long time.  It almost came out the top and sides.  At least he no longer has diarrhea.


            NRR - DH has been in NY all week for work and is supposed to come home today...I really hope he beats the storm out of there or we may not see him until next weekend as he has to be in Texas all next weekSad  Oh...and it's his birthday tomorrow and I ordered him a cake and his parents are supposed to come over for lunchSad


            NRR#2 - Not feeling that great again.  No idea what is up.  One day I feel fine the next not so much.  Boo!




              RR - not running but maybe elliptical?  Not sure... really need to get back into ST, my arms look flabby..


              BR - Was with her all day yesterday minus one hour when my mom watched her so I could run an errand... my mom shoved a plate of chicken at her when we arrived so she was distracted and didn't notice me sneaking out the door.. ha... DH got home 15 minutes before her bedtime and wanted to play with her and that got her all worked up, but it also tired her out more and she fell asleep while nursing.  I think it's going to be more difficult to get C to sleep when I stop nursing her at night, since she usually equates nursing with sleeping..


              NRR - looks like we missed the big snow...  don't think DH will even shovel...



              rg - hope you have a nice Sunday with DH!  Great tempo run, that's crazy fast..


              zorbs - love massages... my RMT is a former nurse and she runs, so she knows which muscles to work on and we do lots of running talk..


              bermy - that's cute your DH wanted to buy you a house for V-day... i just settle for flowers from DH...


              jen - sorry to hear you're not feeling great... maybe it's the weather?  We need spring!  Hope DH makes it out of NY, hear it's going to be a huge storm..


                Bermy- i'm sure the coaching session will go well today! have fun with your coach later. I'd say any of your clean eating/healthy meals would be perfect to feed your coach. You always have such yummy sounding FR! cute about DS and the animals. R likes to pet things in his books too, esp cats. have fun at playgroup!!!


                jen- aw, hope your stomach is feeling better soon! When is your DH scheduled to leave NY? Hope his flight is able to make it out of there on time. where in NY is he? i think the snow will be heaviest near NYC, upstate and western (where I am) is going to be spared the really heavy stuff. bummer about J being sad last night- sounds like maybe his tummy was bothering him? glad he got that poop out.


                Cx2- those are long days when you're home by yourself with the baby! glad your mom was able to give you a break in the day. have you guys decided on a nanny? glad the snow is missing you- i'd be ok if it missed us too. I'm still nursing R at bedtime, I guess I could give him a sippy cup of milk, since it's the only time I nurse him. I go back and forth on weaning NOW, and letting him self-wean.

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                  RR:  5 after work today.


                  TR:  Was up before my alarm this morning (5:30ish).  Didn't make either of us happy...see NRR.


                  NRR:  We got quite a bit of heavy snow last night/yesterday.  I went to bed around 10, DH came in and said goodbye around 11?  J was up screaming around 12:30 or 1.  DH came home at 2:30 and woke me up (I asked him to) only to find out his plow broke.  Ugh.  So he has had maybe 2 hours of sleep since Wednesday night.  Him and J were headed out to do sidewalks and wait for the service place to open to find out about the plow.  I hate when stuff like this happens.  And I hate that my sleep was equivallent to having a newborn!


                  NRR#2: Not sure what is going on...on my way to work, I started getting really warm and felt like I had to either puke or #2.  Roads aren't good so I couldn't pull over.  I was serioulsy looking around my car trying to figure out where I could puke.  No go, but I still feel gross.


                  FR:  Pancakes!  I have my McDonalds coffee with me today to hopefully wake me up!



                  rg - Wow, you are super fast!  I would hate to be up against you and Jen in a race!  Good for you for taking an RD.  How long has it been, a month? Wink


                  zorbs - I would have gotten a different cart, and transferred all my stuff.  I do think people underestimate the strength of a woman sometimes.


                  bermy - Your FR sounds really good.  I like wraps.  Although, mine are never clean! What an awesome Valentine's gift!  I don't think I could swing that for my DH.  I'm leaning toward his favorite wine...its $3....at Wal-Mart!  Ha!


                  jen - I really hope that your DH makes it home today.  Sorry about the rollercoaster of sickness.  I hear ya on it.  Bummer about James being cranky.  I believe our half is in 64 days! Smile


                  cx2 - She will transition well.  It is just a different approach with bedtime when not nursing.  That was the last feeding we cut out.  Does she have a soother?  I think it is the comfort of the sucking more than the eating.

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                    mer - wow the puke thing... hope you feel better and the coffee helps keepy ou awake... sometimes i get weird moments of nausea for who knows why... no, C never ever took a soother, except to play with.

                    rg - yea, i think we're going with the nanny part time.. my mom is going to do 2 days and she even wants to help us pay for the nanny but we can just pay for her on our own.  If I wasn't going back to work I'd nurse longer...


                      bermy - Glad DH was happy with the walkthrough!  Sounds like a fun day tomorrow with your coach.  I hear you on DH being gone.  Somethings about DH being gone are nice...it is definitely easier in terms of dinner, etc.  But I miss the help with J and I miss just talking with him about stuff.  Great job on the clean eating!!


                      Ctimes - Glad DH got to see C before bed and tired her out a bit.  I agree with others that if you can give her a soother of some sort once you cut the nighttime feeding she will be fine.  We gave J a bottle at night until 13 months and then replaced it with his sippy cup and also gave him a lovie to snuggle with.  


                      rg - DH is in NYC sitting at the airport right now hoping and praying he gets out.  Apparently everything is getting cancelled.  UGH!


                      Mer - What is going on with us and the icky sickness?  I feel exactly like you do!  Sorry about all the wake-ups  you had.  Too bad you can’t leave early or go take a nap!  I hope your run makes you feel better!


                        rr: probably 3-4 on the tm at some point today.


                        tr: 2-hour delay which means dd2 does not have school. the girls thought it was a good idea to stay awake in their beds until about 10:30pm last night. they have never done this before and needless to say i was less than thrilled.


                        br: has just started noticing himself in the mirror and says "hi" of course.


                        nrr: dh is gone on an ice fishing guide service all day tomorrow with one of our friends. they have to be 2 hours away by 7:15 tomorrow morning, so friend is staying here tonight. also means that he will be gone all day tomorrow. trying to figure out something to do with the kiddos, but my parents and my sister are all gone this weekend. thinking about taking them to a "big city" to do some shopping.


                        fr: gotta make mini chocolate chip muffins again today. i made some a few days ago and we ate them all already...



                          RR: Rest or easy 5 miles


                          TR: after a few good mornings she was up at 4:45am. Turns out our heat stopped working in the middle of the night. BRR


                          FR: pizza night!


                          NRR: DH stayed up till midnight working on music. I don't know how he stays up so late. Do your DHs stay up late??

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                            RR - planning on 5 today.  Couldn't figure out why my legs were sore this morning but then I remembered I did 30DS yesterday. Those lunges get me every time.  I also went for a nice walk yesterday afternoon, it was so nice out.


                            BR - for some reason has been hating the bath lately.


                            KR/FR - oldest has a girl scouts thing tonight and the others are going to parents night out at church so I suspect DH and I will go out to eat.  I also want to hit up the running store just to browse and get a few gels.


                            NRR - looking forward to the weekend.  planning on LR Saturday and then need to make a bunch of cookies for 2 of DD's school Valentine's parties.  Also need to go buy some Valentine's to pass out in their classes, I think we need nearly 100 between the 4 of them.


                            NRR2 - I'm super crabby this morning.  I'm hoping it's not PMS already since I don't think AF is due for a few days yet.  I don't think my family could handle an entire weekend of me like this.  Hoping my run helps.


                            rg - holy speed girl!  I'm  happy if I can get any miles in the 7's.  That is a long day for DH, I hope you have a nice day with R.


                            zorbs - sounds like a good workout at the store last night!  We have white sheets on our bed, so first thing I do when I get up when I have AF is check for any leakage.


                            bermy - when DH is out of town I miss his company and his help with the kids but in a way it's more relaxing because I don't worry about what to make for dinner so  much and we can eat when we're ready and not wait for him.  And if I don't make the bed at all no one notices but me!  Sounds like a really fun weekend with your coach!  I need a craft night.


                            jen - way to go getting a run in even though you didn't feel well!  When I was reading your post I was thinking how L was so grumpy last night because he had to poop.  I guess they were feeling the same way!  I hope your DH makes it home!!


                            cx2 - funny your mom didn't even notice you leave.  I am starting to plan my errands for when my parents are here in a little over a week!


                            mer - ugh on the night of broken sleep, hope the McD's coffee does the trick.  Weird on the sick feeling, I hope you're coming down with something.  I keep plastic bags in my car ever since one time I ended up with the stomach flu on my drive (alone) from Milwaukee to Minneapolis and had to puke while I was driving.  It sucked.  You are sweet to say I inspire you for dinner.  I feel like most of the time I'm winging it and we eat junk more often than I'd like to admit.  I always try to go for a good protein, a fruit/veg and a carb (because my kids would die without their carbs) but sometimes it's so hard to put a balanced meal together.


                            mrszm - do your girls share a room?  mine are so into their electronic devices that I always threaten to take them away for the entire next day if they're not quiet by a certain time and that usually shuts them up.


                            jm - yuck, I hate a cold house!  nope, my DH only stays up late on the weekends if he's watching a movie.


                              RG: awesome run!! I don't think I could keep up that pace for an 800. Remind me what your DH does.


                              Zorbs: that's awful about AF! Enjoy the massage!!


                              Jen: so sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope it goes away by the weekend! There's nothing worse to me than feeling sick to your stomach


                              Bermy: sounds like everything is going well with the house in Nashville. I always miss DH a lot when he's gone too. He's also my best friend. When do you move to Nashville?


                              ctimestwo: my DH gets the kids all worked up too. They love it but have a hard time unwinding.


                              Mer: what a terrible morning! I hope your day improves and you don't feel sick again.

                              5K - 21:44     10K - 44:54     15k - 1:09:37     HM - 1:39:05   Marathon - 3:28:48


                                rg: great tempo! i definitely cannot fathom last night. i averaged under 8:00/mile pace yesterday and was excited. did you sign up for a race yet?


                                zorbs: you should have squatted with the cart and really got people looking Smile yay to the possible pee! c wanted to sit on the potty yesterday. he just thinks it's funny; i find it annoying because he doesn't do anything. and now any time i say do you have to go potty, or go potty to the girls, he runs to the bathroom, opens the door, and grabs his potty seat. um, not happening.


                                bermy: have so much fun with your coach/friend tonight. your wrap sounds delicious. i'm a sucker for cucumbers but they always make me burp. my friend's dad insists there are burpless cucumbers...


                                jen: i really, really hope your dh makes it home today. when he travels is he with other people from his company? hope you start feeling better soon! c woke up screaming during his nap yesterday. there was no way he was ready to get up, so i went up there and gave him his monkey and he fell back asleep. thank god!


                                cx2: i always thought my kids would have a hard time going to sleep at night without nursing, but we still did the whole bedtime routine just without the nursing and they never seemed to notice.


                                mer: ugh to dh's plow breaking! and to j waking up early! hope you start feeling better soon. i told jen that rp has the same sort of stomach thing going on: no puking, just a stomachache.