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    I did jackshit yesterday, so I'm totally confused as to what day it is.


    RR - 10K easy run/walk with Sam.  My calves and right IT band are still a bit sore.


    RR#2 - if you didn't see my race report, here it is.


    TR - 3 year check up today.


    FR - bbq chicken pizza

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26


    running eh

      RR - just finished 8.5k.  2k w/u, 3x1K @ 10K pace with 1k easy inbetween (was hoping for 5k pace, but only the third km made it as it was all downhill), 1.5k c/d


      ER - my abs are hardly sore from yesterdays core class - apparently I need to suck it up and push a little harder.


      NRR - heard a bird singing this morning!!!


      FR - roast, potatoes, beans

      KR - last taekwondo today - I think I will sign DS up for more.  then playdate with a friend I haven't seen in a LONG time


      Zorbs - let us know how the run feels. does your MD require a 3yr checkup?   I don't think my kids did any well checks after 18mos!




        RR - another 5 in the dark...


        BR - did ok at her 1 year appointment... cried when she got her shots of course but was fine a couple minutes later.  She's a shrimp for sure, only 19 and a half pounds and about 28 inches.

        She's been pretty wobbly when walking but last night she was practically running around the house... it was too cute... was worried she wouldn't go to bed since she had so much energy but she zonked out fast.


        BR2 - it really hit me on the drive in this morning that I'm leaving C at home and going to work..


        zorbs - congrats on the great race at ATB!


        eh - i don't want to sound crazy but sometimes i like the feeling of sore abs.. makes me think i pushed myself!


          zorbs - Sounds like an all around great race!!  Stay positive and you will get that marathon time!  Hope B's well check goes well and your run.  I hope you can shake off some of that soreness.


          Eh - Did DS like taekwondo?  Great job on the early morning run.  Sorry the core class didn't leave you feeling worked.


          RR - Did 4 yesterday as I needed to stop at the store before picking up J...he needed diapers.  Hoping for 5 today.


          TR - Slept really well last night.  Went down around 7 and never made a peep all night.  Had to go in and wake him up this morning and he was whiney because he was so tired.  Was cute though.


          NRR - 3 more days of work...spring break is so close...yet still so much to do.  Need to find time to pack.  I have Friday off but now I have my gallbladder u/s scheduled for that day and I am hoping to do a long run that day as well.


            RR:  9mi with 5x1000m on the schedule.  I will probably be running with the stroller so hopefully the trails are clear.


            TR:  Did good with the new kids and teacher yesterday.  He now has girls in his class.  It was funny to see some pink amongst all the flannel.  On Friday, they have asked us to bring a purple shirt to school.  Apparently April is the month of the military child so to kick it off all of the kids will be wearing purple (the color of the military kid) and will be marching in a parade down the street.  The military police will be closing the street and everything.  It made me cry on the way home just thinking of all of those adorable kids marching down the street.  They truly are special kiddos who have to face some very scary things, like a mommy or daddy in a war zone.  It is nice to see the kids getting honored.


            NRR:  A few of you asked yesterday how much longer DH will be away.  He should be moving back to Colorado sometime around February of next year!  We are under the year mark now at least.


            NRR2:  Early day at the hospital today.  Last day of this boring clinic, yay.


            zorbs:  Hope you run feels good.  Take it easy if it doesn't - you deserve to.  Great job at ATB!


            eh:  Great run.  I last about 5 min at abs class...haha.  I really should do more core work!


            cx2:  So cute about DS being wobbly.  I love the early walking stage - it is so cute!  Hope today goes by super quickly for you.


            bermy:  Sorry your playgroup wasn’t more successful.  What does “vetting” mean?  I hope you can find a way to meet new moms – that has always been tough for me.  In regards to your marathon training, I think the pfitz 18/55 wouldn’t be tough for you at all with all the training you have been doing.  May even be easy for you J.  As for DH, he will be moving back to CO but just not for another 9-11 months.  His next duty station is in Colorodo but he has to graduate from the course he is currently in first.


            Ernie:  We won’t see DH for a min of 3 months because he will be away training, so unfortunately no sneaking in bonus visits L.  Do you have any goals for your upcoming 5k?


            Megan:  That mommy group sounded like a nightmare.  The only mommy group I have gone to are stroller workout classes.

            5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


              Quick rant:  I am bummed because I am finally gaining my marathon weight.  I am fortunate that I lost my baby weight right away and have actually been about 5-10lbs under weight.  Since training my weight has slowly been going up.  Just got back from spring break to find out I gained 2 more lbs putting me just a few lbs shy of pre-baby weight.  But I haven't been eating more at all so I have to attribute it to training.  I usually don't eat enough which means I end up holding on to everything and gaining.  Grrr.

              5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                RR - 3 x 1000m intervals (Bermy 1000s!)


                TR - I was going to take her to the community centre to play yesterday morning, but then she conked out on the couch at 11 am and didn't wake up for 3 hours! Since they close at 2:30, we didn't make it. We'll go today.


                FR - Mediterranean salmon, sauteed red and yellow peppers


                NRR - My sister (35 wks pg) had slightly elevated blood pressure and some protein in her urine at her ob appointment yesterday. She had pre-eclampsia with her first pregnancy (actually I think it became eclampsia because her bp was like 200/100 when she went to the hospital in labour and she had a seizure) so I am hoping this is not happening to her again.




                zorbs - The part of your race report about the train signal coming down made my heart race! For the people who didn't make it across, it would feel like hours waiting for that train to go by.


                eh - Great run this morning, even though you were at 10k pace rather than 5k. I can barely hold my 5k race pace for 1k in training. I've been hearing lots of birds these past few days, too. And now that the temperature is actually above freezing, it seems like we may make it out of winter!


                cx2 - It sounds like C is really good at walking! Is she primarily walking now? S will walk around a lot some days and then other days she seems to prefer crawling. How was your new team at work yesterday? I love the feeling of sore abs, too!

                5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                  RR: easy run of 6-7 miles today. Marathon pace run went well yesterday, ran 6@ pace, a little over 9 total


                  TR: loves sitting down and reading books. I really enjoy the snuggle time. His favorites are the Boynton books, he's obsessed with Belly Button Book. He lifts his shirt and points to his Belly b when we read that one.


                  NRR: not working today, need to run a couple of errands before we go away for the weekend.


                  Be back for personals

                   5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                    Bermy - I am guessing you don't have any baby weight to work on.  I am sorry the mommy group wasn't more exciting but hopefully you can find a few moms to connect with.  And maybe D can find some fun playmates.  I wish I were there to make some mommy friendsSmile


                    CTimes - Glad C's appt went well and that she is starting to run around.  Sounds like it was an ok first day back at work.  It will get easier to leave with each new day.


                    shelby - Yay for having a less than a year apart from DH.  This next stretch is a long one though.  Where is he away training?  So cute about the daycare doing the parade.  You are right...those amazing kids who's parents are in the military definitely have to deal with alot.  They deserved to be recognized.  I hope you have a great run today.  I wouldn't worry too much about the weight...you know that it is from marathon training so it is probably water weight and muscle more than anything else.  I am sure it will come right off once your marathon is over.  I would rather me a few pounds heavier and rock a marathon then be super skinny and not be able to run...just my thoughts.




                      RR:  5 after work today, outside as the fitness center by my house is closed for the week.  Temps are supposed to be decent though so I am looking forward to it.


                      TR:  Let me brush his teeth last night!  Was up super early this morning but was in a good mood.


                      NRR:  Was kind of in an f-the world funk yesterday that transferred home and DH and I not getting along well.


                      NRR#2:  So, DH told his brother yesterday about baby.  DH's brother told his wife, who then posted on FB about how sad she is because everyone is pregnant but her and that they have been trying for 9 years.  Okay, I get the trying and feeling like it won't happen for you.  I have been through that before.  HOWEVER, they have not been trying for 9 years, they have been married for less than 3.  When you weigh 300+ lbs I doubt that is a good environment for a child.  When neither of your other kids see their baby daddy (each of which are different), maybe you don't need another one.  Smoke another cigarette, that might help a lot too!  Oh, and when do you decide to lose the weight, have it done medically rather than diet and exercise.  THEN complain to me about not being pg.  /endrant/


                      FR:  Drinking coffee this am.   I am tired so I go to bed early, then I am awake early, and tired again by 7:30 am.  Vicious cycle.

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                      Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                        Spike - I just saw your post from yesterday...congrats on getting an offer, even though it's lower than you hoped for. It's great that you are able to job shadow and check it out.


                        Jen - Glad J slept well for you last night...hope you were able to get a good night's sleep as well! Glad you got your gall bladder u/s scheduled, and hopefully it will be quick so you can get your lr in as well.


                        Shelby - Ooh, you are doing 1000s today, too. I hate them, but I think they are probably very effective. I would like to run a sub-22 5k. Theoretically, I should be able to do this, but my race course is very hilly, including a beast of a hill in the last kilometre. Oh, the parade for military children sounds so sweet. Yay for having less than year until DH moves back! Re: not being able to eat enough. I'm sure it's because you are so busy, so you probably need to pack a lot of snacks every day so you can graze all day long.


                        rg - Glad your MP run went well yesterday. S loves books, too, and I love reading to her. Remind me where you're going for the weekend - was it your parents or ILs place?


                        Bermy - I also find it hard to believe you have any baby weight left! I'm sure the 2 lbs is muscle and nursing boobs.

                        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                          Ernie - she's about 50/50... walking and being carried.. ha... she hardly crawls now b/c walking is more fun..  .... that's scary about your sister.. i was put on bedrest at 36 weeks b/c of high BP and then induced at 38wks... i didn't know this at the time but they were upping the pitocin b/c my BP kept climbing and they wanted the baby out... i pushed for a half hour before the OB made me stop b/c, in his words, I was *thisclose* to having a stroke.  So he made me do one more push and used foreceps... DH said if we have another and I have high BP, it's C-section all the way...  I hope your sister is feeling ok..


                          shelby - glad you're on your last day of the boring clinic... hope you have more exciting stuff coming up!


                          mer - wow... those are some serious health issues your Dh's bro's wife has...


                          rg - awww cute about the books.. we totally want C to love reading and just recently she started loving her little board books..


                          jen - where are you off to on spring break?  vacation?


                            zorbs - I hope your 10K went well.


                            eh! - Great workout so early in the am!  Yay for wildlife.  I commented to DH about that the other day that it is nice to see.


                            cx2 - J is super active before bed and then crashes!  My IL's always say, "but he doesn't look tired".  Um, he is.  I hope the transition back to work is easy for you.  It must be hard to make the change after a  year...I thought 4 months was hard.


                            jen - Glad J had such a good nights sleep.  I hope you did too!


                            shelby - Enjoy your stroller run today!


                            ernie - I hope everything is okay with your sister.  Thats a great nap!  J had one of those yesterday too!


                            rg - Those are the best books!  J loves Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  He always says the Boom Boom part for us which is fun.

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                            Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                            beskirted & manicured

                              ernie - the ATB people posted an apology on FB, saying they work with CN to not run trains through that crossing during the race, so someone at CN must've dropped the ball.  About your 5K - you're doing Harry's right? I haven't done the 5K, but I've done the 8K twice, and the finish line hill is BRUTAL, you go up the hill, make a right turn, and the finish line is about 100 m away, so most people are stumbling across the finish.

                              5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



                                ernie - I am so sorry about your sister...I hope everything turns out ok.  Poor S is finally realizing she needs SLEEP!  I hope you guys have fun at the community center today.  Do you push S on your runs too?


                                rg - Have a great day off and I hope you get your errands done.  Where are you headed this weekend?  Glad you had a great run yesterday...I am so envious of your awesome running...way to go!  J loves to read books too. Yesterday he was sitting in the reading corner at daycare when I got there to pick him up.  He was just quietly flipping through a book and looking at the pictures.  That is the first time every that I have seen him at daycare so calm and well behaved.


                                Mer - Sorry you were in a funk last night.  I feel like you are getting pooped on by everyone and it is not fair.  People need to be happy for you and no poopoo on your parade.  I will beat them up:P  I hope a nice run outside helps your mood.


                                CTimes - We are headed to Orlando on Saturday for Spring Break...so excited to get away with DH and J and be in warm weather, relax, and have fun.  Hoping it all goes smoothly.  Our last trip was a slight disaster so hopefully this is a good one.


                                ADVICE NEEDED - So I laid awake at 3 a.m. worrying about my trip in June.  I am taking J out to see my parents, alone.  We have a first class seat all the way but J will be in my lap and I will be about 20-21 weeks pg.  We have 3 flights and 2 connectionsSad  Can I do this?  What things do I need to have to navigate myself, J, and our belongings through multiple flights/airports?  I was worrying about how I will pee on the plane with him...give him to a flight attendent!  HA!