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There's a storm coming Thursday - Preggos (Read 22 times)

MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

    MA runner girl

      RR: 3 miles after work today. Thinking of running tomorrow morning too before this blizzard comes and I'm stuck inside for 2 days...


      PGR: 33w4d. Midwife appt tonight. Those 2 weeks went by fast! I will say that even though I'm uncomfortable 75% of the time, at least time isn't going by too slow. Yet. DH got the baby furniture last night. I was going to go with him, but I was soo tired so I just stayed home and rested. He told me not to be lazy when I said I didn't feel like making dinner... uhhhh I don't think you can say that to your 7.5 month pregnant wife!!! (yes I still made dinner...)


      NPGR: Not much, other than waiting for this blizzard to arrive. We are forecasted for 1-2 FEET of snow between tomorrow and Saturday. Seriously? Ugh! Seriously doubting we will be having our birthing class on Saturday...

      PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


        Good morning!


        ER: Once again the bad weather has prohibited me from going to the gym, but being honest, there are more reasons than just that why I didn't go to the gym this morning.


        PGR: 36w6d. I'm having stronger BH contractions... do those get stronger? Like I have runs where they are tighter and take my breath away, but they don't hurt and aren't regular so I know I'm not in labor. I'm starting to think about labor and realize I don't really remember what the real thing feels like but I'm sure I'll know when it happens. My belly, back, legs hurt. I think the extra pounds are really starting to get to me. Moving in bed is so hard but I am still sleeping well so that is a relief right now.


        NPGR: So right now its raining and pretty icy, later as the temp drops that will freeze more and then its going to snow. So we had to leave early for work again today. I'm so not happy that we've barely had winter so far but the closer I get to my due date the worse the weather gets! Anyway, the Salvation Army is coming today to pick up an old arm chair and they said the pickup wouldn't be canceled even if the weather gets too bad, just might be delayed. I'm so glad to get that thing out of our house finally, I wanted to get rid of it for years and now we don't have room for it anymore. DH DID get his severance direct deposited today, so thats a relief, though it is less than we were hoping for. I hate how much those kinds of payments are taxed! I know we'll get it back next year but that doesn't help right now! We've also stumbled on a potential new car that one of my FB friends is selling privately for a good price, so we are in the research phase of that. DH is really vague about if we'd start looking at other used cars if this one doesn't work out.


          Good morning ladies! Sorry I've been MIA most of the week, just been very busy at work.


          MA - sounds like quite the storm you have in the forecast. That's great that DH really seems to be making an effort to turn things around on the financial forefront!


          Monk - sounds like you're body is definitely getting prepared for labor! That must be pretty exciting. It will be five years between DS and this child, so I will definitely be needing to recall some things about labor. In some ways I feel like I remember it like it was yesterday, but then there are some things that I don't remember at all.


          Schmett - Congrats on the girl!


          ER: I'm kind of ashamed to write anything here because I have nothing to reportSad Now that I'm into my second tri and getting some energy back I need to get back on a regular running/exercise schedule. I registered for a 10K in June so I guess I need to use that as my motivation for some sort of training program. I'm so used to having a spring half to train for (the one I always do is the same weekend as a wedding that I"m standing up in) so I can't do it this year. Really I have no excuses and you ladies all help motivate me to get back at it, so thank you!


          PGR: 14w2d Broke out my maternity pants today for work and so glad I did. I can still fit into my other pants, but maternity pants are so much more comfortable!


          NPGR: Works been really busy. I found out this week that I get to go to a conference in CA that I really wanted to attend in April, so that's good news. The bad news is that the trip bumps up to a bachelorette party weekend that I'm planning so I will have to go from the airport to the house we are renting and won't get to see DH or DS for almost a week. Then I'll come home Sunday night and DH flys out for a work trip on Monday morning for the week! Looks like April's going to be busy for us!


            Morning all.


            RR - Went for the walk with my friend this morning at the mall. I'm a little annoyed with my GPS because it doesn't track well and claims we only walked 1.2 miles in 47 minutes. I call BS on that since we've done other walks and for that time we should be over 2 miles. I use MapMyRun, are there better free GPS apps that might track better in a mall?


            PGR - Not a whole lot. Hungry all the time. I can definitely feel this kid more than I did with DS but maybe that's the whole 2nd pregnancy thing and maybe my placenta position is different than last time. It's tolerable now, but if she keeps throwing punches as constantly as she does now, the later weeks are going to be uncomfortable I bet.


            NPGR - We're on a similar weather pattern as Monk. I ice skated out to the car this morning but then when I was out it just was rain. It's supposed to turn colder and sleet and snow this afternoon, so I'm glad I got out while I could this morning.


            MA - Good luck with this storm, you may just indeed have a delayed birthing class. At least it's just the class and knock wood you don't actually have to navigate to the hospital in labor in this stuff.


            Monk - I'm not sure about BH getting stronger. I'd definitely keep up the water intake cause they usually got worse for me with dehydration or overexertion, so I think you're doing the right thing listening to your body.


            Trozy - That sounds like a wild week. I'm sure it will be fun while you're in the moment but that sure is a lot to think about leading up to it. Glad you're feeling more comfortable. Speaking of maternity pants, I saw Old Navy is having a sale on maternity clothes. Up to 40% off everything.


              MA - Great job on the runs as always! Crazy storm coming your way! I'd probably give DH a death stare if he told me to not be lazy, even at only 5 months pregnant Smile


              monk - Wow, almost to term for you! I'm not as far as you, but I feel like my BH have gotten stronger - when I first got them, the tightness was really only noticeable if I felt my bump - now I have some that are downright uncomfortable. Glad you're getting good sleep!


              trozy - I am so jealous of all you ladies who say your maternity pants are so comfortable - I hate 3 or the four pairs of maternity pants/jeans I have.  Sounds like a busy time - I should send my DH your schedule, since he thinks I'm busy for a pregnant woman - you have me beat!


              PGR: 25w2d. Kicks are reaching my rib cage, and I feel huge - I'm a bit anxious about how big I'm going to get over the next 12 weeks...I'm glad I have such a long torso.


              ER: yoga last night - I realized a lot of the other people in the class have gotten bigger bumps since we started - I'm not sure why I thought that over 6 weeks pregnant women wouldn't get bigger bumps...silly me. We're already halfway through the classes - I'm prettu sure I'll sign up for the next 6-week session, too.


              NPGR: Well, I guess this is sort of PGR, but I sat down and went through all my fixed expenses and calculated what my STD pay would be while I'm out on mat. leave, and I'm feeling a bit more comfortable about the financial side of things, at least as long as I don't have to go out on bedrest prior to babies being born. Nothing scheduled for tonight - looking forward to a relaxing night at home.

              Laura G in Idaho

                Sorry I didn't make it here yesterday.


                NPGR:  To pay for swim team for my kids, our family decided to do a take n bake pizza fundraiser.  I asked my mom (who owns a bakery) to make the dough for the pizzas, since she has large equipment and can do big batches.  She never got back to me about which day she would make the dough, and so I was surprised on Tuesday when she called and said she was bringing it over.  I didn't have any of the toppings yet, and my 17 yr old had the vehicle, so I had no way to go shopping.  I sent a text to DH with all the toppings we needed, and he did the shopping after work.  I think husbands are just wayyyy slower than wives when it comes to shopping.  Anyway, by the time he got back and we were able to start making pizzas, it was 11:30 PM.  We stayed up until 3 AM making pizzas.  Yesterday I delivered all that we made.  We still have to make more pizzas, but Mom and I coordinated on a date for the dough to be delivered, so I'll be ready next time around.


                ER:  After delivering a bunch of pizzas, I still managed to make it to the gym yesterday!  Yay me!  Got on an exercise bike for 35 minutes and called it good.


                PGR:  I had the nurse send a copy of the test results, and they came in yesterday's mail.  I don't know what that nurse was smoking when she called me with my results, telling me I was borderline, almost diabetic.  All my values are in the normal range, even on the low side.  I am nowhere near diabetic!  This is a load off my mind.  I wasn't particularly stressed about it, more disappointed than anything.  I'm relieved I don't have to scrutinize every carbohydrate I eat.  Yay!  Now, I realize the Hemoglobin A1C is not designed to test for Gestational Diabetes (because it doesn't give up-to-the-minute results on how the woman handles a megadose of glucose), but it would indicate whether I had undiagnosed type 2 diabetes for the first part of my pregnancy.  That's what I wanted to know.  I actually believe that GD (diagnosed in the late 2nd trimester or early 3rd trimester) is as Michel Odent says:  a diagnosis looking for a disease.  However, it is well-known that regular diabetes is a complication that needs strict monitoring and control.  Anyway, I'm relieved and glad I don't have to think about it so much!


                Catching up on sleep after being super sleep-deprived yesterday.  I slept about 9 hours last night, with a few potty interruptions.  I look forward to an early bedtime tonight, if the stars align just right.


                RR:  I plan to run 10 minutes, do some strength training with cardio bursts, and run another 10 minutes.  Also planning to get a 30 minute walk today, just for the enjoyment of it.




                Don't have time for full-personals, after sleeping in late this morning, but MA said something in yesterday's post that has been bouncing around in my mind.  MA, you said you were going to start taking planned walk breaks during your runs.  This is something I hadn't previously considered doing, but I've had a lot of crampy pressure and pubic bone pressure/pain, so when you posted that, it was like sunlight coming through the clouds for me.  Aha!  If I just PLAN some walk breaks in, my ego can handle it a lot better than if I just walk randomly during my runs (which I've only done once, and held back tears because I felt defeated).  Thank you for giving me that idea, MA.  I really think it will make a difference for me.


                I hope to make it back for personals later today.  Smile


                  PG: 27w4d. I met with my HR rep and I’m still confused. Ughhh. I thought after my disability period ended I could start using my vacation leave to continue to receive a pay check but I guess it doesn’t work like that. I have to physically return to work then ask for vacation but my boss has to agree to it. Which I don’t think will be a problem, it just sounds really dumb to come to work for a day or week then go on vacation. Really going to get on cleaning the office and closets this weekend. I know I say that all the time but I don’t have much going this weekend and I feel I’m running out of time.


                  ER: I skipped my workout on Tues (and ordered pizza for dinner and it was delish!). I did the elliptical for 10mins and bodypump class last night and planning on the bike or elliptical tonight.


                  NPGR: Yesterday wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. It was actually a great work trip. I wasn’t too tired and made it back home earlier than expected.


                  MA: I agree no one should ever utter the words “don’t be lazy” to a pregnant woman. I’m surprised you still made him dinner….lol


                  Monk: glad you finally got the payment. Good luck with car shopping.


                  Troyz: Where at in CA? I’m from CA.


                  Sch: have you tried Nike+ app. I don’t use it but my coworker tracks our afternoon walks with it. Seems accurate.


                  TN: I’m also curious to see how big I get over the next three months and I’m pretty short 5’3” so I think I’m really going to be huge and I only have one baby in there. Hoping to stay under 35lbs total but we’ll see. I’m up 20lbs.


                    Just went in the kitchenette to warm up my lunch and had some woman remark about my big baby... who's about twice my size. My belly is measuring perfect thankyouverymuch! Ugggh, just a taste of things to come. I hate it when I go in there when there are other people around.


                    The old arm chair is gone! And I think our old car is going to be gone whether we get the new car or not. When it started sputtering a couple weeks ago it still started. The starting got progressively worse and today it wouldn't start at all. Its not worth trading in or anything, now we're looking into donating it ASAP just to get it out of the garage. I'm a bit bummed, I had hoped that car would last longer but we don't want to put anymore money into it.


                    MA: The weeks go even faster when you start going weekly! I think your blizzard is the same system we're getting right now. This winter can just go back to nonexistent please!


                    trozy: I know you'll get back into exercise! Don't be ashamed! Sounds like a great opportunity for your conference but so busy too. I too switched to maternity pants sooner this time and laughed at myself for being so unwilling to switch last time!


                    schmett: Glad you got out before the weather got too bad! I'm so paranoid about slipping on the ice now. Luckily we went straight from our garage to the sidewalk by my office, which is heated. I am trying really hard to get the water, I haven't been good about getting enough at all. I'm so overheated so much of the time now and its about nine million degrees in my office anyway, so I'm trying to chug!


                    TN: One of the doctors I saw told me I have a long torso too, I'm not buying it. I'm glad you feel better about your short term disability pay. I don't get that unless I had signed up for some extra insurance, but if I had, I'd have to take 30 days unpaid before I could use it. We can't afford that with DH unemployed. I'm glad you're enjoying the yoga. My goal right now is to keep doing the body flow even though I can't do nearly as much just to maintain a little flexibility (and work my super tight hips!)


                    laura: I've seen your FB posts about the pizzas and didn't realize you were making them yourselves! Thats quite a project! I'd totally order from you if I was closer. I'm so glad you don't have the gestational diabetes after all! As for the planned walk breaks... thats how I ran at all during this pregnancy and I made it to 30 weeks! There's no shame in walking some!


                    mann: That does sound confusing and silly about the disability and vacation. Hopefully you can figure out something logical. I've been running out of time the last several weeks! There's still so much to do. I need to clean closets again too, the ones I cleaned over the summer, so thats disappointing.


                      Hi everyone -

                      Sorry, not going to be able to do personals...did get on to do some late last night, but not sure if anyone caught 'em. Will try to get back later.


                      RR - ran 5 miles on the TM this AM. But had to walk a fair bit today vs. my much better 5 miler on Sunday. My shins were just killing me. So weird how they hurt today and not on Sunday. Have had the pain before, but weird how it fluctuates. Anyway, took me a while to get through, but did it. Having quite a bit of pubic bone pain now, so will probably lay off running for a few days now.


                      PGR - 32weeks5days. Had MW appt this AM and everything was good...belly still a bit small (30cm) but she said it was fine. She also said the baby felt like she is low and engaged, which she said was good. I was surprised by this since it's so early, but also since I've been feeling out of breath and still feel very full after eating. I wonder if things feel different when I go to the MW right after I run? Things always feel a bit more tender after words, so wonder if it affects what MW is feeling?


                      NPGR- can't wait for the weekend. Feel like I have so much to do before I go on mat leave, but also having a hard time focusing. Looking forward to our hospital tour and infant care class this weekend.


                      Hope everyone survives the impending storm! I think we'll miss it here in DC.


                        MA: Such motivation with the running! Good for you! That is a LOT of snow! We have had like nothing here all winter. Have fun at your appointment. I always love mine.


                        Monk: Yeah, it's probably a good thing you don't really remember what it was like. Smile I think it's fairly normal to have more frequent and stronger BH as you get closer to the date. Hypnobirthing calls it "practice labor" rather than false labor. Probably a pretty accurate description.


                        Trozy: I loved it when I started using my maternity pants. They are so much more comfortable. Good job signing up for a race to get you motivated. There are days when I definitely have trouble feeling like doing anything.


                        Schmett: I've never done a mall walk, but I think it sounds great, especially since there is a Starbucks kiosk in our mall! However, DH has the car most of the time and I don't feel like it's worth the forever long bus ride to get to the mall just to walk. But maybe I'll have to try it sometime. Sounds like you've got a wild one on your hands!


                        TN: I have thought several times how nice it is that you are so tall and having twins. Can't imagine how it would be for someone short like me! Enjoy relaxing at home tonight.


                        Laura: That's great news about the GD test! So glad you don't have to be so concerned about that now. Not like you needed to add another thing to your plate! It's totally true that husbands take way longer to shop than wives! Hilarious! My dad is the only guy I've ever known to be a fast shopper, and that's because he went to the same WalMart Super Center every Friday for my mom when we didn't have a good grocery store near us.


                        Mann: Work issues with leave are so weird. Every company has a different, and usually frustrating, policy. Hope you can get yours worked out all right. Yum! Pizza! You're definitely making me want some. I'm such a sucker for it!


                        ER: Nothing again today. Still sick as a dog!


                        PGR: 35w. Can't believe how close I'm getting. The midwife thinks that I will likely go a little over my due date because I am measuring somewhat small for my dates. This sickness is making me miserable! I took off work today and felt pretty bad about doing it because it is a super busy day and I know everyone else is suffering because of it. There was just no way I could have worked though. Sleeping has become difficult at this point b/c of achiness, which is frustrating because it's what I need to get better. I had to get up though b/c my back hurt so much. I'm thinking to take a warm bath and see if that helps. I did go ahead and get an appointment tomorrow morning to hopefully get some antibiotics. I'm usually not such a wimp, but there is no way I can go back to work until I start feeling better.


                        NPGR: DH is working more now, so I don't feel so bad about taking the time off. We are very thankful for his job and subbing calls. This month may help us to replenish the bank account before LO comes.

                        Laura G in Idaho

                          Okay, back for personals...


                          MA:  Was your husband saying that to you in jest?  I hope so!


                          monk:  You will remember what it feels like when you are in labor, and you'll know when it's the real thing.  Funny that someone twice your size would be commenting on how big you are.  I think some people just want to make themselves feel better about being overweight.  When I was pregnant with #3, we had a roommate in a spare bedroom, and she was two or three of me.  She would tease me, and laugh at me, as I got bigger and bigger.  Finally, 6 weeks before my due date, I had had enough.  After some snide remark, I said very quietly to her, "Well, at least I get my waistline back after 6 more weeks."  Ouch.  I knew it was painful to her, but it was really driving me nuts.  I can be really mean sometimes.  That was not one of my shining moments of kindness.  She never made another comment on my size, however, so I guess it worked.  And yes, I would totally bring you a pizza, if you were closer!


                          trozy:  I never make it to 14 weeks before putting on the maternity clothes.  Usually, it's about 8 weeks for me, lol.  Glad you are more comfortable now.


                          schmett:  I call bunk on your gps, too.  I suppose none of them work as well indoors as they do outdoors.


                          TN:  Kicks already in the rib cage, wow!  I'm just beginning to feel those with my singleton pregnancy, at nearly 29 weeks.  I think it's so awesome that you're having twins, and I just love reading about your experiences with a twin pregnancy.


                          Mann:  Too bad we are geographically so far apart.  I could have brought you pizza!  <wink>  :P


                          Liz:  My lower leg soreness/chins comes and goes, too.  I'm grateful for the no-pain days when I can run like I want.  It's not too early for baby to be head down and at zero station.  That's wonderful news, really, so now you don't have to worry about position (except maybe posterior vs. anterior, which can change at the last minute).


                          sasha:  It's terrible being sick!  I hope you are better very soon.  Good sleep is so healing, so I hope you get some excellent rest.



                          Today I enjoyed my normal breakfast, without thinking about how many carbs are in a glass of milk.  It was wonderful!


                            late personals from me:


                            schmett - This is my first rodeo with pg, of course, but I've been amazed with the force behind some of the kicks/punches already - for some reason, I didn't think they'd shake my whole belly - maybe this just means my abs need some work.


                            Laura - Wow, 3am is an impressive late night - I hope you got some rest to make up for it!  So glad you don't have GD.  Regarding the kicks to the ribcage, after your post, I thought about it more, and perhaps they are not kicks - A is head down, and B is transverse/L-shaped-ish with  her feet by A's head - so perhaps I am feeling B's punches/headbanging? I have a hard time differentiating who is doing the moving using what body part, although most during the day happens on my right side, so I usually assume that is A, since A is head down on the right.


                            Mann - that seems really strange that they would make you return to work in the middle of the leave to use your vacation leave? Frustrating.  I have about 12 more inches than you to spread baby around - this may be one time when I truly view my height as an advantage. Oh, and I've passed you up weight-wise - I'm up 25 lbs - yikes.


                            monk - ugh to the big baby comment- why do people think those comments are appropriate?  DH was just saying the other night that, after multiple questions people have asked him about baby names, he will never ask someone if they have picked out names for their babies - he realized that it can be very personal and it's not really something that you need to ask someone - if they want to tell you, they will volunteer the information. Yikes on the short term disability not kicking in until after 30 days - I only have a 7 day waiting period, and it's provided by the company, so I'm grateful for that.


                            Liz - Great job on the 5 miles, even with some walking sprinkled in - I think the measurements are considered okay +-2 cm either way, so I think your midwife is right that you are just fine.


                            sasha - Boo to still being sick - and when did you hit 35 weeks? So close to term already! Seriously, pg is like a time-warp - apparently I think time flies for me, but no one else.