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beskirted & manicured

    RR - http://therunchat.com/2013/04/for-boston/ I'm wearing my ATB 2012 shirt, every year the ATB shirts have Older than Boston on the back, because ATB was first run in 1894, 3 years before the first Boston Marathon.


    ER - ST, heavy on the upper body, will involve kettlebells.


    TR - the doors of the change rooms at ivivva had large gaps underneath, I was trying on stuff when B suddenly slithered under the door.  And then when I stepped out to ask the salesgirl a question, he locked himself inside.  fortunately it was just a bar across, so he figured out how to unlock it himself very quickly.


    FR - cheddar chicken rotini, green beans.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      zorbs- i'm wearing my boston marathon shirt from 2010, hoping the boss lets me keep it on all day. enjoy the ST workout today. lol at B locking himself in the changing room. glad he was able to get out ok.


      RR: 6-7 at work today, long run of 15 tomorrow since it's a recovery week. next weekend i run 22 then taper starts!!! Question- there's a 10K race 2 weeks out from my marathon- race it or no? I typically run a HM about 6-7 weeks out, but there wasn't one in my area this year. The weekend of the 10K my LR will be 15...


      TR: cute as ever. yesterday we were outside digging and playing in the dirt where we had our garden last year. he was having a blast!!! he's obsessed with waving hi and bye to everyone he sees, though he still plays shy if they talk to him.


      NRR: one of my coworkers called me last night to see if I could work 7-1 for her today, so i'm heading into work in a bit. Heard that they got one of the boston bombers...


      Bermy- thanks for looking for the gels!!! I found a flavor of Gu that seems to be ok.

       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08


      running eh

        RR - probably nothing today - had a great 8k run yesterday.  I didn't want to push it b/c of my hip, but it still ended up being quite fast.  pacing was all over the place though...


        NRR - working 9-9 today, had training yesterday.


        FR - leftovers for me.  mexican lasagna for the family


        KR - it was really warm out yesterday.  I had trouble getting dinner made b/c the kids didn't want to come inside.  so looking forward to spring/summer!


        Zorbs - have a good time STing.  I need to try to fit in a bit of STing today.


        RG - I think Advanced Marathoning has an 8-10k race in the schedule 2 weeks out, so I'd say go for it!  I don't think I would push as hard as I would if it was my A race, but I think it could be a great confidence builder. Have a good day at work.


          zorbs - Awesome on the race shirt!  I have my race shirt on today from my 1/2 this past weekend.  Have fun STing.  LOL to B in the changing room.  Glad he figured out how to get out quickly.


          rg - I would do the 10K.  I would race the 10K and then add the rest of the miles afterward instead of doing the 10K and the LR on a separate day.  I think it will be a confidence booster with all that speed too!  Hope your work day goes well and the boss lets you wear your Boston shirt all day.


          eh - jealous of your nice weather.  It was warm here but rained hard all day.  Now today it is cold and windy.  BOO.  Have a good day at work. Nice job on the speedy 8K.  I hope your hip is feeling better.


          RR - Did 5 on the TM yesterday.  So the gym where I work out is at DHs work and they are opened 24/7.  Well...they are shutting down tonight  at midnight through Tuesday morning.  So it better be good enough for me to run outside Sat-Mon because I don't have another option and I will be super cranky if I don't get a run in.  I half thought about doing my LR tonight after work but I know my stomach just can't do it.  I can barely make it through 5 miles after work.


          TR - Not bad last night.  Ate pretty well but I didn't sit him in his high chair as that usually starts a meltdown when he is tired.  Was really mad when we got hom and I made him come in the house and not play outside in the rain.  Apparently his daycare teacher opened their classroom door yesterday so they could look outside and see the rain and James bolted out in it.  LOL.


          NRR - So DH and I decided that I am doing a horrible job trying to "hide" my pregnancy that I just need to tell my boss because most people have already figured it out.  So I hope to find him today and just tell him hoping it doesn't affect my job chances (should I even get to reinterview)...but I know it could. I know legally it can't but of course they can find other reasons.  I am just ready to tell kids so they stop looking at me like I am just porking out.  Yes, this time I blew up much faster and I look fat all around.  Not cool.




            RR - a little elliptical, that's it..


            BR - less crying at bedtime last night (and according to the nanny, she went down for 2 naps really easily too)... instead of spending 20 minutes standing and crying, she rolled around in her crib  for 20 minutes before falling asleep.  She's getting faster on her feet too... more than once yesterday I looked down to find her standing right behind me when 10 seconds ago she was in the other room... it's great though, she's so much more confident walking now..


            NRR - that 2 hour meeting yesterday wasn't long enough.  We didn't get through all the things we needed to so we have another 1.5 hour meeting today to finish up.  I was going to stab myself in the eye with my pen that first hour, it was that painful to sit through.



            zorbs - i keep saying i need to ST more... i just do a few arm exercises and core... ugh... have a good ST session..


            rg - i'm no expert, but i'd say do the 10km... for no reason other than I think races are fun Smile


            eh - me too!  I can't wait for warmer weather.. the nanny had C out most of the day, just in the yard and the park for a few minutes and i can't wait to bring C out more so she's not stuck in the house all day..


            jen - hope telling the boss goes well.. I was forced to tell my boss at 10weeks b/c we were doing reviews, and he half seriously/half jokingly asked if i was preggo too, b/c 2 women in my dept just announced they were preggo.... i lied and said no, but the next day i told him the truth... and I told him he should never ever ask a woman that again, b/c it puts them on the spot to either lie, or have to tell ppl before she's ready...


              RR - 5k easy


              TR - Such a ham. The park was really busy yesterday afternoon. She scrambled right to the top of the playground set and started shouting. Once all the other kids were looking at her, she lifted her shirt and started slapping her belly and laughing.


              FR - Beer and chicken wings tonight.


              NRR - My sister just had her baby! BIL just called me and said baby was born at 5:47 am, 8 lb, 9 oz girl, healthy but no name chosen yet. I talked to my sister yesterday evening and she was totally normal, no signs of labour. I guess she went into labour overnight and it was a pretty quick one.




              zorbs - I really like that ATB shirt. I don't have a shirt that says Boston, but I will be wearing blue and yellow to my race on Sunday! Just have to figure out exactly what to wear, since it looks like it's going to be chilly again this weekend. Omg on B's change room antics! He seems to really like locking himself into places.


              rg - +1 to what eh said....I know the Pftiz plans have a 10k race two weeks out. Although, I always did wonder how hard your are supposed to race it. So funny that R will wave hi to people but then play shy when they try to talk to him. Toddler antics are so entertaining (as long as they aren't whining!).


              eh - Glad your hip held up and you had a good run yesterday! I need to work on my pacing, too. When I do easy runs, I can do dead even km splits, but during speedier stuff and especially during races my pacing can get pretty erratic. It was so beautiful out yesterday, I don't blame your kids for not wanting to come inside!

              5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                RR:  Ran 7 yesterday outside which was nice.  Will do 3 today before I jump in the car.

                TR:  I skyped with him 3 times last night, haha.  I miss those squishy cheeks.


                NRR;  I feel like I am a broken record because I say all the time, I have an exam today.  Today is the big one that I have been studying for weeks for.  It is comprehensive and lets us go on to our 3rd year.  No need to say good luck guys ( I feel like you are wishing me good luck every other day Smile).  

                Big drama yesterday regarding our clinical exam Tuesday.  Apparently there was a breech in the honor code and they are removing 2 of the 4 cases (the 2 I felt like I did well on).  The breech is absolutely ridiculous...a girl made up some cases to practice with and sent them to the entire class the night before.  Some snitch in the class thought they seemed too close to the actual cases we did.  It is totally ridiculous because we all made up similar cases in our heads to practice.  But anyways, this poor girl is now being investigated and our exam has been cut in half.  I am a little worried because I did really well on the 2 that are being taken out.  But mostly I am worried that someone could have jeopardized this poor girl's future career.  I think it was a girl who freaked out because she did really poorly...So sad.

                NRR2:  This Boston stuff is so crazy and scary!  Praying everyone stays safe!


                bbl for personals (I promise)

                5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                  Morning.  I guess I totally missed the boat on the race shirt today....


                  RR:  Thinking it won't happen today.  We will see.  I would love to do 5.


                  TR:  Slept until 6:15 today which is much better than  yesterday.  Has been kind of whiney lately and wouldn't give me a hug and kiss goodbye this morning  because I wouldn't let him have the keys I needed to leave with.


                  NRR:  Almost all staff iPads are out and as our Business Director put it our "tour of buildings" is over.  Another tech meeting after school and before my appointment.  While I have been home every night I still feel like I haven't been home much.  Hoping today goes quickly.


                  FR:  Cheesecake on a stick for dessert last night was delicious.  Smile



                  rg - I think you are fit enough to do the race.  It would be good speed work.  I just wouldn't push it too hard and hurt yourself.


                  eh! - I hope your shift goes quickly today.  Great job getting the 8K in yesterday!


                  jen - If you can run in the weather we had for the half, you can run this weekend without troubles.  Bummer that they are closed though.  You sound like me last week when I just stopped caring about hiding it.  Maybe go in and tell him and then ask about next year.  Speaking of family....I could really benefit from having a job next year.....


                  cx2 - Bummer about the extended meeting.  I feel like when J started walking we were more free to do things that we needed to around the house.


                  ernie - Yay for a baby girl.  I am convinced that everyone around me will have a girl and I will have the only boy!  Your FR sounds perfect for a Friday night!


                  stroller - I hope you are taking some time and enjoying the peace.  Bummer about the test drama.  It will all work out in the end.

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                    got a call from the front desk staff at work that my 7AM appt cancelled so i had an extra hour before i had to be at work. changed and ran 6.4 miles before work this morning. it was beautiful out!


                    r-eh: i give you props for the 12hr shifts! thanks, i think i will end up running the race. i ran this same race 2 years ago while preggo, so it would be fun to go back and run it again. actually the only 2 10k's i've run were while i was preggo! glad your hip is doing ok- are you seeing a physio or chiro at all?


                    Jen: i had R out twice yesterday to play, once in the morning for about an hour before his nap, and again in the afternoon for an hour+ b/c i knew that we're getting rain today and i won't be able to take him out to play. he was digging in the dirt yesterday, and having so much fun! i hope that telling your boss goes well and doesn't change things


                    Cx2- ugh on the meetings!!! i have a hard time staying awake in our all staff meetings- of course they're at 1PM and that's a sleepy time of day for me. yay for C falling asleep better. it's great when they get more confidence walking and running! have a great weekend!


                    Ernie- yay, congrats on the new baby!!!! Sounds like everyone is happy and healthy. that's too funny about S climbing and getting attention at the park. She sounds like a really cute kid.


                    Stroller- good luck with that exam today!!! Have a great run, and enjoy your weekend in the mountains with your family- the time away will be great. wow, that sucks about the clinicals!


                    Mer- cheescake on a stick? wish i wans't lactose intolerant b/c that sounds yummy. glad the ipads are done! sounds like a busy day for you, hope it goes smoothly. sorry J is whiny. R likes to hold my keys too, and he knows the difference in the sets of keys, so if i give him DH's keys he gives me a look like "nice try mom."

                     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                      rr: 5m at some point today.


                      br: got to see my dad last night and was in heaven.


                      tr: obsessed with their belts but the glitter is giving dd2 a rub sore on her belly so she is wearing one with a dress today.


                      nrr: dh's christmas party/awards banquet tomorrow night. luckily cheating rp's husband works there too so at least i will know somebody.


                      fr: chicken sandwiches tonight.


                        RR:  Stairs day!  Made it up 10x without feeling like 1) vomiting or 2) my legs were going to give out on me.  success!


                        TR:  So excited about his spiderman party tomorrow.


                        NRR:  Inlaws and my parents both come in tomorrow.  I need to clean, clean, clean!  DH is home today but I am still going to get off work early, sneaky Smile


                        Ok, need more coffee....I didn't get much sleep last night.  BBL for personals.


                          Things are hopping at work lately, which is a good thing - job security but I wish life would slow down.  A case that I helped on had a very favorable outcome for the other attorney I work for, so happy for him.  Jury trial for me next week on Thursday night.  Things could get tricky if it runs over to friday though!


                          Zorbs:  LOL on B locking himself in the change rooms, sounds like something C would do.


                          RG:  I loved the pics of R playing in the dirt, such a boy.  C is super shy if anyone talks to him too.


                          EH:  Ooooh, I love mexican lasgna!  I love the warm weather.  I open the window and let C play in the backyard while I cook dinner.


                          Jen:  Very true, legally it can't hurt you but they do find any other reason if it wasn't meant to be.  Good luck on the job front and I hope you can get a run in today.


                          Cx2:  DH had meetings all day for the past two days.  He bought giant bottles of Mountain Dew to stay away.  Yeah, it was that kind of meeting.


                          ernie:  Wow that was quick!  Beer and chicken wings.....sounds like what I need for dinner Smile


                          Stroller:  Good luck on your exam today!


                          Mer:  Where did you get cheesecake on a stick?  that could be dangerous. Smile


                          MRSZM:  Christmas party.


                            Jen - I hope the weather clears up so you can get your runs in this weekend. An LR after work is hard enough normally, let alone while pg! Lol on J bolting outside. He is ready for spring, too! Good luck with telling your boss about the pregnancy. Hopefully everything works out with your current job, but if they find an excuse to get rid of you because you're pg, they you'll know it wasn't a good employer. Especially since you're mat leave would only be, what, 12 weeks? They should be able to make other arrangements for that time pretty easily.


                            Cx2 - Rolling around for 20 minutes before sleeping is a big improvement over crying! S usually conks out right away at nap time, but always wants to play and babble a bit before going to sleep at bed time. I always read a bit in bed before going to sleep, so I kind of figure that I can't expect her to go to sleep right away either. Boo to the long meeting...sounds torturous! Good for you for scolding the boss about asking women if they are pg. That's a major no-no on his part, even if said half-jokingly!


                            Stroller - I'm glad you got to run outside! Is the weather getting better there now? Good luck on the big exam today...it will be such a relief to be done with that and head to the mountains! The breach situation with the practical exam sounds really unfair...I'm sure you probably did better than you think on the other two situations, though.


                            Mer - Whew, glad the iPad hand out is coming to an end. Hope today goes by fast for you and J is whine-free this weekend. How much longer until you get to find out the sex of your baby? We didn't find out and almost everyone predicted I was having a boy, so I started to believe that, too. When S was born and I looked, I was really confused for a second about why she didn't have a penis. Lol.


                            Mrszm - Ha ha, the ongoing belt obsession is really cute and funny.


                            Becky - 10x on those stairs? You are superwoman! I hope DH gets some cleaning done during the day - getting off early and going home to a clean house would be a fabulous Friday.

                            5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                              CTimes - Glad C had a better day of naps and sleep yesterday!  Sorry about the meeting...hopefully the meeting today goes much quicker.


                              ernie - LOL to S...she is too funny.  Enjoy your run and congrats to your sister.  Will you be able to go see the baby?  You make a good point about telling my principal and truly if they want to keep me it would a mat leave of 12 weeks or less so it shouldn't be a huge deal.  You just made me a bit more confident for my meeting later so thanksSmile


                              stroller - Have a great trip today.  I hope your exam goes well!!  OMG to the Tuesday exam.  That poor girl...I hope she doesn't end up getting kicked out or anything.  Fingers crossed that you still did well despite having the exam cut in half.


                              Mer - Sorry J was whiney but at least he slept better.  I hope you can find time to get your run in.  Yes, that is my plan with my principal...tell him and then ask about my job...I want him to know that I would still like a job despite all the circumstances working against me right now.


                              mrszm - Too cute about C seeing grandpa.  I hope you get your 5 in today...is it windy and cold/snowing by you too?  Have fun at DH's party tomorrow.  Did you find something to wear?


                              becky - Yay for the stairs success!!  Enjoy the family tomorrow...I hope the party goes well and C has a great time.  Good for you for sneaking out early.


                                Quick question...do you think you had a harder time when your LO turned 1 or 2?  I cried the night before J's 1st birthday because I nursed for the last time.  This time, I just keep looking at him in disbelief that he will be TWO on Monday.  Wondering if that is playing in to some of my moods.

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