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Is it Finally Friday Supermoms? (Read 33 times)


    Morning Ladies~


    What a long-azz week! So glad that it's Friday! Should be a quiet day at work, which is good with me!


    RR: 5-6 on my break today, and figuring out what I'm doing for my weekend LR. DH has to work tomorrow, and he text me last night saying it was going to be a long day. So I'll probably do a 7ish mile stroller run with R, then 10-11 on Sunday.


    TR: loves my tupperware cabinet. last night he pulled everything out of there and found a bowl that he filled with his alphabet magnets from the fridge. hehe. he was waving to everyone in the grocery store yesterday.


    NRR: as i mentioned above, DH is working tomorrow, most likely all day. i might take R to water babies in the morning after we run. probably will go to Target in the afternoon too.


    Have a great day everyone!

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    beskirted & manicured

      ER/RR - have a 2 hour break at work today, so I'll strength train AND move my usual Sunday 5K recovery run/walk to today, so I can sleep in on Sunday.  I'll admit, it's so I can try out my new shoes on the treadmill without feeling like I really oughta go outside, like I would on Sunday.


      TR - yesterday morning I was totally zonked, so I lay down on B's bed while he played in his room.  Then I got cold and decided to get under the covers.  I was lying with my head in the opposite direction as B usually sleeps, he very kindly brought me his pillow.  But when B was done playing (I certainly wasn't done sleeping) he said "go downstairs, put pillow back!"


      FR - cauliflower mac


      NRR - need a massage in the worst way. Terry - no I haven't found a new RMT, but I was googling "sports massage" yesterday, and I found  a lady who isn't just an RMT, she has a certification called "sports massage therapist".  I am just terrified of getting a foofy spa massage when I want a strong armed trigger point massage that almost makes me scream..



      rg - good lord, this week has been never-ending, hasn't it? what's water babies?

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        zorbs- omg yes, it's been ridiculously long! wow, that's a nice long break, enjoy your ST and run in the new shoes. i'm the same way- i feel like i HAVE to get out and test new shoes ASAP. Water babies is basically an intro to the pool for babies/toddlers up to 4 yrs old. There's a lifeguard in the pool, and a parent has to be in there with the baby. The goal is to just get the kiddo used to the water. It's held in the warm water group therapy pool which is 92*, so nice and warm. cute about B and his pillow. ah, a massage sounds awesome, but i'm like you- need someone who beats me up, not pats my back

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        running eh

          rg - too bad about DH having to work tomorrow, sounds  like you have a good day planned anyway.  I love that kids are so outgoing and wave to strangers, I always think that it probably made someone's day.  Hope your day flies by!

          running eh

            Zorbs - What shoes did you get?  Do you always run in the same shoes?  Hope the shoes are good.  Cauliflower mac sounds great!


            RR - ST at the gym.


            NRR - groceries today


            FR - leftover pasta - lots of carbs before DHs big trail run (though it is only an hour)


            KR - 2/3 still sleeping at 625 - it's a miracle Smile


              RR - 8k @ hm pace today. Waiting to hear from my sister on when she wants to get together this weekend so I can figure out whether to do my long run tomorrow or Sunday. Both days aren't looking great, weather-wise - a rain/snow mix tomorrow and a really cold wind chill on Sunday.


              BR - She has been an eating machine for the past two weeks. I am really curious to know how much she weighs now. Bathroom scale tells me anywhere from 20-25 pounds. Ha. Not terribly accurate. Going to the community centre for drop-in play today.


              FR - Frozen bruschetta parmesan pizza tonight. I'd like to say I was making a salad to go with it, but I'm rather low on ingredients.


              NRR - Time to decide on paint colours for the basement now that the drywall is all done!




              rg - My Dh is also working tomorrow. Boo. I love the warm water pools - it would be torture being in a regular temperature pool when you aren't actually swimming!  One of the pools near us has a warm-water kiddie pool with little slides and fountains that S finds very entertaining.


              zorbs - Seriously, foofy spa massages are the worst. They tickle and it's a waste of time! I think you asked yesterday what we're going with the basement. It's going to be 2 bedrooms, storage, laundry, bathroom and a big rec room/play room. Awesome that your DH does the home theatre stuff for work - you guys must have a sweet set up at home. We'll probably look into surround sound for the rec room once it's done and furnished.


              running eh - A one hour run is a good reason to eat pasta in my books. I even use 5ks as an excuse to carb load Smile

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                rg - Totally agree this has been a LONG week.  J is obsessed with our tupperware cabinet too...he thinks it is his.  Too cute about R waving at the grocery store...I bet al the little old ladies in there were eating him up.  Boo to DH having to work tomorrow.  It sounds like you have some fun stuff planned for you and R.


                zorbs - I would do the same thing with the run...better for the shoes and your sleepSmile    I hope you find someone who is really good at a deep massage.  I am still looking.  The last massage I had was pretty good...the girl was stalking and built!  The best massage I've gotten so far is just a quick over the clothes massage at my chiro office by this lady in her late 40s or early 50s...I said you are awesome...she said...well if it doesn't hurt it's not helping!


                eh! - Glad most of the kids are still sleeping!  We have the same plans...grocery shopping.  I hope your DH has a good trail run tomorrow.


                Ernie - Have a great run...your options for the long run sound yucky...actually, they sound like mine...although here it is supposed to be super windy too.  Ick.  I love and hate picking paint colors...it's fun to look at everything but so hard to pick one and stick with it.  Good luck.  Glad S is eating well...J is not.  He will have 1 good day to 5 bad days.  He is still only 21ish pounds at 15 months.


                RR - SRD...ended up doing 6 miles with hill on the TM yesterday.  No running today but may do some light STing at home and some core.


                TR - 15 month well check today...I swear we live at the Dr. office these days but at least they can recheck his lungs and ears to make sure he is getting better.  Not sure if they'll give him his vaccines or not because of his illness although he seems to be significantly better.


                NRR - Hoping to get the grocery store after Js appt.  Not sure if I'll end up taking him with me or not...depends on DH's schedule. Planning to prep some food for J for the week this weekend.  Also need to get my eyebrows waxed badly before PT Conferences on Monday.


                FR -No idea...finally made the tuna wraps last night and DH loved them.  I'll see if I can pick something up at the store.




                  RR:  5 after work today.  Yesterdays run was one of those where I felt like I "had" to be out there versus really wanting to be out there.  I hope today brings a new approach.  Not sure about the 5K on Sunday.  Its supposed to be super cold.  Not that I would be running for that long, but its the standing and waiting that would kill me.


                  TR:  Was a horrible mess while I was home for the whole hour and a half last night.  Put him on a "time out" and he kept asking to be done. Stop touching everything and you wouldn't be here.  Was fussing when I got up at 5:30, but quiet when I left.


                  NRR: Kind of an up and down week, but will agree that it has been a LONG one.  I have a ton of stuff to do at work and being gone yesterday just added to that.  Tomorrow is DH's birthday so we are heading out with friends for drinks first then down to Milwakee for dinner.  I hope it is fun.


                  FR:  Need to make DH's cake tonight.  It is his moms recipe and it is a chocolate cake from scratch...good times.

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                    r-eh: yay for kids still sleeping!! DH said R has been waking up early (5:30) most mornings this week, so i'm hoping he sleeps in for me tomorrow. are you doing the trail run with your DH tomorrow? Have fun!


                    ernie- have a great run today! sounds like our weather this weekend too- messy snow/sleet tomorrow, and really cold and windy on sunday. yay for the drywall being done- enjoy picking out the paint colors.what are you using the basement for? playroom, mancave?


                    jen- good luck at J's dr appt today! is he good for you  in the grocery store? R LOVES to go and points to everything, says "hi" and just jabbers to me the whole time. i like his company. nice job on the TM hill run! is it still really cold by you? i don't mind the cold, just as long as the roads aren't icy!


                    mer- thank goodness for friday, huh? hope you guys have a great time out celebrating DH's bday tomorrow. if you're still planning to race on Sunday, i'd probably cut your run shorter today, so your legs are fresh for the race. ugh, standing around in the cold is ROUGH! i ran a 5K on thanksgiving once and it was 12* at starting! eek. it's a bigger race, but narrow roads (starts in a park) so you have to line up 15 minutes early if you want a good starting spot. i think i was numb until about mile 2.5! ha! hope J is better for you this weekend.

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                      RR - rest day


                      BR - thinking she's going through a growth spurt... her appetite is increased a ton and I'm guessing that's why she's been so cranky in the late morning/early afternoon, b/c I haven't been feeding her enough.  So will try giving her more food at mealtime and a bigger snack.

                      Wow, 9 weeks until I return to work... ugh..


                      NRR - still sick.  The drugs are helping my sinuses but it still hurts to swallow.  I have very little appetite too.


                      zorbs - i hate those spa massages... had one on my honeymoon and thought, what the heck is this?!  My RMT is also a runner and she doesn't make me scream in pain unless I want her to.

                      Oh and yea, as a kid/teen my mom fed me all sorts of mysterious asian soups, claiming they would heal and prevent any illness.


                      jen - hope the check up goes well!


                      mer - good luck with the cake.. i love to bake but i rarely make cakes from scratch..


                      ernie - i've only been to a drop in centre with C once and she was only "meh" on it... it was more for older babies, like ones that could at least walk..


                      rg - hope you have a good weekend even if DH is working..


                      eh - mmmm carbs!


                        Mer - Hope your day is better and you have fun out for DH's birthday tomorrow.  Try to enjoy your run today despite the cold temps.  Making a cake from scratch does not sound fun.  Just one more thing to do.  Hope DH appreciates it.


                        rg - Yes, J is usually really good in the store for a time but then after about 20 min he is ready to get out of the cart and our store is usually so busy on Friday night that we are there for well over an hour.  Hopefully he does well today.  It is cold but not horrible...it supposed to be horrible Sunday - Tuesday.  I am wuss with the cold wind.  I can do it but since I can hit the TM I do that.  I tend to run slower in the cold wind so I like to do hills and speed on the TM.  It is supposed to be super windy Today - Sunday so I am not sure how I am going to get my LR in.


                        CTimes - Glad C has an appetite but I am sorry that you don't!  Are you able to get some naps in.  Hopefully your throat gets better and you don't have strep.  Ugh...I had strep last year and it was awful.  Take care


                          RR - was going to take a rest day yesterday but the sun was shining for the first time in days and it was so nice to be outside.  Did C25K with my 9 year old to prepare for our 5K in March.  She said it was easier to run than walk.  ha  I'm sure she'll be fine as long as we're not running the whole way.  Then came back and my 5 year old rode her bike while I ran 3 miles pushing L in the stroller.  Today I plan on running a few miles before tennis clinic, and tomorrow I'm  meeting someone to run 10.  Sunday I'm playing tennis for the first time in forever.  I told them not to expect much from me!


                          BR - we were riding around in the golf cart yesterday and he was waving to cars.  So funny.


                          KR - taking 2 girls to DH's work after school to sell Girl Scout cookies.  The selling is the easy part, it's the delivering of cookies that's hard!


                          FR - no idea tonight but I could go for sushi so will bring it up to DH.  We haven't had it in a while.


                          NRR - I need a vacation.  5 weeks...


                          rg - sorry DH has to work all day tomorrow.  Will you at least get to spend Sunday together?


                          zorbs - I scheduled a deep tissue massage a few months ago and was kind of disappointed, it was no different than any other  massage I've gotten.  I want someone who really digs in!  What kind of shoes did you get?


                          eh - I don't know what I'd do if my kids were really early risers.  I love my morning time!


                          ernie - I hope you are able to get a run in despite the weather this weekend!  I love picking out paint colors!  My last house was very colorful, this time I wasn't as bold.


                          jen - do you have a TM at home or do you use one at work or a gym?  sometimes I wish we had one, I just feel like I wouldn't use it much so it wouldn't be worth spending the money.  DH would probably use it more than me though so maybe someday.  I hope J's dr. appt goes well!


                          mer - I hope tomorrow is fun!  I think I have made a cake from scratch twice, the box mixes are always so easy.


                          cx2 - 9 weeks seems long but that's because in the US it is I guess.  Sad.  I hope you feel better soon!


                            Cx2- aw, sorry you're still feeling sick! hope you're able to kick it soon and feel better. sounds like a growth spurt for C- are you still nursing her, too?


                            arm- that's awesome that your DD is training for a 5K! are you planning to run it with her? i love how active you are with all of your kids, you're a great role model to them. have fun playing tennis! oooh vacation sounds really nice right about now...where are you going? and will it be a kids-free trip? yes, we'll have all day Sunday together Smile

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                              RR:  8 mi with 4 miles at HM pace.  This was on the schedule for yesterday but instead I came home and took a nap while DS did.  We are both really congested and I figured my body needed the rest.  The left side of my face is completely clogged up.  Instead I walked 3 miles with the stroller and dogs, which will replace the 4 mi recovery run I was supposed to do today.


                              BR:  Feeling a little better!  There was improvement with his sleep last night which was nice.  Although from about 8-10pm he just wanted to cuddle  (which I secretly loved).  I watched tv while he slept on my chest.


                              NRR:  BAd news.. Sad.  DH was supposed to get in this morning at 9:40.  I told DH I wouldn' t be able to pick him up because of school but then my schedule cleared up in the morning and H and I were going to suprise him.  He called to say he missed his second flight because the first one was delayed and now isn't getting in until 1:40pm, which means I can't pick him up anymore Sad.  I won't see him till I get home around 5:30 but that is better than nothing!!


                              QOTD:  Has anyone had success with mother's milk tea?  I feel like my supply has dropped quite a bit lately and I would like to increase it a little.   I considered fenugreek but thought I would try the tea first.  (Since DS is starting daycare so I really want to keep BFing for those immunities).  I am still BFing about 3 times per day but I am not really sure how much milk he is actually getting.



                              RG - I agree!  It has been such a long week.  I am ready for supermoms wine night.


                              zorbs - Haha, bossy little man.


                              ernie - Your community center sounds great.  Do they have a bunch of equipment for the kids to play on?


                              jen - Is there a hill setting on your TM?  What does it mean?  I usually just run at a 1.0 because running on the TM feels so difficult to me.


                              mer  -Ugh I hate those runs.  Is the 5k a race?


                              eh - Did you decide to join DH on the trail run?


                              arm - It is so great you are so active with your kids.  They definitely won't be part of the obesity epidemic!


                              cx2 - Good ol growth spurts.  I think I was underfeeding DS for a while because I wasn't making as much milk as I thought.

                              5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                                shelby - Bummer about DH.  I was on Fenugreek for J's entire first year because I had production issues in the beginning and felt like it helped a lot.  The worst part....your sweat smelling like maple syrup.  I think that would be as natural as the tea.  You are running quite a bit, are you drinking enough water?  Yes, the 5K is a race.

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