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running eh

    errnie - hope the 8k @HM pace goes well - let us know how it felt!  You have inspired us to go swimming. We just decided to take the kids to the Y tonight as long as they aren't too tired.  Paint colours, that is so not my thing!  Do you enjoy it?  What are you thinking for colour?


    mjen - great job on the TM! Do you set it to a "hill" setting or do you just do a manual incline?  I really need to do some hill work.  I have one long hill and one short steep hill in my regular route, but I know the pay off for hills is huge! Hope the checkup goes well!


    mer - you can do that 5k!!  Can you bring some old sweats and leave them at the line?  Is it a big race.  Races are so motivating for me!  Hope you have a good time tomorrow!


    cx2 - hope your throat feels better soon.  I can totally sympathize I had strep throat 4x last year!!  I look back and laugh at the amount of times I would get so frustrated with my children only to realize they were hungry, oops.  Smile


    arm - I love those mint girl guide cookies, they are dangerous.  I do hate selling things though.  Way to get that exercise in yesterday - you are setting such a great example to your kids by getting involved with them.  Happy tennis!


    shelby - glad you took some time to rest!  Too bad about DH, that stinks!  I tried Mother's Milk tea, but I didn't notice a difference.  It tasted nice though.  For me, the only thing I noticed that helped increase supply was increased feedings.  I tried fenugreek too.  It's worth a try though.  Maybe Bermy can shed some light on this...Enjoy your weekend!


    RG - I decided not to run the trail race.  I originally invited MIL to come with us, and I felt bad dumping the kids on her for an hour plus in the cold while we ran.  It's okay, I haven't trained for it and I am planning a good long run for Sunday morning.


      shelbyjo- aw, sorry about all of the schedule changes w/ DH's flights! i hope you guys are able to have a really relaxing time together! how long will he be in CO? and take care of yourself- rest up! as for the fenugreek and tea, i was a frickin milk cow, seriously could have fed triplets, so i didn't need any extra help. but, eating oatmeal has helped a couple of my friends who have had low supply. when R dropped to three nursings a day (right around 12 months) i felt like my supply dropped alot too, but it's just your body adjusting to the baby's needs. good luck Smile

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      Bad Ass Mother Runner

        Morning - everyone is still sleeping! at 8am!!


        RR - I think I'll do a Nike workout this afternoon.  I didn't run yesterday, just didn't fit in and I didn't want to run after my massage.  Only 4 days running this week - crazy, but it's a cut back week so it's probably good.


        TR - took her to a music class at Gymboree  yesterday.  We signed up, I think she'll like it, she says no to everything so it's hard to tell what she actually likes.  Anyone elses toddlers like this?  Do you want to go (ANYWHERE)?  Answer - NO.  Did you have fun? Answer - NO.  She just enjoys being contrary.


        BR - 4 month shots today.  Hopefully she doesn't have a reaction or anything... last time she had a slight fever that I just gave her some Tylenol for.  I'm curious what her stats are... she was 11.5 ish lbs at the dr's last week but their scale always seems wonky.


        FR - made cashew chicken last night, not sure for tonight, I think I'll probably bring up a freezer casserole - I need to make sure I use them up before they get freezer burnt.


        I think I hear O.... gotta run.

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          Arm – Where are you going in 5 weeks?  I think the winter blahs have us all feeling down.  That is awesome that you ran with your DD yesterday.  What a great RP!  Yum…I love girl scout cookies…no one has hit me up to buy any yet and I am surprised.  No TM at home…DH’s company has a gym that has a cardio room, weight room, basketball court and aerobic studio.  It is nice and only $10/month.  I really want one at home though and if we have baby #2 I will demand one since I will be home a majority of the time alone with 2 kids and it won’t be easy to get a sitter to go for a run.


          Shelby – So sorry to hear DH missed his flight.  Did you bring H to the Doc yesterday?  Was anything wrong?  I am glad you guys got to snuggle and got some better sleep last night.  I hope you enjoy your time with DH.  Do you think that H is aware that daddy is not around and wants to cuddle with mama more because he doesn’t want you to leave?  I sometime feel like J is that way with me when DH is gone.  There is a hill sitting on the TM I use but I just increased the incline for 1 mile and then backed off and then increased even higher for .5 miles, etc.


          Eh – I just manual increase the incline in increments…it worked and I am feeling it in my legs and foot…which I don’t think is good.


          Ca – Do you have any good freezer casserole recipes?  I need to do this.  I have a couple freezer soups I am going to make this weekend but want more.  Trying to come up with dinner ideas at 5 p.m. when J is starving is not fun.  How was Gymboree?  I want to take J as there is one 2 miles from our house.  Hope O’s apt goes well today!


            Mer - I am probably not drinking enough water, or eating enough food....  I will have to work on both of those.


            RG - Haha, I was a milk cow in the beginning too.  It wasn't until H started cows milk that I have felt like I had issues.  I have been putting oats in my smoothies in the morning, that should do the same right?


            jen - Yes, I did!  Turns out he had an ear infection.  His ears were full of wax so they had to clean them out first which was pretty traumatic.  He was able to barely see in one ear so we aren't sure if he has bilateral infections or just one side.  Either way, it is nice to have something wrong so we can do something about it!  And yep, I think H is definitely more needy since daddy has left and starting daycare.  He hates when I leave him now!  I actually worry a little what it will do to him to have daddy come and go like he is going to.

            5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


              rg - yes still nursing... she'll be weaned soon b/c I have to go back to work.. .she's only BFing 3x a day now so I'm hoping it won't be traumatic for her..


              eh - wow strep 4x?  DH had it once a couple years ago and he said it was like swallowing knives.. ugh..


              shelby - too bad about not picking up DH but i'm sure he'll just be happy to see you guys!


                Good morning.

                Working from home today b/c I need to go to the doctor's.  Have had an awful cough for two weeks now.


                RR:  nothing since tuesday b/c of the cough.  So antsy!

                FR:  16 Bean Soup last night.  So delicious.  Of course the girls wouldn't eat it though.  I found a great website that I am going to use to make their dinners more visually appealing.  Hope that works to get them to try some new things:  http://www.superhealthykids.com/myplate-meal-ideas.php

                5K:  25:52; 10K: 57:53; HM:  2:01.10


                  RR: probably nothing as I am full of head cold. I could run but I would rather wait and get a bit better. I have 7m for tomorrow, 14m for sun and back into week 6 of fm so there’s plenty of running in my future. Can’t remember the last time I was sick (other than vertigo but that didn’t really count). It’s not too bad and clearing quickly. More just an inconvenience. Hope DH or DS don’t get it. There’s a hm here on Sunday but I think I will just do my thing instead as the route is crap and I can give DH the time instead.


                  NRR: playground, furniture shopping, house stuff, green card stuff, patchwork, grocery list shopping. The usual stuff. Am trying to register for SeaWheeze and when I click the “register now” button it just opens up another homepage.


                  BR: sttn despite time change, jet lag etc etc. He is my little international traveller in training.


                  FR: veggie burgers



                  rg – enjoy target! I was there weds and got DS some sleep suits which were ridiculously cheap as they had snow theme. It’s amusing to see him in it in 65 degrees. When is your next race?


                  Zorbs – the new purple shoes?


                  Eh – your days sound like my days sometimes.


                  Ernie – enjoy your run and the drop in play. I CANT wait to get to meet new people and be a part of new groups of moms. I am a bit ‘mom-ed’ out here.


                  Jen – yeah for you on 6m hill setting – and wtg on your 6min/mile finish to your run the other day. I was super impressed by that. I liked my treadmill run on Tues although my inside ankle had a twinge afterwards. I just think it’s a matter of getting used to it for me. At our 15mo well check DS was 35” and weighted 22lbs and 4oz.


                  Mer – wtg on getting out running even though you didn’t want to. It’s those runs that make me a better running as it’s pushing me beyond my comfort zone. Impressed on you making the cake! Very Suzie Homemaker!


                  Cx2 – maybe drink your calories – protein powders/ smoothies? Sorry you are feeling awful. Sorry you have work looming in a couple of months. What do you do?


                  Arm – love your running logistics. And how cute on 9yo about running easier than walking. I talked to DH about you guys potentially coming to Nashville and basically we don’t know how settled we are going to be in terms of beds and towels and all that jazz but we would love to host you and your brood if it helps with cost etc. Let me know your thoughts. My DH is one of those people who would never ever stay at someone’s house, he is a hotel guy. But we would love to have you guys if you don’t mind a semi-empty large house as I won’t have had a ton of time to fill it. DH’s work gets a ton of tickets to football/basketball so I will see if there’s anything going around that time. Love sushi and ttc I am getting as much in me as possible!


                  Shelby – you have changed bathtime at our house. We have started an ear cleaning mission. Glad LO is feeling better. Yes to mother’s milk tea  - about 4/5 cups and yes to fenugreek. The more you nurse, the more you will produce – you could also add a pumping session in if you wanted to. Your LO will be the guide if you are offering freely. Oatmeal is my fave for milk. You will also need to eat a little more and drink more water. Sorry DH missed flight, but yah to him coming.


                  CA – your day sounds very like mine. I have had a cut back week too and feel I have done next to no running. We will be right back at it next week! Nice on cashew chicken. Sounds yummy.


                  Erin leigh – hope docs can help you with your cough. Look after yourself. That soup sound greta and I will check out that website now.

                  5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                    PGR - 25 weeks today.  Have an appointment this afternoon.


                    ER - stroller walk + dogs last night.  Hoping to do yoga once or twice this weekend.  I think I feel up to it.


                    NRR - Not sure.  Hoping to get the house cleaned a little this weekend.  Considering taking Em to the pool if DH is ok with that.  He's protective of us during cold/flu season, so he may not feel comfortable with that.  I need to get some stuff for some toddler learning together too.


                      RR update:  Ran 3miles on the TM to "Warm up" and then headed outside for another 5.5.  I was supposed to do 4 mi at HM pace which is about 7:40-50 but I really struggled to hold my pace.  So I ended up splitting the miles and doing 1 mi at HM pace, 0.25m off, etc. For the last mile I did 0.25m on and 0.25m off and ran those in the 7:30's.  Felt pretty good despite the congestion and snotty nose.  My only complaint is the dog slowed me down a little Smile

                      5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                      beskirted & manicured

                        alison - shoes are Saucony Fastwitch. I should call that Saucony outlet near you and ask if they have my beloved (but waaaay too pricey) Cortanas.  It would be worth the drive.


                        ernie - yes, we have quite the swanky setup in the basement of my ghetto 1950's house. 8K@HMP sounds vomit-inducing! I used to belong to Persechini's in Newmarket and one of the RMTs who works out of the gym is really good, but almost impossible to get an appointment with her.


                        jen - I realized after I posted that I don't have the luxury of taking Sunday off.  However, I can now move my scheduled Monday run to Sunday, which means I don't have to do the Monday night-Tuesday morning 12 hour turnaround run that I really hate.


                        mer - wow, such pressure to make cake as good as DH mom's! I would never in a million years be able to bake stuff as good as MIL.


                        cx2 - the snake soup really worked, I never ever got sick.


                        arm - I haven't been on vacation since 2005..


                        shelby - it's supermoms wine night? good, I bought wine today.


                        CA - B rarely says yes, but if he likes something he'll yell it "NOODLES NOODLES!" so it is easy to tell when he likes stuff.


                        bermy - yes the purple shoes.


                        rocky - "protective"? what does that mean, wear a face mask?

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                          Truthfully, it is a lot of pressure.  DH has commented in the past about how his mom's cakes are better.  Once, I used too much flour on the bottom of the pan and didn't hear the end of that, the other time, the frosting wasn't good enough.  (Okay, I didn't mix it enough....who doesn't enjoy a nice clump of butter in their frosting.)  I am learning....



                          mer - wow, such pressure to make cake as good as DH mom's! I would never in a million years be able to bake stuff as good as MIL.



                          Upcoming Races: 

                          Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                            RR update - 8k@  hm pace done at average pace of 4:47/km. Next week I'll do 10k and if I can hold it for that, I'll feel confident about holding it for the whole race.



                            Jen - Hope DS's doctor's appointment goes well. I think they'll give he vaccines as long as he doesn't have a fever. Glad the tuna wraps were a hit! They sound good.


                            Mer - I felt the same way with my run yesterday, like I had to be out there and couldn't wait to be finished. It was hard getting used to the cold again after it was so warm last weekend. Hope you have a great night out tomorrow!


                            Rg - The basement will have a playroom/rec room and two bedrooms, but one of them is going to be DH's office/mancave for now.


                            Cx2 - Have you decided for sure on a daycare for when you go back to work? Nine weeks sounds like a long time, but it goes by so fast. Was it an early years centre you did drop in at? We went to one of those before and I wasn't too thrilled with it either - they had weird drop in hours with big kids charging around everywhere and their programs were always full.  The centre I go to is community-run so it's a similar idea, but a totally different experience.


                            Arm - I think the hardest part about girl guide cookies is not eating them all! Mmm, I haven't had sushi in awhile either, sounds really good!


                            Shelby - I'm glad you got a nap in yesterday - you really needed it. that sucks that DH missed his flight but at least you're just hours away from seeing him now!. One level of our community centre is called "the family place" and it's set up with 2 rooms full of toys and a program room. They also have snacks for the kids and coffee and tea for the moms. Sounds like you got a good run in, even though you had to break it up a bit.


                            Running eh - I like the idea of picking colours and painting, but I usually get overwhelmed by the selection of colours and hate actually painting! DH will probably do the painting himself since he complains I'm too messy Smile


                            CAR - Yay for both kids still sleeping at 8 am! Hope O's shots go well.


                            Erin L - I hope you can get some relief for that cough.


                            Bermy - I think it's a good idea to take a day's rest with a cold. I know people say you can still run if the symptoms are neck up, but I always end up feeling like complete crap when I try to do that. DS is an awesome sleeper! And I think you told me he didn't start STTN until fairly recently? That gives me hope that S will be a great sleeper again one day!


                            Rocky - I hope you can get out to the pool. Tell DH the chlorine will kill all the germs. Or have some of Zorbs's snake soup first Wink Hope your doctor's appointment goes well!


                            Zorbs - 8k @ hm pace tired out my legs but felt downright relaxing compared to the 1k repeats I did early this week. I think I came really close to puking during those! I am kind of fascinated by Pereschini's. In the ads, they make it sound swanky yet it is in the most ghetto plaza. What's it like inside there?

                            5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                            beskirted & manicured

                              ernie - Persechini's constantly remodels.  They keep up to date and the trainers are top notch.  It is the best gym I have ever belonged to.  I worked there for awhile and still drop in for a class once in awhile if it fits into my schedule. (they never took the employee account freeze so I still can get in without paying)

                              5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



                                rg - yes I'm running it with her.  It's the Color Me Rad run so I think there will be so much going on it won't seem like we're running 3.1 miles.  Smile  We're going to Disney World to run the Princess half.  I always feel funny saying we are going there without kids but I still think it'll be a nice time.  We might go to epcot one day but otherwise hopefully relax, maybe golf a little.  Which is relaxing for DH, not me so much.


                                Shelby - glad H is feeling a little better!  I'm sorry your DH  missed his flight but so glad he will be home soon!


                                eh - I have always loved girl scout cookies but when i was pregnant with L they didn't taste right to me so I didn't eat any that year.  I was so disappointed in myself.


                                CA - I used to always just run 4 days and now that I got up to 5 it's hard to go back!


                                jen - we are going to Disney World in 5 weeks, it's the weekend of the Princess Half.  We aren't taking the kids this year because it's expensive and they'd rather do a beach trip anyway.  I'm hoping we will still have a good time, it'll be nice to get away although I'm going to miss L like crazy.  It'll be the longest I've been away from him.  $10/month is awesome!


                                Erin - I think I'm the only one in my family that would eat 16 bean soup, but it sounds really good!


                                bermy - you will probably be back running stronger than ever after this week of rest!  Thanks for your offer, I will talk to DH.  I'm sure he will prefer a hotel because that's the way he is.  Are all men like that?  If we didn't have a separate guest room and bathroom in our house my dad would stay in a hotel rather than share a bathroom with any of us while he's here.   DH is going to talk to the woman that organized his work trip to Nashville to see if she has a contact at the hotel they stayed at.  I just want to make a decision because I'm supposed to go to Las Vegas on the 28th of April and need to know if I should fly out of Nashville or Jackson!  It'll just be DH and I coming to Nashville too, we would leave the kids home with MIL I'm 95% sure.  I would love to see L run around with your little guy though!  And I'd still love to see your house in person!


                                rocky - are pools known to be more germy than daycare?  All this flu talk and DH is getting on me to get myself and the kids vaccinated and I still haven't done it.   Hope the dr. appt goes well!


                                ernie - I wish I could convert km to mi but your run sounds good?  Smile