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    ER - done work early today, so I have time to catch a hot yoga class.  Unfortunately, the one that is available at that time slot is a level 2 90 minute class and I haven't done any kind of yoga, much less HOT yoga in well over a year.  I may be in over my head.


    TR - when riding in the car "green light GO!" "red light!"


    FR - cauliflower mac.

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      zorbs- oooh, i've never done hot yoga. hope you have fun today! it's been forever since i've done yoga as well. i have a couple of DVD's, but can't seem to do it at home. cute about B and the stop lights.


      RR: my abs are sore from class yesterday- nice! planning on 5+ on my break again today. i only have a 45 minute break, and need to shower before getting back to work, so the most i can squeeze in is just under 6 miles....boo. i miss having a full hour and being able to run 7 miles. oh well, i'll make up for it on the weekend.


      TR: missed him so much this week!!! he's been obsessed with the wooden peg puzzles. last night we played in his room with them for 30 minutes before bed.


      NRR: making a quick trip to parent's/IL's this weekend to pick-up some christmas presents that we couldn't fit in the car. told R yesterday that we were going to see grandma and grandpa and he said "PAPA"


      FR: oatmeal with pomegranet seeds for breakfast has been the deal this week!

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        RR - Planning to do 10k. If it keeps raining like it is now, it's not going to be fun I hate cold winter rain.


        BR - We're meeting a friend and her baby to go swimming later this morning. S is so funny when we go swimming. She's usually very vocal and expressive, but as soon as she gets in the water, she looks like she's concentrating very seriously on the task.


        FR - I have 2 overripe bananas I need to bake muffins or banana bread with. Not sure what I'm making for dinner yet.


        NRR - Kind of annoyed at DH. He works overtime about 50% of Saturdays. I've asked him every day this week to let me know what his schedule is going to be for the next month, because I'm in a wedding party and have events coming up and need to know if I'm going to have to find a baby sitter or if he'll be home. Every night, he gets home from work and is like "Oh, yeah, I forgot to get the schedule" Grrr.




        Zorbs - I kind of want to try hot yoga, because I've never done it and people rave about it. But, on the other hand. the idea of being overheated like that sounds very unpleasant to me.


        Rg - I have a pomegranate in my fridge and I think I'm going to try it with oatmeal as your breakfast sounds good. Is there some trick to getting the seeds out by floating it in water, or something like that? I always just claw them out and it's quite a mess!

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          Ernie- hope you can get out for a good run and the rain holds off for you! I like running in the rain when it's warmer out- winter rain is tough! for the pomegranate, i usually cut it into quarters and "pop" it open. You can then fill a bowl of water and get the seeds out under water so it's less messy. I still find them alot of work! Cute about S and the swimming. We have a water babies program at the gym where I work, and I can't wait to take R when it starts up again next weekend.

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            RR: Day 1 house hunting in nashville. SRD. My legs are a bit stiff this morning but ok. Will do some stretching. Zorbs, you inspired me. I have some yoga on my laptop.


            RR2: need to go and get a map of Percy Warner park from the visitor's centre. Or attach a gps to the bob (joke). I never thought I would say that or run long enough with bob to need it.


            NRR: DH is taking the world’s longest man shower (where he sits in the tub with the shower on to fill it like a bath). Do any of you chicks do that or is it a guy thing?


            NRR2: house hunting. We have about 25 on the list, 13 favorites (4 of mine sold this week.. arrgggg… but there will be more). Meeting the realtor in about 2 hours and she has it all lined up in order. I am looking forward to meeting her.


            BR: DS sttn. DH and I didn’t. Hoping he is ok with all the house viewings and travelling today. Will pack lots of toys, snacks and my best renditions of nursery rhymes.



            posted some personals when we got here late last night if you get a moment to check back.

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            running eh

              Good Morning Ladies!


              RR - I chose sleep over running this morning.  Now, I am not sure if I will head to the gym for a treadmill run, do a run with the double in the rain, or skip it all together.  HMMM...


              NRR - DH and I ae going away tonight, so excited.  My parents are watching the kids.  We are going to Toronto - We bought tickets to a game at a fundraising auction recently, then last night, DH got a pair of tickets to the same game, for free.  There is sure to be lots of walking involved, that is how I convinced myself not to run this morning.


              KR - very excited about sleeping at grandma's tonight.


              FR - probably something after the game - hopefully I can keep it a bit healthy.


              Zorbs - enjoy the hot yoga!  It will be nice, even if you struggle a bit.  From yesterday - I am working PT, so I am scheduled in random stations.  Nothing in Burlington on the schedule yet, but I'll let you know when I can run again.


              rg - yay on the sore abs!!  I REALLY need to get on the abs.  I have always said I would never be able to have great abs - of course I won't if I never work on them Smile  Aww, I love it when they learn to do puzzles.  They get so proud of themselves - cute!  Have a good trip to see your family.


              ernie - you are a better woman than I, determined to run in the rain no matter what!  Do you run on a trail or on the road?  Have fun swimming.  Hope DH can get his schedule organized for you!


                zorbs - I wanna take that yoga class just so I can watch you pretzel yourself. I find I am totally ok if the instructor is clear and precise with their  next poses. If they are rubbish, you'll get lost! I am very impressed you are trying something new. Why? Stretching plan?


                rg - have fun with your trip this weekend and seeing your parents and ILs. Your mum will give you some running time right? Hope those abs relax but yey for you for the burn. I bet you are very toned.


                ernie - not fun in the rain. Do you run with the stroller? I have my weather shield here with me in Nashville as I heard it was going to rain all week and I do not want to be stuck inside not able to run. Very quite about swimming. So clearly described.

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                  eh - exciting for your weekend away and cute about them wanting to sleep at grandmas. which game? GO RUNNING lady! You will not regret it.  I always mean to ask you when was your youngest born?

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                  running eh

                    Bermy - have fun today - I do like house hunting, but 25 is quite a few!  Only the kids sit in the bath here.  I can't stand a bath.  I feel like I am just sitting in my own filth, and then it cools off so quickly, I am sitting in lukewarm filth - yuck! Smile  Hope LO survives the day!  I am sure he will, he is a happy boy.  Oh, my youngest is 18mos.


                      eh - thanks for the confidence with DS. Yes, when I think about it, I suppose if he can manage a hm in stroller he can manage a bit of house hunting.

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                        zorbs - Good luck with the hot yoga class.  I am horrible at yoga and can't even do the beginner stuff so I admire your willingness to try.


                        rg - When you run at work do you run on the TM or go outside?  Good luck squeezing it all in.  Have a safe quick trip this weekend.  Glad R is excited to go.  Is DH going to?  Enjoy!


                        Ernie - Have fun swimming.  Too cute about S in the water.  Does she at least enjoy it?  It is a yucky cold rain here too...It is supposed to stop later this morning so when I finally get out for a run this afternoon it should be ok.  Boo to DH...my DH is a super planner and seriously wants me to put EVERYTHING on our shared Google calendar.


                        Bermy - LOL to your DH...I have never even heard of someone doing that.  Hey if he enjoys it...let him do it.  Enjoy house hunting.  I hope you find something that you know you just love right away.  That is always a good feeling.  We never found anything that we felt like that with so we sort had to settle for an ok house.  I am still a little bitter about that.


                        eh! - Yay for a night away with DH.  What kind of game are you going to?  Enjoy it. I am sure the kids will have a blast with grandma.  I think you are safe skipping the run as you do a lot of walking.


                        RR - 5 after work yesterday...same today.


                        TR - Has a persistent cough.  He just got over croup...no coughing for a couple of days and then wham...last night he coughed every 30 min or so until 4 a.m. when he couldn't stop.  He slept pretty well though despite it...I didn't though.  I maybe got 4 hours of sleep.  Finally at 4:30 I Just got up for the day.  I wish I had a TM at my house so I could have gone for a run.  I am hoping this cough doesn't get worse.  I am just glad he was still in a good mood.


                        NRR - DH comes home today!!  Have a date night tomorrow but still not sure what we are going to do.  DH wants to go see Lincoln...um...why are we going to use our date to go sit in a theater where we don't talk...we can do that at home.  LOL.  Oh we shall see what he decides.


                        FR - Italian beef in the crockpot!  For those that asked...here is the recipe:


                        1 chuck roast (I got a boneless 3lb one)

                        1 packet dry Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix

                        1 jar of pepperoncini - Including juice (cut stems off first)

                        1 Tbsp Garlic

                        Cook on low for 8 hours.  Shred beef and serve on buns with cheese (we dont' put cheese on it) 


                          Bermy- whoa, that's ALOT of houses! Good luck with it. I'm sure DS will have a blast looking at all of the new places. And I'm excited for all of your new running routes. I've never been to Nashville, but I hear it's a fun city. lol on DH and his man shower. My DH takes longer showers than I do too. And he doesn't have long hair or legs to shave?!


                          R-Eh- oooh, I'm jealous of your night away! Enjoy it, I'm sure you guys will have a blast! cute about the kids excited to sleep over at gma's house! we haven't left R for a night yet, but it will be at my mom's house when we do. he LOVES hanging out with grandma. i haven't been to a hockey game in years- they're fun!

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                            jen- i run outside all the time, unless it's really really icy out and unsafe to be on the roads. i hate the TM with a passion and avoid it at all costs. although i'm thinking if/when we have a second baby it would be a lifesaver to have a TM at home for use during nap times! have a fun date night with your DH! we are the same way about movies- why sit there for 3+hrs not talking?! aw, i hope J is feeling better soon. it's tough to see them sick.

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                              RR:  5 after work today.  I would love to bump it to 6, but don't want to go too far before a LRish tomorrow.


                              TR:  I saw him for all of an hour and a half yesterday.  He was kind of whiney when I was home.  Didn't nap well at Grandmas.  Was still sleeping when I left this morning.  I have to say, as annoying as it is that he is such an early riser, I missed our morning conversation and hugs and kisses.


                              NRR:  Worked a Wrestling meet last night and didn't get home until 9:40.  ugh.  Super long day.  I have a meeting this afternoon with tech guy I mentioned yesterday.  It is a group of people which is nice, but I always hate having to sit in the same room as him.  Still need to talk to DH about the whole job situation.  We just haven't had much time just the two of us to talk.


                              FR:  Last night was tuna on toast and a salad.  It was actually really good.  Not sure about tonight as we are out of meals for the week!

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                                zorbs - Enjoy your hot yoga class.  It will be fun!


                                rg - Okay, I conceeded to the 4 miles in 30 minutes...but 6 miles and a shower in 45.  You are crazy! Smile


                                ernie - Have fun at the pool.  Bummer about DH's overtime.  Is it at least paid overtime?


                                bermy - Have a wonderful day!  Are you still doing planks at night?  I'm worried I'm the only one who is still doing them.  I hope you find your dream home!


                                eh! - Enjoy every moment of your time away!


                                jen - I think its cute how excited you are for DH to be coming home.  That is very sweet of you to make his favorite meal and plan something for the two of you!  I did hear that Lincolnn was a great movie, but hear ya on the time to talk.

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                                Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46